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Which Christmas Cartoon Rules Supreme?

If there’s one thing we can count on at this time of year, it’s the re-runs of all our favorite holiday cartoons and stop-motion specials, from Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer to How The Grinch Stole Christmas and, of course, A Charlie Brown Christmas. But which festive animation makes your days the brightest, and which would you rather see lost in the North Pole for awhile? Vote in our seasonal poll and let us know!

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  • PA_ Kid

    For me it  a tie between two “other” – Christmas Eve on Sesame Street and Muppet Christmas Carol.

    I remember watching Christmas Eve on Sesame Street every Christmas Eve on PBS.  Cookie trying to write to Santa was comedy gold.

  • AdamH12110

    It said “cartoon” in the headline, not “puppet show”.  So, that takes out both of your choices.  Honestly, I think Garfield’s Christmas was gyped.  That one is so much better than people give it credit for.

  • slafaive

    Well, wouldn’t that take all the claymation ones out as well?

  • slafaive

     And stop motion too.

  • Chandra Free

    The Venture Brothers Christmas Special

  • mars

    The Snowman. 

  • Fury4o

    For a new generation, my son loves Disney’s Prep and Landing specials.

  • batGRRRl4ever

    While definitely funny, I wouldn’t call that one a family friendly X-Mas special by any means, lol.

  • Michael

    I love The Snowman. I remember watching it as a kid on VHS.

  • WilkinsonMH

    My other: “Comfort and Joy”, the Christmas episode of “Justice League”.

  • Gohandavis

    not really animated, but Emmit Otters Jug band Christmas

  • Takfu76

    L Frank Baum’s The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus has always been my favorite. It’s a Rankin and Bass original, with Earle Hammond and Earl Hyman (whose voice you may recognize as Heathcliff Huxtable’s dad from the Cosby Show, also Thundercats 80’s). It’s basically the origin story of Santa Claus. And it’s awesome.

  • AdamH12110

    Claymation and stop motion are both forms of animation, so they both count as cartoons.  The difference is that with cel animation, clay animation and stop motion animation, it was at least traditionally done by filming things one frame at a time.  With regular puppetry, they’re just filming people performing with puppets.  It’s not like Jim Henson would move Kermit’s mouth a little then they’d take a picture then a little more and take a picture, etc.  Puppetry is more like live action.

  • Jordan

    a flintstone christmas carol

  • Borngamer

    I voted for Charlie Brown Christmas but if we are talking about more recent stuff, I’d say it would be a tie between the epic Regular Show Christmas Special and the hysterical Gumball Christmas episode. 

  • Eldonte

    Good call

  • pseudonymph

    The Pacman animated Christmas special from the eighties.

  • Drew Martorelli

    A Very Venture Christmas.

  • CMM

    I voted fro Santa Claus is Coming to Town because I think it does a great job of answering those questions about Santa plus the songs are memorable for me, but The Snowman is right up there. 

    I wished I had the Snowman on video, but I hear the opening introduction by Bowie has now been removed due to his being unagreeable on compensation or something.

    Please note that The Little Drummer Boy on video, and on ABC Family, has had about 20 minutes of story and music butchered out of it.  The same is true of the sequel involving the silver bells.  These are in serious need of restoration.  It was one of my favorites as a kid.

  • GordoftheNorth

    Technically all film is a series of static images giving the illusion of motion. 

  • Morris

    ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas (the one with the mice). Definitely my favourite of all the Rankin & Bass Holiday Specials. Common people, agree with me on this one…Even a miracle needs a hand…

  • S. Hamman

    A Wish for Wings That Work, the Opus & Bill Christmas special.

  • GeekDragon

    For me, it’s the Muppet Family Christmas.  We get the Muppets, the gang from Sesame Street and The gnag from Fragile Rock.  It’s a true Christmas Classic.

  • GeekDragon

    For me, it’s the Muppet Family Christmas. We get the Muppets, the gang from Sesame Street and The gnag from Fragile Rock. It’s a true Christmas Classic.

  • Baron Von Cruzer

    You’re all wrong! “Yogi’s First Christmas” rules them all!!!

    I love it because, Yogi had a goal that was difficult, and he did it!

    Of course, he fell asleep, the minute he achieved it. :-)

  • Dominicg78

    How about “A Yogie Bear Christmas” Or He-man? She Ra Christmas Special

  • Geoffery stone

    without question,it’s a Charlie Brown Christmas! Such a classic.

  • Evan

    Garfield’s Christmas isn’t being represented? Darn it, someone get the rights to that and put it back in the annual rotation!

  • Philswordfish

    Yeah, but the poll is specifically for favorite ANIMATED Christmas Special. Not Movie, and not a non-animated special. So Nightmare Before Christmas (while animated) doesn’t fit the scope of the poll, nor does something like Christmas Eve on Sesame street since it is live action (or at least puppetry), and not animated.

  • Tombba

    South Park’s Woodland critter special is definitely the one for me

  • Toneloak

    Its either Bella Lugosi’s Grinch or A Charlie Brown Christmas. But, you made me choose and I’ll never forgive you for that.

  • Atomic Kommie Comics

    Regrettably, the only animated Christmas tv special to win an Oscar (you read that right) isn’t included in the list!
    1971’s A Christmas Carol, directed by Richard Williams, produced by Chuck Jones, and starring Alistair Sim, reprising his role from the live-action film 20 years earlier!

  • Karl Arney

    The Grinch beats out Charlie Brown for #1 because Linus has to go and get all preachy in the latter. Rudloph’s good, too, but painfully cheesy in certain parts. Nothing wrong with that for what it is, but The Grinch remains better.

  • Karl Arney

    True! How did some of those obscurities make the list and not that? I had it taped off the tv and drove my parents nuts watching at all times of year.

  • sanitysoverrated

    My long time favorite is ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. I watch it as often as I can.

  • DANG!

    I got to the bottom of the comments and found the one person who agrees with me: ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.  Off to watch it now!

  • Rebecca Martin

    Sigh — no love for Pinky and the Brain — “When we’re done, the elves have invited us to a party at Donner’s!”  “Somehow, Pinky, I don’t want to be part of any Donner party.”  This should not be forgotten!

  • Joshua

    Mickey’s Christmas Carol
    How the Grinch Stole Christmas
    A Charlie Brown Christmas

    those are my 3 favorites.

  • Jon Mundy

    The Christmas Raccoons…really wish they’d show it again.