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Frank Darabont’s Godzilla Will Be a ‘Terrifying Force of Nature’

Don’t expect Frank Darabont to go soft on Legendary Pictures’ Godzilla. He’s rewriting the project and is planning to bring the Japanese monster movie back to its origins.

“What we’re trying to do with the new movie is not have it camp, not have it be campy,” he told io9. “We’re kind of taking a cool new look at it. But with a lot of tradition in the first film. We want this to be a terrifying force of nature.”

He confirmed the movie will represent a “different kind of metaphor” than the original Godzilla. While that film presented the giant creature as a representation of the atom bomb, Darabont is showing it as something different, but he is leaving “a margin of interpretation” in there for the audience. This new film will be connected to a “different contemporary issue.”

Just like he used the zombie genre to explore human nature in The Walking Dead, Darabont plans to have Godzilla explore some “very compelling human drama.”

“It’s not that cliched, thinly disguised romance or bromance, or whatever,” he teased. “It’s different, it’s a different set of circumstances than you’re used to seeing. And that’s tremendously exciting as a writer when you’re asked to do something else.”

Directed by Gareth Edwards, Godzilla is due out on May 16, 2014.


  • Truthseekingmissle

    YAY!  Not your 5 year olds GOJIRA

  • beane2099

    Do it.   Just don’t make it so human oriented that it ceases to be Godzilla.  And here’s hoping that they don’t cast half the Simpson’s cast in this.

  • Refardeon De Jorge Ville

    I’m a fan of both Japanese and American Godzilla’s… but I don’t know exactly what to expect for this Gareth’s version… re-make? re-booth? They seem to be very cautiously gurading any info about this movie. 

  • 562234

    “some very compelling human drama” so in other words boring as FOK

  • Alex

    I paid money to see the Matthew Broderick one. Hate me! :)

  • Evan

    We all did. We were ripped off, and then some.

  • Evan

    I liked The Mist and Frank’s work on The Walking Dead, so I think he knows what to bring to the table where Godzilla is concerned.

  • Evan

    Somebody’s optimistic.

  • vangpo

    This is going to suck. Why do Americans always want to screw around with the basic formula for Godzilla?  “different kind of metaphor” Yeah whatever Zombie guy. Go ahead and produce your stupid film and hopefully it sucks so hard, Toho has to make a new Godzilla (and make it the RIGHT way) just to wash the nasty taste out of our mouths.

  • Mythtery

    Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!

  • boricua

     That “American” version with Matthew Broderick was a piece of s**t.  It should never have been made.

  • Lionsfano_16

    Damn sushi man chill, why you goota be all disrespectful? fok u, do you want it to be about a nuke? I wud think you would not want to touch that one! if you want it about nukes I think it should be about nukes….oh wait, hasn’t that been done???.LOL

  • stealth

    So we can expect this movie when? 2012 has come and gone.

  • Gulp

    HUMAN drama? In a MONSTER FLICK??
    They must be kidding the fan-base.

  • Bowery12

    um—-contemporary issue= preachy global warming warning. if thats the case:ugh.

  • Pc83849

    Honestly I am both interested and worried about this movie. I have been a fan of godzilla for years and have managed to watch every movie that has come out to date. One fact of godzilla is that while the original movie focused on nuclear testing and the dangers of the atom bomb, later movies dealt with a variety of problems, from pollution to a kid standing up to some bank robbers. The point is that godzilla has been used to represent multiple issues that face humanity. So I won’t say that this movie is going to be bad or good, I will say that I plan to see it and hope that it does turn out to be good.

  • D.B. Cooper

    Uuh, I want to see the big G breathing fire and smashing skyscrapers like he did in the original Raymond Burr, and I would like to see Godzilla able to withstand missiles like in the 1985 Raymond Burr version.
    The real Godzilla doesn’t lay eggs, get killed by two F16 missiles, and doesn’t die at the end.

  • lando

    genetic modification

  • Addo2313

    They should make Godzilla bum people then feel conflicted afterwards.

  • treesus

    Tell us how you really feel.

  • Derkaness

     “I love you and…”
    *building blows up and crumbles across the street*
    “Not right now sweetie, we’re having a talk.”
    *godzilla mopes back into the ocean and waits his turn*

  • Bill_Fan
  • NaNa BoBo


  • tim

    hey lay off broderick it wasnt terrible

  • Nippon

    A……ya it was!

