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Pollak Joins Beverly Hills Cop

CBS’s Beverly Hills Cop pilot already has cast the son of Eddie Murphy’s Axel Foley, and now it’s found the police department’s in-house attorney.

The Hollywood Reporter has learned Kevin Pollak has taken the role of lawyer Rodney Daloof, described as “incredibly risk-averse, a stickler for the rules and a loud-mouthed bully.”

Doesn’t sound like he and Aaron Foley, who’ss being played by Brandon T. Jackson, will get along especially well. Aaron is described as a police officer “who takes down the criminal elements of the rich and famous in Beverly Hills while working to escape his famous father’s shadow.”

If it gets picked up, Beverly Hills Cop will be an hour-long crime procedural with The Shield‘s Shawn Ryan developing it alongside Murphy, who will reprise his role as Axel Foley in the pilot, and make appearances throughout the series. This is the follow-up to the Beverly Hills Cop movies that he has been trying to create for years, and it seems like television will be a better home for it than the big screen.

Released in 1984 and directed by Martin Brest, Beverly Hills Cop found wise-cracking Detroit cop Axel heading to Beverly Hills to bring his friend’s killer to justice. Tony Scott directed the 1987 sequel, while John Landis helmed the third film which opened in 1994.


  • Orphan

    Everything Murray has touched has been an abysmal failure since Beverly Hills Cop why for the Luva God would anyone unleash this man on tv again?

  • Axil F- YOU!

    Im sorry but the funniest stuff from the Bev Hills COP movies are the R rated situations and foul language….. take all of that away and you just have a watered down NOTHING of a show.

    Expect 5-8 episodes MAX before this gets canceled and forgotten