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Rumor: Darkseid Will Menace DC’s Heroes in Justice League

The closing moments of The Avengers teased the likelihood of Thanos as the primary antagonist in Joss Whedon’s sequel (and possibly in Guardians of the Galaxy before that). However, if a new rumor is to be believed, Marvel isn’t the only studio searching the cosmos for a villain to menace its 2015 tentpole.

According to Latino Review, Warner Bros. executives apparently realize they need a threat far greater than Lex Luthor or Captain Cold to bring together the likes of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and The Flash in Justice League, and so they’re turning to Darkseid, one of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe. (Starro the Conqueror undoubtedly will be displeased.)

The Jack Kirby-created conqueror of worlds is a logical choice: He’s so powerful that an alliance of DC’s greatest superheroes wouldn’t come across as contrived; indeed, the Justice League has fought him on several occasions. As ruler of Apokolips, he has a vast and interesting supporting cast, from the Parademons to the Female Furies to Desaad, ripe for small- and large-scale battles — Superman versus Kalibak! Wonder Woman versus Mad Harriet! The Parademons versus everyone! — and intriguing subplots. What’s more, Darkseid is familiar to an audience beyond the small comic-book fanbase; he’s appeared on several animated television series, ranging from Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show to Young Justice, and on Smallville, as well as in numerous video games.

However, one has to wonder whether with The Avengers, Whedon & Co. didn’t limit what Warner Bros. can do with Darkseid if he does appear in Justice League: Ignoring their physical similarities and cosmic origins — Jim Starlin’s Thanos was inspired by Kirby’s New Gods — there’s the matter of the Chitauri fleet invading Earth via a Tesseract-created portal, strikingly similar to a horde of Parademons arriving through a Boom Tube. How can Warner Bros. use some of the fixtures of Darkseid mythos without audiences feeling as if they’ve seen them all before, in The Avengers?


  • David

    Well, for starters they could NOT USE DARKSEID. The reason Thanos was teased for the sequel and not the villain of the first film was because you cannot move past that for a first movie. If they use Darkseid in the first JL movie, then they have nowhere to go for the sequel. You can’t use your biggest gun right out of the gate if you’re thinking anywhere close to long-term.

    Then again, this IS Warner Brothers…

  • Lyle

    I cannot help but think that having Darkseid as the villain as a bad idea.
    First is the reason you gave, that the character is very similar to Thanos.
    Second is that Darkseid is kind of hard to explain, since he has a complex back story. Yes, they could do what they did with the Justice League comic, and just have him appear as an alien invader without any explanation to who he is, but at least the fans knew who he was and his back story, even if the new 52 may change some things. By just having him be an alien invader could take away much of what makes Darkseid cool.
    Still, I will admit that other possible villains, like Starro and Despero, seem silly. On the other hand, I hope they don’t decide that Justice League has to be grim and gritty, just because the Batman movies were. I hope they learned one thing from the Avengers movie, that it did not have to be grim and gritty to be a success. I’m thinking what could be fun is if the Justice League decided to fight the Legion of Doom. It would be the individual League members’ greatest villains, and many of them have been seen a hundred times in cartoons and live action, so not much explanation would be needed. It could be a different enough movie from the Avengers while relying on the strengths of the Justice League concept 

  • Yanks5179

    Am I the only one who thinks WB should focus on having more than one Box Office successful franchise in 30 20+ years than trying to cram together a JL movie just to keep up with the Jonese?

  • T.

    This makes no sense. There’s no reason why they can’t use Darkseid. They could always do an Injustice Gang for the following movie, or reuse Darkseid (think about it, Marvel already used Loki twice and the Reeves Superman movies used Lex Luthor in installments 1 and 2). They can even combine both ideas and have Darkseid AND an Injustice Gang.

  • Milky2028

    I vote the use the White Martians from Morrison’s Hyperclan saga.  

  • Zionite18

    Amazo , Anti-Justice League ,The Appellaxians, Asmodel ,Epoch the Lord of Time ,The Extremists, Felix Faust  Gamemnae, Kobra , Libra, Maxwell Lord ,OMAC ,Neron Professor Ivo , Rama Khan Red King ,T. O. Morrow ,The Ultra-Humanite, Vandal Savage ,The White Martians 

    Above is the list of the non cheesy Justice league villains excluding Legion of supervillains as you can see Wb had more than enough choices  for JL villain/s so they werent forced into it.They chose to.Which is stupid..They are setting up themeslves for more unfavorable avengers comparisons with choosing a thanos like villain.Not to mention darkseid needs buildup.

  • Bryan Woodbury

    WB has no clue what to do with its comic film division. If they were smart they would start a whole new campaign schedule. In the 40s they would have serials instead of previews. Even Superman was part of these smaller 10 min films. THAT is what you do. Introduce the other members of the team showing the origins in the first 30 seconds then smash right into Wonder Woman fighting Cheetah on the rim of a volcano or Flash vibrating through a wall to save hostages from robbers. At the end of every one Superman flies down and says…I need your help. After all of them are released you have a youtube premier and facebook viral campaign. THEN do the movie and  have them fight Starro or Despero.

