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What Was Your Favorite Movie of The Year?

2012 was a busy year for genre movies, with long-awaited movies that may have disappointed (John Carter, Prometheus), franchises making new bids of life (Men in Black 3, Total Recall) and the superhero movies that ruled them all (The Dark Knight Rises and, of course, The Avengers). But what was your favorite movie of the year? Tell all in our poll.

As ever, if your favorite isn’t in the list below – Perhaps you found something particularly irresistible about Safety Not Guaranteed or hilarious about The Dictator – then the comments are there for a reason, remember…

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  • Mycroft

    For me, it comes down to a choice between The Dark Knight Rises and Argo… Two films I could never choose between. But seeing as Argo isn’t on here, I guess my vote goes to Batman.

  • Paul Moses

    Skyfall.  Not even close for any of the others.  Dark Knight Rises, Avengers, Prometheus in that order after Skyfall get honorable mentions. 

  • Hardcorepunkhero

    52% for Avengers? What 11 year olds who love cheesy dialogue and CGI go on this site?

  • Kenneth

    Looper was the best for me, followed by Skyfall

  • Jack

    The Avengers achieved the impossible. That’s why it’s the best film of the year. My 2nd favorite movie would be The Amazing Spider-Man, which I consider as the best Spider-Man film so far. 

  • Molly Whipple

    My vote has to go to Dredd although I really liked Avengers too. I enjoyed John Carter and Men in Black 3 as well. And the Hobbit is good once it gets going.

  • Michael Payton

    I don’t get the love for the Avengers on this site. Avengers was fun in an ID4/Men In Black/Transformers 3 sorta way. It was cotton candy cinema at best. Mindless fun but ultimately empty. Maybe that’s all we can expect from American tastes in 2012 when millions swarm to stuff like Jersey Shore and Honey Boo Boo? 

    My fave: The Dark Knight Rises. Intelligent. Well acted. Bale didn’t sound like he had a mouth full of gravel. 

  • Degradedman

    The Raid: Redemption!

  • amilwalrus

    Dredd or Prometheus !

  • amilwalrus

    @ degradedman – actually yeah you are right : the raid

  • yayaya

    The Intouchables was quite good.

  • Spacedog2k5

    Okay, I’m going to ask it:  Why, oh WHY, was ‘Para Norman’ up there, but Tim Burton’s ‘Frankenweenie’ was left off? :S

  • Bruce A. Savini

    Mine was a toss up between Skyfall and The Avengers, I had to choose Avengers because I actually saw it 2 times in the theater, and Skyfall only once. I don’t know how anyone could actually think Dark Knight Rises was an all time great in anyway, I almost walked out of it 3 times in the one viewing of it. 

  • Ggcrjones

    Where the hell is Lincoln?

  • Dan Kelly

    The Master.

  • Tobe

    I voted Ghost Rider, because someone had to. I mean, imagine if Mr Cage was informed of this poll, and told that no one voted for his opus. He would be pretty sad.
    Or not surprised at all, I guess.

  • Shakunaifu

    because it’s amazing and frankenweenie failed to deliver on every single way

  • Doug Glassman

    For me, it’s best vs. favorite. For best (i.e. quality of writing, pacing, etc.) it’s Argo. But my favorite (i.e. most enjoyable) was The Avengers.

  • Kingjoe1216

    I have never been more confused by the praising of a movie as I am about The Avengers. It was good and entertaining to a point, but what was so amazing about it. The characters were well played for the most part, but mostly caricatures with no depth at all. They turned the main villain into comic relief for the Hulk. The alien army was ridiculous with no explanation whatsoever to who they are or their limits. Black Widow and Hawkeye took up too much screen time and were way over the top smacking aliens around at the end. I am truly a marvel fan and I just don’t get it. It was mostly played for laughs and aimed at children. I don’t think its even close to the best marvel movie ever. Ironman, Captain America, Spider-man 1 and 2 , X-men 1 and 2 and First Class were all far better movies in my opinion. Maybe I am not ten years old anymore and I can’t reconnect to that part of myself. There just wasn’t much in this movie for me. It was mostly bland and frivolous. How this movie is even mentioned in the same sentence as any of Nolan’s Batman movies is a mystery. Even if you were disappointed with TDKR, the level of acting, craftsmanship, mature themes and ambition alone brings this movie to an entirely different level then The Avengers. I believe Avengers has no surpassed Avatar as the most overrated movie of all time.

