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Yes, Joss Whedon Still Wants to Resurrect Firefly

It’s no secret that Firefly is the series Joss Whedon loves the most, but is there any chance he’ll return to it? According to the Avengers director, he’s never really come to terms with the show’s 2002 cancellation.

“I’ll never really accept it,” Whedon told the Toronto Sun. “And I always, in the back of my head, think, ‘What if I could get the old gang back together?'”

So will he? There’s a chance, he said, though it’s far from set in stone.

“Well, you know, it’s something I would love to do,” Whedon said. “When I made Serenity, I said here’s one thing I’ll never do again — a movie based on something that some people know about and some people don’t, with tons of characters who all know each other and who you have to introduce. And then my second movie was The Avengers.”

Up next, Whedon is working on The Avengers 2, but he said after that there’s a chance he’ll consider resurrecting Firefly. “Part of me is like, ‘God, it would be great when I finish Avengers 2 to do that,'” he said. “I suspect very strongly that after Avengers 2 the next thing I do will be a one-man show. Possibly one monkey.”

Firefly recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary at New York Comic Con. Though it was cancelled by Fox in 2002, the series has lived on in comic book form and on DVD — and, of course, in fans’ hearts.


  • Chris

    One of my favorite TV series, gone far too soon.

  • Maxximuscree

    y the last man?

  • 888

    If he’s going to make Firefly, um, fly again, here’s a suggestion:

    Send the Serenity gang to the Earth that Was.

  • Fiascocoyote

    In this god-forsaken age recycled Hollywood left-overs, I would like to go on record as saying that Firefly returning to the big screen is  proposition that I would financially support. 


  • Peter Hohman

    If Arrested Development can do it…

  • belgium2

    Well…I wouldn’t want a Firefly, but I’d love another Serenity.

  • Will

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one thinking it…

  • darthtigris

    Sing it, Joss.  Sing it.

    ♪”You can’t take the sky from me …”♫

  • Jimmy

    I love Firefly/ Serenity. But apart from a handful of us, no one else does. That’s why it flopped as a series and a film.

    People wanted to see the Avengers. A monkey could have directed it and it still would have been a huge success. That’s how Michael Bay makes money.

  • James

    “a movie based on something that some people know about and some people don’t, with tons of characters who all know each other and who you have to introduce.”Sure, all you need is a three year program of solo movies for each character to set the stage. Jake Fillian is: Mal Solo, Summer 2015. Keira Knightley is: Sexworker Condescension, Fall 2089. SERENIFLIES ASSEMBLE

  • Dan Strong

    One man. One monkey. God, that would be awesome. 

    Whedon has said many times, though, that he is tired of writing other people’s characters. But it would be such a perfect fit. 

  • demoncat_4

    given how well avengers did. if joss is serious surely he can work out something and get the okay and bring firefly back even as an online series. like on hula. as for his little one man one monkey show . could he have just revealed in his own way he will be playing with dc. aka doing at long last the movie version of Y the last man 

  • Neoteccproject

    That’s not just ‘beating a dead horse’ – that’s digging up the remains to beat it even more and then setting it on fire . . .

  • Constanza

    I just hope it’d be a continuation of Firefly, before the events of Serenity. That way Wash and Shepherd would be on it.

  • Kathrynrydz

    Great just make sure that Adam Baldwin will be a part of it.  I miss that guy

  • Dreamanus Sentak

    give me new series !!!!!

  • rogersan

    I think a lot of people have heard about Firefly and Serenity since 2002. I for one would be completely hooked on watching more Firefly. As Flascocoyote said “Financial Style”. Maybe they could start a share base where fans can buy in and share in production costs and possibly profits. Either way it would be awesome to resurrect. The hero of Canton the Man they call Jayne!