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Superman Lives Photo Reveals New Look at Nicolas Cage’s Suit

Superman Lives is the Warner Bros. film that never was, but the project might soon live again in Jon Schnepp’s planned documentary about the canceled Tim Burton project. With interest in the production at a high, DCU Movie has posted a new behind-the-scenes look at Nicolas Cage in full Superman regalia.

There’s no word on where DCU Movie found the image, but it definitely shows a different side of the costume design than we’ve seen in the past. At least this doesn’t look reflective like the weird holographic Superman suit shown before or light up like the Kryptonian life support suit, but it is a bit too fitted for our tastes. Somehow we don’t think Cage’s abs have ever been that ripped. There’s always the chance this version of the suit was electric, but now we’ll never know.

Schnepp’s documentary, titled The Death of ‘Superman Lives': What Happened?, plans to tell the whole story of what either would have been the best or absolute worst Superman movie ever. The planned cast included Nicolas Cage as the Man of Steel, Chris Rock as Jimmy Olsen and Tim Allen as Brainiac, and was based on an initial script by Kevin Smith.

“We could have had the weirdest Superman movie ever made,” Schnepp said of the film. “Weird! Strange! Bizarre outfits! Rainbows! The weirdness level of this Superman movie beats any superhero film that’s ever been made. I mean, you had Ang Lee ‘Hulk dogs’? This is weirder.”


  • Guest

    Wow – I’m we as a society dodged that bullet.

  • Guest

    I’m glad* we as a society dodged that bullet.

  • Varonecl

    After viewing this and Nicolas Cage’s Performance in a dozen other movies to include Ghost Rider, thank God this failed! I do not even need a documentary on why it failed, easy enough to sum up in a question Nicolas Cage and Tim Burton on Superman? No Thank you

  • David Fullam

    Much better suit. But Cage is still all wrong for the part.

  • Alfred

    It couldnt have been worse than Superman Returns, right?

  • Tomfitz1

    Insoasmuchas I like Nic Cage, he was definitely wrong for the role.

    Ghost Rider, sure, but not Superman.

  • Mak

    I don’t know… I personally think Superman 3 and Superman 4: The Quest For Peace are tied as the WORST Superman films EVER.

  • Mak

    I just think Superman Returns was just the worst script ever.

  • That Guy

    Given that it was a Tim Burton film, these pics might actually be in full color…

  • The Animart

    I noticed that you’ve listed Kevin Smith as part of the project but missed Barry Sonnenfeld. Anyone who has been to a Kevin Smith Q&A knows (as this has come up), he was asked by Warner films to help develop the script that Sonnenfeld wrote, but after many disputes as to the way the story was digressing from the comic book theology he left the project and the project was later cancelled. However Sonnenfeld would later get one small victory with his giant robotic spider making an appearance in another film project of his.

  • alex

    Looks better than the last one. There’s some video up on the web that has a suit they were building with lights and stuff. Tim Allen? Chris Rock? Maybe they should make a documentry about this. It just gets more bizarre as time goes on.

  • SW

    To this day, I can’t make it through the first 30 minutes of Superman Returns. I simply shut off the DVD and call it a day. But THIS looks like it would have been a cool train wreck of a movie I could ‘ve sat through just for the sheer nuttiness of it all. It’s kinda like the Roger Corman Fantastic Four movie. It’s terrible beyond all belief, but I can sit through it, laugh, and be entertained at how great it is at being terrible. If that makes sense. : )

  • YoYoMa

    I didn’t know Burton was using Bizzaro as the bad guy in his version!

  • Jimmy

    Even Superman’s mighty powers are unable to defeat male pattern baldness!!!

  • Orphan

    I’m going to try to replace my earlier comment that appears to have been taken down that Kickstarter or any other funding for something as stupid as this documentary idea about a movie concept that was just as stupid is beyond me.This movie has been outed ad nauseum in excruciating detail elsewhere.Other than using it as a tool to ridicule Burton/Cage who have already embarrased themselves by being involved with this from the outset leaves this documentary with nowhere to go.

  • Fanboy Bob

    The current project will be worse than Cage/Burton could have ever done. Probably boring, to boot.

    Superman is dead.

  • Christopher T Roberts

    A Superman with a receding hair line?

  • Dramaranger

    Sad to say that suit looks better than both Rouths and the Man of Steel suits.

  • Guest

    I could have sworn the giant robo spider or as Smith called it, Thanagarian Snare Beast was more of Jon Peters idea than Barry Sonnenfeld. I could be wrong though, I’ll have to check. 

  • Todd Matthy

    Does anybody remember when the movie was called “Superman Reborn” and their were rumors that Superman was going to be fighting Unicron, voiced by James Earl Jones? 

  • Todd Matthy

    Cage just doesn’t have the stature to play Superman.