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Fox Sets March 2015 Release For Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four Reboot

Twentieth Century Fox has targeted director Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot for a March 6, 2015, release.

Trank, who captured the attention of the studio — and all of Hollywood — with his $15 million “found-footage” superpower film Chronicle, will direct from a script by Michael Green (Green Lantern, Heroes) and up-and-coming writer Jeremy Slater. Although details of the franchise revival are unknown, the movie was at one point rumored to be titled Fantastic Four: Reborn.

The 28-year-old director has at least three other adaptations in the pipeline: Sony’s Venom spinoff and Shadow of the Colossus adaptation, and Warner Bros.’ The Red Star.

Fox, which released Fantastic Four in 2005 and the sequel Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer in 2008, holds the movie rights to the Marvel property (as well as X-Men and, until recently, Daredevil) in perpetuity: As long as the studio keeps making the films within a contractually prescribed time frame. The previous franchise installments grossed nearly $620 million combined worldwide.

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  • hysanadu

    Oh man, that promo photo from the old movies is making my eyes hurt.

  • Lewis4510

    So we get the writer of that massive turd Green Lantern and who also wrote some of the weaker episodes of Heroes. And a up and coming writer. Somehow that doesn’t fill me with whole lot of confidence that this FF reboot isn’t going to suck.

    And have the movie premier in March shows that Fox doesn’t have much confidence in it either.

  • Wildstorm

    Hopefully it won’t be as bad as ASM and will have to sit through 3/4 of the movie watching the origin again