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Punisher and Black Widow to Star in New Marvel Animated Film

Marvel will follow the release of Iron Man: Rise of Technovore with an animated direct-to-DVD movie featuring the Punisher and Black Widow.

The news comes courtesy of the “Word Balloon” podcast, where Jeph Loeb, Marvel Entertainment’s executive vice president and head of television, revealed the company has 15 animated projects in various stages of development, most of which haven’t been announced.

Although Loeb mentioned the Punisher/Black Widow movie in the same breath as the Madhouse-produced Iron Man: Rise of Technovore — both characters appear alongside the likes of Hawkeye, Nick Fury and War Machine — it’s unclear whether he meant the project will be part of the Marvel Anime line.

The Punisher most recently appeared in animated form on an episode of The Super Hero Squad Show, where he was voiced by Ray Stevenson. Black Widow, meanwhile, has been seen on most of Marvel’s recent animated shows, from The Super Hero Squad Show to Iron Man: Armored Adventures, and will play a prominent role on Avengers Assemble.

(via Comic Book Movie)


  • letsfightinglove

    Punisher was on TSHSS?  Wow, that show got dark.

  • ranker

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  • carlos cruz

    i hope they get either Brian Drummond or David kaye to play the Punishers voice!

  • Andrew Talavera

    I totally agree with you I would love to hear Brian Drummond do The Punisher’s voice he does sound a lot similar like Thomas Jane voice and I would love to hear Brad Swile who voiced Kira death note to voice Microchip and Jigsaw should be voice by Ian James Corlett would be awesome as Jigsaw he could play insane characters like he did the play inferno in GI Joe extreme :)