  • Cmkporter1

    Although there is some credence to not using Darkseid due to the aforementioned reasons, I disagree. I believe Darkseid is the perfect choice. The way I envision it all of the JL’s major baddies gathered together causing mayhem both grandiose & subtle throughout the world to achieve certain goals or effect  guided by a mysterious figure and unworldly technology. This gives the JL reason to band together in various small groups (like the old comics) to battle common foes. gradually Darkseid is revealed and if say a protagonist like Orion is introduced to give a brief synopsis of the New Genesis/Apokolips struggle and how it relates to Earth, which brings the whole JL together. This could set the stage for another Justice League movie as well as further movies of the JL’s individual members.

  • David

    It makes all of the sense. Darkseid is the top bad guy in the DCU. The only conceivable way to follow up on Darkseid is for the Anti-Monitor to show and trigger a full-on Crisis..

  • Chris

    Big mistake. Darkseid and Thanos are way too similar. I would go for an non-human nemesis like the Ultra-Humaite.

  • King of the Sting

    I think the only way Justice League can possibly top The Avengers is to have the team face an alliance of villains ala The Legion of Doom, Injustice Gang, Secret Society etc…Juggling that many extreme characters would obviously be akin to walking a tightrope with a shopping cart filled with bowling balls…but if it’s pulled off..? Genius!!!  BUT-if you want Darkseid AND the Injustice Gang, just adapt Morrison and Porter’s ROCK OF AGES…that would ROCK!!

  • Paul Moses

    Gee, follow a blueprint established by Geoff Johns in the comics.  Yeah, since it worked so well for Green Lantern.  

  • GordoftheNorth

    Given Hollywood’s copycat syndrome, the fact that Marvel is using Thanos would likely be a big justification for Warner/DC to use his cognate, Darkseid. Movie Studios tend to go with ‘proven’ concepts which sadly is why we get remake after remake and sequels churned out. However I think they could and should do something more original. I’m predicting however that the JLA movie is not going to do the business the Avengers did because the general public already has the Avengers. Except for a segment of the population that niche has been successfully filled. 

  • Chief Sosa

    Darkseid is like the main villain in comics, I’m kinda surprised they’re just gonna use him right away for the 1st movie, especially when Avengers 2 is gonna feature a Darkseid knock-off the same year. Nevertheless, I’m excited.

  • RunnerX13

    The JLA needs the huge threat first; otherwise it makes no sense for Superman and the others to have the need to join a team in the first place.  This was why Darkseid was used as the first villain in the Justice League 52 relaunch.

  • RunnerX13

    Darkseid really is not that complexed.
     He’s a god from another dimension who believes that the secret to control free
    will is on Earth.

  • Revenger

     Keep dreaming! Doom is the main villain in comics if not Galactus. No DC villain ranks anywhere near them. ( yes, that includes you Joker!)

  • David Fullam

    DC-Desperate Comics. Quit trying to play catch up in the film world.

  • Christian

    because in the comics, the Justice League has never fought Darkseid and then gone onto fight some hack like David Graves right?

  • aPo

    Screw Thanos. I’m a fan and not part of the hollywood committee.  So as a fan of the JL comics, i’m excited as hell at the prospect of JL battling Darkseid.  This is something i waited forever to see and i’m not about to let that be ruined because it might be too similar to Thanos. Like i said…Screw that.  It would be worse if you put in some lesser villain to battle the JL. At the end of the day, if the JL movie with Darkseid is awesome, I’ll be a very happy camper. 

  • Bob

    If they can’t do better then Darkseid. Don’t do a movie at all. Clearly they aren’t creative enough.

  • Black Cesar

    Here is an idea. Get Vandal Savage to hire T.O. Morrow to create Amazo for some plot to take over the World. Hi jinks ensue.

  • Christopher Douglas

    I got that. hahahahah. But the thing with Green Lantern is that it focused on two villains, it had Ryan Reynolds & a quick training process on Oa. That’s just me. Hopefully they get John Stewart/GL for JL. 

  • Lead_sharp

    You know, not only will everyone think ‘OH look it’s a Thanos rip off’ but personally I’m sick to death of Darkseid.

  • Lead_sharp

    There’s other huge threats, one’s that don’t look like another companies next film’s villain.

  • Boomtuber

    About time they use Darkseid, and then launch the New Gods, for christ sake ! I mean, Star wars is, what, 35 years old…?!? No more Lex Luthor, come on…

  • Ian333407

    awww sh*t !!!!

  • David Amore

    yeah and look how that turned out…

  • David Amore

    I would prefer they built to Darkseid. I know he’s a great villain and formidable opponent for the JL, but I completely agree that Darkseid and the Parademons is too close to Thanos and the Chitauri. Especially if the films are released in the same year. I think instead of space and alien invasions they should look towards magic, time travel and the Multiverse. DC has some create magical characters. Imagine a story that brings the league together and forces them to chase a villain through time and the Multiverse. This would allow them to give nods to any great DC Stories from Flash of 2 worlds, to Kingdom Come, to Wildstorm, to Flashpoint.

    If they were strategic about which ‘worlds’ the JL went to, they would have a film that sets up franchises for future films about the characters in the JL, but is also an advertisement for their back catalogue of stories that fans may then go back BUY!