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Are These the Five Superheroes in Warner Bros.’ Justice League?

We’re at least two years away from seeing the long-brewing Justice League movie in theaters, but that hasn’t slowed the flow of rumors. Unfortunately, fans of Aquaman and Martian Manhunter may want to brace themselves before reading the latest one.

According to Latino Review, Warner Bros. has whittled the team’s core roster down to five names — and they’re the five you probably expect: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and The Flash. In addition, the website contends there’s the possibility of a cameo by Aquaman, Martian Manhunter or Hawkman.

That seemingly conflicts with the previous rumor, which placed the lineup at seven heroes (all of the aforementioned characters, minus Hawkman). Of course, maybe they’re both right: Aquaman and Martian Manhunter could have secondary roles, even joining the Justice League at the end of the film.

Focusing on just five heroes certainly makes sense, as that would allow screenwriter Will Beall leeway to develop individual storylines, giving each character more screen time. More importantly, in terms of the studio’s DC Comics franchise plans, it would put the focus on the three heroes who have already had films, as well as two more (Wonder Woman and The Flash) who have solo features in development.


  • Jpregent26

    we need green arrow…

  • KeyWil

    I honestly feel they need to throw all the money in the world at Christian Bale to return for this in some capacity.  I think they can re-cast GL without retelling his origin, ala Hulk, but to do that with Batman at this point seems risky.

  • Scott Laudano

    I don’t think Flash should be a main-liner, he’s more of a secondary member if ya ask me. I think he’s just allowed in the JL because of his speed or something. Other than that, this rumor sounds pretty good if it’s true.

  • KraziJoe

    I am happy with that. Make it grow after but you need a core and 7 is too large for a core. Having Aquaman and MM on the periphery is a good idea. have MM (as  J’onn J’onzz or John Jones)  follow them around and show up in key scenes but as a face in the crowd so when he is revealed people will go AHA! And for Aquaman, just throw hints etc around about him or have Arthur Curry show up and point a few things out. Or have him and MM in a few scenes in the background etc…
    Many ways to do it…BUT you need GL and Batman to bang heads A LOT and make WW an Amazon and a force to be reckoned with. 

  • jhnshft

    No Aquaman is no good.

  • Anthony M O’Neill

     Seriously? At least he has a superpower…unlike someone with a flying rodent on his chest…

  • Zero

    I’m sorry? Flash is one of the founding member of the Justice League. He HAS to be in the main roster.

  • Bromc007

    Bale’s story as Batman is done, I really don’t think it would make sense to bring him in, and wouldn’t really fit in with his version of the Batman. Honestly, I dont think I could handle another two hours of his “I need a lozenge” rendition of Bats.

    And why would we need to retell his origin just because he’s been recast? Every man and his dog knows the Batman origin story, and as noted theorists such as Will Brooker and Henry Jenkins have noted, we are now in an age of multiplicity – audiences can and do accept multiple versions of a character, in fact they embrace them.

  • sillymander

    Warner Brothers has screwed this project up from the get-go.
    None of the actors they sought were signed to contracts which included a Justice League film.

    I’m so over Justice League that…  Oh, look… The Avengers 2 in 2015!

  • Elias Algorithm

     Flash is a founding member. Superman and Batman are not.

  • Tophman

    Have to agree with Bromc007, you don’t need Christian Bale to do Batman (even if they decide to keep the Nolan trilogy origin). Besides, I’ve always preferred him as the urban legend who stays off the limelight and serves as a tactician in the shadows so in that vein, yeah, I don’t think you need to retell his origin again.

    As for Ryan Reynolds as Hal, I wouldn’t mind seeing him get another crack at the character (the GL big screen fiasco was not his fault imo; just like it wasn’t Brandon Routh’s fault Superman Returns turned out the way it did). Nevertheless, these are iconic characters (like James Bond or Doctor Who) who will stand the test of time regardless of who plays them (as long as they’re written right).

    That said, keeping the roster small is a good move. You have the cocky Cowboy, the impatient Optimist, the clean-cut Boyscout, the brooding Detective, and the naive Amazon. Concentrate on the interactions between the characters and how they learn to respect & rely on each other in the course of the film and you’ve got a winner. If they focus too much on the bad guy, I think it’s gonna tank.

    Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  • Tophman

    I think GA & Hawkman can wait until the sequel rolls along. ;)

  • matt

    They seriously need to just adapt the 1st 6 issues of the new 52 justice league. It was written like a movie (this is the league with Cyborg in the place of Martian Manhunter). The story was essentially told through Cyborgs eyes as he became half robot hero after a boom tube opened up nearly killing him. 

  • Jonah Gordon

    re-cast GL..?I remember John Stewart being in the JL not Hal Jordan…?

  • Greg

    Justice League founding members from Brave and the Bold #28 (Feb/Mar 1960): Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman. Justice League #9 (1962) has the SAME lineup for their founding members in a flashback origin sequence. You must be reading the JLA: Year One origin which included Black Canary and excluded Supes, Bats, and WW. Sorry to tell you, but they re-retcon’ed it since then (and prior to the New52) to include the big 3.

  • Elias Algorithm

    I’ll admit to preferring the Year One story that replaced Wonder Woman with Black Canary, but those early stories, of which I’m taking from the archive editions, focused mostly on the core five of WW, MM, Flash, GL, and Aquaman. The fight with Starro, the original Apellaxian invasion, the chess match with Despero, etc. Superman and Batman were barely used at all. It wasn’t until the Crime Syndicate stuff and the various Crises that Superman and Batman began being feature members.

    And the current Justice League book is awful so that doesn’t help the argument. Batman unmasks to a stranger in a clear copy of Year One without the resonance as to why the Flash did in that book. And don’t get me started on Billy Batson.

    Point being, the League is more than just Superman and Batman. I greatly dislike the idea that you can’t do a Justice League movie without them, when WB hasn’t been able to create a Superman in live action since the 70’s. This is getting way too ahead of the game. If the story concentrated instead on Green Lantern, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter coming together, there’s so much more room for characterization. That they AREN’T Superman.

    You put them in the mix there’s no doubt they’ll win. It’s boring.

  • Franklin

    They’ve got a ready-made story there. Might as well go with it. For me, it’s clear that the makers of Phase One Marvel films fully embraced the comic-bookiness of the concepts and ran with them. Warner Bros. should not approach Justice League as thought they are ashamed of comic books.

  • Greg

    Granted, they appeared as more of a guest star in the earliest JLA golden age adventures, but the point is that they are founding members (even if Mark Waid didn’t want them to be). Heck, an argument can be made for founding member status for Robin, Robotman, and Congorilla (even Lois Lane!!) if we followed every origin tale published. It may be like comparing green apples to red apples, but would the Avengers have been as successful if they had excluded Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor? With Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman in the lineup, they have a universal recognition factor to non-comic book reading viewers than they would have without them. The end result also means all the fan-favorite and most recognizable DC heroes in one movie.I’d like a Giffen/DeMatteis JLA movie soooo much more, but I’ll still enjoy this version (at least until I see it and then decide if it was up to snuff). And if rumours become fact and they go up against Darkseid and Apokolips, Superman being so super isn’t such a big factor. They will actually need him to help (notice I say help) save the day.

    When the trailers appear and your view remains unchanged and you think you’ll find it boring, the solution is simple. Don’t watch the movie. You will have saved yourself a lot of aggravation and anywhere from $13-$20 depending on how you like to watch your movies. Btw, who argued the New52 version of the lineup? I said BEFORE the spew52 (we are in agreement that it is a shoddy book – especially BB & Shazam).