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AMC Revives The Killing

The Killing has been brought back to life, but not on the outlet we had expected. AMC has decided to revive the crime drama for a third season after opting not to renew series over the summer.

Variety has the news, which comes not long after it was announced that Netflix was planning to resurrect the series. Fans have been complaining about the loss of The Killing, and it’s that continued interest that kept the show alive. It’s unclear whether Netflix will be involved in some way, though Variety reports that production on The Killing is expected to begin in a few months and the season will “likely launch in late May.” Showrunner Veena Sud and executive producers Dawn Prestwich and Nicole Yorkin are reportedly in the writers’ room now working on scripts.

Based on the Danish miniseries Forbrydelsen, The Killing tied together three distinct stories centered around the homicide of a young girl named Rosie Larsen: the detectives assigned to the case, the victim’s parents and the city’s politicians. While the first season debuted to 4.7 million viewers before eventually settling into an average of 2.2 million, a last-minute plot twist angered and alienated a lot of fans. As a result, perhaps, Season 2 never regained momentum and the ratings dipped to a series-low 1.59 million.


  • matt

    All I keep thinking is Why? I liked The Killing but all the loose ends were tied up. Just end the show. Because of the Killing coming back it’s just a slot that AMC could have filled with something else/ different. I also worry that the show won’t capture that noir vibe the 1st two seasons had. I mean it can only rain for so long in a show before people start questioning if it’s the end of the world.

  • FloydBDaGr8

    Took the words right out of my mouth, Matt. Yeah, I mean what story is there to be told with these characters? I just don’t see what else need be said. They tightly wrapped everything up with no room for further questions. I feel like a third season would just turn into a lite version of the first two. 

  • Shadowpdf

    Glad to see this coming back.

  • Demoncat4

    given how all the lose ends including by season two of the main case was wrapped up wonder if they will start the thing with a new case and does it have the same support fan wise after being canceled being off the air this long?

  • Adhawk

    Man people, do your homework. The Killing is based on a Danish TV show, that has had 3 seasons of varying lengths. The 1st season was the only one about the murder of the Larson girl, the other 2 are stand alone storylines. And what is this nonsense that the show having been cancelled over the summer, might lose fans because it’s been ‘off the air for too long’. The 2nd season just ended in June! They usually only air the series at the beginning of the spring, which it sounds like they should be on track to meet. You people are so fickle – this is a great TV show, with a solid team of actors and writers backing them. I’m super happy to hear AMC has changed its mind.