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Justice League Troubles, Superman Success Could Delay Batman?

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Although the conclusion of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy was left open to interpretation, Warner Bros. has left little doubt about the future of the franchise, with studio President Jeff Robinov discussing plans to “reinvent” the DC Comics hero more than a year before The Dark Knight Rises arrived in theaters.

Exactly when, and how, that reinvention would take place have been the subjects of much speculation, though, with some suggesting Warner Bros. would use its long-developing Justice League movie, reportedly targeted for 2015, as a platform to introduce the new Batman, along with lesser-known heroes like The Flash and Wonder Woman.

Last week, however, another rumor surfaced contending that Justice League is in trouble again, with the studio scrapping Will Beall’s script and starting from scratch. Now another report suggests delays to the ensemble film could push back the Batman relaunch indefinitely.

According to an anonymous source quoted by the fan site Batman-On-Film, Warner Bros. executives are nervous about Justice League, and are concerned how its blockbuster Batman franchise might be affected if the ensemble film should bomb. The same source asserts the box-office performance of Man of Steel plays a role in those plans beyond merely helping to determine whether Justice League moves forward.

“If Superman is huge, then they’ve bought themselves some time and will have a franchise to hang their hat on for seven, eight years,” the source is quoted as saying. “The need for Batman won’t be as great, and [the reboot] of that franchise can wait until the Superman trilogy is done.” If all of that comes to pass, it’s estimated we may not see a new Batman film until 2019.

It’s important to remember that this is all conjecture. Warner Bros. has not yet made any official announcements about the future of Justice League. The studio’s next big superhero movie, Man of Steel, debuts June 14, so don’t be surprised if more concrete information about Justice League arrives in time for Comic-Con International.


  • Carloshll726

    Just a while ago I heard some talk about a World’s Finest movie.

  • GC001


    Could they maybe Batman a rest and concentrate on adapting the other characters well AND casting them better than the Green Lantern movie was????

    I dunno…
    Does DC even understand the characters it owns anymore???
    I’m not counting on WB execs to understand this stuff because they don’t read comics (most of them); it’s a shame when it’s obvious screenwriters, directors, and so forth in movie production think they can “improve” on characters that have been around for over 50 years now.

    It’s real obvious to anyone that’s actually watched them that the animated shows are far more consistent in their adaptations and writing.  The live-action guys would really do well to pay attention to WHY those shows work and maybe hire some of their writers because at least 85% of these live-action films really “don’t get it” at all…

    P.S. — Word of advice… Don’t hire fan-fiction writers.  They’ve been a huge disaster in the comics industry.  Hire people who know how to write characters instead of just placing faces in violent, fanboy torture fantasies.

  • Ron Mexico

    When did Wonder Woman become a “lesser known” hero?

  • Brad Smithee

    If the report is true, here’s the problem:

    “Warner Bros. executives are nervous about Justice League, and are concerned how its blockbuster Batman franchise might be affected if the ensemble film should bomb.”

    I mean, sure execs should know what’s happening. But you could feel this ‘nervous’ energy in Green Lantern, which could have been a really fun film except for all the producers micro-managing every step. Trying to jam everything into a script so you forget about pacing, reveals, and overall enjoyment(!), and breathing down the director’s neck through the process.

    How is that different from Batman? They let Nolan do his thing, largely.  Seems they could learn a lesson there.

  • demoncat_4

    figured warners would get cold feet for after all for so long of not wanting their two big franchises together for fear of hurting both franchises the same reason they have kept avoiding a jl movie for so long.  espically also teaming them with wonder woman the last part of the trinity

  • jim24

    I’m not sure I understand how a successful Superman movie would push back the Batman restart (please, don’t let it be a reboot – everyone knows Batman’s origin by now.  No need to rehash that).  Money is money, and what’s better than one successful, money-making tent pole franchises (if Superman fits those descriptions)?  Two of them.  Why the hell wouldn’t you want both coming out with movies every other summer or so?  This is the golden age of superhero movies, DC.  You better capitalize on it while you can.  Marvel gets this; why can’t you? 

  • vantheman77

    I don’t know how the success of Man of Steel could delay Batman. On the other hand, it’s best that they give Batman a rest as he’s more overexposed than Superman and all the other DCU heroes. 

  • Rolive92

    Make a Green Lantern Sequel that you set up (don’t pu**y out) and a Martian Manhunter movie and i won’t care about a batman reboot/ Justice League until 2019 anyway

  • Carol Robinson

    i think DC should see how Supes does first.

    if its a hit then go with a trilogy as well as reboot GL.

    Then hit the ground running with a stand alone Flash movie with a GL guest appearance or a GL and Flash movie.

