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Batman Won’t Appear on Arrow (or Anywhere Else on The CW)

While numerous DC Comics heroes, from Aquaman and Cyborg to Black Canary and Stargirl, appeared on Smallville over the course of its 10 seasons on the WB and The CW. However, there were at least two glaring absences: Batman and Wonder Woman, who were ruled off-limits by Warner Bros.

If all goes well, fans could see Princess Diana in her own CW television series, called Amazon, as early as next fall. But what about Bruce Wayne? Don’t hold your breath.

With Christopher Nolan’s big-screen trilogy now concluded, The CW President Mark Pedowitz was asked at the Television Critics Association’s winter tour whether another live-action Batman series might at last make its way to TV. His answer, according to IGN: “At this time, no. And regarding your next question, regarding is Batman going to make a trip to [Arrow’s] Starling City, they’re not in the same state.”

It’s probably ironic that Smallville was born after a pitch for Bruce Wayne, a series focusing on the character before he became Batman, failed to generate interest. And then when there is interest in the concept, the character is off-limits. In 2009, The CW also greenlit a pilot for The Graysons, focusing on the pre-Robin adventures of Dick Grayson, as a possible replacement for Smallville. However, that project was abandoned.


  • moffatt0184

    why are they always hands off on Bruce Wayne, yes he’s supposed to be training during this time but who’s to say he couldn’t be passing through even for one episode?  

  • XSpectreGreyX

    I want a reason for why he’s off limits. I think he’d be a great foil to Green Arrow.

  • Brian Londeaux

    Just because Bruce can’t be “physically” in the show, doesn’t mean he can’t be in the show.  There’s such as a thing as “the phone.”  It’s not like Ollie couldn’t talk to Bruce on the phone.  Or there be headlines with Bruce’s name on it. They can have other superheroes in the show, but as their human identities.  Maybe Ollie reads a Daily Planet newspaper and there’s an article by newspaper intern Lois Lane.

  • demoncat_4

    not surprised batman is off limits still . for one think warners does not want to risk dilute batman by having him over exposed on tv. though would love to have him pop up on the wonder woman show as bruce bumping into diana as she makes her way in the world. plus think the reason cw can’t have batman appear is because the old tv series is still tied up in legal red tape for dvd 

  • Comic-Reader Lad

    I think the reason Batman is off limits is because Michael Uslan holds the media rights to the character, and it would be up to him if Batman can be used.  Uslan seems to be ok in greenlighting the use for cartoons, but not for live action.

  • AmazingMichelleMan

    The Stephanie Brown taboo is spreading to the whole batfamily apparently D: