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Supernatural Writers Return Drama to Its Hellish Roots in Season 8

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In the long-running CW drama Supernatural, strange things lurk in the cities, towns, highways and byways of America. These things often have an appetite for death, destruction and even human beings themselves. Thankfully two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester (played by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles), had dedicated their lives to protecting humanity by destroying these vicious supernatural beings.

Over the course of seven seasons the Winchester brothers and their allies have battled ghosts, werewolves, shapeshifters, vampires, gods and malevolent angels, but their most persistent foes have been the denizens of Hell and the infernal realm’s current king, the demon known as Crowley. In the show’s current eighth season, the brothers have been given a shot to once and for all end the demonic menace that murdered their mother and turned hunting the supernatural into a family business. Spinoff Online spoke with writers Adam Glass, Daniel Loflin, Andrew Dabb, Robbie Thompson and Jenny Klein about the season and what it’s like to work on the series.

Spinoff Online: I thought we might kick things off with a sort of roll call where you introduce yourselves, tell us how long you’ve worked on the show, and what you enjoy most about writing for it.

Robbie Thompson: This is my second season on the show. I joined in Season 7, and one of the things I love about writing for Supernatural is, frankly, the chance to work with the people on this phone call. They’re a big bag of awesome.

Jenny Klein: I’ve been the writers’ assistant on the show since Season 3. I co-wrote the 16th episode of last season with Bob Singer, and I wrote my first solo episode this season. My favorite thing about working on the show besides what Robbie said, which is the nice answer, is getting to write about cryptozoological creatures. The show has wonderful characters in Sam and Dean, plus I love writing about monsters [laughs] and scary stories.

Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester

Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester

Daniel Loflin: I’ve been on the show for five seasons now. All politics aside [laughs], I love working on the show because we get to cover a wide range of emotions with this show. We can do super-broad comedies or hardcore drama. I do love all the monsters and the wide array of creatures that we can do just keeps things interesting.

My first year here was Season 4, and I remember sort of banging my head against the wall thinking that we’ll never ever find a way to get through this season with the ideas we had. It almost felt like we had run out of them. As you work on this show more and more though you start to realize how deep the well of possibility is here. I’ve really enjoyed the broad array of episodes I’ve been able to write for this show. It’s just great.

Adam Glass: I started with Season 6, and I thought that I took a job at NCIS. I had no idea what I was getting into here. [Laughs] No, in all honesty the very simple answer is that Sam and Dean kick ass, and I love the rock ‘n’ roll, Americana and monster-of-the-week aspects of the show as well as the overall melodrama.

Andrew Dabb: I’m also on my fifth year on the show. Since all the good answers have been taken I would say what I like most about it is the money.

[The others laugh.]

Glass: I’m actually in my pool right now taking this call

Dabb: And Jenny has a flying car. So we’re all doing very well

[Laughs] Good to hear. Let’s move onto some of the possible challenges of writing for Supernatural. For instance now that the show is in its eight season, is it tough coming up with new stories and new monsters for Sam and Dean to do battle with?

Thompson: I think Adam really touched upon the reason why this show has lasted so long, and frankly can last forever. It’s certainly a challenge to come up with a new take on something, but because the show is rooted in these two boys and their sibling relationship there’s so many stories to mine there.

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I’m the youngest of two boys, and when I joined the show and watched the first six seasons I was shocked at how emotional the story was and how I related it to emotionally. I’m a big nerd. I came for the monsters, but I stayed for the drama. So it’s certainly a challenge to come up with a new take on a monster, but with these two characters as portrayed by these two actors it’s an endless well to draw from.

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester

How are episodes divided between the writing staff? Do you guys get assigned episodes based on certain characters or specialties that you’re known for?

Loflin: I like not having a specialty. I like being able to tackle a comedy episode, a drama episode, or to be able to float between those worlds because it gives me more experience as a writer. So I don’t think we’re really specialized in any way.

Dabb: Obviously we all bring our own twists and turns to different episodes, but generally speaking what’s fun about the show is at the beginning of the year a certain order will be set. That sets you on a cycle. So. for example, if you did Episode 5, you would do Episode 10 when it comes up. The fun of that is you don’t always know what you’re going to get. It may be a funny one, a scary one, or one that covers a bit of the mythology.

As Dan said, that forces you to spread your wings a little bit and try a bunch of different things. And I think as you do that you discover things you might not have thought would be fun are fun, like writing one of the bad guys. So it forces you do different things, which makes you a better writer.

This year you’re writing for a new showrunner, Jeremy Carver. What’s it like working with Jeremy? What do you feel he brings to the show?

Glass: I think Jenny would be the best person to answer that question

[The others laugh.]

Klein: Jeremy wrote some of my favorite episodes. He wrote “Mystery Spot,” “Changing Channels” and “A Very Supernatural Christmas.” He has a really great sense of humor, but he’s also got a terrific handle on the boys’ emotions. He writes the hell out of the scenes with the brothers, especially when they’re fighting. So he brings a lot of humor and quirkiness, but also a lot of emotional depth to the episodes. Plus, he’s a super-nice guy. So he’s really easy to work with. I honestly can’t say anything bad about him because he’s really, really sweet.

So last season you chronicled Sam and Dean’s war with the shapeshifting Leviathans, and that story took the boys to some pretty dark places. It seemed like that season was about taking everything away from your main characters and seeing what was left. Is that correct?

Thompson: Absolutely. When I joined the show last year, Sera [Gamble] and Bob [Singer] said quite frankly that was what they specifically wanted to do. I know they sort of talked about it having an almost Western vibe to it — the end of the Old West and what these two gun slingers would look like on their own. So, yeah, that was the intention.

Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer

Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer

How do you think that ordeal affected the brother’s emotional states? It seems like we started of this season with Dean suffering from PTSD thanks to his year spent in Purgatory, and Sam conflicted about hunting.

Glass: I think if you look at their relationship now, in some ways we’re back to the beginning again. We started the year off with Dean coming back from Purgatory where he made some new relationships, and Sam also went off and had a relationship. They lead different lives for a while and now they’re coming back together again. It’s sort of like when Dean first showed up at college to grab Sam.

So it’s certainly a reboot in a way with their emotions. Of course they have a lot more history together now. These are two guys who have changed a lot and they’ve come back to sort of find their mojo together again, which makes it interesting and give us a lot of conflict.

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The brothers have also had to adapt to some new circumstances this year, like the loss of their father figure and chief informant on magic and monsters, Bobby Singer, played by Jim Beaver. How has Bobby’s death affected your scripts?

Glass: Bobby’s dead? [Laughs]

[The others laugh.]

Loflin: Jim Beaver is a phenomenal actor, and we always loved to work him into episodes, almost to a fault. His absence makes it so we have to get a little more creative in how the boys do their procedural stuff. So we stripped away their father figure, which means the boys don’t have someone they can automatically go to. So we need to have them find father figures in other characters. And the guys can’t come up with quick answers any more to their procedural dilemmas. The “Let’s call Bobby” has become kind of a cliché.

Glass: No one can replace Bobby, but we can surround them with some people who will give them support. So we’re bringing other characters into our mythos.

Loflin: So much of last season was about taking away things from the boys, and so much of this season is about reorienting them and tying them back together. The big quest of the season, which is to slam close the gates of Hell, speaks so closely to their motivation back to the first episode of the show ever.

And we gave Jim Beaver a pretty good sendoff last year. So to bring him back in the first episode of this season because we love him would have taken away from that. Then again this is Supernatural, and nobody is ever really dead [laughs]. So we’ll have to see how that goes.

Glass: We have to build people back up in the show. We need someone to kill, right? [Laughs]

Bobby may be gone, but Sam and Dean’s angel comrade-in-arms Castiel is back. I’ve noticed. Though, that they haven’t been able to rely on him that much this year. So what’s it like writing an episode without having to factor in the raw angelic power of Cas?

Misha Collins as Castiel, with Ackles

Misha Collins as Castiel, with Ackles

Loflin: Sam and Dean are very capable, but it’s great to have them as underdogs, because the fun of that is seeing how they get out from under things. One of the things that makes them such effective heroes is the fact that they’re not angels, demons or monsters. They’re incredibly capable humans. That’s what this show is about. It’s about the triumph of humanity.

So to have them face challenges without Castiel as backup or have him be unreliable allows us to put the focus on Sam and Dean. Because Cas as an angel is very powerful and limiting him is sometimes a challenge.

As you mentioned, in this season you introduced quite a few new supporting characters. Who are some of your favorite new supporting players?

Thompson: My personal favorite is the one that I brought back, Charlie, Felicia Day’s character from episode 7-20 “The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo.” Felicia is a national treasure, and she’s a lot of fun to write for. I’m also a huge fan of Garth. I think DJ Qualls is hilarious. That energy with the boys is a lot of fun

Loflin: I think one of the fun characters this year is the Benny character. Ty Olsson, the guy who plays him, is just great. We’ve also got characters that we haven’t used in a while, like Sheriff Mills and people like that. I think we’re in a really good place supporting cast wise and we just feel lucky that we get to work with all these good people.

Sam and Dean’s quest this season, to slam shut the gates of Hell, has put the spotlight back on one of Supernatural‘s oldest villains, Crowley. What’s it like bringing the king of Hell back into focus as the series’ prime antagonist after focusing on the Leviathans last year?

Loflin: Mark Sheppard, makes the job very easy. He’s a great actor and plays great villains. So he’s fun to write for and any chance we get to put Crowley in there we jump on it.

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Dabb: They always say Batman doesn’t exist without the Joker. I’d have to say Crowley has become the boys’ Joker. He definitely is the yin to their yang. So we really enjoy writing him. And he’ll be a big player as we keep moving forward, as he has been.

If Sam and Dean are successful in their quest to close the gates of Hell, it could greatly change the dynamic of the show. So why do this story? And why do it now?

Glass: We’re going to write ourselves out of a job if we do this! [Laughs] We’ve got to change some stuff!

[The others laugh.]

Mark Sheppard as Crowley

Mark Sheppard as Crowley

Loflin: What it came down to was last season was the Leviathans, and we had a lot of fun telling that story. Then we knew at the end of the season Sam and Dean were going to be apart and we had to find something to bring them back together. Then we thought demons from Episode 1 and angels from Season 4 have been kind of the fire under this show. They’re what keeps this show, mythologically speaking, at a boil, so to get back into that felt really right.

And you’re right, it speaks to the core of the show. As things move forward I think it will change the way the show looks and feels probably in some pretty drastic ways. That’s a good thing, though. I think a show in its eighth season and moving forward needs to change things up. You try to play to your strengths and avoid your weaknesses, and I think demons, Crowley and Hell have always been a big strength for us. So we’re leaning back into it

So this season has been about getting back to some of the show’s roots and strengths. Which aspects of this season have you found most enjoyable as writers?

Thompson: For me it’s just been fun to take some big swings. As Dan said earlier, we’re allowed to do some pretty broad things in terms of tone. I got to do a found footage episode and then an episode about live action role-playing. I can’t think of another show on TV with that broad of a tone that can actually pull things like that off. So for me, it’s being able to take big swings like that and to have some fun.

Klein: Benny is a big part of this season, and he’s really fun to write. I think Ty, the guy who portrays him, plays off of Jensen really well. The character of Benny has really been an awesome addition to this season.

Glass: Someone said earlier, and I couldn’t agree more, here we are at Season 8 of exploring the melodrama between the boys and their journey together, and I think it’s not just the fans who want to know more. As writers we want to know more. We just love writing for those two guys and seeing where they’re going to end up. I hope we’re all together when we write the last line of the show ever.

Supernatural recently got renewed for a ninth season. How does it feel to know you’re coming back for another season? And have you already begun thinking about plans for season nine?

Thompson: I’m thrilled. To season infinity and beyond!

Klein: I’m pumped for exploring the new storylines of Season 9 and feel immensely grateful to the fans for supporting the show they way they do. It’s incredible and there wouldn’t be a Season 9 without them!

Glass: First off, we’re so lucky to have Jared and Jensen as our leads. Those two take our scripts to a whole other level week in and week out. Secondly, we have the best fans in the world; they seriously keep this show going strong and we can’t thank them enough. Finally, there are still so many stories to tell, and we look forward to writing all of them and exploring these two brothers and their adventures for some time to come.

Loflin: I doubt any of us are less than psyched to have the opportunity to play in this world for another year, so yeah, more Supernatural is always going to be a good thing. And building on what I said earlier about how I never thought we’d be able to come up with enough ideas to fill out Season 4? I’ve already got a number of potential standalones in the chamber for Season 9. New points of view for monsters just keep coming, so at this point it’s really about figuring out what Jeremy and Bob are going to respond to, and then assigning them a story that best suits the message. It’s funny, I was joking around with Jared a few weeks ago, talking about how to end the series. We kicked around a few ideas, but the one that made the most sense was “Why end it at all?” Let’s Gunsmoke this beast! Keep it going through Season 20 if we can! We had a good laugh, thinking about an ossified Sam and Dean kicking monster ass with walkers and canes. But who knows, maybe it’ll happen?

