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A Yoda Solo Movie? It is the Future You See (OK, Probably Not)

Much like Obi-Wan Kenobi, whenever a Star Wars rumor is struck down, it returns in a new form, more powerful than we could possibly imagine.

Last month, word spread that Zack Snyder was developing one of the rumored Star Wars spinoff movies Disney plans to release separately from the new trilogy, specifically, something loosely based on Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai — only with the katanas replaced with lightsabers. A spokesperson for the Man of Steel director quickly denied the report.

Now, however, Ain’t It Cool News contends the first of the spinoff, or “stand-alone,” projects will actually center on Yoda, which, if true, is certainly an unlikely choice. The same report also suggests George Lucas had floated a Jabba the Hutt idea at some point, which pushes the dial from “unlikely” to “downright bizarre.”

Neither character is exactly “leading man” material: Yoda’s unusual syntax moves from charming to annoying pretty quickly, while Jabba is hampered by both language (Huttese) and his girth. They’re fine for one-off episodes of The Clone Wars, but as feature headliners? These both seem like the products of early brain-storming sessions.

Boba Fett, on the other hand …


  • Patrickmaloney

    Everybody complains about Ewoks, but I hate this scruched up, green muppet way more. Besides training Luke in the most annoying way possible, what did he actually contribute? At least the Ewoks fought.

  • Lsheroes

    The Jabba comics were pretty hilarious. Wouldn’t mind a movie in a similar tone

  • Big H

    Oh I don’t know… teaching Luke to use the force. Training to be a Jedi is like training to be in the military, it’s not easy or fun.

  • Patrickmaloney

    Yeah, which proves that Luke deserves to be a popular character not Yoda