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Millar Compares ‘Jaw-Dropping’ Fantastic Four Reboot to Alien

Mark Millar is very excited about all the properties he’s consulting on for Fox. One of the most anticipated projects is Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four, which is due in theaters March 6, 2015. In a new interview, Millar talks up the new movie in the same way he’s been promoting projects like The Wolverine. If he’s to be believed, Fantastic Four is going to be reminiscent of Alien in some ways.

“From what I’ve seen and from talking to him — he and I have had dinner a couple of times and we talk quite regularly as well — he’s contemporarising it. I think he’s just making it work for the screen — he’s a great storyteller,” Millar told SciFi Now. “Chronicle, if you think about it, was similar to Fantastic Four in that it was a bunch of people who were transformed into something more than human – that turned out almost his calling card to come and do something like Fantastic Four.”

He continued, “What I wasn’t expecting actually was just how funny and likeable he could make this as well as getting the more awesome moments on screen — I use awesome in the traditional British sense and not the California sense awesome, you know? The Ridley Scott moments, and the Fantastic Four really are jaw-dropping in the same way you feel when you saw Alien for the first time. There’s some moments in this — not to be specific — that are actually gonna be phenomenal on screen and stuff you haven’t seen in a superhero movie before.”


  • xsikal

    A lot comes down to the cast they find for this.  I thought everyone but Evans was pretty badly miscast in the first two.

  • Darkstream

    I really hope we finally get to see Marvel’s greatest villain, Doctor Doom, finally get the justice he deserves as a character.  

  • Stevenb Drums

    They should do Millar’s FF story that introduced the Marvel Zombies

  • Jdmsucat

    cant do marvel zombies because fox doesnt own rights to all the marvel characters just ,spiderman and fantasic four 

  • Alex

    Alien… hmmm… trip to the negative zone maybe?

  • Alex

     Spider-Man is at Colombia/Sony.  Fox has  FF and X-Men.

  • Alex

     and i think they recently lost Daredevil

  • YonahMoshe

    Enough with the damn zombies.. it’s been done to death. Zombies suck.. get over it already.

  • Jeff

    Mark Millar is a company man cheerleader. 
    He thought Wanted was a good movie.

  • Sean

    actually, fox owns the movie rights to the wolverine, the x-men, and daredevil. Sony owns Spider-man

  • Jude

    Vague, cliched hype from a shill.

  • M. Walsh

     Bah! Doom should get his own movie! Then he should be the villain in a future Avengers!

  • M. Walsh

    I find this a very odd comparison.

    When I think of Ridley Scott’s Alien, I think a dreary, claustrophobic atmosphere. I imagine horror and dread, with creatures bursting out of a guy’s stomach and a seven foot rape-monster lurking in the shadows.

    Not sure how that translates to Fantastic Four…

  • Erik Galston

    they don’t have Daredevil anymore… 

  • Rollo Tomassi


    And he managed to work another Fox film franchise into the hype.
    I wonder if he gets a bonus for doing so?

  • AirDave

    I liked Michael Chiklis as The Thing. They handled Ben and Johnny pretty good…

  • Boomtuber

    Hope they don’t screw up the casting this time…

  • Boomtuber

    True for Ben and Johnny, but Reed and Sue sucked…

  • George Mitchell

    Oh man… That would be awesome to see Spider-Man show up in a Fantastic Four movie.

  • Stephen Bergstrom

     And X-Men.

  • BarryTheMuslim

    Mark Millar is a Hype Queen.. Grain of Salt.

  • Jon

    I’m not sure how many more times this can be repeated, but Sony owns Spider-Man’s film rights. Fox owns Fantastic Four and X-Men. Marvel owns everyone you saw in The Avengers.

    There will be no crossovers between the 3 movie universes.

  • John C. Baker

    I actually thought Gruffudd and Chiklis were OK. (Chiklis in performance and voice, if not appearance.) Alba and Doom were horrible in both characterization and acting.

  • darthtigris

    …….. oh god, can someone stop this from happening so the rights can revert back to Marvel and somebody will finally do this property right PLEEEEEEEASE?????

  • Daniel

    The guy who completely misunderstood and butchered Reed’s character in “Civil War” by turning him into a super-powered Dr. Mengele is now in charge of an FF movie?

    Think I’ll pass on this.

  • Daniel


  • Dave Sikula

    How unlike Millar to pimp the hell out of something that will probably turn out to be a piece of crap.

  • Evan

    I was at the FF panel in Hall H at Comic Con before the first FF movie came out. Tim Story wouldn’t say who (it ended up being Julian McMahon, as we know), but they had this great actor who “does a great accent” cast as Doctor Doom. Then I saw the movie. Yeah, Doom sounded like a Latverian, alright. An American of Latverian descent, maybe. LOL.

  • Evan

    Maybe he goofed and meant Aliens.

