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Director Joseph Kosinski Has An ‘Exciting’ Idea For Tron 3

The plan to make a third Tron movie is still under way. Disney has hired Jesse Wigutow to write the script and Garrett Hedlund is returning for the film, which means there’s got to be a story good enough to warrant their return. According to director Joseph Kosinski, the team behind Tron 3 is working hard to make sure the film has a story worth telling.

“We’ve got an idea for the next movie that’s really exciting to me,” he told MTV News. “I mean, obviously, the only reason to go back would be if we could do something spectacular and really push the ideas forward that we had established in Legacy. We have an idea and an approach and a way into it that I’m really excited about, and now it’s about execution on the level of the script. So working hard on that in the background, and hopefully that’ll all come together.”

We’d argue Legacy worked better in theory than it did in practice, but at least it worked in theory. It seems as though Kosinski has a similar Big Idea behind number three, though this will more directly pick up in the aftermath of Tron: Legacy than that movie did for Tron.

“It’s still the same plan in that Tron 3 would deliver on the promises set up at the end of Legacy in different ways,” he said. “You look at what happened in the closing scenes of Legacy; I think it sets a clear direction for what could happen in the next chapter.”


  • Bass Guitar Hero

    Man, every article about Tron: Legacy here has something negative to say about it. Okay, we get it–you at Spinoff Online didn’t like it that much. Others, however, did.

  • That Guy

    “‘You look at what happened in the closing scenes of Legacy; I think it sets a clear direction for what could happen in the next chapter.'”

    I liked Legacy.  Seen it several times, usually stop and watch it when I catch it on cable.  That said, I think “clear direction” is a little much, especially based on just the ending.  Legacy did present several threads that could be followed up on, but which ones and how are anything but clear.

    I think bringing back some form of the MCP along with using the Dillingers would be somewhat obvious.  I think there’s an easy way to bring back Jeff Bridges, were he so inclined.  But neither are clear directions from the ending.  In fact, I’d say if there was any clear direction from the ending, it’s that there’s no reason for Sam or anyone to go back to the Grid or anything like it again, which would mean more “real-world” in the sequel, which I doubt anyone wants.