Dabb: I think we’re all incredibly excited … but honestly, I probably won’t start thinking about Season 9 until we’re done with Season 8. Still, I think we have a lot of really good stuff to work with going forward, with Sam being turned into a girl, and Dean … crap … I’ve said too much.

Supernatural airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.


  • Wolfwere02

    i love super natural release it soon..
    i love the two brothers dean and sammy …

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  • Patrickmaloney

    My one complaint (or is it two?) is all the meta episodes and the grindhouse episodes. It makes the show too much into Buffy, I believe.

  • Kelios

    Great article! Supernatural always sounds like such a fun set to work on, it’s nice to see the writers get to share in the fun too. I love what everyone said about Sam and Dean as the focus of the show–that’s what makes it so great. As for supporting characters–Please do bring back Benny, Charlie, Sheriff Mills and Garth! They all have so much potential and bring so much to the show :) I cant’ wait to see them all again!

  • Veronica

    I sincerely hope the writers keep a strong supporting cast, because season 7 without them was quite boring, to be honest. Other than that I agree. Benny is my highlight this season and he needs to return for season 9. I would also enjoy a myth arc for Dean and of course more “melodrama” with Cas :) His relationship with Dean is another highlight of mine when it comes to SPN

  • Charlotte Gardner

     Agree that Dean needs a mytharc to have for himself as all the other characters would be nice to have Dean back in a central role like he was in season 4 – rather than always the POV character. It was so nice to see more focus on Dean with regards to the story. 

    The other thing is why do a reboot? Why explore the new dynamics between the brothers and introduce characters in the first half of the season, only to go back to a season 1 type mentality? I miss Benny, and loved how the brothers were moving on…why bother with character growth only to go backwards?

  • Noname

    him is sometimes a challenge.” Yeah, well, it’s their job. The writers get
    paid to come up with interesting stories. Yet, the obviously prefer the easy
    way out. Every fan and his/her mother comes up with great story ideas for non
    human characters, but it’s nice to now the guys who write for the show are
    incapable of that X.x


    I also don’t
    like the humanity is the best and each and every other species sucks/is
    evil/inferior message.

  • Kira

     He didn’t say Sam and Dean are the focus, he said: That’s what this show is about. It’s about the triumph of humanity.

    There are more humans running around than just Sam and Dean, if you hadn’t noticed.

  • Booky

    I’m hoping Cas plays a bigger role in S9. >_< I miss him terribly. 
    If his angelic powers are what's causing the issues, couldn't he Fall somehow, like he did in S5? I used to not want that to happen at all, since being an angel is such a big part of who Castiel is, but Heaven is no longer his home. He needs his family – he really needs Dean and Sam, now more than ever.
    I hope the 'I'm afraid I might kill myself' line is going to get addressed. Suicide isn't something that can be treated lightly… and the information blackout re: Cas is making quite a few Cas-fans very, very nervous/terrified. (Especially those fans who have problems with depression and suicidal thoughts and identify very closely with Cas. Seeing their favorite character go through the same self-loathing they experience and seeing him lose his support system is a major, major source of stress, especially when we don't know if it's going to get addressed or simply dropped, or if Cas is going to get killed off.)
    I'm am really happy the supporting characters were mentioned! I love Charlie and can't wait to see her again! I'd also love for Jody to come back. I know the focus is on Sam and Dean and their relationship, but we've had 'just the brothers and no one else' for several seasons… here's hoping for Team Free Will to come back!

  • Dean_Winchester

    I’m really hoping that this season ends with a huge shakeup that changes the show for season 9 (like Dexter did).  I’ll keep watching regardless, but nothing they have done after season 5 has felt as epic as those first 5 seasons did.  

  • Mariasalonica1978

    After an unrecognizable first half of season 8, the writers seem to understand that the show works when the boys are together not only physically but emotionally as well!
    Couldn’t agree more about the Cas factor. When he is around in full power, there is no suspense.
    Focus on the boys, on their bond, on their humanity and bring on season 9!

  • Noname

    One more thing: Supernatural has rich secondary characters, especially Castiel. It’s insulting to his fans to see his worth reduced to his powers. You don’t know how to include him because he’s too strong? Then limit his powers for good or make him human! I love Castiel for being Cas, not because of his angel powers.

  • Alexis

    Wish we could have more episodes with Castiel. The writers really don’t seem to realize how important he is to a lot of fans, how much we (and Dean and Sam as well) care about him.
    And limiting Castiel’s powers shouldn’t be a challenge, it’s their job, there are so many ways to make him powerless, at least temporarily. Surely if fan fiction writers can come up with credible ideas, so should the writers of the show.
    Anyway, hoping for more Castiel in season 9, more scenes for him and Dean, more screen time to let Sam and Cas mend their friendship and more Team Free Will.

  • Dawn Ages

    What a great article, thanks for this!
    I especially loved the part about returning back to its roots.  I’m so excited for the rest of the season & I’m down for season infinity and beyond.

  • Kate

    Interesting read! I’m hoping to see Team Free Will back together at the end of this season and on into season 8. Sam and Dean may be the heart but a heart is no good without a body. :-)

  • Ashton Lee

    I hope there really will be a genderbend episode :D
    Also, please, human!Impala.

  • last unicorn

    WooHooo, I just want to say that my hope is renewed for SPN, it seems that you guys really know that this show exists and survived because of those brothers Sam and Dean played by those two great actors. I really had a hard time the first 10 episodes but since hellatus there are almost only great episodes, it was getting better and better and the focus shifted back to the brothers and finally we see their unique bond shine again. It was so missing!!! Also ..the ratings proof for me what the heart of the show is and you’re finally getting to the core again. Please don’t loose this focus anymore. It is great to have other supporting characters for Sam and Dean, Kevin is grown on me, even Garth, Charlie is okay, Sheriff Mills is my favorite not only because she did have interaction with Sam, I just like her.

    I am really in a happy place right now, exactly since episode “As Times goes By” I recognize SPN with its heart again!!!

    And you’re also right that we can relate so much because they’re humans, this is very imortant, I don’t want insta fixes every episode or two, it makes what the brothers have to go through not really dangerous or that they sacrifice much!!!

    So..THANK YOU!!!!!!

  • Chloe † #getwellgaga


  • Eva

    I love this article. Just what I was expecting from this season. Next one looks very promising. I fell in love with SPN because of the brothers and their humanity. I have always wished the focus were more on humans and less on the supernatural beings so it makes me very happy to read Garth, Charlie and sheriff Mills will be back. I agree this season has been like a kind of reboot of the series in general and the brothers relationship. I’m a fan of their devotion to each other, their closeness and that they are absolute heroes.
    I also love to find out how fun all the writers are and how they really love what they do. It shows.

  • Alexis

    I disagree that there is no suspense when Cas is around and on the other hand I don’t see how a show that focuses only on Sam and Dean and their relationship could be suspenseful (you imply there is no emotional conflict, so no suspense… unless you mean “OMG, will Sam and Dean be able to kill the MOTW?”). 
    I also think the first half of season 8 was very well written, of course it was nothing like, say, season 2, but I find that to be a positive thing.SPN needs growth, needs other characters, especially the ones Dean and Sam have an emotional connection to, like Castiel.

  • Guest

    I think there’s still a lot of things you can do with Castiel. He’s still learning what it means to be human, how to interact with people, and he’s growing closer to Dean. In terms of interacting with other people, he is very handicapped in that he is so old but has had very little experience, outside of Dean and Sam. And Cas has so much guilt over what happened and is happening and he’s actually really vulnerable, especially emotionally. In commentaries from seasons 1 and 2, the cast and crew have always said that the strength of the emotions and how the show connects with the audience emotionally is what really makes Supernatural special and makes it popular. It’s not just that Sam and Dean are badass or have such a close connection, it’s how they connect to others and how they interact with those around them, and Cas is a big part of that. Cas may be superpowered, but he’s not invincible, and the finale of season 6 and beginning of season 7 really proved that. There is really so, so much that can be tapped into with Cas’s personality and how he interacts with Dean that can take the story and their character developments to a different level.

    Personally, I love the idea of Dean and Cas getting together romantically and by the end of the show adopting a whole bunch of monster children and raising them to not be killers. And I think adding friends and love interests who really have chemistry with the Winchesters would give the show the same kind of emotional connection that the audience loves receiving from the show.

  • Kiara

    Bring back Castiel and let Misha Collins become a regular again in Season 9 and make Destiel canon once for all,thank you Supernatural writers.

  • Dbratt71

    I had to be dragged to this show (not a big fan of the horror genre). Now, you’d have to drag me away. Terrific writing, terrific cast, great drama and laugh out loud comedy. One of my all time favorites. Here’s to another 9 seasons…Gunsmoke it! 

  • Scoob

    Seriously? Are you just lurking around here trying to pick a fight? “The show is rooted in these two boys and their sibling relationship..” “..this season is about reorienting them and tying them back together..” “ have them face challenges without Castiel as backup or have him be unreliable allows us to put the focus on Sam and Dean..” “..we just love writing for those two guys and seeing where they’re going to end up..” “..there are still so many stories to tell and we look forward to writing all of them and exploring these two brothers and their adventures..” Should I continue? They ARE the focus of the show. How can that even be debatable? It never amazes me how there are such creepy people who want to fight about stupid crap just to fight. We love this show. Take your bad attitude to another fandom.

  • dottweets

    Thank you for this peek into the writer’s room! Am loving what season 8 is doing with Sam and Dean, and not just the recent episodes, the whole season has really seemed to be digging in and taking an honest look at their issues and using that to grow the characters and to rebuild the brothers as a team. I really like the more hopeful message of season 8, and having so many wonderful recurring characters. SPN for me has been about family, by blood and family you find, and having faith in yourself and in others. Castiel is among my favorite characters on tv ever, his emotional journey for 5 seasons and counting has been really compelling and I hope it continues. I also adore Kevin and Benny and Charlie and hope we’ll see more of them as well.

  • endgamecastiel

    To me the show went from good to amazing the moment Castiel appeared. He should be a regular.

  • Kris

    I’ve really enjoyed the past handful of episodes. I’m glad the show is getting back to the heart of things with Sam and Dean working together. I have missed the two of them fighting against the bad guys instead of each other. Also really happy to see the writers mention Jody Mills again. I’d love to see her come back!

  • LoveCastiel

    I can honestly say I watch the show because of Castiel. He’s the main reason I started watching Supernatural. To me and many others he’s the greatest character of all time. And i’m sick and tired of the show treating him as a tool and a boost for ratings. You think it’s a coincidence he in every episode after hiatus? I think not. They know he’s very popular among the fans and Misha has a very huge fanbase. 

    Why can’t they make Cas fall and become human? I would LOVE to see Cas hunting with the brothers. It would be the perfect scenario. 
    And don’t get me wrong I love Sam and Dean but the show would be boring with only the brothers (like we saw in season 7) Supernatural needs more characters and who would be more perfect than Cas? He’s been in this show for years already, why not make him regular? He’s already one of the lead characters, but I guess it doesn’t matter. He’s still used as a tool over and over again. And I hate it. If Cas gets written off then I won’t bother watching this show ever again.

  • Peter Jor

     We have insta-fixes even when it’s just the brothers.

    I like Dean and Sam but I’ve already seen more than enough stories about how they can only have each other and no one else exists. I want them to have people who matter to them. When they don’t, you just get one repeat after another of fighting over the lie of the season, fighting over Ruby, Amy, Benny, and apparently anyone whose name ends in y.

    I’ve kept watching Supernatural because of the brothers letting other people into their lives. I have no desire to see another season 7 ever again.

  • Kris

    I think this went in the wrong place.

  • aldora 89

    I’m glad Sam and Dean have been on the mend lately (fantastic speech from Sam last episode, by the way). My one wish for S9, aside from Cas becoming a regular, would be to have some genuinely creepy mythology in play again.  Something that really freaks the boys out, because they’re so damn experienced at this point the sense of tension seems lacking sometimes – you don’t have to be an angel to be overpowered!  My fingers are crossed for Slenderman.

    Also, I’m a bit surprised the writers aren’t sure how to limit Cas, given the nature of the show.  I personally think he should fall – it’s obvious he doesn’t belong with the angels anymore – and become a secondary character like Bobby, Ellen, or Lisa.  Maybe have him maintain some extrasensory abilities like angel radio in “The End” so he has a unique skill to add to the team, or roll with the encyclopedic knowledge thing.  But they could just weaken him (something putting a lock on/damaging his grace, etc.), and have him work on background projects with side characters, or get injured and laid up, or go on some kind of spiritual retreat when they’re doing brothers-focused episodes.  He’s such a great emotional touchstone for Dean, and he should really get the chance to geek out with Sam over lore. :)

  • Kris

    Well, that’s a show I wouldn’t be watching. I like the humans v. creatures aspect of the show. Turning one of the most powerful creatures on the show like Cas into just another human would be reducing him way more than anything the writers have done to him. And there’s are quite a few humans available already without turning Cas into one.