  • Nicholasscottmartens

    So it’s finally happened. I wondered how long it would take before people started turning on the Avengers movie. I mean, everyone loved it during the summer. But, for some reason, people delight in tearing down things other people enjoy. There are hundreds of articles like that on the Internet. Someone hears about something that was well-received and popular and think to themselves: “well, let me be the guy to say why it was awful and why anyone who enjoyed it is an idiot.”. Well done.
    Or the record, the Avengers was the most fun I’ve had watching a movie in a long time. I saw it a handful of times in the theatre and watch it often at home on blu-ray. It just doesn’t get old for me. I also enjoyed Men in Black 3, Dark Knight Rises, the Hunger Games and, yes, evn Ghost Rider and John Carter, for crying out loud. Let’s allow each other to enjoy the movies we want to, and leave the ridicule and criticism out of it. You have nothing to prove here.

  • Jamie

    John Carter. I’ve been waiting for that film for YEARS. While it did have flaws, it was an event for me. Same thrill I had seeing Superman and Star Wars when I was a boy.

    After that would come Dredd (the most underrated film of the year,) Prometheus (hours of discussion with that film which is only a good thing,) and Wreck it Ralph.

    Skyfall, Dark Knight Rises, and Avengers were all excellent, and we’re films I saw several times at the theatres. But they were all a case of “been there, done that.” I’d seen Daniel Craig, Batman, and the individual Avengers on the screen before, and knew they were all going to be good films, so there were no pleasant surprises, I knew what I was getting, so I didn’t score them as favourites. I’d put the Hobbit up there to, but I’ve only had a chance to see it once.

    2012 was a great year!

  • Cjorg2

    Yeah, but you’re an idiot.

  • Cjorg2

    It’s “favourites” not “best made” so get off your high horse.

  • Cjorg2

    OR how about we just let people write whatever the hell they want to write, and be man (or woman) enough not to cry and take it all so personally. You don’t like it, maybe the internet’s not for you.

    And I saw AvengerS 3 times at the theatre and bought it on Bluray, but most of the criticism is correct. The film is a guilty pleasure, no better or worse than any of the Transformer films. It’s not a well made film. Neither is Dark Knight Rises.

    Accept it and move on…

  • Heliz

    The Dark Knight Rises OBVIOUSLY, what else?

  • Nicholasscottmartens

    I think we were making the same point. In any case, you may be right. The Internet is not for me. Don’t want to get too invested in this stuff anyways. It was a fun year for movies. Goodnight.

  • Lead_sharp

    Me. Because it was a fun, new, spot on geek movie that set out to make people go WOW and achieved just that. 

    To quote Honest Trailers “If this doesn’t make your inner geek squeal with delight, you’re likely dead inside…or a girl” 

  • darthtigris

    Well I’m neither in particular, but no movie has made me smile for the pure enjoyment of it all that much in so long I can’t even remember.

    Of course then I look at your username and realize exactly what your comment was an attempt at …

  • darthtigris

    Just saw Looper recently, excited as I heard such great buzz.  It really fell apart for me, though, the more I thought about it.  Time travel stories are always tricky, but this had just too many problems for my taste.  Biggest disappointment of the year for me, mostly because I expected so much better.

    Nice you could enjoy it that much, though.

  • darthtigris

    I could point by point prove how much better I feel The Avengers is than any of the Transformers movies, but why bother.  You’ve declared it as fact, not opinion. 

    Oh and congrats, you chased away Nicholasscottmartens from being one of the kind of people that makes the internet a better place.  You should feel really good for that.  Yeah …

  • darthtigris

    Yes, it really was a fun year for movies.  I had a ton of fun last year with them too.  But I guess folks like you and I are rare, because for the most part it sounds like we actually like ENJOYING things.  Please don’t leave the internet.  We need more like you.  :(

  • Iam Fear

     No picks for The Raid: Redemption or Chronicle?
    Ok then, I’ll vote for Avengers.

  • GreenGoblin

    My favorite movie isn’t on the fucking list.

  • Nicholasscottmartens

     Thanks for the support, my friend.  It’s nice to see someone else who likes ENJOYING things.  After all, isn’t that what going to the movies (or reading comics, or collecting toys, or ANY hobby) is all about?

  • dreamer

    Les Miserables?

  • Doux_b

    Chronicles not on there. Your idiots with no taste.

  • Cjorg2

    Oh fuck off you pretentious gig.

  • Jimmy

    Maybe you and Nicholasscottmartens can have a sleepover and spend the night patting each other on the back for both making the Internet a better place.

  • Dan C.

