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The CW Aims For Another Arrow With New Robin Hood Series

The CW is in the market for another archer next season.

The network that successfully launched Arrow this year hopes to add another series based on the folk hero who inspired DC Comics’ Green Arrow: Robin Hood. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sherwood will focus on a young noblewoman who joins Robin Hood and his Merry Men in an effort to rescue her serf boyfriend being held captive by Normans.

Set in 1072, the pilot is written by Tze Chun, writer and director of Children of Invention and the upcoming Eye of Winter.

The CW also has projects based on Alice In Wonderland, Sleepy Hollow and even Wonder Woman in the works in an effort to continue building up their stable of dramatic action offerings. The network will decide how to move forward after getting a look at Chun’s finished script.


  • Brian Buchanan

    Television needs more archers.

  • Bass Guitar Hero

    There’ll probably be just as much swordplay as archery if Robin Hood isn’t actually the main character of this series, IMO.

  • Mike McKean

    I find the timing of Sherwood the most interesting item. Setting this in 1072, only six years after the Norman Conquest, puts the context for Robin Hood in a rather different light than the standard setting during Richard I’s reign, about 120 years later.  No Good King Richard (not that Richard was all that “good”), no Evil Prince John (not that John Lackland was all that “evil”). 

    Instead, it’s more akin to the setting for Parke Godwin’s novel of the same name as this series, Sherwood, and leaves it open to William I and William “Rufus” II to have roles to play. (They’re both important in Godwin’s novel and its sequel, Robin and the King.) I wonder if there’s any connection between Godwin’s novel and this series.

  • Matches Malone

    And, when Errol Flynn becomes available… ;)

  • Chris McFeely

    I made JOKES about the CW doing a modern day Robin Hood update teen-drama and calling it “Sherwood”. I got the name and the station right.

  • GanymedeATL

    Sherwoodville? A young noblewoman named Chloe? (No ‘Maids’ on the CW!)

  • Richard Casey

    This could be cool. But I’m surprised they’re going period with it. Setting it in the present, having Robin be a fucked up Gulf War vet would make for a SERIOUSLY cool show. 

  • Chris McFeely

    “When Police Commissioner Loxley dies and crime family head Ricky “The Lion” Prince is left in a coma follow a bust gone wrong, Loxley’s cop son Rob turns in his badge when the new head of police, Shawn Nottingham, won’t investigate the mysterious circumstances of his father’s death. Now, Rob and his gang of vigilantes, including bombed-out war vet John Little, martial artist ninja-chick Jill Scarlet, and disillusioned former priest Fred Tuck, take the fight to the streets as the Prince family, now headed by Ricky’s son Johnny Prince – Rob’s childhood best friend and current lover of Rob’s highschool sweetheart Marian – hold the city of Sherwood in their criminal grip. SHERWOOD, Tuesdays and 8/7c, only on The CW.”

  • Michael J

    I wonder if this will be as good as BBC’s Robin hood series.

  • MikeVargas

    Why don’t they start making a Green Arrow movie now and have tron legacy actor Garrett Hedlund for the role as oliver queen, I think he would be much better for it.