  • Peter Jor

    I’m surprised sometimes by what the writers say and how it appears onscreen. I wouldn’t say last season was like the Old West, unless Wyatt Earp held his head in his hands screaming as his brother had to run around saving him. I don’t see how the start of this season was like the pilot, because I don’t believe the Sam in the pilot would have been disappointed his brother wasn’t dead. I’m surprised to hear they love Crowley so much because this season has taken away any of his entertaining traits.

    Glass, Klein, and Loflin wrote all of my least favorite episodes this season, very poor episodes, bad scripting and pacing (Torn & Frayed, As Time Goes By), and a script that, for no apparent reason, ruined Sam (Citizen Fang), to be frank, but they seem like nice people. I think Robbie Thompson is a very solid writer and I hope he keeps up that track record.

    I wish more questions had been asked about Cas, beyond talking about his powers, but the show doesn’t like to talk about him most of the time, so what else is new.

    This has been a decent season, aside from the horrible writing for Sam in the early episodes and the horrible continuity. I’ve enjoyed Dean’s story immensely. I just hope we see more of Cas, and a better quality of scripting and continuity.

  • Peter Jor

     Some of the most suspenseful episodes ever of Supernatural involved Cas. Last season, which mostly did not have him, was about as suspenseful as a game of Old Maid.

  • Jenny

    I’m really enjoying this season and am so glad that Sam and Dean are back on the same page. I sure could use some more Castiel though. He is a huge part of the show for me now and one of the most underused characters I’ve ever seen in a TV show. It seems like the writers speak in favor of all of the other secondary characters except Cas…how fantastic Charlie/Benny/Garth is, and completely ignore how important Cas is to a lot of fans. They don’t know how to write him with limited abilities? Fan fic writers (who don’t get paid) do it all the time, and in very believable ways.  I love Sam and Dean, but Cas is as important to me now as they are. He doesn’t have to be in every single episode (although I wouldn’t mind), but it seems like he’s barely been in the season at all. Misha has over 700,000 followers on twitter for a reason. I wish the writers would acknowlege his popularity by giving his character more respect.

  • Lunatic

    I miss Team Free Will and Cas. He’s not a tool, he’s a friend and the family! Even Dean searched for him in Purgatory, for Cas, not for his angel’s skills. And now our Angel feels suicidal and he’s alone with it. I’m irritated about this, because no one in this condition should be alone. I hope that Dean and Sam will help him and Team Free Will will be together again (and Destiel of course :). 

  • aldora 89

    Yeah, I don’t get where this notion that Cas = instant fixes comes from.  They got around it with “Hunteroi Heroci,” and if that’s too much of a challenge for the long haul, just come up with a way to depower him!

    Nor do I understand the people who want an endless repeat of the earlier seasons and a brothers-only show.  Heck, brothers fans should want strong side-characters so conflict can happen somewhere other than between the boys!  And besides, the majority of episodes will always be about Sam and Dean, so what’s the problem with having an ensemble cast feel on occasion?  It keeps things dynamic.  It shows different sides to them.

    Constant codependency is unhealthy and played to death, IMO.  Rather than needing to be together at the expense of all other deep connections, how about they mature a little and want to be together instead?

  • Peter Jor

     Sometimes I think that there’s a belief that if Cas isn’t mentioned, people will stop caring. Considering that Cas is supposedly important to this season’s story I thought he might be mentioned beyond his powers, especially since they mention characters like Garth whose sole purpose is to read lines that even Bobby wasn’t using by the end. The lack of mention suggests Cas is not very important to the show at all.

  • Sarah Joseph

    Yay to more Benny but more importantly MORE SHERIFF MILLS!

  • Peter Jor

     Looks like their friends were there just for angst. Who needs new characters when Dean and Sam can repeat old season 1 dialogue and stare into space. For all the talk of how the brothers are the main focus, they certainly seem to be at a loss in how to write for them in the last few seasons. This season is getting better but the writing for Sam before the hiatus was so terrible I felt sorry for JP for having to act it out.

  • kitkat36

    And people wonder where the destiel side of the fandom got their crazy reputation. Only you could pull they are going to make destiel canon when the barely even mention Cas at all. 

  • Callie K.

    I want Castiel (and beyond Castiel: Benny, and Charlie) to become regulars, or contracted recurring character. If I know more about Sam and Dean’s feelings I will ACTUALLY BECOME ONE OF THEM. (Dean, specifically, because I was already most of the way there.) I do not think I will actually like that. I came back to this show after a 3 year hiatus to watch Castiel, not Sam and Dean, though I’m still fond enough, bless.

    I understand game balance. Castiel needs a power dock. Fine. Dock him. Cut him off or mostly off from Heaven. I care about his character progression, not his angel mojo.

    ALSO, all I want forever is an episode where Sam and Dean are out of commission or MIA and Castiel and Charlie have to work a case together with their complete lack of social skills.

  • Disappointed Severely

    A shame none of the writers can write … or bothered to watch the early seasons to get their history and canon right. Hey Rob, did you need a new type of werewolf since there was only a single line in Bitten to refer to the full moon? What a wank! But just as well the guys could find an ancient manuscript about them that they’d never of heard of before to find out the answers just in time in a small college town, wasn’t it? Adam – Dean would’ve shot Garth in the face over what you did to the character in Southern Comfort.

    Awful, awful writing, a waste of the actor’s talents, particularly Crowley’s (2 episodes where he’s torturing people who have to be rescued … really? Does the idea factory run so low for you?) Season 9 needs new writers and a new showrunner because Carver has no idea how to write a storyline – or manage a team of piss-poor writers.

  • Tina

    Boost the ratings? Check again, because it definitely is not Castiel boosting them. I’ll speak for this season only Torn & Frayed was the second lowest episode after Bitten (an episode where Sam and Dean were barely in it). I’m not saying that the low ratings were because of Cas, I think it was because the brothers’ relationship was bad. Because look what happened with the ratings in the last episodes where their bond was restored!
    Castiel has no impact on the ratings positive or negative. and if TPTB thought so, I’m sure that they have already realized that they were wrong.

  • Callie K.

    I…..really will stop caring again if Cas is sidelined. When I stopped watching the show, it was in Season 5, in “Abandon All Hope…” when Jo and Ellen were ganked. I had been so excited they were coming back to that episode. Two characters I had loved since, you know. Season 2. They were both killed. I quit. People kept talking about what was going on with Castiel, though, so I slunk back, dragging my tails behind me.

    I’m having a good time, but if we’re back to constantly pruning the tree instead of developing some flourishing bush I’m just gonna leave and this time I’m already steeled for it.

  • Callie K.

    I’m really enjoying this season actually. There have been times when I’ve wondered why we haven’t referenced back to earlier seasons. Like, previous experiences with fairies, maybe, but especially Dean having become most of a vampire and understanding that keenly r.e. any other vampire’s bloodlust. That would give Dean a reason to trust vampires well beyond Purgatory brotherhood. He came, saw, and overcame after all.

    So I do think a little more continuity would be nice.

  • Jennifer L. Anderson

    Castiel, Bobby, Ellen, Gabriel, etc… all of these characters have been used over the seasons to teach the boys ONE thing.  STOW THEIR BROTHERLY BAGGAGE and get the job done! Without that sort of voice for them, I think they would (as they have in the past) self destruct. Sam and Dean wouldn’t be together still if not for those secondary characters that they also love/appreciate/fear.  Since only ONE of them is still alive… I think he’s important to the brothers.  He’s important to the show.  Clearly his storyline needs to be resolved and you can’t just wish him away because you are hung up on the fact that he needs to be an Angel or else.  

  • Callie K.

    I know it’s anecdotal but 3/3 of my non-shipping friends (including one who got into the show on his own completely through Castiel clips on YouTube) are pretty invested in Cas.

    The 2 other friends I got back into the show (after moving back to my home town where I have no ‘shipping’ friends) got back in because I decided to show them Cas before friend 3 ruined it all.

    You would not believe the amount of gravely voice quotes that makes it into everyday conversation. Like, say, our Pathfinder game of ~7(varying) people. It’s fricking contagious.

  • Bethany Minervino

    I love Castiel, and I hope that the writers figure out a compelling way to de-power him sufficiently so that he can stick around on a regular basis. He is my favorite character, and enduring his absences wears on my heart. There are so many ways they could elegantly bring his power down (and they could also stop giving him shiny new powers, like they did in Hunter Heroici) — a few ideas from fellow fans being 1) make Cas weaker because the angels’ power is reflected by their physical numbers (which would go nicely with the idea from The End where Cas’ power faded out after the angels left) or 2) make Cas permanently damaged from the leviathan ordeal (since he still hasn’t regained full power, this is still possible) or 3) make Cas weaker from his connection to Dean or 4) make Cas weaker the longer his absence from Heaven. All of these would be reasonable given the constraints of their universe. He wouldn’t even need to fall completely mortal (although I would personally enjoy that storyline, as well). He would still retain a vast knowledge of the arcane, languages, magic, etc. But he would have to face the same challenges as the brothers. Hopefully side by side with them.

    But honestly, I’ve been enjoying this season so much. Bravo writers, encore season 9! 

  • Divine Descent

    I think the only thing missing this season is that there isn’t enough Cas.  The stories are good, but limiting a character with so much potential is a waste, especially when that character compliments the ‘triumph of humanity’ theme that is spoken of in this article.  Give us more Cas! 

  • Charlotte Gardner

     Yeah I disagree. I really liked the first half of this season as they finally seemed to be covering new ground, and paving the way for the show to move forward, but it seems that they either chickened out or run out of steam or something because we now have season 1 the reboot, and the same old same old. Also, imo Cas is an essential element largely because he adds a new dimension to the show..he’s one third of Team Free Will and there’s still a lot of untapped drama that can be mined by the writers..if they can be bothered.

  • Charlotte Gardner

    Heh! I had a conversation with a lady at work the other day and I found out she watches Supernatural, which made me squee, and when I asked who her favourite character was she said Castiel..and she has nothing to do with shipping she just loves the character.

  • J2Brothers

    Yes they said its about the brothers relationship.  And it is, its not about joe blow in next weeks episode and its definately not about Castiel.   Its about the brothers Winchester.

  • J2Brothers

    Great article.  I love that the show is back to the reason why Supernatural is where it is today.  The brothers story is still so rich and there is still so much to tell about them.  I love how you all see them as the focus again.  Family drama first and foremost imo, no one does it better than Supernatural.  Also love how the focus is on the Demons, to me the demons are the other stars of the show, because they are the enemies, foes of the Winchesters and thats where you see the brothers shine.

  • J2Brothers

    I agree, S4 was great until it suffered with the douchemachine fixing everything and in S6 he practically said he was the Winchesters saviour how he whipped and saved them.  He takes too much away from their story of humans fighting evil and also the Winchester story moving forward.  Its time to get rid of him and bring in real characters that can have a human connection with the boys.  I miss Bobby.

  • aldora 89

    I’ve been pretty forgiving about the lack of Cas this season because Misha DID request time off to spend with a new baby (too bad that didn’t happen during S7, huh?)  So it’s kind of hard to know what they intend to do with him, and I’m sure that’s been a challenge to write around.

    But once he’s back, excuses are running thin, and “too powerful” just isn’t a good excuse.  Especially given all the logical possibilities of his arc and the themes of the show.  They have to commit one way or the other, and they can’t make everyone happy.  But given they’ve had to pry him away from Dean with a crowbar (i.e. Naomi) this season, once she’s dealt with… neglecting or reigning in that kind of chemistry feels short-sighted to me.

  • J2Brothers

    You also don’t understand how many supernatural fans are over Castiel and can’t stand him. The story is about Sam and Dean and why in hell should that be changed because you want Castiel in it.  I liked alot of characters that are now dead i.e. Bobby, John, Bella, Ellen, Jo but they are gone and it allows the boys to move on to other stories and other connections.  The angel story is over, Castiels story has been over since season 4.  Let it go this obviously isn’t the show for you.  Team Winchester.

  • mani

    this is the thing i always say! why end this show?:)
    we win contests, you write & produce ,network picks up, so it`s pretty good job for all of us :D

    i just think the story of sam & amelia & the time that sam & dean were apart had more capacity to delve

  • Sarah

    I don’t think cas in “unreliable”. I think he is too busy being effed over by Naomi to help the boys right now. But I hope that once the arc with her/they save cas is finished, he will be 100% reliable and available for them.

  • pook

    Glad to here the writers understand the show is about Sam and Dean. and yes yes yes please please please bring Benny back!!! I loved the chemistry and the interactions between Jensen/Ty and Dean/Benny.  And Elle would be a wonderful love interest for Dean. so bring her back as well. Danay was a breath of fresh air . Danay had great chemistry with Jensen as well. Although I think Jensen has chemistry with just about anybody he interacts with on screen.

  • Guest

    My complaint is that it seems like they’re bring the “triumph of humanity” thing down to humans. And yea, being human is one of the definitions of humanity is being human. But it also means being human like. Having a human heart. Sam and Dean are not the only characters in the show who have exhibited a tremendous amount of humanity. Cas, Benny, Samandriel, heck Aarons Gollum, have (or had) all shown glimmers of their own humanity. Why are we seperating “humanity” by species? That’s so mundane. I want a story about an angel who finds humanity, or a vampire, or a demon, whatever the case may be. I don’t want another story about the humans beating the supernatural beings because they’re “humane.” Please. Supernatural beings are people too. We’ve seen that on the show numerous times. Sam and Dean have ripped apart families and best friends and loved ones for the sake of “humanity.”I don’t want this “triumph of humanity” to be about what species a character is, but rather what’s inside of them. Not only is it a more interesting story, but a better message. People can change. Humans can become monsters, but equally, monsters can become human. 

    It also bothers me that they’re continuously making it the Sam and Dean show. They go on about great supporting cast, but then they don’t utilize those great supporting cast members. And the “we don’t know what to do because Cas is so powerful” is ridiculous. Use your imaginations! Instead of cutting Cas out to make the jobs harder for Sam and Dean, make a story out of it. What DOES make an angel weak? How do you stop something made of power? How do you cut off it’s juice? What happens when you do? What about Cas’s true form? Where do angels go when they die? What more can you tell us about Cas’s past? What if Cas got stuck in heaven? What would Sam and Dean do? How would they rescue him? What would Cas be like as a human? What would he be like without his powers? And what about the angel’s as a family? There’s so much you can do with this character it’s ridiculous. Not to mention poor forgotten Amelia and Benny, who should have had such a bigger role this season then they did… This is not season one. And while having it only about Sam and Dean was ok then, you can’t do that as a writer anymore and expect 90% of viewers to be happy. People LIKE new characters. they like being able to analyze them and get attached to them and fall in love with them. They like watching how these new people bounce off the main characters, how they interact, what makes them tick. THAT’S interesting television. Not this “loners” ridiculousness these guys have been pushing. Season 8 has been MUCH improved from season 7, but they could be doing so much more with it and it frustrates me to no end that they’re not exploiting that. 

  • Jennifer L. Anderson

    If the PROFESSIONAL writers can’t possibly think of a good way to dial down Cas’s powers, maybe they should read some fanfic, because it’s been done amazingly well about 500 ways to Sunday by AMATEURS.  I had such hope for this team of writers before this interview.  

  • Selma ヅ

    Why don’t you bring Gabriel back from Angel-Purgatory!? :’D

  • Jennifer L. Anderson

    Of course it’s about the Winchester brothers… But they have NEVER done it alone.  EVER.  To strip the show of all the other characters and just leave it the two of them because you hate Castiel?  I think you might be missing what the show is really all about. Family.  Blood or otherwise. 

  • challahatme

    As someone who’s interested in the SPN universe expanding beyond the two brothers, this is what I got out of this interview:

    Charlie is a blast to write, Benny is fun to write, Crowley is awesome…and Castiel apparently is a pain to work with. Well okay then. You all do know he’s one of the most popular characters outside of the brothers, right? Is that the only reason he’s still on the show? Because so far this season, his writing hasn’t been very inspired, and with interviews like this, it’s easy to see why.

  • Jennifer L. Anderson

    You don’t understand how many MORE Castiel fans there are out there.  The character was only to be in a few episodes then they were going to kill him off.  The fandom spoke out then about how much they loved the character, and they are still speaking out.  You’ve long lost your battle here, but you keep marching forward you cute little soldier of hate you!  You’ve done it for 4 years now, you can do it for 4 more!  

    Of course the story is about Sam and Dean.  The whole reason the story exists is due to Heaven’s workings in the first place.  If you think the discovery of an Angel Tablet is going to get you less angelic action on the show, you should probably turn it off now and walk away.  The angel story is far from over.  Sam and Dean have a lot of work to do that still involves Demons and Angels. 

  • Mark

    The core of the show seems to be between seasons 1 through 5. I think we’ve got that core back now, in this season 8. The best formula is to write each story with the Winchesters at the center, and go from there. How does the moster of the week effect them? What can they do to grow from it? I adore the supporting cast, Benny stands out as being on the same level as Castiel! And the embellishments on Garth and Kevin are much appreciated by the fan base. There are no words to describe our happiness and surprise with the Men of Letters, it really is the best thing to happen to Supernatural in years. Thanks so much to all of the writers, you’re doing a fantastic job. It’s nice to talk freely about SPN at work as well as at dinner with friends and with strangers at bars. Yes, we all watch it <3  

  • Charlie

    If you guy’s REALLY can’t figure out how to write as diverse and interesting a character as Castiel, then maybe you all SHOULD start reading fanfic, because I’ve seen better and more accurate characterizations of him written by fans then what you’re doing to him this season. You all could learn something. On that note, I do love Benny, but I wish he had been more of a central character. Also forever wondering where Amelia went. Or whether this rumored “returning big bad” you all were talking about before the season started is ever going to actually return. Unless it’s Crowley, which is, to be honest, painfully anticlimactic. Keep bringing in supporting characters. New ones, old ones, I don’t really care anymore. The season has been pretty good so far, and I’ve actually been fairly happy with it for the most part, but it’s frustrating that you guys can’t figure out how to write in a good supporting cast that you don’t just kill off in a couple episodes. If they could do that, I really think they’d be golden. 

    I love Sam and Dean and I love their sibling relationship, but there’s only so many “heartfelt talks on the impala” that I can take before my head explodes. We understand their relationship. To a ‘T’ by now. There’s no mysterious about how much they care for each other or how they interact. So enough with the angsty sibling stuff. I want them to pull pranks on each other, have fun, tease each other, act like BROTHERS again. And while LARP and the real girl was a breath of fresh air, I don’t think it’s enough. I want a focus on their emotional connection with other characters, not just each other. 

  • Mark

    It’s so strange to hear opinions like this, only because to me, the first half of season 8 had a little better writing and stories…but all in all seemed like more of the same from seasons 6 and 7. Like the show was lost or something, without footing. Then the second half started and it’s like we have our old show back, the Sam and Dean show, hunting monsters and finding their path together. That’s what seasons 1 through 5 were about, don’t you miss that? I ask pleadingly because I know your answer is ‘no’. It’s like…SPN needs to be grounded, to have a place to grow from. Having the season 1 throw back is the most fantastic thing that could have happened. I’m over the moon about it. Ghouls and guns and Americana and saving people? Sign me up!!! 

  • Olyphantastic1

    I hope they go back to the darkness and the scary aspects of the show. I’m not creeped out anymore. The boys need a little break from all this seriousness, too. I miss brotherly ribbing and prank wars and being loveable douches to each other. I understand that the characters have both been through so much, but for me, the most interesting facet of this show is their relationship and there just isn’t much chemistry or connection there anymore. It’s flat. The rift is too big. All of the tension is gone because the boys aren’t challenged and they aren’t emotionally involved or invested in anything. The writers are going through the motions- figure out the mystery, gank the thing that’s causing it, on to the next show. I’m starting to lose interest in the “men of letters” story line without the overwhelming love, depth and emotional undertones from my favorite bros. Some of my favorite episodes are the comical ones, and I haven’t laughed much this season. The comedy seems forced and unnatural. Brothers are comical in the way they interact. Just let them be brothers again and I’ll be rolling in the aisles. I think with some strong writing, the brothers can become close again, hit on some chicks, party a little, loosen up and get back on the right track so we can care about what happens to them again. I love this show and I hope it never ends as long as Sam and Dean are original, innovative, interesting, deep characters who surprise, tantalize and excite me. When they become forced, untrue to the spirit of the show or stale, I’ll stop caring about them, and not wanting to sully the “relationship” I have built with the characters, I’ll stop watching. I’m dangerously close to this point now, and I am what you call a super fan! Please don’t stop intriguing us. I don’t wanna lose my Winchester bros!!

  • Peter Jor

    Cas has never been popular just because of shipping. He’s a funny, heartbreaking, complex character, played by a wonderful, expressive actor who has easy chemistry with everyone else on the show. You can do anything with Cas. They gave him an old dead fish of a story about amnesia, and he made it work. It’s why, no matter how much some fans, or some writers, talk about how difficult it is to write for him, many fans will never believe it.

  • Peter Jor

     I don’t think the show has been about hunting monsters and finding their path together since season 1 or season 2. I never saw that in seasons 3-5. What I saw was the show deliberately driving a wedge between the brothers and then never bothering to resolve it. This is a pattern. Conflict for the sake of conflict, quick resolution (usually involving Dean apologizing and being ashamed), followed by some episodes where they tell us how close they are as Dean worries about Sam and makes angsty faces.

    I don’t think that works anymore. I don’t believe Sam and Dean have strong enough chemistry together now to make that story work. I don’t think Sam has the characterization now to make that work, because they have just spent years throwing illness at him and isolating him from just about everyone.

    There have been approximately a half-dozen episodes in the last 5 seasons where I actually enjoyed watching Sam and Dean alone together. This is in spite of lengthy campaigns to wipe out every character who ever met them more than once, to the point where last season, Charlie even had to say, “Please don’t see me again!” as if the writer was afraid otherwise she would be killed by default.

    The last few episodes have been an improvement in making me care about their relationship, but that’s not my Supernatural. I want to see them with other people too. I want to see Cas. I want to see Dean and Cas. I want to see Kevin and Sam, and Sam and Jody, and Dean and Charlie. (I don’t need to see Garth at all). I’m invested in the characters as they are to the world around them, not as they are to each other. If I watched for that, I couldn’t have stayed after early season 5, when that relationship became a loop of, “Why has Dean let Sam down? Why has Dean let Sam down?”

  • Peter Jor

    Yes, good-naturedly speculating based on a deliberately vague writer comment designed for speculation is the most insane thing around. The shame of it all.

  • Peter Jor

     I think the time he requested was earlier this season, not anything recent. They just are too lazy to write for characters beyond the basics. Or remember basic continuity.

  • sepi

    I know Dabb probably meant it as a joke but I would give my firstborn for an episode of Sam as a girl. I think that might be reason enough to stick around for Season 9 :P

  • Peter Jor

    The show ran a promo saying “Welcome Back Cass.” They wouldn’t do that if they didn’t think he boosted ratings. I don’t think he boosts them on his own, or that he is enough to save garbage episodes (which Torn & Frayed was, an episode that also had promos which involved nothing more than people being stabbed in the eye and tortured), but he’s a part of it.

  • Peter Jor

     I saw no chemistry at all between Ellie and Dean. He enjoyed casual flirtation with her, but otherwise, as soon as she wanted more, he was put off, not just in what he said to her, but in body language, in the way he looked at her, everything. He saw her as nothing more than someone who needed help. I was actually very pleased with the show because they chose not to go for the obvious cliche.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Ellie again, but only as another friend and ally of the Winchesters. I didn’t feel any chemistry, and I think her just being his girlfriend would take away all of her interesting qualities.

  • proudlyfreckled

    I am loving season eight, and so far it has more than lived up to my
    expectations.  I love watching the boys’ relationship to one another
    grow, and I love watching them interact with the secondary
    characters. I am particularly enjoying the addition of Benny and
    Charlie, and I hope we get to see more of them.  It is great to see a
    show that has been on so long not lose the connection to its roots.  I’m also really
    interested to see what happens in Castiel’s story arc for the rest of
    the season–it’s definitely got my attention!

  • Peter Jor

     The writing for Crowley this season has been atrocious, so apparently their being a fan of a character doesn’t help very much.

    I’m assuming they didn’t mention Cas very much because they weren’t asked about him (aside from the powers question), but the lack of any mention is glaring. It’s nice that they have pet characters, but we also care about Cas. And Kevin Tran, who also didn’t get a mention. I’d like to hear about them.

  • Peter Jor

     I agree. I thought one of the ideas of this season was showing some of the virtues of those who aren’t human. Cas, Samandriel, Benny, Charlie’s girlfriend Gilda, the gollum. I guess all that was pointless? Or we weren’t supposed to care about any of these characters? What is the “triumph of humanity” anyway? The truth is, Dean and Sam both would be “triumphing” in Hell right now if not for supernatural beings.

  • DidoTwite

    Really loving the recent direction the show is going, with the Men of Letters and the Winchesters getting a Batcave to call their own! Very exciting.

    I was glad to see a mention of Sheriff Mills, I hope she’s coming back! Would be fun to see Aaron and his golem again too :) 

  • Peter Jor

     I liked Ellen and Jo too. Their deaths were exactly what hurt the show. They were killed for shock value, and to wring some tears out of Sam and Dean. But when you kill off countless characters, the well of tears runs dry. I still miss them, especially Ellen. I don’t have a problem with every character who dies – I think Bobby’s death made sense for the story. But Ellen, Pamela, Cas (the time they killed him in season 7), among others, none of this felt right or needed. What this leads to is an atmosphere where Dean and Sam sit around blankly waiting for death. I won’t watch that again. I sat through season 7 once and I won’t do that again.

