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Ultimate Spider-Man Returns Jan. 21

ltimate Spider-Man will return to Disney XD on Monday, Jan. 21 with a one-hour Season 2 premiere, TV Guide reports. It will return to its regular Sunday morning time slot on Jan. 27.

The animated series, which kicked off Disney XD’s new Marvel Universe programming block in April, follows Peter Parker, who’s been Spider-Man for just a year, as he undergoes training from S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury to become a real superhero.

We already knew from the announcement in June that the second season will feature more heroes from the Marvel Universe, including the stars of the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers Assemble, TV Guide adds it will also see Spider-Man and his teammates (Nova, Iron Fist, Power Man and White Tiger) face the Lizard (voiced by Dee Bradley) and Electro, members of the Sinister Six.

This season the programming block will also introduce “Marvel Comics Close-Up” interstitials, hosted by Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada and Dylan Riley Snyder.

The Ultimate Spider-Man Season 2 premiere airs Monday, Jan. 21 at 7 p.m. ET/PT on Disney XD.


  • Bass Guitar Hero

    I actually like Ultimate Spider-man more than I thought it would. Sure, it has more humor than previous incarnations, but I think it still has plenty of action and a nice cast of supporting characters for Spidey.

  • Shatter24

    This show sucks.  It appears only aimed at little kids with ADD.  It certainly doesn’t live up to the Spiderman cartoons of the past.  Marvel Universe has become skippable since the cancellation of Avengers: EMH.

  • Bob

    Unless Avengers Assemble is good

  • Richard Casey

    Translation. “Wah! Wah! I’m a miserable old sod who doesn’t understand something therefore it’s bad.” ADD? Why, because they pepper the show with cut away jokes? That’s not ADD, that’s most stand up comedy.

  • ThatOneGuy

     I believe the ADD comes from the point that the show breaks it’s focus too often. Disallowing most viewers to truly get absorbed. This is a valid criticism. You’re name calling was not. Many young people dislike the show as well. Perhaps you are the one who fails to understand basic concepts.

  • Shokdiesel

    My “ADD” problem is that the stories are fun, but don’t have a lot of build up. There’s not a lot of storytelling (or character development, it’s shallow, even for a cartoon). In that way, it’s very anti-comic book, as it doesn’t appear to reward loyal viewers. I know they want get away from episodic stories and “to be continued,” but damnit, that doesn’t mean get rid of all long-form storytelling! You can have both types of stories, IMHO.

  • ZBaksh386

    Its half good half bad.

    Loeb’s gotta back off and let the writers do their thing.

  • jimlo24

    But when will the much, much better Spectacular Spider-man return?  Or maybe the best Marvel-toon ever, A:EMH?  Stupid Marvel. 

  • Mecha_the_Hedgehog

    Young Justice and Green Lantern are on the chopping block more then likely already canned yet this garbage is getting more episodes and it doesn’t have half the audience the DC Nation stuff has. Ugh it makes my blood boil How quality can be over looked.

    Thank god there is always Korra and Adult Swim Toonami to make real action cartoon fans happy.

  • Sean Liste

    I have to agree with the guy that was called an Old Sod by a Mr. Rich Casey but for a few different reasons. I don’t mind that this show is aimed for kid’s it unfair to say that any of Marvel’s animated features should be more adult them because they shouldn’t really be to focused on pleasing us…how do you think a lot of us 90’s kids got into the books…because of the cartoons! To ask for something tailored to our generations needs is selfish to everything we held dear when we were youngins. Marvel has to sway the next generation the characters are famous and household names comics themselves still aren’t anywhere near as popular. Most of the people on this site probably buy single issues but we’re still a minority in the grand scheme of things. My gripe with this particular show is that it makes no attempt to even move between the two. The Spidey cartoon from the 90s dealt with really huge themes and philosophical questions while also being entertaining enough to inspire a whole generation of kids(I don’t know who else was a 90’s kid but I remember there being comic book stores on every corner whole aisles of Toys R Us being dedicated to Marvel and DC action figures and sometimes COMICS!) Shows like Rocco’s Modern Life and Spider-Man and X-Men TAS Gargoyles and especially Batman TAS which was such a twisted show go back and watch if it wasn’t Batman I probably wouldn’t have been allowed to watch it at the time. My point is tv shows today are being tailored to only relate with kids at their age…and I can promise you it will keep them in that mindset for when they grow up. Where in the shows I remember there were serious things that I did not understand but stuck in my mind and gave me a little more insight in to life beyond being a kid…just sayin comic book homies…..Oh and I respect everyone on this board I’m not out to ruffle feathers I am F-Ing souped Nova is in this show and Cage two characters who need some serious advertising the more Marvel expands the better our venue of interest will become! Who’s up for an HBO late night Wolverine cartoon… god why doesn’t someone give me the idea job for these companies!