    ParaNorman is my favorite of the movies listed. I would like the screenplay more if there were fewer lines of dialogue devoted to the moral of the story, but it would take more than a few clunky lines to spoil the gruesome wit of the animation. The early sequence of Norman walking to school is pitch-perfect.

    Unless we want to start counting The Master as a horror movie, the most notable omission from this genre round-up might just be Resident Evil: Retribution. Given how many genre films this year have put on a respectable front, it’s a relief to catch an unrepentant B-movie with a sharper sense of action choreography than Avengers and Dark Knight put together.

  • Jimmy

    I don’t think anyone wrote that they didn’t enjoy anything this year or any year. The fact that you put yourself out there as the morality police just made you sound like a pretentious wanker. People enjoy things. They also enjoy letting rip on the Internet as well. Sure they know it’s wrong, but we don’t need some know-it-all Nanna going around reprimanding us. Everybody hates a hall monitor. And no matter what darthtigris writes, he’s just as guilty for being rude and obnoxious as the next poster. Smug too. But he’s got just as much right to be obnoxious and smug as anyone here- it’s just up to us to take him to task for it, or ignore it.

  • Jenny

    So write down your favourite fucking film in the fucking comments section like they fucking said to do in the fucking article!!

  • Jenny

    But good grammar at least…

  • Lukecage616
  • hysanadu

    I happen to respect Chris Nolan and I loved Batman Begins and Dark Knight.  That said, I am a bit weary of the whiff of art school snobbery which runs through all the criticism of The Avengers.  Movies are allowed to be bright and shiny cotton candy experiences.  AND they can be intelligent thoughtful looks at society…or both.  I would argue that you could analyze both movies as such and not lose anything.  And sorry, but calling DKR “intelligent,” when it suffered from huge, glaring plot holes is hilarious.  I liked parts of it, but it just didn’t hold up as a cohesive narrative.  Avengers had plot problems, but it still held up better…we moved from point to point in a logical fashion *within* the fictional universe.  Avengers had one scene where we wondered how a character managed to show up (and it is revealed in the deleted scenes)…DKR had TONS of those moments…I was left afterwards feeling like “Did Nolan expect us to just fill in the blanks?  Because that’s lazy writing and directing.”

    You can have both.  There’s not some war in geekdom where you can only have ponderous Terrence Mallick style superhero movies.  I’d like some fun along with the somber, thanks.

  • An old timer from the past

    While I agree that The Avengers was a a great all ages film, ( I saw it with three preteens, their 38 yo dad and his mom), Skyfall is the better of the more mature/ adult oriented movies. It delved into the past to satisfy thje grown up fanboys who loved the Connery years, (The Goldfinger car!), thumbed its nose at the gadget oriented lovers, (Expecting a exploding pen?) and restarted the franchise to a more realistic ( for movies) future.

  • Rono

    2012 favorite:
    The rebirth of Sci-Fi.

    Followed closely by The Dark Knight Rises and Cloud Atlas.

  • Sowat

    I like thoughtful, well plotted scripts, mature themes, etc… but Avengers was just fun. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

  • Jack O’Higgins

    Haveta say I was kinda disappointed with the movies this year. Only about three or four of the twenty movies I saw were truly memorable for me (Muppets, Skyfall, 21 Jump Street and The Raid). Skyfall wins out for me. Entertaining and funny but also smart and surprisingly emotional. Don’t get the absolute adoration for Avengers. Rewatched it recently and it’s just a very solid, standard blockbuster with some brilliant dialogue. Which I;’ve been saying for a while before anyone gives me that “oooooh here comes the backlash!” shit

  • Paolo8011

     The Dark Knight Rises

  • joe

    For me it isn’t about snobbery or even a competition to with the TDKR. My problem was that to me The Avengers is extremely overrated and didn’t offer much as an actual movie to say its some kind of all time great. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but even without TDKR coming out this year, the Avengers does not deserve close to the recognition and praise it receives. It was an enjoyable popcorn flick and there is nothing wrong with that, but I have read some people on these boards compare it to Raiders and this generations Star Wars. I mean come on now. As far as TDKR plot holes, I personally feel they are waaayyy blown out of proportion to give the Nolan haters and contrarians something to pick apart. To me TDKR along with Skyfall were the best movies of their kind this year and The Avengers was a mediocre movie with enough flash and colors to entertain the masses. It is admittedly better then the Transformers movies, but only because of the likability and chemistry of the actors involved, not for any other reason really.

  • Mjolnir_uru

    Marvel’s The Avengers!!

  • GreenGoblin

    lol eat a dick, jenny.