  • Dorothea

    I gave up watching the show because the writers seemed to have abandoned the brothers’ relationship, and the show really lost focus for me as a result — I felt like I was watching some cheesy Buffy rip-off, and not the intense, family-focused (not to be confused with family values, of course) show I got addicted to. But I heard from another fan that the last few episodes were like the old SPN, and got right back into it, and have heard many other fans who have said the same.  So I hope the writers will keep it up.

    And for all the people suggesting that the show will get tired if you focus on the same characters — what? Seriously? X-Files wouldn’t have been X-Files if it had become all about side characters like Krycek. Star Trek wouldn’t have been Star Trek if Chekhov had started to featured heavily into the storylines.  Main characters are main characters for a reason, and if you fall in love with a side character, know that they will always remain a side character. If they don’t, generally it spells not particularly good things for the show and its quality (see Spike on the Buffy series for a good example of that — amazing side character, but one who really weakened the show when fan pressure led to his role being expanded).

  • Peter Jor

    Cas doesn’t even need to be in an angel story. He is more connected to Dean and Sam than he is to angels. That’s the whole point of the story – he has to be tortured to not be with Sam and Dean.

    The whole point of the show for most of its run has been “family don’t end in blood.” Dean and Sam made their own family. They don’t just want to be with each other. They want other people in their lives. They hurt, badly, when they don’t have other people in their lives. Sam even told Dean this last week. They don’t care about basing their choices on the last name Winchester. If they did, then they wouldn’t have all but shrugged at their grandfather’s grave in As Time Goes By. He wasn’t family – he was a stranger. Cas is family. Bobby was family.

  • nene

    If there’s one character that needs to come back it’s Jody Mills! I love her so much, I’m holding out that she’ll make an appearance sometime this season, if not, there’s always Season 9! :)

  • challahatme

    Yes, I don’t understand what’s happening with Crowley. I guess since he’s supposed to be the Big Bad this year, they’ve been trying to make him a more convincing villain. And in doing so they’ve lost a handle on his character. When Crowley’s not gratuitously torturing someone, he just seems full of hot air.

  • Star

    I enjoyed the interview a lot and I’m loving Season 8 and the character development we’ve gotten  with Sam and Dean.  It does make sense that Castiel with his powers would make him a challenge write and include, but I’m very happy the writers have found a way to make him a part of this excellent season. I hope they’ll be able to find a way to expand his role in season 9 (perhaps have him become human?) as he is my favorite character and still the main reason I watch.

  • jo


    The show was able to last more than a few seasons because of the dynamic, and drama between the brothers. It is the emotional attachment between the characters and the viewership that has prolonged the show.

    Sounds to me like they are the focus. Plus its common sense, they are the main characters, hence they are the focus.

  • SpnMom

    You do realize that when angels fall they cut out their grace and are reborn as children right? Anna got her body back when she regained her grace, not when she fell… Castile would no longer be Misha. Of course Castiel could leave us with just Jimmy…

  • Jen

    Glad the show seems to be sweeping the horribly out of character actions and forced tension from the first half of the season under a rug. Obviously I would have preferred no such things to have happened in the first place but I’ll take what I can get, and the last few episodes are a good sign that Sam and Dean are getting back to a good place, which is pretty much all I need to enjoy this show.

    I’ll also pitch in some thoughts about Castiel, who’s taking up most of the arguing in the comments section: as someone who fell in love with the character the second he appeared on screen, I think he has long outstayed his welcome. In seasons 4 and 5 his presence made sense – ever since, he has been shoehorned into the story to appease his fans and it shows. I would have much rathered he had left the show at the end of season 5 so I could have remembered him fondly, instead of dreading what ridiculous hoops the writers will jump through to keep him and his insta-fix out of the way until they haul him back in. Obviously the writers could have done a much better job with how they kept him around, and having him do to Sam what he did was ridiculous. Unfortunately I seem to be in the more, uh, quiet section of Castiel fans, though I’m rather impressed that the comments on this site haven’t (yet?) degenerated into the usual screeching about where Cas is and when he’s going to begin a ‘relationship’ with a certain character, which most people know is never going to happen…

    I’m going in circles a bit, I guess I’m just trying to say that while I love Castiel and look forward to seeing him again, I also kind of hope the writers will give him a worthy ending, perhaps this season. I desperately don’t want him to die but I don’t want him to become human either… I can love this show equally with or without him, and as I said, as long as Sam and Dean are in a good place with one another, I will happily watch whatever’s put in front of me.

  • Charlie

    Dean stated recently that Sam is the only family he has left. I think the point here is clear.

  • Charlie

    The whole Cas is family argument is officially bullshit. Dean said Sam is the only family he has left. It will always be about Sam and Dean. I like Cas but I feel like he’s run his course. Bobby was /way/ more important to the boys than Cas will ever be. Why did he have to die? Why did they have to basically lose their father a /second/ time and an angel who’s about to fuck them over (knowingly or not) once again gets to stay? I think it takes way too much effort to keep Castiel relevant to the show and I’m enjoying my Cas-free episodes way more than I ever enjoyed the ones with Castiel in them. His social awkwardness is overplayed and no longer funny. You’d think that spending 4 years with the Winchesters would have caused some sort of development but has it? Not really. And Team Free Will? The writers have currently shot that to hell since he’s being used by Naomi. All in all I really think Castiel has done enough on the show and I’d love for Sam and Dean to patch up their relationship and finish this show with a season of them going back their roots where it’s just the impala, a stretch of highway and each other and where that’s /home/.

  • Renee J

    So glad it’s Sam and Dean against all odds again. Supernatural is about their relationship and how they deal in a messed up world.



  • Peter Jor

     The point is very muddy as far as I can tell. Just last week Sam told Dean to stop living based on what is best for Sam. He told Dean that Dean has friends, Dean has a chance at a future. Dean’s admonitions that Sam is all he has were supposed to be a cry for help. Most of this season has been about why they need more.

  • Minion

    “He’s a funny, heartbreaking , complex character, played by a wonderful, expressive actor who has easy chemistry with everyone else on the show.”  YES, YES, and YES. All that. Exactly how I feel about Cas/Misha and beautifully phrased. Thank you. 

  • Peter Jor

     I think the first few seasons were powered by the brothers, then the middle seasons became about the brothers and the world around them. It’s telling that last season, which was supposed to just be about brothers again, is something the show ran headlong away from this season.

  • Eileen

    I like a good supporting cast, however the show is about Sam and Dean and everyone else is replaceable even if painfully missed. RIP Bobby. More screen time with only Sam and Dean is a must and long over due. 

  • Peter Jor

     If the main characters on Supernatural were as strong together as Mulder and Scully, then I might understand the comparison, but the show began destroying the bond between Dean and Sam in season 3. They wrote years of story about the destruction of their brotherhood. They repeatedly destroy that bond to create angst, then paper over the destruction toward the end of most seasons. This papering usually involves the following scenes – Dean apologizing. Dean being told he’s wrong. Dean being told to get over himself. Sam finding yet another destiny. Sam having a headache. Sam being sick.

    Many of us grew tired of this one-sided “brotherly bond” a long time ago, and became interested in other aspects of the characters. After Dean was told to shut up for being upset that he was almost choked to death, I washed my hands of any genuine relationship. I would not have sat through seasons 5 or 6 if I was watching for Dean and Sam alone. If not for Dean/Cas, and even Sam/Cas, and some of the moments with Bobby, I would have tuned out. I only watched season 7 because of my memories of the previous, ensemble cast seasons, not because of the return to the “original” format, which apparently meant tripe like Amy Pond or Dean having an insta-teenage daughter who tried to kill him.

    On the positive side, I actually do care about Dean and Sam as brothers again, after the last few episodes. But I don’t want to just watch them. I want to watch their friends, those who care about them and love them.

  • Minion

    I agree! There are so many of us out here that love Castiel and want him in many, many more   episodes! I don’t think that anyone is trying to say that the show is not about Sam and Dean or that they dislike or want less of the brothers, but just that we also LOVE Cas and want more of him too. <3 Team Free Will <3 

  • Peter Jor

     Dean has also told Cas that he was family. Dean has accepted and forgiven Cas, and he does that with no one but family. Dean spent a year in Purgatory with Cas. He wouldn’t do that if Cas were just an acquaintance. Dean’s comment to Sam was made at a time when he was hurt and angry about his grandfather’s arrival and when he felt terrible about his father’s suffering. That was a regression. Sam was clearly not happy with Dean’s comments or actions in that episode. That’s not a sign of a great bond, it’s a sign of what Dean was conditioned to be from the time he was 4 years old. Sam even told Dean last week to live for himself, to live for his friends. Cas is one of those friends.

    I don’t think it takes any effort to keep Cas on the show if you have talented writers. These writers can’t even write for Sam, who has been on the show from day 1. They had Sam take Martin, a man he respected and cared about, on a dangerous hunt immediately after Martin was released from a mental institution. They had Sam leave Martin alone, knowing he was unstable, in the middle of a hunt. They had Sam never even address this behavior, or what it caused (Martin nearly killing an innocent woman). They had Sam behave as if Dean being alive was an affront. I’m not going to say, “Sam has run his course, it takes too much effort to keep Sam.” All it takes is competent writing. The last few episodes, which were not written by poor writers like Dan Loflin, are a return to a Sam I know, a Sam I care about. Cas can be the same way. Some of Cas’ episodes this season have been very strong quality. There are a million ways to keep Cas around while still focusing on Sam and Dean.

    Cas hasn’t spent 4 years with the Winchesters. He spent most of his time with the angels, then looking for God, then back with the angels. He was barely in season 7, and when he was, he was crazy. He’s actually spent almost no time with them on a personal level. That’s why some of us want to see more.

    Team Free Will still exists. Cas is not to blame for what has happened to him. The whole point of the show is to forgive and understand those who make bad decisions or who are forced to behave in ways that are beyond their control. Sam was possessed by a demon. Bobby was possessed by a demon. They both nearly killed Dean. Dean was possessed by a parasite and actually did kill his cousin. None of this stopped them from moving on. They were not to blame, as Cas is not to blame for his actions this season.

    The Impala and the road is not /home/ to Sam. He’s said that over and over, and he’s repeatedly said it this season. Home to Sam is as close as he can find to a normal life. When he can’t have a normal life, he wants something that will focus on his intelligence, not on just chasing and killing monsters in rotting hotel rooms. That’s the main point of everything with the Men of Letters – Sam wants to be a scholar. Dean wants to hunt. They both want to fight evil, but in different ways, on their own terms, heading down different paths. Even if every single person on the planet disappears, even if they never meet anyone again, Sam will still not want to confine himself to an eternal road trip.

  • Peter Jor

     I actually thought the ending of season 5, with a fallen Cas, before they killed and resurrected him, would have been a great way to keep him around. He could have been a recurring character, learning hunting on his own terms. They have repeatedly had good, great ideas for Cas, and botched them. Cas as God, Cas possessed by Leviathans, these stories could have given everyone material for a long time.

    I don’t expect Dean and Cas to happen, whether I want it to or not, if that’s what you mean, but several of the writers in this article have pandered to Dean and Castiel fans on Twitter, so the show is responsible for those fans who feel this story will happen. That’s why interviews like this seem so shallow, why many of their comments to the public seem shallow. They say so many contradictory things, all to appease various fan groups.

  • Nina

    Great article! Sam and Dean are such amazing characters with such amazing chemistry together and their battle to save each other and protect others is one of the most touching stories I have ever come across.

    I love them so much and can’t wait to see what will happen with them for the rest of the season.

    PS. Please bring back Sheriff Jody Mills. :)

  • LVM

    I liked Supernatural but I really fell in love with it when Cas and the angel’s entered the show because it really enhanced the value of family against this gigantic shit storm of supernatural badassery happening in the background. Basically it was love will conquer all but also look at these bitchen angels and demons and christian mythology! So hey I’m biased! I love Castiel more than I’ve loved any character, but I can’t deny how they’ve written him (and continue to write him) to be a tool basically when they need a deus ex machina. There are episodes that have done great things with Cas growing his character and acting like his feelings matter but the bad episodes shine through and it hurts because I love the character so much. I would much prefer (like some have said in this thread) if the writers really don’t know how to write him into the universe than kill him dead. Like no more coming back at all. If it’s causing so much GRIEF for the writers to write him or depower him or whatever than get rid of him. I would rather live in my fandom bubble with all my great headcannons about angels and demons and a world where Cas is awesome and serves a purpose to the Sam and Dean story than one that doesn’t appreciate or even know how to use him. Supernatural wont be the same for me without Cas but hell I’ll rest easier knowing the writers don’t have to worry about how to depower him this week or whatnot. Season 8 has been better but it can be great and my expectations are higher for the rest of the season even if the show has disappointed me in the past. I’m hoping they don’t throw the supporting cast to the wayside I like the way Sam and Dean play off of old and new characters. Even more if they have a relationship with them like they do with Kevin or Jody Mills or Benny! (I loved Benny!). I would love to see Sam find a girl and not settle down but have a lover and a partner. I would like Dean to find a light at the end of the tunnel like Sam said and that doesn’t mean they have to separate but I hope it means they can grow and let others in without losing the love that propels the show forward.