  • Ian A

    A Monday evening premiere? That seems a little strange. Will it be going head-to-head with Adventure Time?

    Season 2 is supposed to explore the origins of the supporting cast (Nova, White Tiger, Power Man, and Iron Fist), and I’m genuinely curious to see how the writers will attempt to adapt those stories. I expect Nova’s origin will be pretty much in line with whatever Loeb plans to do with Sam Alexander’s upcoming comic series. White Tiger’s pretty much a blank slate; all we know from her time in Avengers Academy is that she’s the sister of the original White Tiger and that her parents are dead. I can’t imagine they’ll let Luke Cage be an ex-con, even if he was framed and wrongfully imprisoned. Since he’s only a teenager, I’m not sure how much work he could’ve possibly done as a hero-for-hire, either. And, Iron Fist has enough history and legacy to fill a whole season on his own, so it’ll be interesting to see what they decide to cherry pick.
    I would be thrilled if the other Immortal Weapons showed up. What kid wouldn’t dig Fat Cobra? 

    More than anything, though, I just hope these episodes open the door for some actual character development. The focus on the comedic aspect of the series has stunted the cast’s growth and development. After 26 episodes, they should be far more dynamic and multi-layered; instead, they’re still the same broad character types that they were in the pilot.

    I also wouldn’t mind some bolder character designs. For a show that had so many comic book creators involved in its inception, those are some of the blandest character designs in animation. The costumes have iconic/identifiable elements across the board, but there’s a lack of body diversity. If you silhouetted Sam (outside of his Nova threads) and Flash Thompson, would you be able to tell who was who? And, those two have the same default body type as Danny, Peter, and Harry as well. Luke is only slightly larger. They could push the shapes and forms so much further. I’m not saying the show needs to be as stylized as Spectacular Spider-Man was (although Cheeks and the crew did a fantastic job there), but some kind of distinct visual identity would be appreciated. Ben10, Man of Action’s smash hit, benefited greatly from Dave Johnson’s art direction, and Derrick J. Wyatt has taken the franchise in some exciting new directions with Omniverse. 

  • GC001

     By comparison to Spectacular Spider-Man, this show is god-awful.

    I’ve already said this before but the problem is NOT Josh Drake — it’s the writing and pairing of Spider-Man with teen heroes in a “SHIELD-sponsored” program.

    (Funny how it is that Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes got the basic character of Spidey right — with Josh Drake doing the voice(!) — but Spidey’s Ultimate series completely misses the point…!)

    a) First off, I think the whole Ultimization of Marvel is a bad move…  stick to the basic original core concepts and stop trying to appeal to “hipsters” — that never worked when Stan tried to do that and it’s even more pathetic when they try that move today!

    b) I’m really, really beginning to hate the “Sam” version of Nick Fury…  Does he have to show up in every F-@$%#% Marvel movie or TV series now?  And I also liked the stories with the original Fury character a LOT better than the Sam Jackson version…  At least that Nick Fury wasn’t showing up all the time and having those “After School special moments” with Spidey and the Teen Avengers.

    c) This is the “X-babies” version of Spider-Man with teen spin-offs of Iron Fist, White Tiger and other characters most of us just don’t care about…

    d) Brian Bendis fans aside, I’ve never agreed with pairing Spider-Man in teams whether it’s the Avengers or “His Amazing Friends.”  Seems to go against the loner aspect of the character.

    e) You just know they’re going to try to stick Alpha or a character like that creep in the show down the line.  It’s amazing how some things never change with the bottomline is to sell toys to kids and the executives don’t care about the long-term damage of BAD films and BAD TV shows to the characters…

  • Zach

    His name is Drake Bell, not Josh Drake. Josh was a character he played on a TV show.
    Also all your numbered points are so YMMV that there’s no point in addressing them.

  • Chris Humphrey

     Or…perhaps you feel that what is a long-time entertainment trope is something for people with a condition to be made fun of. That comparison isn’t appreciated by everyone, and Shatter24 acted like an immature troll making that comment.  So, he deserved the name-calling and supporting him doesn’t reflect well on you.  Next time someone makes fun of a disorder and you support them, be ready to be called a troll at least.
    Otherwise, if the show is not for you, it isn’t. But I find the show refreshing. After 20 years of glum, mopey, pity-me Spidey and the same retread villains over and over and OVER again, USM offers a sensitive, but action-packed and amusing 22 minutes.  If someone finds the style distracting, there are are less frenetic shows such as Adventure Time (LOATHE IT) and shows that pander to a lower denominator (Regular Show) that are available.