  • coalminds

    This absolutely is not a most anticipated project lol.

  • momaw

    Except Julian McMahon is Australian.

  • momaw

    First Class was better than any of the Marvel films.

  • Chris McFeely

     I remember from commentary on the DVD that he DID start out recording the film with an accent, but they decided to ditch it.

  • jrau18

    But you could do the original story, which was only the F4 as zombies.

  • RunnerX13

    I seriously doubt it, but maybe something as
    lame as the FF should try to be something other than a comic book movie.
     One of the main reasons the first two Predator was so great was because
    both movie could have almost stand-alone without the Predator in it. Why
    not do a cool sci-fi movie were the crew investigating an alien ship/plant are
    the FF?

  • Shawn Kane

    The only problem I had with casting was Jessica Alba but the characterization of Reed was awful in the first movie. Sue as a scientist was an okay change but I’d have no problem with it being a straight 60’s era period piece. Tell the story that Stan and Jack did and you won’t have any problems.

  • mel

    That’s what the comics are like. They’re explorers not superheroes.

  • darthtigris

    …….. ok, thank you for that non sequitur opinion.

  • Matt

    If Mark Millar is involved it won’t be released until 2023

  • Evan

    We know that, I’m talking about how he played Doom.

  • Evan

    Just your opinion. In my opinion, it is not.

  • Alex

    In this movie, there’s a big war. Susan leaves Reed because of it and then they get back together like nothing happened four issues later.

    Wait, that never made sense, did it? They introduced stuff, then went back on it almost immediatly.: ) 

  • Eli Gutierrez

    Which characters from the FF universe does Fox have the rights to?

  • DoigtDuPeuple

    While Chilkis was good, I don’t think that The Thing was any good at all… I mean it’s supposed to be bigger and rocky, his costume just looked like what it was.. a costume… Sometime CGI will interfere in the look and feel of a movie, but other times it is needed, such has this character.  He needs to be created out of CGI to be more “Thing like”.. The costume is just painted foam and looks like it too… 

    Alba, while one of the most prettiest faces in Hollywood, was poorly cast. She’s not the best actress out there that could portray the character.  I would go for more of a normal day-to-day looking up and coming actress that proved herself than just another hot looking girl that got her hair done.. 

    Evans was ok, but then again the whole character was basically badly written, same for Mister Fantastic.
    I guess what I’M saying is that the whole thing fell apart with bad writters and one character that should’ve been CGI’d instead of “foamed up”…

  • Mike

    Dude, “zombies” is the gayest, most dumbass thing ever to hit comics as a “genre”. Zombie this, zombie that … every where you turn anymore in modern pop culture we now have “zombies” rammed up our asses. The only reason MARVEL even started that, is to cash in on the hype of that stupid genre that had unfortunately already permeated everything else …

  • xsikal

     I thought Chiklis was okay, but the practical effects combined with his relatively small stature really did not work for me. 

    The guy playing Reed had the general look down pretty well, I thought, but I didn’t think he had much in the way of on-screen presence. 

    Alba is hot, but brought nothing else to the role.

    And the less said about Doom, the better! :)

  • Sonofspam

    Millar is master of hype if nothing else.

  • hardcore_4X4

    I liked the 4 movies.

  • Jim

    Dude, he wrote the “Wanted” comic book, so it wouldn’t be nice if he said “Whoa, this movie sucks!”, it does suck, but I mean, it’s the movie of HIS book, so he probably liked it.
    And for the record, he also wrote the Kick Ass comics and the movie was cool (not great, just cool).

  • Danomac

    First Class was a steaming pile of nonsense. 

    Can Fox realize that fans want to see characters and stories in tune with the books from which they came? Please??

  • Rubicon

    Alien was a horror movie, Fantastic Four is a story about family.  FF is not about moments, its about character.  Make it anything else and its a complete failure as an adaptation. 

  • bfg666

    The Wanted movie actually managed to twist the comics in such a bad way that it turned out to tell the exact opposite with roughly the same events. I doubt someone like Millar would honestly find it satisfying.

  • bfg666

    If only it was just a casting problem…

  • bfg666

    They all should gather and sign some sort of agreement to let that happen. This is a stupid situation since IT IS the same universe. And we need Spidey as an Avenger (and ol’ knucklehead too).

  • bfg666


  • bfg666

    Perfectly summed up. Also, Alba looked much too young for the role. Then Evans went to become Cap just to make sure the first Avenger couldn’t be believable either, but that’s another story…

  • Jameson Knott

    In the picture that lead’s this article…. what exactly is The Thing doing with his left hand??  O_O

  • erick nomnom

    i just hope it doesn’t dissapoint. i was beyond dissapointed when the first ff film came out.

  • zombie fan

    your wrong zombies bite they dont suck  vampires do

  • Dooomsday

    I’m agree with you, Doom needs his own movie!!

