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Kevin Smith Teases Clerks 3

The movie Kevin Smith had planned to be his last actually isn’t going to be made into a movie after all. After saying he would go out with his hockey film Hit Somebody, Smith has revealed that the project is actually going to be a six-part miniseries on an undisclosed network, which means he gets to choose another movie to be his last.

If your mind immediately shouted “Clerks 3!” at that news, then you would be spot on. Smith revealed earlier this month on Twitter that “the minute Jeff Anderson signs on, my last cinematic effort as a writer/director will be CLERKS III. #TaDa”

In a new interview with Good Day LA, Smith said that’s still the plan. Although it doesn’t seem like Anderson has agreed to the project yet, Smith said he’s still going full steam ahead on it.

“Instead of letting people [guess] for years, I said, ‘I will do Clerks 3 and by 2014 is the 20th anniversary we’re going to mark it somehow, God willing, with Clerks 3,'” Smith said of why he revealed the exciting news on Twitter. “We need Jeff Anderson to come back and say yes.”

When asked if he would try to make the movie on the same $27,000 budget the first Clerks was made on in 1994, it seemed like an idea Smith was game for.

“I would try that. If Ryan and Jeff and Jason and Scott Mosier and myself could all … do it for next to nothing, we’ll own it and then hopefully sell it, and that’s where we’ll make our money on the backend, I would happily do it for $27k, $28k,” he said.


  • kkkk

    You could do a ton more with $28,000 today.

  • Josh Ralls

    Is Kevin Smith really going to retire from directing so early in his career? He’s probably about in his 40s. It seems like he could go a lot longer than up through 2014, or whatever. I wonder if he’s decided to retire from directing to spend more time writing comics or something like that. Kevin Smith in comics is cool too.

  • John Smith

     Kevin’s work in comics is really hit or miss – he did great work with Daredevil and Green Arrow, but his work with Batman has been execrable. (Well, he did admit that he was high when he wrote Widening Gyre…)

  • ZBaksh386

    Cool. cant wait to see it.

  • Pedro Bear

    you would have to adjust that $27,000 for inflation.

  • Pedro Bear

    $41,943.10 adjusted for inflation

  • Rollo Tomassi

    Clerks came out almost 20 years ago?!?

    #%@$ I am old.

  • David Yeary

    Clerks 3 could be a great way to end his writer/director career coming full circle. Unless it sucks. which I doubt it will although it will be hard to top Clerks 2. that being said, Kevin “The Man” Smith-yeah I said “The Man” as in Stan The Man Lee’s second coming has plenty of projects to keep him busy with his writing,stand-up tours and all his other ventures. Ah, but here is one thing to remember….at one time he said He’d never do a sequal to the original Clerks,and somehow I doubt he will stay away from movies forever be it producing, writing, or even directing another writer’s script. All I do know for certain is we haven’t heard the last from “the Man” even after Clerks 3….unless God forbid his lifestyle catches up with him and he keels over from a heart attack…….btw…if that happens I will have one more bone to pick with God when I am being judged….. 

  • Elagabalus

    How are they going to top Kinky Kelly and the Sexy Stud?

  • demoncat_4

    always thought clerks would make a nice trilogy but given how clerks two ended with most of the characters getting some what of a happy ending . will be interesting where Kevin takes them in a third clerks film and the 27 grand proably means kevin is going to do what he did for clerks fund the whole thing out  of his own pocket.

  • Norv Rogers

    More like BOASTED he was high while writing Widening Gyre…he’s been proclaiming for the past few years that pot was his muse.  If that’s the case, he needs a new muse, because he hasn’t written anything decent in *years*, and nothing truly excellent since…oh, I don’t know, DOGMA?