  • zilla fan 3399

    americans always got to be superior to every creature ever. aliens predator gods godzilla. hollywood will find a way to fok this one up and toho will have to save the day for all of us in 2015.

  • zilla fan 3399

    he will only understand godzilla if he has watched the movies from first to last like all of us loyal fans. . ps godzilla must crush this new movie or be lost in hollywood forever. that last movie did decades of destruction for zilla

  • Chris Nichols

    If its set in Japan they will capture Godzilla and probably just eat it…..

  • Pekeno87

    You think he’s going to make a movie about Godzilla without watching Godzilla?

  • Don Spartan

    Well.. Godzilla did die at least twice before.. but once of a nuclear alka seltzer bomb.. and the second time of a nuclear stroke.. I hear you though, he ate the Japanese military for breakfast lunch and then a sensible dinner nearly every time, through the generations. Two sidewinders being enough is either heresy or the result of a crash diet.

  • Don Spartan

    That’s what the last guy did.. hopefully he learns from the last man’s mistake.

    There’s some stuff they HAVE to have in a Godzilla movie, no matter how gritty they want to make it, or it’s gonna fail:

    Godzilla has to resemble Godzilla.

    Godzilla has to fight some other mutant thing or army of things.

    Even if they set it in the US, a Japanese military contingent must be convenient there for some reason and get their piece too.

    If they set it in the US, the US military/navy is allowed to score a knock out or otherwise survive the first encounter… but they are not allowed to win. Lockhead-Martin can’t build enough sidewinders to take down Godzilla.

    Godzilla must have some aim. He can’t just be a mindless thing.. we’ve spent half a century with a sentient, purposeful Godzilla. You can bring back the juggernaut that was V1 Godzilla, but reflect his/her complex persona that’s been developed as much as possible.

    If you wish to continue the franchise at all, allow room for the existence of other other Godzillas, preferably not involving nests of eggs. We all know Godzuki was born vaginally.

  • Chris O’Connell

    Whatever you Piece of Garbage.

  • Christian Dixon

    Why can’t we see the teaser footage they showed at comic-con???

  • Jordan Melecio

    When you say “compelling human drama” that would probably refer to the severe psychological, emotional scarring and trauma Godzilla inflicts on us humans, not to mention the terror, panic, disorientation, hopelessness, fear, anguish, anarchy and chaos one might experience seeing Godzilla scraping off half an entire city with its several kilometers-long scaly giant lizard tail? For the sake of screenwriter Frank Darabont (Walking Dead), The new GODZILLA isn’t about people arguing to demonstrate human drama whilst Godzilla is rampaging in the background

  • Brian James

    he spoke the truth you freakin idiot.

  • Pekeno87

    I agree. The one movie they made was terrible. Godzilla was just a big dumb giant lizard basically, getting caught in a bridge? Please.
    Don’t think there needs to be any japanese military. But they need to make a Godzilla that would be… one that would without a doubt fuck you up if it choose to.

  • Daniel Ivan Valentin

    because it’s technically not a teaser, it was a short vid he made to green light the film to legendary pictures and to capture the audience’s views on what the director has planned, but I’m sure the real teaser will be better

  • sabretruthtiger

    Let me guess….Godzilla will be nature fighting back against the virus known as humanity that’s destroying the planet…bla bla overpopulation (bullshit)…bla bla CO2 (that helps plants grow….bla….

  • Simon Howe

    That last one was made by Roland Emmerich who can only make thoughtless schlocky crap. ie Independence Day, 10000BC, 2012, Stargate, the Day After Tomorrow: All of which started as reasonable ideas which he then ruined because he’s an idiot who doesn’t know his subject matter very well, doesn’t do his homework and dumbs it all down to his sucky-ass level. Frank Darabont however knows his stuff and has done some good work (Walking Dead, The Mist, Green Mile, Frankenstein(1994), Shawshank Redemption), and the listed director for this new Godzilla; Gareth Edwards, is pretty decent too, he directed Monsters which I thought was well put together, so hopefully this Godzilla should be worth a look.

  • Darkpreacha

    I think that it should be like it was in the old days where godzilla comes to the rescue in a way on accident some other creature has to be involved godzilla was a hero to me when i was young and every good hero has to have a great evil to face to be interesting and stay true to the godzilla i love

  • RODAK Gunzrilla

    As long as this Godzilla movie dosen’t suck like the 1997 version with Mathew Broderick I’m cool

  • Tim Scott

    Can’t believe I paid money as well to see Emmerich’s damned version… I was taken in by Independence Day as a kid, that’s all I can say.

