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Will Adam West Batman Toys Pave Way For DVD Release?

You’ll be doing that Bat Watusi in your own home in no time. The most recent issue of License! Global has an article about the relationship between Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Mattel that has led to broad toy lines based on the DC Universe stable, including television and film properties like Young Justice, The Dark Knight Rises and the upcoming Man of Steel. There was one toy line mentioned that has fans of the DC Comics and campy ’60s television excited: the Batman TV series.

While running down a list of upcoming Mattel DC figures, the magazine mentions ones for shows like Cartoon Network’s upcoming CG-animated Beware the Batman, but the real surprise came with this blurb: “The 1960’s Classic Batman TV Series line, which will be released next year, is based on the original television series starring Adam West and Burt Ward.”

The new toy line comes as a result of the deal announced back in June between Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox. See, Warner Bros. owns Batman, but Fox created the series, which aired for 120 episodes between 1966 and 1968. The two companies have been unable to come to any kind of agreement in the past about working together on any official merchandise for the beloved show, but now they’re playing nice. The underlying news here is that we might be getting ever closer to official, non-bootlegged, good looking transfers of those classic episodes on DVD or possibly even Blu-ray in the relatively near future.

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  • Simon DelMonte

    The 1960s Batman film is on Netflix, for those who have never seen the show or the film and wonder what the big deal was.

  • GerardMorvan

    That would be great news if it happened. And what would be even better is if The Green Hornet TV series was released as well. Let’s hope it will happen.

  • Matches Malone

    Well, you could settle for the Batman/Green Hornet crossover episodes ;)

  • Matches Malone

    MeTV is currently playing two episodes every Saturday night. Check your local listings.

  • Beast

     The film is owned outright by 20th Century Fox. That’s why it doesn’t run into any of  the problems the actual TV Series does for release. Hopefully all the problems look to finally be worked out, so maybe we’ll get at least DVDs if not Blu-rays of the awesome TV Series.

    I’m totally in for the upcoming toyline though. I’m a huge fan of the 60’s Batman. And it’s about time we get something other than the numerous Batmobile or other vehicles from the series releases. Hopefully they can get everyone’s likeness rights. A Caesar Romero Joker sounds like awesome sauce. :)

  • Demoncat4

    one license like for merch and toys for the thing does not mean the dvds and blue rays are finaly coming for the main thing that has kept warners and fox from making that deal is the mother load of clearances fox has to go through for the show to be on dvd finaly including if the team up with the green hornet can be on such a thing. though one can keep hoping maybe the show is closer to dvd

  • Andrew Niehaus

    A Caesar Romero Hot Toys  Joker to go with my Jack and Heath Jokers. But would it have the mustache?

  • /Bat^^Fan

    Can hardly wait!!!

  • Badthingus

    No. The reason is not because of Time Warner and Fox fighting over rights. It’s over all the music and celebrity cameos whose deals have to renegotiated.  Remember when Lurch showed up?  Well, guess what? You now have to work out a new deal with the Charles Adams estate because things like home video (DVD, streaming, etc) didn’t exist then.  Lesley Gore will need a new deal for her music as well.  What makes it worse is now Batman is a billion dollar character and everyone and his mother will smell easy money and will threaten to hold up to process if they don’t get what they want.

  • Rafael

    Why is this news now? Late December?
    Most of this and the action figures was announced nearly six months ago in the San Diego Comic Con. There was even a Mattel panel where some of the Batman/Adam West figures were discussed. You can find photos of this online.
    Mattel hasn’t promised anything yet, but they said they will try to show the work in progress in next year’s Toy Fair.

  • Alex

    Pretty sad when you got watch this or something like Saturday Night Live from the 1991 season or thereabouts because of issues with ownership rights and (in SNLs case) music rights.

    But, hey, I bet every season of Friends is available on DVD, Bluray, Cloud-something, and soon to be produced electronic facial implant. :(

  • GC001

    It’s funny… As I get sick and tired of the 26th anniversary of Miller’s overhyped “Dark Knight” and the range of inane concepts and bad writing it inspired, my affection for the old 1960s TV series grows.
    In retrospect, the 1960s series is almost like a love-letter to the 1940s Batman comics.  It really is closer in tone to the 1940s and early 1950s comics than any other adaptation — including the recently concluded (and excellent) Batman: The Brave and the Bold which is probably the closest we’ll ever see to a Golden Age (1940s) animated Batman.
    The other thing is that as time goes on Adam West is really demonstrating that he’s a gentleman and “gets” the fans.  I wish I had gone to the 2011 Ohio Comic-Con when he was there with Burt Ward AND a 1960s Batmobile (replica; not the original modified Futura)…  Mr. West and other members of the 1960s cast make frequent stop-bys in my “neck of the woods.”

    I would definitely buy the original TV series on home video as it becomes available.  My guess is we’ll see it released on DVD at the very least with a possible Blu ray edition IF the episodes are indeed still available on film (most likely as is the case with other surviving 1960s TV series) and powers-that-be think it’s viable… which it would be!

    Unlike most other shows of my childhood, Batman holds up and seems to get better as I see the adult side of the writing and the playful spoofing of comic book conventions.  Believe me, as I see mainstream comics sink deeper into amorality and depressive, dark themes and exploitive adult situations and political correctness, the 60s TV series can only appear like a fresh breath of air.  And yeah, I do appreciate a “more serious” Batman but more at the level of the 1970s comics/1990s animated adaptations rather than the post-Dark Knight Batman MSM comics…  I know which version of Batman I would let a kid see and it certainly isn’t anything live-action post-1989…

    And you know most of us DO want to see decent extras including audio commentary by surviving Bat cast members, crew, and professional fans in the entertainment and comics industries…

  • toys for 1 year old

    Batman, the movie has really created new thoughts for gaming industry and therefore various video games have been flooded making batman, the hero

  • Ian

    Yvonne Craig’s Batgirl on DVD?!  Yvonne Craig’s Batgirl as an action figure!?!


  • Andy E. Nystrom

    TV Shows on DVD did an extensive write-up on the issues back in 2008. Granted it’s possible that some of these issues have since been cleared (I have no knowledge one way or the other) but the issue is nevertheless far more complex than the toys. From a purely plot perspective they could probably cut the window cameos, but that’s just one problem and since the show was largely a comedy, fans would understandably be upset to lose certain comedic bits like those.

  • Rggkjg1

    i can’t wait for these action figures. the holy grail of this set will no doubt be the batmobile which would hands down be the best batmobile toy for action figures EVER (right now the super powers batmobile is the best batmobile).

    MOST IMPORTANTLY, i hope they do a batman figure from the surfing episode. complete with swim trunks, surf board, and the SHARK REPELENT BAT-SPRAY!!!! obviously they would also need to do a joker figure with swim trunks, surfboard, and HOT DOG WALKIE TALKIES from that same episode as well. (PLEASE LIKE OR REPLY IF YOU WANT TO SEE THOSE ACTION FIGURES. ha.)

  • Tyler Ryan

    i hope we see a batgirl and catwoman figure in 3 or 6 inch

  • Kobychazgarcia

    Have the toys been released yet? Cause I want them!  

  • Eric Sansoni

    FOX outright owns the rights to air the TV show on TV too. The difference between the movie and TV is that the movie contract added in a line saying it could be aired in other locations other than a movie theater. It was never thought TV shows would be aired anywhere but on TV so the TV contracts didn’t tack on that important addition.