  • aldora 89

    Okay, I’ll bite (and I say that because I’m well aware of your dismissive “true fans” rhetoric)… I love the boys, but what new ground could the show possibly tread with just Sam and Dean?  The pendulum of betrayal/forgiveness/codependency has swung back and forth so many times that the only thing left seems to be some progression away from that dynamic.  They’re too familiar with each other – left to their own devices, they tend to walk in emotional ruts.  And speaking as someone who has a younger (and taller :D) brother, a maturing bond doesn’t mean you love each other any less.  You can expand your social circle while always having that foundation.  

    But a foundation alone does not a house make, and “family drama” doesn’t end with blood.  It’s only natural that the show evolve beyond its roots, and while Sam and Dean will always be its heart and dominate the episodes, nurturing an expanded cast might be the best thing for them as a pair.  It could mean they hurt each other less and support each other more, because they won’t be the only source of interpersonal drama.  It could mean the conflicts they do have stay fresh and interesting, because forging relationships with other people illuminates different sides of them.  It could give them more to fight for and more to lose.  IMO, what makes the brothers really shine eight seasons in isn’t the same old “us against the world” stuff.  You can only play a pretty tune for so long before it gets stale.

  • liadan1224

    There are so many interesting directions they could take Cas that would also limit his powers. He could be regular on the show so easily…

  • liadan1224

    There are so many directions they could take Cas that would limit his power; if they did any of them it would be so much easier to have him be a regular on the show. I would love, *love* to see more of him. And Misha deserves it, too!

  • Lunar

    I am not interested in just the boys, it makes for repetitive and tedious story tropes. Season 7 sucked and it was just the boys. Just the boys isn’t going to rescue this show because when it’s just the boys the PTB inject manufactured angst to create plot tension. I’m in this show for all of team free will and here’s hoping Cas will be back in this show full time and treated with a bit of respect and a decent storyline in season 9. I expect him to be since J2 have made it clear they want Misha in this show. There are simple ways Cas can be depowered, and it’s ridiculous to criticise his inclusion in the show on the basis of him being a deus ex machina when all through season 7 the writers of this show just invented a new deus ex machina whenever they needed one. That’s lazy writing, not the Castiel effect. But, whatever. I’ll just switch off without him as I’m sure a lot of people will. They did in season 7 after all, the ratings were diabolical. 

  • Minion

    1st of all, I LOVE Supernatural. I’m a new fan and I have loved every season of the show, including all of this season. I love Dean and Sam, I love their relationship and absolutely agree with anyone that says that their bond is the heart of the show. The brother bonding and their deep talks and the way they care for each other continually brings me to tears. Dean is the most important thing to Sam and Sam is the most important thing to Dean, and as a big sister that feels the same way about my little sister, I adore that aspect of the show.   

    2nd, I also adore all of these writers. I’ve loved the episodes they’ve given us. I love following Adam, Robbie, Jenny, and Daniel on twitter and can’t thank them enough for how much they appreciate all the SPN fans and how warm and nice they always are towards the fans, even those of us that are sometimes deemed by other fans as being screeching/annoying/whining Cas/Destiel fans.

    BUT, Castiel and other supporting characters are such an important part of this show for me. Back in the early seasons, I fell in love with Bobby and Ellen and Jo and Ash. Gabriel managed to capture my heart in just a handful of episodes. Jody Mills and Garth are two characters that I would always be happy to see and Charlie is pretty much my hero now. 

    However, out of all the supporting characters, none have touched my heart quite like Cas. For me, he is more than just a supporting character, he is part of the Winchesters to me. He is the third member of their family and there is nothing that I enjoy more than having all three members of Team Free Will on my television screen. I love all the episodes, but I love the ones that have Cas in them even more. When he’s not there, I’m constantly missing him and hoping he’ll return soon. I adore his relationship with Dean and would love to see more interaction between him and Sam. 

    The lack of Cas in the episodes combined with him hardly ever being mentioned in articles is honestly a bit heartbreaking for me. As I said, I adore all the SPN writers, but as a huge Cas-fan, this article was just very disheartening for me. I was really saddened that the only mention of him was how limiting his powers can be challenging. Cas is much more than just ‘angel power’ that the boys can use. As Dean has said in the past on the show, next to Sam, Cas is the closest thing he has to family, and even more so now that Bobby is gone. 

  • aldora 89

    Okay, here’s what bothers me about the framework you present regarding Cas (that he should have gone away after S5).  First of all, he was originally supposed to have a 6-episode arc and get killed.  That went out the window almost immediately due to fan response, and he became a critical part of S4 and S5 instead.  Then he was “shoehorned” by being the instigator of the major plots for S6 and S7.  But the point is, he wouldn’t even exist for most of the seasons you enjoy him in without some fan appeasement.  Just food for thought.

    Moving on, I feel forced to start with an example.  When Joss Whedon wrote Spike, he wanted the character to be a short-lived villain.  But the fans LOVED him, so his role was expanded (much to Whedon’s chagrin at first).  And expanded again.  And expanded again until he became a good guy, a complex character, and an integral part of the cast for many seasons.  A love interest for a main character, no less.  Now Whedon says Spike is one of the best characters he’s ever written.

    So when a character takes off with fans, you don’t shut down that enthusiasm lightly.  You learn to work with it, and if you’re really good, you use it to better the show.  Now, I do agree with you that “the writers could have done a much better job with how they kept him around.” I’m with you there, believe me.  I don’t think they’ve been “really good.”  I think they still COULD be, however, and I’ll probably never want Cas off the show as long as I see that potential.  Plenty of people have addressed the instant-fix concerns elsewhere in the comments – basically, it should be a non-issue if the writers are willing to go there.  They’ve been keeping his arc in limbo for a long time now, and I’m waiting with baited breath to see what happens next.

  • Spncastiellover

    Season 6, Episode 20: “Dean to Castiel: Look, next to Sam, you and Bobby are the closest things I have to family — that you are like a brother to me.”

    I totally respect that your feelings about Castiel are just about completely opposite of my own feelings about him, but I just wanted to post that in response to your statement about Cas is family being bull****. 

  • Peter Jor

     I think Crowley just shows they struggle with characterization. Crowley was never the main villain. He was a stooge, a snake, grasping for power, having fun. Making him more than that just drained most of his humor and purpose. Naomi is a much stronger villain, and is poorly underused.

  • Peter Jor

     As soon as the writers had Cas say, “I might kill myself,” killing him went out the window, as far as I am concerned. This isn’t about a character, it’s about a message to viewers. Dean and Bobby were both suicidal, Dean multiple times, and the show never killed them off at those moments. Killing Cas off after saying he wants to die sends an extremely dangerous message that says suicide is a positive way out. That’s no “triumph of humanity,” for viewers who are struggling.

    If Cas has to leave I want him to leave alive and on the way to a new place, a place where he can find identity and peace. He would be able to find that with Dean and Sam, on a well-written show, but if that is not Supernatural, I just want him to leave alive and well.

  • aldora 89

    Not according to Dean, it isn’t.  Who exactly did he tear up Purgatory to find again?  And he said Sam was the only family he had left because he doesn’t actually “have” Cas.  Cas vanished under suspicious circumstances and hasn’t called since.  If my parents disappeared, I’d say my brother was the only family I had left too.  It’s just a sad statement of reality, not a commentary on who constitutes family.  So there’s that.

    And yes, as a matter of fact, Cas has developed despite getting shafted by the narrative for two straight seasons.  His body language and the way he talks have definitely been influenced by the boys.  In a nutshell, he went from lording over them to wanting to help them to enjoying their company.  If “The End” is any indication, he could develop a hell of a lot more, and being used by Naomi presumably isn’t a permanent state.  In any case, there are many beloved characters out there built around a little social awkwardness (Spock, Data, Abed, Willow).  If anything is overplayed, it’s the Sam/Dean conflict.  None of this means the show shouldn’t be about them first and foremost, but ONLY them?  No thank you.

    Also, you would have the show just do a repeat of the first two seasons, after over seven years on the air?  I mean, from a writing standpoint, that… shouldn’t really be possible.  If it is, that means there’s been some seriously anemic character and world development over that period of time.  If that ever happened without some kind of major twist, I’d quit watching in utter bewilderment.

  • Peter Jor

     That’s very nicely written.

    I thought the article did few favors for views on any characters or relationships (and poor Kevin apparently doesn’t exist). I guess that’s what I get for reading interviews and hoping for something beyond retreads of codependency and pain.

  • bjxmas

    I love hearing from the writers and knowing they are still stoked to be writing for Supernatural. Yes, so many possibilities and this show could run forever and escape the stigma of fav shows growing stale and recycling eppies and running out of ideas.  Impossible considering how free and open the writing has been, always discovering new avenues and broadening the landscape.  I am totally on board with them smashing Gunsmoke’s record.  As long as they keep giving me Winchester adventures, I’ll be faithfully and exhuberantly watching! 

  • C.

    I’m glad someone thinks the first half of season 8 was well written… I think many parts of it were too! I loved Benny’s character, the purgatory flashbacks, and some of the cases. Amelia though? What a horrid story line. Seems to me if they wanted to have genuine drama, they would have made Amelia a sympathetic, interesting character. As it was, she was either prickly or dull, often self-centered, and had no chemistry with Sam. He’d pick her over Dean? Hahaha! That wasn’t a choice. I would have preferred it if it really did seem difficult. I felt for Dean when he called Benny. When Sam left Amelia? No sympathy. More like, “Thank gods we don’t have to sit through that any more.”

  • C.

    It’s interesting that you thought they were covering new ground in the first half of this season. I felt like it was a throwback to Season 1, except that Amelia wasn’t half as appealing as Jess. It was the same conflict though: Sam wanted a safe and/or normal life. Dean wanted him back on the road… It just felt so contrived (perhaps because I found Amelia so unappealing, especially after liking so many of the other women they’ve had Sam be involved with).

    It’s finally now, the second half of the season, when I feel like they have a new direction: a home base, new sources of knowledge to explore, and a positive energy towards the hunt and towards each other. Like others, I hope we get to see more supporting characters. I think they help the show a lot too!
    Anyway, it’s interesting that we can watch the same show and feel so very differently about it!

  • kel

    I think the comments here are a classic example of how a perfectly nice article gets overrun by over defensive Cas fans demanding for more and more. The writers have time and again expressed how much they love Cas on twitter and in other interviews. Stop demanding for them to do X, Y, and Z thing and let them do their goddamn jobs because they do it wonderfully. 

  • Peter Jor

     I’d love to see more of Jody too.

  • Euridice

    The chemistry between Jensen and Misha is spectacular, they need more on screen time together. When I started watching supernatural, I found it entertaining but some how repetitive, nothing impressive. If wasn’t until season 4 that I got totally hooked with the show. And it was because of Castiel. Simply brilliant. 

    I agree season 7 was boring. After Castiel was gone I tried to keep watching it but I had to quit after a couple of episodes.  Until Castiel’s return. 

    Going back to the unhealthy co-dependency of the two brothers is more of the same old thing. Thy need to grow up, they can’t be isolated. There are strong characters that they can let in even for two hunters. Like Castiel. 
    Dean and Sam have each other but they need friends and love interests and keep growing. The show would only benefit of it.I have mixed feelings about this season. There are great things, specially how Dean is being written, all the character growing up going with him is a thing of beauty. Frankly, there was no chemistry between Ellie and him, and it only showed he’s grown out of this overcompensating womanizer he used to be. Which it’s really great. I don’t particularly like Benny, it was a good addition as his history with the human female he loved was a parallel with Dean’s relationship with Castiel, and it hit home with Dean. But I personally don’t think he can add much more to the show. I hope to see more of Castiel in this season and in season 9, I don’t like that not only he’s gone for too long but also that he’s barely mentioned. After all what happened in purgatory, how his relationship with Dean has strengthen from there, the change in Dean’s attitude doesn’t make sense. Also, I wish Castiel was written with more respect, after his return from purgatory he’s been treated just like comic relief.   

  • aldora 89

    The show has retconned or re-explained much bigger things over the years!  And there’s already evidence for fallen-but-same-vessel Cas being possible in “The End.”  He’s not an angel anymore, but… he’s still the Cas we know, so there must be a way around it.  I think he said it was because the other angels left, but I’m sure there could be multiple ways of doing it.

