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First Star Wars Spinoffs Will Focus on Boba Fett, Young Han Solo

Just a day after Disney confirmed plans for standalone Star Wars films to accompany the new trilogy, Entertainment Weekly has word on the first two spinoffs: one detailing the origin of Han Solo, and the other centering on fan-favorite bounty hunter Boba Fett. So much for that Yoda rumor?

Cautioning that the projects are in the very early stages, EW’s sources contend the Han Solo movie would be set between the events of Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, requiring a new actor for the lead (however, Harrison Ford, who’s reportedly “open” to returning to the franchise, could appear in a framing sequence). The Boba Fett film would take place between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, or possibly between Empire and Return of the Jedi.

The timelines of the standalone films also would permit Lucasfilm to resurrect Darth Vader (something rumored as early as November) and Jabba the Hutt.

Screenwriters Lawrence Kasdan (The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi) and Simon Kinberg (X-Men: The Last Stand, Sherlock Holmes) are working on the spinoffs while consulting with director J.J. Abrams on Episode VII, which debuts in 2015. Disney CEO Robert Iger said the films will be released over a six-year period, though 2021.


  • Hector Lugo

    Not sure I care enough about Boba Fett, a character who barely said or did anything in the original films, to spend any money seeing a movie about him. 

  • Chris Schillig

    The bottom line, of course, will be the quality. If they’re good, I’m all for both. 

  • demoncat_4

    nkce that at least they will give boba fett his sola film even though think the attack of the clones revealed a lot of his back story . a young han  could care less knowing about  rather they had gone with yoda behind boba or even jabba

  • Cockdiesel

    nobody likes you Hector

  • Bl00dwerK

     That’s what makes it an obvious choice. There isn’t much known about him. Duh…

  • Bl00dwerK

     He’s probably a 90’s kid…

  • Iron Jam

    Even if the Boba Fett movie is awesome, the whole time you are watching this new movie you will be thinking, “But, man, eventually he gets spanked and dies like a freakin’ amateur!”

  • Talmerian

    Or will it be a TV series, a la SHIELD, which will involve Han Solo, Boba Fett, and Yoda!

  • Talmerian

     …or rather different episodes featuring different characters.

  • thesnappysneezer

     If it is a hit maybe they can come up for a way he survives? Or say that was someone else in his suit? I was totally let down by the character in the films. he was so popular in the toys, they made such a fuss and the promise of the characters importance and quality in the highlight of the otherwise dismal Holiday Special was such a departure. They must have changed plans or failed to fully realize how loved he was.

  • Hewlett

    If nobody likes him, does that stop him being Absolutely Right?

    (No, it doesn’t, Boba Fett doesn’t do much of anything)

  • Hewlett

    Except despite the fact he does jack in the Actual Movies, he *does* do a ridiculous amount of stuff (something to do with fanboys loving him) in the EU. Boba Fett doesn’t need a movie and him getting one starts poopin’ on Canon Stuff.

  • Hewlett

    EU, man. I mean, I don’t advocate that whole “If you read it you’d know it for real”, but there’s like this whole thing about the Sarlacc basically thinks he’s too spicy and then he becomes a warrior-god-king.

    Oh and he’s best man at the wedding of that guy with the bandages.

  • Fred kluth

     Not to mentioned CHEWBACCA!!!!

  • Endordude

    Am I the only one who would love to see a spin off on the Early Adventures of QuiGon Gin and his Master Count Dooku?

  • Michael Fitz-Gibbon

    Puppets, not CGI. 

  • Jay Elliott

    Maybe I’ll change my mind some time in the next decade, but for now I’m pretty sure the last thing Star Wars needs is more prequel movies.  

  • momaw

    Before any Han Solo “solo” flick, Disney needs to clean up the mess George made by having him shoot second.  Han shoots first needs to be cut back into A New Hope.  It is a pivotal scene that goes to the core of his character and who he was before getting involved with Luke, Leia and the rebellion and how those experiences changed him.

  • Il Nobilone

    awwww… No love for Ewoks.

  • Il Nobilone

    awwww… No love for Ewoks.

  • Madmmanz

    You probably didn’t read the comics about him? He survived and after that he became the king of Mandalor , plus just read the comics Blood ties about him – it’s really damn interesting!!!

