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The Host Debuts New Posters

Can The Host win over both the Twilight and the sci-fi crowd? It remains to be seen, but the folks behind the film sure are trying.

Yahoo! Movies has three new posters from the upcoming Andrew Niccol movie that feature the taglines “Choose to love,” “Choose to believe” and “Choose to fight.” Sort of captures all audiences, no? The “love” poster looks like something right out of The Twilight Saga (no, seriously), while the “fight” poster showcases Diane Kruger as the film’s villain. Hey, remember how she was in Inglourious Basterds? They pretty much have all their bases covered here.

Set in a future in which parasitic aliens known as Souls have taken over the bodies of most of humanity, The Host stars Saoirse Ronan (The Lovely Bones) as Melanie Stryder, a human whose body has been inhabited by a Soul named Wanderer but refuses to fade away.

Opening March 29, 2013, The Host also stars Max Irons, Diane Kruger, Jack Abel, Chandler Canterbury, William Hurt, Kyle O’Shea and Frances Fisher.


  • Soul To Heart

    The movie is distributed by Open Road, not Summit as you stated, the OR logo is in the posters.

  • Susindra

    i love the book so much but rather disappointed with the movie.

    i borrow these pict for my next posting. thank you.