  • tens1822

    According to the show’s creator (Kripke), the Brothers ARE the core of the show. Yes, there are other humans running around, but the show isn’t about them. It’s about the bond and the journey of the two brothers.Since Kripke still does give input about the show he created,and Carver is following the formula set by EK, the brothers remain (and will remain) the core of the show.

    The show does extend outwards from the boys to include other characters tho.

  • Tina

    You’re saying the same thing as me. Cas has no power at all to affect the ratings. Yes, obviously the PTB thought that they could use him to boost the ratings but they were wrong. The episode that welcomed him back was Hunteri Heroici and it didn’t have a boost either.
    All the episodes where the brothers were at adds had lower ratings than those where the brotherly bond was back (or at least the boys weren’t fighting with each other) regardless if there were other interesting characters on it (for example Benny in Blood Brother).
    Supporting characters can’t help if the heart of the show is missing. And when it’s missing all the episodes will be considered crappy.

  • k1k92

    in which. im bad with words. but i really love season gr8 taking the brothers relationship full circle. because thats what the show started as. and what it should stay. two brothers and a car. but also because psychologically speaking thats just what people do. sorry guys but its actually pretty official that you are the way you are after a certain age. thats why your childhood and upbringing are so important to the person you are today and tomorrow and the day after that. its very hard to change the way you think and act after youve reached that point. and its different for everyone. but generally its by the time you hit puberty. if not before. usually before. and you can grow out of it sure. but you will almost always revert back to your “natural” state. in regards to personality and temperament anyways. so yes. it makes sense that sam and dean are growing back onto each other. in a maybe unhealthy way. not gonna lie. i love cas too. i really do. and i love the idea of team free will. i do. but if its another notch in the destiel post. and spurs destiel fans on. then i dont want his role getting any more attention than bobby or rufus or jo or ellen or any of the other supporting characters. because the heart of supernatural is sam and dean. the epic love story of sam and dean. because the show was created on the idea of two brothers. not two lovers and a brother. and id really like it if it stayed that way?? this is a really passive aggressive jab at the destiel fans in these comments. and im only half sorry for it. oh sweet peter on a popsicle stick. this is a REALLY long comment. IM SO SORRY. its only going to get longer. i apologize. but this is for you cassyswinchestergospel. i did this for the boys. yes. but i also did this for you. because youre right. we werent representing ourselves very well. theres more to this fandom than destiel fans. and i regret that theyre the only ones the writers hear from anymore. i know part of our lack of loud support lies in “the writers know what works and what works for us. weve told them so for at least five seasons. if not more” and “commenting on being happy the show is about sam and dean is like blogging about breathing. ITS VERY OBVIOUS AND NO ONE NEEDS TO POINT IT OUT” and “we dont have anything to fight scream and shout for. were happy with the show and the brothers relationship. and were happy with where the show and the brothers relationship are going” and yeah. ALL THAT. plus more? but maybe we should start sticking up for our boys again.

  • Marealism

    Supernatural has been amazing this season- I really love it that we’re just back to the old school ‘family business’ episodes. Also, last week’s was awesome- thanks so much for bringing the hell hounds back, I love them! Charlie has got to be my favourite supporting character as well, so well done on that too! Basically just well done, and I love you writiers, and keep up the good work! (Also, not surprised that they writer who wrote Mystery Spot and Changing Channels is doing this series- so much brotherly emotion, argh!)

  • liz

     I imagine Cas fans are defensive for a reason.  As for ‘demanding more and more,’ from what I’ve read, they’re letting the writers know that Cas is wanted and appreciated and that he means something to a lot of people. 

    And really, the first part of this season wasn’t too long ago, so I can remember several fans demanding that the writers ‘fix the brothers’ and how much they disliked what was happening so limiting complaining fans to just the Cas variety doesn’t stick. 

  • Eileen

    Castiel is my most favorite character, I watch because of him (mostly) 

  • Senna Laureen

    I wanted to thank the writers for doing such a great job! I love the show, love the brothers and the myths they are dealing with!
    Thank you so much! This show is great!

  • Peter Jor

     Considering how Kripke seemed to feel about the Dean character, I wonder if some of the negative shame writing for Dean is also still on him.

  • Peter Jor

     The episode that brought him back was A Little Slice of Kevin, which had very good ratings, from what I remember.

  • Peter Jor

    There’s a difference between humoring people on Twitter and actually discussing characters and plans in interviews. And the interviews always tend to focus on the same things – how heavy Sam’s burden is and how awesome the brother bond is. Everything else is treated as an afterthought, even though many fans have shown, again and again, that they want more than just Sam holding his head and screaming, they want more for him, and they sure want a lot more for Dean than just being the big brother who fails.

  • Peter Jor

     The main point of this season is that it isn’t about two brothers and a car. Sam doesn’t want that anymore. He wants to be close to Dean (now that the writing remembers Sam cares about Dean). He doesn’t want the rest. He will try to fight to have more, for himself, and for Dean.

  • Salma Kanima

    I totally love the fact that the newest episodes were about the brothers, the heart of the show. I love the chemistry between Jared and Jensen and that makes the relationship of Sam and Dean special. Please keep up the good job!

  • Lunar

    I see you aren’t quite as bothered by the fact the article has also been overrun by Cas haters. Maybe you silent majority idiots should also stop bombarding the writers with demands that Misha be fired.

  • Lunar

    As someone who isn’t remotely interested in the sleazy Wincest vibe a lot of commenters here seem to want, I can do without myopic focus on the brothers. They are adults, let them have other people in their lives.

  • Maria

    I please don’t get rid of Cas. He brings a wonderful dynamic to the brothers’ characterization and is great for juxtaposition. I love what you’ve done with limiting him, I love that you were able to show that Angels aren’t all-powerful that nothing is. Cas is wonderful.

  • Lunar

    yeah, this. The people who are slavering all over the show now have spent episodes 1-10 tweeting hate to the writers. And no doubt they will again with J2’s interview suggesting the brothers will still be at odds moving forwards.

  • guest

    Missing Cas so badly :(

  • Emma

    I really miss Cas :( I hope he’s okay. And I really hope he gets the screentime he deserves. I understand it’s hard to right in such a powerful supernatural creature without him being an automatic fixit button (believe me, I’m glad that’s not what they do with him) but maybe he could be human for a little while or something? I really loved the episode Hunteri Heroci. The character development (especially in the Talk to Me scene) was beautiful and I loved seeing Cas on the boys’ level when it came to what they did in the episode. I think it’d be really cool to have him lose and he and the boys have to find his grace again. It would make a pretty good story arc if you ask me. 

  • Helekonla

    Really loving series 8! It’s been awesome so far! A+++

  • Izzy

    I really hope that Castiel gets acknowledged as an integral part of the show – as he has been for 4 years – in future.

  • jen

    Completely agree.

  • Riluu

    Cas is worth the challenge of writing him in. <3 One of my favorite parts of the show is seeing him working alongside Sam and Dean.

  • Dodi

    So tired of the “it’s all down to the two brothers!” talk. We get it! They rely on each other! The show is about them! No matter how many other characters there are, the show is always going to be about them.

    On the Vampire Diaries, Elana knows and interacts with lots of the same people over and over. She forms bonds with them and they stay on the show for a long time. THE SHOW IS STILL ABOUT ELANA. On The Following, there are lots of characters that Hardy has to work with regularly, as well as other regular villains in the cult. THE SHOW IS STILL ABOUT HIM AND JOE CARROLL. I could go on and on about lots of shows but the basic point is made, I believe?

    Having other tight bonds with people does not make the show less about “two brothers.” Dean can have a close bond with Cas (whether it’s romantic or not is sort of beyond the point but yes please?). Sam can have a relationship with Amelia. For Christ’s sake she can travel with them, if she wants!  Benny can be friends with Dean! Sam can get in touch with is college buddies every once in a while! None of that would make the show less about two monster hunting brothers and their relationship to each other, their struggle to define and understand what makes a family.

    Hashing out the same relationship between them where there is no growth or new relationships gets old and unrealistic.

  • Dave

    I can’t wait to see where the show goes! And I look forward to seeing much more of Castiel, despite the challenges with writing him. He’s such a fabulous character and he really brings out the best in the brothers!

  • M.

    I’m really tired of reading comments from people who hate Castiel. He’s a great character, he’s funny, he’s had a great deal of character development, helped Dean through a great deal of character development, and he has such great chemistry in the show. He belongs to Team Free Will. He belongs to the family. Remember that he’s in a place right now that used to be his home but think about what would be happening? He needs to come back, see the Batcave, come home. If there’s a problem about him being too powerful, it’s easy enough to let him come back from this whole heaven deal with reduced powers, since we have no idea what exactly is happening to him at this point. I don’t see the big deal.

    Yes, Supernatural is about Sam and Dean. But Supernatural also needs great supporting characters like Cas (and Benny, for instance) to keep up the show and preferrably to for once not get killed off.. Season 1 was great for season one, but after so many seasons (and with that so many years) it’s no longer enough. It’s a shame of any plot lines that could still be or have happened in between.

    You can’t go on like you began forever. There’s no use in that.

  • era

    Fantastic! I just hope Castiel is back soon, or at least the storyline of what’s going on in heaven. We’ve heard so much about hell lately (which is great!); heaven would be a good counterpoint! There’s a lot of intrigue there, with Castiel and Naomi and whatever is going on there, but it’s been left hanging for quite a few episodes now. I just hope it’s resolved (and that Cas gets through safely…)!

  • M.


  • caspie

    Great article! Loving season 8 and looking forward to season 9 ^_^ I can’t wait to see how Sam and Dean deal with saving Cas and closing all those gates, finally getting all that free will they’ve fought so hard for

  • Blue Socks69

    Dear writers, we do understand that Dean and Sam is the center/heart of the show  but it does not mean that they have to cross everyone out of their relationship. There had been some amazing supporting characters which you unfortunately wrote off. I am a huge Castiel fan and really would love to see him more beside brothers, Dean especially.  I do not understand why he’s gone missing for so long? Why do not you give him more screen time? Please, we need more Castiel in the show!!!

  • Blue Socks69

    Dear writers, we do understand that Dean and Sam is the center/heart of the show 
    but it does not mean that they have to cross everyone out of their
    relationship. There had been some amazing supporting characters which
    you unfortunately wrote off. I am a huge Castiel fan and really would
    love to see him more beside brothers, Dean especially.  I do not
    understand why he’s gone missing for so long? Why do not you give him
    more screen time? Please, we need more Castiel in the show!!!

  • Ariel

    Nice interview, but I hope you realize the show needs other strong characters as well, like Benny and Charlie, a show about 2 brothers who do nothing but drive around in car and be miserable because everyone they love is dead is not very entertaining. Hoping that Cas will be back soon and will be around until the end. Supernatural is not the same without him. You are talented writers, I’m sure if you put your mind (and heart) to it you can come up with a few ideas to keep him around without making him a “fix it” button, he is family!  

  • Alexis

    Can’t wait to have Cas back, wish he’d been mentioned more in this interview and on the show, I miss him.

  • sophie

    I wanted to write a long reply but I agree with yours 100%. I love Cas and I hope we see more of him soon. Team Free Will is the best. :)

  • MarissaAO

    Really interesting. Nice to hear about their support for secondary characters. Would’ve been nice for them to actually say something substantive about Castiel, though.

  • Gemma Dunn

    Really interesting and hope that the brothers relationship with each other and characters such as Castiel, Benny Kevin and Garth is developed more as well!

  • Miri

    Yes and no? Twice in canon already we’ve seen the potential for depowered-to-practically-human Castiel (Endverse and post-Van Nuys end of S5 Cas), which means there’s precedent for it even without the writers getting creative. There’s a world of difference between a trueform angel slashing out their grace and falling from heaven, thereby getting their own body by being born, and an angel already with a functional vessel (and you can definitely make the case for Jimmy not being present in the body any more, after everything) choosing to lose his Grace. Again, that’s /without/ getting creative on the writers’ part. There’s a whole new world of possibilities open with some creativity applied.

  • Miri

    Man, I don’t even agree that Bobby’s death was entirely necessary for the story. Yeah, they’ve worked well with the aftermath (creating the Bunker and the Men of Letters) but when the episode aired, it felt a hell of a lot like the same cheap shock value that got Ellen and Jo killed, and considering how bleak and barely-interesting S7 already was it left an awful taste in my mouth. Especially with the total and utter rubbish that was the Ghost Bobby plot. 

    Basically I loathed the entire concept of S7’s TAKE EVERYONE AWAY FROM THE BOYS EVER NO ALLIES NONE philosophy, and i feel like Bobby was unjustly killed off for that.

  • Miri

    I think, even with my problems with S8, Carver’s doing a hell of a lot better than the absolute crapfest that was S6/S7. I don’t wanna put it all on Sera, she’s a talented writer and I’m sure she’s a great person, but there was a noticeable drop in quality in those seasons. The problems S8 has in amongst the good parts feel like some of the same that S6/S7 had, as well, so frankly I’m pointing the finger at Robert Singer (who makes my blood pressure rise every time he does an interview, so I don’t think I’m just blowing smoke with that).

