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First Look: Outbreak Arrives in World War Z Super Bowl Spot

After all kinds of troubles, World War Z is finally back on track for its June 13 release date. Based on Max Brooks’ book of the same name, the film follows Brad Pitt as a United Nations worker trying to figure out what’s going on with the spread of a zombie virus across the whole world. The first trailer appeared online back in November, but not much has been seen about the film since then. Now you can get a look at the new TV spot set to air Sunday during the Super Bowl.

Directed by Quantum of Solace‘s Marc Forster, World War Z also stars Matthew Fox (Lost) and Mireille Enos (The Killing).


  • 01

    So nothing like the book but still looks kind of cool

  • Ian

    My one question is why is it half of all zombie movies now make them incredibly fast like they’re on uber-steroids?  If a body is DEAD then rigor mortise will cause the bodies to stiffen up yes?

  • Boilingman

    You are correct sir. But since this is fantasy we have to set reality aside in order to be more susceptible to be entertained. Otherwise you may draw new conclusions that zombies can never actually exist.

  • Ian

    What I mean though is that in the old school zombie flicks they were all slow, it was when one could corner you or you were surrounded by a bunch that got you screwed.  But now the zombies are almost as fast as a motor bike when running, that just doesn’t fit for the type of monster that is being depicted, you know?

  • Seki

    Well it depends on how you look at it. Zombies by definition are the animated dead so really they are infact unkillable. If even a hand is left that hand will continue to come after you because there is no reason for it to stop. Litterally mummies and zombie are the classification but just a different direction style.

     But if you take the mythical out of it and make it more scientific them being so slow when they can not feel pain, exhaustion and there muscles work with out any concern for durability or need of oxygen doesn’t really make sense. And also the reason they can be “killed” in a normal horror movie manner (Shotgun to face) also doesn’t make sense unless they are compelled by some force in their being. Such as brain which would feel hunger. So on and so forth. So with the speed comes a fear that is lost but still not making all zombies Frankenstein’s monster which they should be.

  • TheBoost

    The way they pile up looks comical to me.