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Will and Jaden Smith Star in First Trailer For After Earth

Hollywood is all about the post-apocalyptic adventure movies. Yesterday we saw the premiere of Tom Cruise in Oblivion, and now we’ve got Will Smith and son Jaden showing their stuff in the first trailer for M. Night Shyamalan’s After Earth.

Will Smith stars as General Cypher Raige, with Jaden playing, of course, his son. The two are heading back to their home planet of Nova Prime when calamity ensues and they wind up on the long-abandoned Earth, where they have to fight animals and aliens to stay alive.

After Earth, which also stars Isabelle Fuhrman and Zoe Kravitz, opens June 7, 2013.


  • matt

    The trailer makes it seem like Will Smith dies in the 1st act of the film.

  • Tophman

    I’m surprised people are still working with Shayamalan… I’m all for second chances… but this guy’s used them all up in my book. All things considered though… if Will Smith is involved… it can’t be that bad…. could it?