  • John Travis

    The original Gojira didn’t have Raymond Burr in it, either. Might want to check it out sometime.

  • John Travis

    The only good part of that movie: they actually acknowledged the monster’s Japanese name. Of course, by the end of the film, that almost came off as an insult… ;)

  • John Travis

    At least it’s not being done by James Cameron.

  • shadowlord

    Americans don’t fuck shit up we make it better you fucking little bitch

  • Rob

    Let me guess: Global Warming.

  • TheKlot

    Great he’s gonna make a ‘different’ looking Iguana from the first Godzilla movie which was an atrocity. When are they going to learn that you have to keep the Godzilla look as identical as the original Godzilla as one can, with updated effects. Just don’t have a guy in a suit and use CG but keep the ‘look’ the same.

  • TheKlot

    wrong.. american version of Godzilla was a bag of shit wrapped up in shit…. i’m american and I’m embarrassed by it. The black and white Godzilla was even better than that pos.

  • TheKlot

    I felt the same guilt and betrayal as when I voted for Bush. Equal emotions.

  • Marc Ribaudo

    Can’t wait. There’s only a handful of Godzilla movies I truly have any admiration for, with the first black and white movie being my pinnacle of what a monster movie should be like. I can watch the original, Japanese version over and over again. I believe Frank Darabont will write a compelling story of sadness and horror if such a beast ever emerged from the deep, and inflict the wrath of death upon an unsuspecting city. This is perhaps the most anticipated movie release I’ve ever had. They probably will go for a PG-13 rating, which will cut down on a wishful gore and violence, but it doesn’t mean this cant be a dark, and scary movie. Now I was so looking forward to the last remake of Godzilla back in 98, but we all know how that turned out. Good pop corn movie, but over the edge and silly. I can guarantee this will definitely be more dark. Anyway, hope they don’t let all us true fans down again.

  • lol

    lol, you brainwashed redneck

  • Godzilla fan 1

    Godzuki was cartoon. Manilla was from an egg. Watch Son Of Godzilla.


    lol my favorite post so far!

  • Jan Christian Buencamino

    hmmmm…. when will be the rumored release? May 16, 2014??? :D

  • shamalama ding dong


  • SubSumeYou

    Somehow, I don’t know why American movie makers have this idea that they can put their spin on it. Their sensibilities are so different from the way, in this case, the Japanese do it. If only the Japanese could remove the unintentional camp/corniness in their live action movies in the sci-fi genre. The only movie that I thought that seemed to be okay is Returner and even that was being nice.

  • Trevor

    America makes WAAAAAY better movies than any other country. Sure Godzilla was not made in the U.S originally but it was good enough to be thought of and re-made in America. That’s like the only good movie another country has ever made so stop it with your “America rewinds movies” bullshit. We either make them originally or remake them so that they are better. No need to be jealous. And Mathew Broderick’s Godzilla was a lot better than the original. You cant compete with the new technology and cinimatics

  • Criss Poyner

    As a character once said in Buffy the vampire slayer movie “matthew broderick’s godzilla was not godzilla it was a giant fish eating lizard, not godzilla!” Please for the love of god I pray this wont be a war of the worlds, world war z more about some loser with a family and all that crap. I want giant monster fights not “Humans The Movie” guest starring godzilla

  • Criss Poyner

    Oh really so explain the ring? or how about every americanized anime edited because of monster nipples, hell we all have nipples there not hard to miss why is that bad? why not remove its boobs completely? are nipples the naughty part but boobs ain’t? oh and yugi oh! got edited for that one monster that had nipples! seriously better? your puritans who think sex and human bodies are horrific yet no problem as long as mutants rape women (hills have eyes) or people get vivisected nearly every american horror? wake up hippocrit.

  • disqus_ZE3VhQZ7M6

    1st thing I thought of. Mix with “very compelling human drama”, and you’ve got a preachy Godzilla movie about the evils of global warming. I hear Al Gore is being cast for the role played by Raymond Burr in the original. Then of course the original did have the oxygen bomb scientist preach about the terrible nature of man and his destructive weapons.

  • Juker

    This new film will be connected to a “different contemporary issue.”
    Global warming, meh…

  • dan

    They are filming this in Hawaii

  • John

    He hasn’t nor has anyone seen the movie yet so wtf are you talking about ?