  • Basterdshark

    Nothing is sacred, sure, but why must these spin-offs be tied to existing characters like Boba Fett and Han Solo, shackled as they are to George Lucas’ revisionism? Do Disney think the only way people will want to see a Star Wars film is if you stuff it with something familiar? Slap the name Star Wars on it and you’re gonna get people going to see it. The stories of Boba Fett and a young Han do not need to be told. Why tell them? It’s unimaginative when you think of all they could do with the Star Wars universe.

  • Lyle

    I had said previously that the one thing the last three Star Wars movies were missing was Han Solo, or a Han Solo like character, just some ordinary guy who must survive in this world with just his wits and without Jedi powers. I can’t help thinking that there a lot of stories in his early years, about where he started out, how he became the man he is, how he first met and became friends with Chewbacca, and where he actually got the Millenium Falcon (plus whether the whole line about the Millenium Falcon winning the Kessel Run had any truth to it).
    Also, yeah, Boba Fett did not end up doing a lot in the Star Wars, but there is an air of mystique around him. The cartoon was the best thing in the Star Wars Christmas special, which admittedly was not saying much, but it did give a feeling that this was one tough character. And, yeah, he did nothing in Empire Strikes Back, but he did do something subtle in Return of the Jedi. In Jedi, Luke was beating all of Jabba the Hut’s thugs easily, but, once Boba Fett got in there, he actually gave Luke a fight. In fact, the only reason he lost is that Han stumbled into the fight.
    Also, there is a good reason why there are no spin offs of the characters from the last three movies: None of them were all that interesting. Yes, Qui Gon Jinn was played by Liam Neesom, who is a bad ass in everything, and his badasseryness should have added something to the character, but his character was just not that well developed. I can explain what Han Solo is about in one sentence, I certainly cannot do that with any other character in the last three movies, including Qui Gon Jinn. People keep telling me that the kids really love the last three movies and the Clone wars cartoons, but, whenever I talk to kids about this, the really don’t think that way.
    In the end, it does make sense to just go forward with this world with new characters, but, since the new characters in the last three movies did not make that much of an impact, I am not sure that is practical.

  • careyt

    I’m still holding out hope that Kevin Smith can do a comedy style spinoff somehow.

  • Axil F- YOU!

    Do fans of the original trilogy honsetly want a Han Solo spinoff of anykind?  Wouldnt that take away everything that was cool about Han?

    First off  HARRISON FORD wont have anything to do with SW except for probably a 10 minute cameo in episode 7. …. No way in hell he will be involved with ANYTHING else SW related.

    2nd)   if its a young Han Solo— now you have to recast the part… which is STUPID.

    3rd)  OR you go “clone wars” animation and do a kiddie flick.

    Han Solo does not warrent a solo movie….Hes NOT Indiana Jones people!!!

    If anyone deserves a solo movie it would be a young LANDO…. that would be cooler!

  • Axil F- YOU!

    Rather a Darth Plagus

  • Axil F- YOU!

    sorry but you have as much chance in seeing ANYTHING with puppets in movies or TV- as you do in buying a new movie on VHS.

  • Axil F- YOU!

    yub dub

  • Axil F- YOU!

    The clone wars is a spinoff of the prequels…. and fans LOVE seeing anikin and Ob1 and everyone else from the prequels on Clone Wars.  Trust me KIDS do love clone wars.
    Its very popular with the 5-10 yrolds…… and us total nerdy 40yrold fans.

    Bottom line is doing a Han Solo & Bobba solo movie or TV show is a cash grab– its not needed and will only dilute everything that is cool about those characters.

  • Axil F- YOU!

    There is a comedy SW spinoff called DETOURS  which was shown at last summers Celebration… YOUTUBE it… its realy darn funny. Done by SETH GREEN.

  • fuqdisqus

    Were they in high school together, a long time ago?

  • Bl00dwerK

     Yeah, ’cause we all know what’s in the EU is Star Wars canon…

  • Hewlett

    There’s policies and stuff – it’s like a midway between Trek, where nothing but film and television is canon, and Doctor Who, where literally anything is canon and it’s so confused it hurts. So if Lucas gives it a thumbs-up (not the best guarantor of quality, but…) it’s canon.

  • Bl00dwerK

     Wrong. Or didn’t you see the prequels?

  • Iron Jam

    I have an old Star Wars comic (#81) where he climbs out and causes trouble. I never know how to reconcile the Extended Universe with canon. 

  • ironjam628

    Then I guess it’s a good thing these aren’t prequels.