    Lastly, if anyone really feels like trolling and name-calling me, you go ahead. I’ll just scroll past it anyway–I just object to people using a condition as an insult.

  • Chris Humphrey

     A) Stan wrote to the kids and adults of his age—what he did was speak to them and not down to them—Times change, and Marvel is adapting to an audience that locks its eyes onto WoW or Gears of War for hours a day. This audience requires something attention-getting–and it’s worked, just the way he did it before–Go back and reread early Stan/Steve Spideys–the dialog is liberally peppered with timely references.
    B) Samuel L Jackson is AWESOME–you don’t like him? Or is it you’d rather have the crusty old WHITE man? He’s a feature character now, and far more interesting than watching JJJ rant for 10 minutes. So OVER that.
    C) Spider-man was 15 when he first appeared, as was Nova and Tiger II, Eva.  What I do have in complaint here is continuity–they’re teens in USM, but adults in A:EMH (Goof there). I do agree there were probably other teen heroes they could have picked–but they’re picking his PEERS to be friends with–And I’m a BIG fan of Nova, so don’t assume no one cares about these characters because YOU do not.
    D) Brian Bendis not aside–that was the OLD Spidey. He’s changed, and for the better. He really hasn’t been a loner for over 15 years in the comics now…..why reflect and old trope that has since been long worn out and makes no sense? Spidey is a good guy and good guys make friends. and enemies too.
    E) With all the other characters in Marvel’s stable, I doubt Alpha will even scratch the surface. Marvel has HUNDREDS of fan favorites available. And I agree on Alpha, he was not my favorite either–sometimes you can’t win. But BMB is still in charge here along with Jeph Loeb and they haven’t disappointed me yet. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it and don’t troll it–that’s why you can change channels.  The rest of us will enjoy–SEASON 2!!!

  • Chris Humphrey

     You can’t really do long-form when you have 22 minutes–You have to introduce the characters, the plot, any subplots and GO!  If this show had been on for years, they might could do that–but right now, each episode might be someone’s first viewing, and the writers are making it first-viewer friendly.  There isn’t a lot of time for build-up–and I’ve got the 90’s series and Spec on DVD–there wasn’t any episodic build-up on those either–they dove right in. So for now, cut them a break–it’s FREE to watch, it’s fun and if they do done-in-ones, that’s a comic book tradition there.  Otherwise, we’d only get three story arcs per season and who wants THAT?

  • Chris Humphrey

     A) NEVER–USM is better written anyway
    B) Cancelled–sadly to make way for AA

  • Chris Humphrey

     Glad you like those–I watch that stuff and other than Robot Chicken, I SNOOZE. It’s your taste, tho, so enjoy–But leave my USM ALONE. I think it’s fine–and BTW YJ and GL are back with new eps Jan 5th, so don’t worry about those–CN preempted both for their dreck such as Regular Show and Adventure Time ( I cannot BELIEVE that won Emmys–who is ON that committee?)

  • Chris Humphrey

     Well spoke, Mr Liste–many people on these forums seem to forget–Spider-Man does not belong to any one of us-he belongs to the world–as such, Marvel must make him available to each new group coming in. That’s why they un-married him  in the comics after 20 years–that’s why he’s no longer at the Bugle, that’s why a Hispanic-African-American is now Spidey as well–and that’s why Amazing Spider-Man just DIED in ASM 700.  We may like it, or we may not, and we vote by what we watch and buy. But the 90’s Spidey is done as is Spectacular. People need to get over it and let those who want to see USM enjoy it without being accused of ADD

  • Chris Humphrey

    All good points there–now that they have the freshman season done, these are all good things to do.  And you can tell some of them are dying to do exactly that–the Dr Strange/Nightmare ep explored a little of Danny’s origins and his feelings about them. So an ep each would be well-placed.. And yeah, they could do some character design modifications–Luke more brawny, Eva sleeker, more animalistic, Danny more like a dancer, and Nova more like the bundle of unrestrained energy he acts like. And Man Of Action is involved, so perhaps they could steal Dave and/or Derrick? Ben10Omniverse is highly stylized now, and I think it benefits.

  • Zach

    Maybe if you did watch it repeatedly, you’d know that it does reward repeat viewers. They’re basically doing a riff on the animated Teen Titans format of doing stand alone episodes mixed with storyline developing ones while keeping every 22 minutes with actual plot resolution. Spectacular Spider-Man did it, too.

  • Thomas Wrobel

    “You can’t really do long-form when you have 22 minutes–Y”

    Spectacular did.
    And the 90s series did too

  • Thomas Wrobel

    ” A) NEVER–USM is better written anyway”
    Give me the guy that wrote Gargoyles any day.

  • Thomas Wrobel

    No we dont, as “for children” isnt an excuse for worse writing.