  • John

    Yeah, like they did to Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • John

    It wasn’t that bad.

  • wkj1970

    Human drama? What the HELL??? I want to see a bunch of dudes in rubber suits kicking each others asses and destroying model cities.

  • Pino Mills

    Lol, America makes the worst movies. You have no taste. Go watch something subtitled.

  • SubSumeYou

    The doofus mofo said ‘bromance’. Turd.

  • zbeast

    The trouble with with Godzilla is toho limits on what they can do with the big lizard and trying to make the film happy pg13..

    but regardless of how good or bad it will be I will go see the big dumb lizard one more time.

  • Brian James

    But we did see the movies he listed, so WTF are YOU talking about.

  • Donavan Troll

    Yeah what ever, Resident Evil, Aeon Flux… I could go on & on.

  • Optimistic Prime

    “District 9″ wasn’t boring, now was it?

  • 3339

    I loved the Godzilla from 1998 as a kid, this new one sounds like it will be perfect for an older audience. cool idea.


    The best part is what Toho did in Final Wars…renaming the “American Godzilla” simply as “Zilla”, and for story purposes state that the dumb Americans mistook the overgrown iguana for the real Godzilla. Then have the fastest battle in Godzilla movie history with Godzilla squishing Zilla. Pure gold.


    Watch Final Wars…you will be satisfied when the fake meets the real thing.

  • Mic Finger

    I don’t want but one Godzilla personally, but I agree with you other than that.

  • Mic Finger

    Toho has unfortunately proven for the last 16 years (starting with its involvement with the version of the TriStar Godzilla that we actually got) that it doesn’t give a damn about making a Godzilla movie the RIGHT way. They’ve sabotaged every artistic possibility and made the worst decisions realistically possible in greenlighting new films. I’ve got absolutely no faith in Toho as the future savior of the character.

  • Dragontech64

    Here’s hoping that this time they’ve actually WATCHED the Toyo Studios movies. Big a fan as I am of Matthew Brodderick, and high-tech action films, that version was such a FAILURE as a Godzilla movie. Only thing they managed to get right is to call the creature (briefly) Gojira, instead of the Americanized Godzilla.

  • Dragontech64

    No, not in the case of Godzilla. We screwed that up, royally. There was no redeeming that collection of bad acting, technical gaffs and poor scripting.

  • Dragontech64

    Thank god for Pirate Bay (STILL overcharged to see that movie)

  • Dragontech64

    Ah I thought you were going with this one:

  • Dragontech64

    The Matthew Broderick movie had ONLY the special effects going for it. The script was horrible, the acting flat and just bad, the premise an insult to what Godzilla has always been. Even Godzilla didn’t look like Godzilla, and he was supposed to be a super-sized iguana, but didn’t look like an iguana. America makes SOME good, hell, even GREAT films, but not all American movies are good, not all foreign movies are bad.

  • vangpo

    Go F your mother, inbred hillbilly.

  • Douglas Davis

    exactly i’m a big Godzilla fan and the only thing i loved about the american version of Godzilla was toho made a new one and on to 5 more after that or was it 6 have to check my movies have all of them

  • Dave La-whozaher

    The 1998 version, is not to be totally discounted. Being the first Fully computer animated Godzilla,in some scenes, it set a president of its own. While not staying true to the original Godzilla shape and powers, it is still an enjoyable movie.

  • Budgiecat

    It was more inline with “The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms”

    Go watch that movie and then rewatch 1998 Godzilla and you’ll see what I mean. It’s like almost the exact same movie (minus the mini Godzillas).

    It even has South Street Seaport getting attacked by the monster first showing up just like the movie.

  • Budgiecat

    No it wasn’t even though it was 40 years newer.

  • Chuck Raye

    you’re right, the original didn’t have Raymond Burr in it…it didn’t have any American actors in the original film, but he WAS added to the film when it was released in the US because it had to have a well known American actor in it, in order to do well in theaters here in the US

  • Brian Stevenson

    Translation: “join the fight against global warming, kids, or you’ll have your town smashed by gigantic, nigh-invincible dinosaurs! Is that what you want? I didn’t think so. Throw that can in the recycling bin!”

  • lucifer69

    I wish there were a GODZILLA.

  • lucifer69

    I agree, Japan had him first. This is not a hate comment just an opinion.

  • Bob

    This guy likes nipples