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Who Could Play Young Han Solo in Disney’s Star Wars Spinoff?

Disney has finally confirmed it’s developing a series of standalone Star Wars films centering on existing characters from a galaxy far, far away, among the first of which is rumored to be a Han Solo origin story. All I can say is … finally.

Han Solo was my first film crush, and I couldn’t be more excited to see him scheme and steal his way across the galaxy. It’s almost like getting that second Firefly movie I always wanted! The one problem with this is that Harrison Ford, despite the best efforts of Scientists Everywhere, cannot actually age backward. So someone I like a lot less than Young Harrison Ford is going to have to play Young Harrison Ford. Although the Corellian smuggler would advise otherwise, we’re going tell you the odds of some of the best, brightest and most Han-like actors becoming the next captain of the Millennium Falcon.

And for the record, let’s all agree that Shia LeBeouf is never again allowed to play anyone related to a Harrison Ford character. Seriously.

Never tell me the odds: 1:7

Disney is very likely to cast a big name as Han Solo to guarantee that non-Star Wars fans will still flock to the theater. Of the pretty-boy actors of his ilk, Gosling has the most credibility as heartthrob with rough edges (see: Drive, Blue Valentine). While Gosling isn’t my first choice by a mile, it’s a lot better than getting stuck with Ryan Reynolds. Hey, Girl, I shot first.

Never tell me the odds: 1:19

Sure, he’s a little short to be a stormtrooper, but he’s been steadily building cred as an action star through films like Inception, Premium Rush, Looper and The Dark Knight Rises. JGL certainly has Han’s swagger, but without the mileage. Most importantly, as a whip-smart guy, Gordon-Levitt is unlikely to just copy Harrison Ford’s mannerisms, and instead reinvent a roguish space hero that is all his own.

Never tell me the odds: 1:9

If J.J. Abrams can direct both Star Wars and Star Trek, why can’t Chris Pine play the galaxy’s two most famous rogues? He’s done a stellar job of honoring Captain Kirk’s legacy without drifting into parody. However, Han Solo might require a little bit more smirk than even Pine can pull off.

Never tell me the odds: 1:18

If this were a Han Solo look-alike contest, Taylor Kitsch would have to be in the running. But then again, if this were a look-alike contest, we’d have this kid playing Han. Unfortunately for Kitsch, his shot at the big time with Disney’s John Carter was an unmitigated disaster. It’s unlikely the studio will bank on him a second time, rugged good looks or not.

Never tell me the odds: 1:5

Claflin is a relative unknown, but that’s going to change the minute he spears his first fish as Finnick in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. (Claflin also appeared in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and Snow White and the Huntsman.) His biggest hurdle, however, is his British accent: Han is a cowboy, through and through. But if Calflin can pull off Finnick’s arrogant charm in Catching Fire, Disney may decide to invest in some accent coaching down the road.


  • tony sheets

    Taylor Kitsch or JGL. definitely 

  • Devilzadvokit666

    How could any of these actors play a young Han Solo when they all look older than Han in the original trilogy? You suck at life..

  • David Sanchez

    I’d love to see Levitt in the role, but I’d hate to any of the other guys. 

  • Dane Yoshida

    None of these. Anthony Ingruber. This man or no one else.

  • woop

    The answer is clearly to go back and time and grab a young Harrison Ford.

  • Zzapp2003

    Devon Bostick could pull it off. It should be like the original cast of Star Wars. Most of them were unknowns at the time.

  • Conor Polson

    None of them should play young han solo! Nathan Fillion has to do it

  • jim pesek

    hmm..  harrison ford was 35 when he first appeared as han solo.  the actors on this list range from ages 26 to 32.  as such every single one of them is younger than the original han (by nearly a decade, in the case of sam claflin).  please try knowing what you’re talking about before mocking someone.

  • Sean Avery

    definitely Joseph Gordon Levitt

  • E_santos

    I always find it interesting that these kind of casting calls written by women always choose pretty boys. Terrible list!

  • Solareclipseentertainment

    Jason Padalecki… He’s got the height, the hair, the charm of a young hans solo and he’s become a seasoned actor over his years on Supernatural… Think outside the box Hollywood of the normal current on the big screen guys.

  • jrau18

    Or just cast Harrison Ford…

  • Jashorn Lee

    ANTHONY INGRUBER. period. See for yourselves.

  • AirDave

    Zac Efron

  • Zack Wall

    Anthony Ingruber!!! Check his Solo impress on Youtube. He’s got it pinned down, and he also looks like a young Han.

  • demoncat_4

    taylor or ryan for they both have that ruggness that the role requires though also taylor more for he proved to have the dark charm also needed for han

  • thesnappysneezer

    I still dont know what the hunger games are. It is probably going to be someone young, like 18-23.

  • Keanu

    Garret Hedlund.

  • Vincent Clarke

     Actually, Hedlund would be a pretty good choice. He’s already got a lot of the mannerisms as well as the look of Ford. Gets my vote!

  • JP

    CGI Han!

  • Clavenger99

    or you know, just have Harrison play the part and do what they did with Jeff Bridges in Tron Legacy. Just CGI the younger face on him.

  • Kurt Onstad

    That’s funny, I said Jensen Ackles would be the best “currently known” choice.  I see him as more of a “scoundrel.”

  • Robert Marshall

    River Phoenix…… oh , wait

  • Zor-El of Argo

     Nathon Fillion would be perfect if the movie took place within ten years after “Return Of The Jedi.” It is far to late for Fillion to play pre-“A New Hope” Han.

  • Mhind

    My guess is they are going to cast younger re: 13 years old. Then Disney can wring out several solo Solo movies.

  • dave!

    the guy who played SAWYER on LOST!!!! 

  • Mark E.

    Tom Hardy is the obvious choice.

  • Mark E.

    Tom Hardy is the obvious choice and could easily pull off Han’s vulnerable charm and wit. 

  • Chris

    I can’t believe no one is mentioning Matthew Davis!!  Look him up on IMDB, you guys.  He is the spitting image of a young Harrison Ford.  Link below.  It’s scary!

  • Greg Sanders

    Sorry, this is just an overall bad list. I know everyone is trying to cram their best Han’s through the door, but I’ve yet to see a top five with any real spark of passion or creativity. These are starting to look like crushes of the week. And by the time this supposed Han Solo film even gets off the ground, their five minutes of fame will be long gone. These actors don’t have the chops to last, or carry the charm of Han Solo for an entire film, and Disney certainly knows that.

  • Jim

    Hugh Jackman

  • ROM2099

    How about none of the ones mentioned.  And why must JGL be mentioned as possible casting for EVERY movie?  He’s a decent actor, don’t get me wrong, but it’s tiring.

    My pick? What about Jensen Ackles from Supernatural?  He’s around the right age.

  • ROM2099

    Ha!  I posted Ackles as my choice before I loaded more comments.

  • Guest

    My wife said the same thing when she heard about the new Star Wars movies.

  • aci_denyo


  • Jakeb610

    There is no doubt this guy is definitely the best pick for Han Solo.

  • Alex Ryan

    I think the listed actors are all wrong, save for Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  However, I think the actor being overlooked here, who has all the right charisma and the right looks, is Matt Bomer.  Think to his character in White Collar, Smooth with the ladies, charismatic and brash, impulsive and slightly egocentric.  It’s all there except for a little more swagger and a little more balls.

  • Bazinga

    just saw this guy on a show for the first time a couple weeks ago and he reminded me of a young Harrison and an older River….weird! I think he would do a great job.

  • Shannon

    I wonder if the movie is going to be based off of the “Han Solo Trilogy” books which have already been written, or if it’s going to be completely different.