  • Jonathan Komar

    Fox needs to give up the rights to the Fantastic Four so they can join the Avengers movies, and we can eventually build up to The Avengers fighting Doctor Doom, and stuff.

  • Ryan Kadlec

    in the Ultimate version of the Fantastic Four, Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben went though the Negative Zone portal which give them Superpowers.


    Without Chiklis as the Thing, and without Chris Evans as The Human Torch, its not going to be a good “reboot”. Those guys really nailed the characters.


    Evans and Chiklis nailed the characters. Even McMahon was awesome, wish he had an accent. But those three were badass

  • Qoaa

    I agree, First Class was awesome! plus I loved all the little cameo’s and bio’s shown on the computer screen if you paused it when they were scanning you could see all the bios for possible future mutants

  • Nick

    I’ve seen a few things about subliminal messaging in advertisements, all to do with sexually suggestive messages… and reading someone elses comment bout what Thing is doing with his left hand, I noticed what his other hand looks to be doing… as well as Alba’s right hand… There’s a subliminal three-way happening here. Jesus.

  • Jehuty Grandius Ender

    As long as Susan Storm is butt naked in at least 3 scenes, I’m good.

  • Falk

    He should get his own movie. But after they need to do an ultimate alliance movie, with all the avengers, the fantastic four, the x-men, and all the other superheroes that have or will have their own movies. Then they should follow it up with the superhero civil war. But they won’t that would be to expensive.

  • Garet Jax

    Just please no gratuitous race changes.

  • Voleboi

    You do know it’s a made up country, right?

  • Emily Kimble emorelee admire l

    Emily Emily Emily Emily Emily Emily Emily Emily Emily Emily Emily Emily Emily

  • AL

    Thats funny you should say that. I heard they were planning on making human torch black.

  • John Northey

    The Aliens bit makes me think the Skrulls will be there. Either the Avengers gets them or the FF and I suspect both want them as they could be very good villains in a movie.

  • Julian B Dinkins

    But the rest of the movie was terrible, they totally screwed up Doctor Doom and they completely blew it with Galactus in the second one.

  • Julian B Dinkins

    Wow…I’m not alone!

  • Julian B Dinkins

    No such thing as “just your opinion”. All opinions are opinions but not necessarily just

  • Steve Bshaw

    Finally, after wading through these Comic Snobs’ comments, I find one that I can be enthusiastic about.

  • Bananaville

    It has to be an improvement on the first two!
    Amazingly, after the first one really sucked, they brought back the SAME Director (Tim Story) to make sure the 2nd sucked as bad. Like Michael Bay doing all 3 Transformers, to ensure each one was worse then the last, brilliant!

  • Bananaville

    it comes down to the script and the director, period. Kingdom of Heaven was a great film, even though Orlando Bloom probably was one of the worst casting mistakes of all time!

  • Tj Ficarrotta

    However, Julian McMahon was perfect in a way. Maybe not so much in the voice, but he did a pretty damn good Dr. Doom. Oddly enough, he looked like Victor from the books the way John Byrne drew him. I just wasn’t satisfied with how they changed his origins around. These Hollywood producers have to remember that if they’re going to do a comic, they really need to stick as close to it as possible or just not do it at all. I mean, X-men 3’s Dark Phoenix story line just totally sucked!!!

  • Samantha

    Yeah, while I like Jessica Alba (she seems like a great person), I
    didn’t buy for a second that she was a “scientist.” I actually liked
    Evans, I thought he was closest (as far as attitude) to the comic. While
    The Thing wasn’t massive (I think 6 feet in the comic) Michael Chiklis
    was just too short–> his acting was great though. I just think they
    were trying to force this movie out (before the super hero race we are
    in now) and didn’t think of the future application of–.

  • Red_Joker

    Read the quote again, he is not actually comparing the movies, but just the sensation of seeing them for the first time with regards to the “astounding spectacle” on display

  • Marsh1081

    Should but you must come to terms with the fact three different companies own the rights to Marvels movie characters, Marvel Universe – Avengers = Disney, Spider-man plus a couple others = Sony, and Fantastic Four and the X-Men plus anything mutant = Fox, As long as Fox and Sony keep making the movies the rights may never revert back to Disney Marvel Studios, hence no Ultimate team-up anywhere in the near future

  • Dave

    Hmmm, talk about putting way more hype into something that it should have? Alien? Of all the films, he picks that one? He must have learned promoting from Joel Silver.

  • yeah

    Makes sense

  • yeah

    Evans was pretty good as the Human Torch. Chiklis was okay as the Thing. Others…not so much.

  • Budgiecat

    Ugh just take away all the Marvel properties from Fox. I feel like its just a waste of time since we can never have them all tie together because of stupid corporate license shit

  • Derpleton

    Latvia is a real country. Back to school for you!

  • Connor

    X-Men being involved with the timeline of Avengers would just make me angry.