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AMC to Rerun Walking Dead’s First Two Seasons in Black & White

The Walking Dead will be a lot less colorful come February.

AMC plans to rerun the first two seasons of the hit drama, based on the acclaimed comic series created by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard, in black and white. Showrunner Glen Mazzara re-tweeted an image of an article from The Walking Dead Magazine announcing the plan.

The network previously mimicked the comic book’s look in July when it aired the show’s pilot in black and white.

(via Collider)


  • Adam Walters

    It would have been if they ran these between now and when season 3 returns.

  • Michael Bryan Walt

    Nice to watch these in black and white, just like the comic. Will add atmoshere to the zombie gore. Won’t help the characters and story telling. Dear Cthulhu, this is a badly written show. Sorry to the fans of said program, but how Kirkman puts up with the writers mauling his story line is appalling — oh, wait, he’s one of the writers. Love his writing on the comic, loath his (and others) writing on the show. I want this to be great T.V. viewing (like “Breaking Bad), but so far, it has been only great when the undead are ripping things apart, not so much with charater development and or the storying telling.

  • Jasminetownes

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  • Joe Huber

    To a degree I agree with you. Like how they made Lori and Andrea unlikeable on the show. Andrea is basically hot for bad guys, What next? She going to hook up with Negan too? (Comic book bad guy who makes Governor look like the Marshmellow man in Ghostbusters but Governor was a softy for his daughter…) She hook up with Negan and I’m absolutely done with the character. I thought the first season was very well written. The second season dragged on some especially looking for the little girl. Now the 3rd season is twisting the prison storyline. I don’t really feel the claustrophobia of the characters within the prison like I did in the comics except where Lori got seperated from the group and swarms of zombies were everywhere. It was a very John Carpenter-George Romero type claustraphobic setting being surrounded by tons of zombies like the good guys were actually prisoners within the prison gates themselves in the comic arc of this storyline. I know they went out of the prison a few times during that time but there was a feeling of dread or doom that I’m not really getting with the show in season 3 except in spurts. I know they don’t have the budget for that mass of zombies but there should be as many as there were in the first season when Rick road into town on that horse and got trapped in the tank. I hope we see something like that in the 2nd half of season 3…..

  • Joe Huber

    Awesome! Well those of us who have the Blu-rays (or DVDs or just have the episodes on DVD or your DVR) should be able to do this easily. Just turn your color all the way down. I guess it will be cool seeing this on TV in an “official version”. They should also re-release the seasons in black and white (and start including black and white versions of every episode along with the normal color version on the same sets starting with season 3).