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Fringe Season 5: 5 Questions About “Anomaly XB-6783746″

With only four episodes left, it’s time for Fringe to start answering some questions – Starting with the most obvious one left over from last week’s episode: “What’s the deal with the mysterious Observer child?” Well, that and the identity of Donald, of course…

Has Nina’s Death Prevented The “Dark Walter” Coming Out?
Not only did discovering Nina’s body seem to snap Walter out of his unemotional, somewhat assholish self that he was demonstrating for the rest of the episode, but he seemed to be far more warm afterwards, as well. Is it possible that having such a strong shock has snapped him into focus when it comes to embracing his emotions?

The Resistance Couldn’t Study the Observer Tech But Peter Could Just Cut It Out of One’s Head?
Let me get this straight: The Resistance – and Massive Dynamic’s top scientists – couldn’t work out the secret of the Observers’ tech or how to retrofit it despite having at least a couple of Observers to work with, but Peter not only figures it out but then manages to insert the tech into his own head in the space of an afternoon? Am I the only one who found that entirely unbelievable?

Why Has Michael Lost His Empathy?
The emotional intelligence (or lack thereof) of the Observers has become an unexpectedly strong component to recent episodes, and Michael’s remarked-upon loss of empathy feels connected to that, in some way. But we don’t know how or why Michael lost that empathy, and that seems like an oversight. Here’s a theory, though: How do we know that Michael actually lost his empathic abilities? What if he never actually had any, gains them from his current experiences, and then goes back in time to meet Olivia and Peter “for the first time” in another timeline…? After all, we already know that the Observers see time differently…

How Many Other Anomalies Have There Been?
“Like all anomalies, he was meant to have been destroyed” said Windmark, which suggests that Michael isn’t alone in being a child Observer (And is that the anomaly in and of itself, or is there something more?) – So, how many others have there been? Have they all been destroyed? And, of course, why wasn’t Michael destroyed?

So, Michael is Donald/September’s Son?
At least, that’s what I took from the montage of psychic sharing at the end of the episode. That raises all manner of questions on its own – Who is Michael’s mother? being one of the big ones – but even if I’m wrong in guessing Michael’s identity, there is a much bigger question: Was the September with hair and a smile and a sweater the pre-Observer, or a post-Observer? And, if it’s the latter, then how did that even happen?!? Lots of ‘splaining to do in the last few episodes, I think.


  • Solazy

    Peter didn’t exactly research the tech he just shoved it in his head, I don’t think anyone at MD or the resistance was willing to go to those extremes.

  • dusk

    15 years of occupation, and they still aren’t prepared to take extreme measures? If you ask me, I think there’s a better explanation. None of the scientist are smart enough to be able to handle the tech. Remember, not everyone in the Observer’s time are Observer material from birth (re:good enough to be an Observer). Michael’s a good example, seeing as how he doesn’t have the tech. I believe the tech is only given to Observers who have been conditioned to accept it. That’s why that one guy who Peter fought and killed before getting on the train wasn’t afraid at all when he found out realised that Peter had used the implant. In conclusion, even if the resistance had used the tech, they would end up overwhelming themselves and probably wouldn’t be of much help anyway. And from the fact that they know the Observers’ power comes from their tech, it shows that the resistance have studied the tech plenty, but are just not capable enough to use it.

  • Ian

    It was said at the end of the episode on the 21st that there are only 3 episodes left, not 4.

  • Shuabert

    The finale will be a double episode, so 3 weeks, but 4 episodes left.

  • Jim H.

    No, there are three episodes left. It comes back  in three weeks on the 11th with “The Boy Must Live” and then there’s the double-episode finale on the 18th, “Liberty” and “An Enemy of Fate.”

  • Olivia

    My 5 questions :

    1. Where is Olivias storyline, being pro-active and assertive?
    2.Why did Peter get the hero and Chosen one status in season 3
       and this season the FBI agent, action status, with Olivia being just a sideshow
    3.Why is Olivia (and Anna) doing all the work on the Olivia and Peter front, always has been, thi season beyond ridiculous. Jackson does nothing , only wants tow work for Noble.
     Olivia loses Nina, Peter taps her head with a gloved hand, how more cold can you be?

    4. Why is Noble not consistent with his Walter? Most of the episode he is clearly Arrogant irritating barky Walter, but when he does his crying he turns into selfpity Walter, and when he sees Nina kill herself he is cold. An excuse for Noble to do whatever he wants, and by now his acting is irritating.
    Anna Torv was brilliant in her response to Nina in the chair, beautiful reactions, subtle,
    but who gets the credit, the Over the top Walter.

    5. Why does Noble also get the last bits that were Olivias story:
    -Observerboy connection, wonderful episode S1, now ruined as that story had to go to Noble as well,
    and if that was not enough the iconic tank , uswed to promote Fringe, Olivia S1 and S3 Entrada, and a chance to do something with Olivias backstory, also gone to Noble/.

    And to Walter and Peter fans:
    Olivia with red vines, the jokes, the science and the LSD trips, and Walter the servant , how about that? So why is it OK to compeltely erase Olivia?
    Or Olivia getting the IQ of Pter, and his skills in bombs and cutting wires,?
    But it  is OK for Peter to run around with 2 guns, be the hero and the chosen one  etc?

    Sick and tired of Walter and his brain, and boys being important.
    So we will end Fringe with nothing done with  Olivia Dunham, she will die early in the finale, shot by so-called Dark Walter,
    who then turns mad and we will get 25 minutes overacting, whining whaling etc from Jackson and Noble (see horrible finales Seson 3 and 4).
    and then we will return to 2016 thanks to hero Peter, where we will have Olivia, his little wifey,  pregnant again.

    I end with saying that Anna Torv is awesome , and so so underrated.
    What she does with Olivia Dunham, all versions is brilliant. This season she gets no storyline, lousy writing or no lines at all, but always there is Olivia on the screen every second she gets screentime.

  • capital Jay

    This is really Anna Torv, right?

  • jrau18

    ” by now his acting is irritating.”

    You fail. Also, the inconsistencies with Walter are on the part of the directors and writers. Not on Noble.

    Sounds like you only watch for Anna Torv and don’t actually like the show…

  • Fringluver

    cant wait for this show to end so there are no more insipid comment from this horrible blogger

  • David Fader Ny

    You found it unbelievable that Peter figured out the observer tech so quckly? There hasn’t been anthing else on Fringe that seemed inconsistent or implausible?

  • Richard Casey

    The Peter and the Observer Tech issue is a weird point to make. He didn’t need to figure it out, he just used it without thinking it through. The resistance was trying to figure out what it did and how it worked, which they couldn’t do unless they had someone willing to play guinea pig.