    Then a stand alone Wonder Woman withmaybe a Flash & GL guest appearances then…

    …a full fledged JLA movie (with Supes, GL, Flash, WW and either Cyborg or Martian Manhunter, and maybe Aquaman) , with a surprise visit of a new Batman at the end (you know a newspaper clipping or an email or someother reason for the team members to talk about a “that dark Knight superhero guy in another city, lets see if he wants to join us…etc…,”  ) 

    …..which then leads into the new rebooted or continued Batman and more JLA movies and maybe one off of an Aquaman movie. The new Batman has to act like a foil, like Iron Man, to also incorporate the JLA members making guest appearances.  Easy as pie.It would take from 2013 to 2020 to pull off.

  • Patrick

    If Warner Brothers is simply unable to adapt comic movies…then sell the titles.  How many missteps now?  Between the lame 90’s Batman movies, Catwoman, and the disappointing Superman Returns and Green Lantern, clearly screwing up the DC catalog is the rule and not the exception.  Add to that the unbelievably atrocious decision not to develop a Wonder Woman movie and it is sadly clear Superhero themed movies are just not something Warner Brothers is any good at.  One gets the impression that the Dark Knight was an accident the way things have been going.  I guarantee that I could come up with a story that brings together the Justice League heroes which would be better than what is coming out of that studio right now.            

  • Bsavini781

    And what will Warner Brothers do when Man of Steel, crashes and burns like Green lantern. Remember this is the movie company decided to make Superman darker like it did with Green Lantern, ala Dark Knight. and can we be honest Dark Knight Rises was an overlong convoluded ending to that trilogy.

  • Evan

    Green Lantern was hardly “dark.”

  • Lewis4510

    I think that DC fans should just face it that a Justice League movie is never going to happen. Not anytime soon anyway. By the time that they get they’re crap together nobody will care anymore.

  • CapivarUmanis

     I WANT







  • Rummy389

    If the folks at Warner Bros were smart they would steer clear of trying to copy Marvel’s blueprint. In fact, they would be wise to do the complete opposite of what Marvel did. They should start with a Justice League movie. They could start with these guys already knowing of each other which would speed things up and put you right into the action. Then they can branch off to solo films or team up movies like “Flash and Green Lantern Do This” or “Superman and Wonder Woman do that”. If they’re going to do a Batman reboot it better #1 NOT BE AN ORIGIN STORY and #2 HAVE AT LEAST 2 OTHER DC HEROES IN IT. Warner Bros needs to get it together.

  • LightningBug

    Easy as pie? That plan is very elaborate and very expensive.

  • LightningBug

    And the saga continues! WBs ineptitude at bringing these properties to cinemas is more entertaining than a Justice League movie or another Batman reboot could ever be.

    Seriously though, it is probably best if a Batman reboot has seven or eight more years to let the Dark Knight trilogy dust settle. It was a really distinct take on the mythos and it won’t soon be forgotten by fans. A new Batman in a couple years would seem too soon.

    As for JL… never going to happen, but that is obvious by now. I mean, Marvel has greenlit Guardians of the Galaxy and is already casting it, and WB doesn’t have the guts to make a movie about the most famous superheroes in history teaming up. One of these studios has its act together, and one of them doesn’t. If you really want to see a Justice League movie, start a petition for WB to license it to Marvel. They’ll do it up right.

  • Chris McFeely

     Ask someone on the street to tell you anything about Wonder Woman. “She is a female superhero”. That is all they will be able to tell you. They won’t be able to tell you her real name, her supporting cast, her origin, anything – the sort of things just about anyone will be able to tell you about Batman or Superman. The only reason Wonder Woman is famous at all is because she had a TV show that managed to position her, in popular culture, as the premiere female superhero. The “Girl’s Superman.” THIS is the hurdle that needs to be cleared to get her in a film.

  • Mark S.

    Exactly. If Man of Steel does great then do a Superman/Batman film. Duh.

  • mdk

    …and is Man of Steel goes belly-up???

  • Lewis4510

    Man of Steel would have to make Dark Knight numbers to justify a JL movie. The powers that be at DC were spooked by the mixed reactions to the MoS trailer. Hell they didn’t’ have enough confidence in the movie to run a Super Bowl spot for it.

  • darthtigris

    No plan, no vision, no confidence.

    They have Marvel Studios to look at as an example but they’re still stuck in the old ways.


  • Carol Robinson

    but if a success each movie pays for the next one or even 2 which is the frugal and careful method that Marvel has shown works.  dont over extend your resources.

    easy as pie. 

  • Siferag

    i agree with you but it should be “batman and wonder woman do that” and “superman and a couple other heroes do this” because sense superman is like the leader he shouldn’t get tangled with an opposite sex hero because that could lead to disaster not only for Lois but for the team too.

  • Ron Mexico

    Are you forgetting Bruce Timm’s very popular Justice League show, or the many popular Bruce Timm produced animated JL and WW direct to DVD movies which to date have been some of the most faithful portrayals of Wonder Woman the character? Also I think your comment proves the very reason why Wonder Woman deserves a GOOD live action movie!!!