  • Miri

    A world of yes to the idea that human is more than your species. I’m reminded of Star Trek (shut up, I can’t help it, I’m on a TOS binge right now) and Kirk saying of Spock that “of all the souls I’ve known, his was the most human” – Cas and Benny have shown clearly a very human desire for redemption and to do good. Anna desired humanity and was still fighting to preserve it even after heaven’s torture drove her nuts. Lenore died rather than compromise her human-like morals and hurt people. Madison did the same. Amy Pond killed her own mother to save Sam, and spent her life eating dead bodies so as not to hurt people until her own child’s life was at risk (ugh actually let’s just not talk about the bullshit that was the amy pond storyline). On the other end of the spectrum, all demons were once human. Dean and Sam themselves have done some pretty horrific things. Witches sell their souls for power and longevity but they’re still technically human.

    The message that humanity is something you earn and prove, not an automatic given/taken by your species, is a beautiful one. It’s a Space Whale Aesop with a real resonance behind it (the idea of humans being capable of inhuman cruelty). I hate the idea that the show wants to be so reductionist as to drive it down to that black/white dichotomy.

  • Emma


  • Emma

    I’d like to think what they’re doing when it comes to revisiting the issues of S6/S7 is that they’re doing everything over again. For instance, instead of trapping Cas in holy fire and interrogating him, they went to another room and said “someone’s messing with Cas. we have to figure out what’s going on.” If it weren’t for Cas disappearing, I’m sure the boys would’ve asked him what was wrong. So going full circle might be a good thing.

  • Jan

    Ugh, I always hated that whole ‘triumph of humanity’ thing Supernatural has going on, because they also go out of their way to show lots of regular humans getting turned into monsters, often either entirely by chance, or straight-up against their will in creepy rape-y parallels. But then, after writing the helpless terror/confusion/despair of the ex-human victim that’s now been turned into a monster, the show has a habit of pushing really hard with the whole ‘all monsters are evil at the core and none of them can be trusted’. Humans are humans and monsters are ‘other and less’. Because in Supernatural-land, if you’re a monster, it matters more what you are than what you do. Which is a truely shitty message that has always bugged the crap out of me.The whole all monsters go to purgatory thing (doesn’t matter if you’re a good monster, or a baby monster, off to purgatory you go).

    I mean you can have it one way or the other. You can hate the monsters, say they’re all evil, and deserve every crappy thing they get, or you can spend a lot of camera time showing how human they really are, and not so different from people under the fangs and snarly stuff. But you can’t be empathetic about them, and then go ahead and treat them like hell and say they are all evil at the core and deserve to be crapped on because they aren’t as good as humans.

    Because then you start to look like a giant douche.

  • Miri

    Considering how awesome Buffy was, I’d consider that a good thing. JS.

  • Peter Jor

     It’s not even what the brothers want. That’s what gets me. Sam has said over and over he doesn’t just want to be on the road with Dean. And while Dean is conditioned to put his brother first, he also wants more. Losing Benny and losing Cas broke him.

  • Miri

    That would certainly explain why S8’s ratings are finally back to the levels of S5 after S7’s ratings tanked so terribly!

    Oh, wait, sorry, it would explain the opposite of that. S7 had the strongest ‘brother bond’ since S2 or S3, but the complete absence of supporting characters, complete failure of a great concept that was the leviathans, and overdose of filler that did nothing to advance either emotional or overarching plot, meant that the season was terrible.

    Whether the boys are fighting or not is immaterial to whether an episode or a season sucks or not. The show rides on a lot more than just the Winchesters, however integral they are to the show. Don’t be reductionist.

  • TM

    Oh, the class of the ECGs! You just can’t help it being rude and insulting, can you? Nobody’s ever asked for Misha to be fired. Just like some people watch the show for Castiel, some people don’t like or simply don’t care about the character. Why is it so hard for you to respect different opinions?

  • Lisaintheskywithdiamonds

    Misha Collins is so hot I just wanna lick him I wouldn’t though cause I’d more than likely burn my tongue. 

  • Lunar

    “Nobody’s ever asked for Misha to be fired”

    Oh yes they have. The Silent Majority supporters tweet the PTB endlessly asking for that. 

    And what exactly do you think the comments on here asking for Cas to be written out mean for Misha? It doesn’t exactly indicate ongoing employment on the show does it?

    “Why is it so hard for you to respect different opinions?”


  • Pary Pary

    This is great and all, but the lack of Castiel and Castiel support is really unsettling. It would be nice if this particular character was acknowledged more for what he MEANS to Dean and Sam, other than his angel powers or how he can help them with a case. Because, like Dean said, Castiel is family and who only cares about their family when they need them for something? It would be wonderful if Castiel was able to become a REGULAR character again, and not just a backseat character who only exists when he is useful for a case/something similar.

    Dean and Sam need Castiel, not just physically but emotionally as well. He’s become a great impact on their life and that can’t simply be forgotten.

  • Lunar


  • Ane


  • Eva

    My problem with Cas is not the shipping. It’s that he’s been exhausted as a character, he’s not interesting anymore. As the writers stated he’s too powerful, a deus ex machina who solves all the brothers problems. He was awesome the two first seasons he appeared, he was a badass angel with a purpose but not anymore. He should have been gone a long time ago like other supporting characters. He is just kept for fan service and that’s sad, in my opinion. 

  • kel

    Ah yes, the sour smell of a Sam hater. I love Cas and I love Sam and Dean. Stop making this a contest where you have to put one of them down to lift up the other. I would gladly trade Sam doing the trial for the amount of attention the writers have spent on Dean, allowing him to spend the most time with side characters like Charlie and Henry and his issues and letting him voice his POV while Sam gets to interview a witness or something. Believe me, I would gladly trade Sam doing the trial for that amount of attention to his characterization.

  • Vera_Lynn

    There is so much squabble about supporting characters happening. I’m gonna say this:

    1) The show is about the lives of 2 brothers who fight for humanity – Yes. Unequivocally.
    2) The story of those brothers CANNOT be told in a vacuum.

    They must live *in* the world and that means having supporting characters. However, those characters must contribute something to the story being told. So let’s run down these characters and see where they fit in the brother’s story.

    Bobby – His character served to further the depths of one of the CENTRAL themes of the show: What is the meaning of family and how does the definition impact our lives and inform *who* we are?

    Cas – As Loflin said, another central theme is of the show is that “It’s about the triumph of humanity.”  Cas’ character serves as a foil for humanity and because of that this theme can be reinforced in a monumental way. Through the development of Cas’ character we see what humanity, and its triumph, truly means. It is through Cas, more than any other character, that what it is to be human – and why that humanity should be fought for – is defined. “What is so worth saving? I see nothing but pain here! I see inside you, I see your guilt, your anger, confusion.” Fast forward to seasons 6 – 8, and Cas is in a (human) crisis by struggling with these very things. By overcoming these difficult human experiences we learn something about the value of what it is to be human and that sometimes the triumph *of* humanity is triumph *over* the pain of being human. Sam and Dean cannot teach us these lessons – not like Cas can. Of course, Cas also informs many other themes on the show in powerful ways – family, friendship, free will, etc. – but those themes are part and parcel for underscoring the meaning of what it is to be human. If we agree with Loflin, then Cas is an integral character that has so much more to teach us.

    Garth, Charlie, Kevin – These characters teach us about the world around us. Remember, Sam and Dean are *of* this world and thus exists along side others in it.  That does not mean that they *have* to exist in connection to the world and it’s people – they didn’t in Season 1. They could remain in an unattached vacuum, but doing so only siphons meaning from their lives. This theme is currently being explored. When Dean expressed his defeatism with regard to his place in he world in Trial and Error, Sam was quick to point out that he has friends, that he exists in relation to the world and to other people and the he can find meaning – find the light at the end of the tunnel – through that.

    Benny – Benny serves to challenge Dean’s instilled and unexamined notions. Dean was always taught that you kill monsters. Period. But Benny becomes a brother in arms to Dean in the role of killing monsters. Man, that’s some contradiction to what Dean has been taught his entire life. In fact, Dean has been taught, no, indoctrinated on, a lot of things in his life. For example, that he, as a person, is subordinate to his role as a caretaker and that his only value is in protecting his brother. (Sam would disagree with that, btw, but it’s a lesson Dean has to learn for himself). That anything outside of hyper-masculinity is weakness and not respectable. That one shows love and loyalty by falling in line and following orders like a good soldier. The wedge Benny has driven between the brothers shines a spotlight on many of the unhealthy (and codependent) lessons they have learned through the years. Their current challenge is finding how their relationship can function while still retaining a healthy and personal autonomy. As Benny forces Dean’s to examine the faulty premises he has blindly accepted throughout his life, Dean can begin to truly define who he is as an individual in order to have a more *authentic* relationship with his brother.

    So, in summation all of these characters serve to tell the story of Sam and Dean. They help us understand what is important, highlight the themes, explore the brother’s relationship and roles in the world and to each other, but, above all, they develop Sam and Dean as characters and I want to see more of it.

  • kel

    But why? Cas has a more direct link to the angel tablet mytharc than either Sam or Dean. He’s also the one with the most consistent characterization and continuity regarding his issues of free will. And time and again the writers have expressed that they like him and enjoy writing for him. I just don’t see why EVERY article has to be about Cas or his fans go crazy in the comment sections.

    You’re also making the assumption that people who love Cas hate the brother bond and that’s simply not true.

  • Shanmu_2306

    the only thing that will make supernatural great is having castiel in all the episodes in season 9. that will make me very happy. a human-castiel will be awesome.

  • Iamnotamoosed

    As much as I love Sam and Dean, I love the supporting characters just as much, especially Castiel and now Kevin. So I hope they continue to keep them around for the boys!

  • C.

    This! You’ve put it much better than I could have.
    To follow on from your comment about Benny, it seems that we can already see, in some areas, Dean starting that character growth. He has, for example, taken positions that are counter to those he’s taken in the past, and often prefaces them with a note to Sam that it’s typically Sam who says these things. He is also less “hyper-masculine” as in, for example, the episode with the Golem. Making him straight but no longer narrow is, in my view, a positive change in the character.
    I wouldn’t mind adding a few more characters along the way too. For example, maybe Sam could have a reasonable partner/romantic interest. I don’t want to see him leave hunting and settle down, but if he had an attachment to someone who’s smart enough to challenge him (and maybe help him with the research), supportive of both him and Dean, and not bitchy and insulting, it would be a healthy and potentially fun development. (I am not saying I prefer one brother over the other in not suggesting that Dean also have a romantic interest; I just don’t think Dean’s character is ready for that yet.)

  • あなべる ♥

    I love Castiel and I consider him as main character as Dean and Sam. I love their frienship, their family bond, and how they work together in cases. I started watching SPN because of Misha Collins, and he is the main reason I keep on watching the show. 

    PLEASE KEEP TEAM FREE WILL, that’s the core of the show: family, friendship, supernatural.

  • loreto

    i love this show, i love dean and sam, and of course cas. I think they could do SO MUCH with dean and cas relationship, and i cant wait to him to come back :)

  • C.

    Sorry that the previous comment looks like a huge run-on paragraph. I did have space between paragraphs and it was much easier to read. Don’t know what happened when it posted.

  • Kristýna Greňová

    it’s amazing to see that these people enjoy writing this stuff as much as we enjoy watching it! that they still manage to make every episode special and different even after some 160! my only concern is that they’ll kill  Castiel off for good in order to get back to the roots of the show… well, we’ll see… I can’t wait for the next episode tonight!!! xD

  • fleur

    I love this whole show and the relationship between Sam and Dean is incredible. I wish more of their old friends were alive, but it seems they are making up some new ones as they go. I also love Castiel whenever he is up there on the screen, I know in the interview Loflin says it’s hard to write him in but they are doing a fabbo job so far. Love the cast, love the script and love the show. 

  • C.

     I love the show! The second half of  this season feels like the show is back on track and is the Supernatural I came to love. I agree with the other people who feel that the supporting characters are important. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Charlie, Benny, Cas, Kevin, Garth, Crowley, and would love to see Sheriff Mills too.
    I think it’s great that a show in its 8th season can generate so much discussion. The comments are interesting and have given me things to think about.

  • Claramarie

    I love supernatural and I think the chemistry between Sam, Dean and Cas is awesome if they made a season twenty I’d still be watching it!

  • kerry

    I’m SO tired of saying this all over again.
    The show WAS about two brother in season 1-2-3. And then season 4 happened and Castiel happened, the apocalypse arc happened and the show started to grow into something new.
    I love Sam and Dean as much as the next person, but Supernatural NEEDS more characters. Supernatural needs Castiel. Needs Benny and Amelia and Garth and Kevin and Mama Tran (and Samandriel, because I want him back). The first half of this season was so awesome i wanted to cry every time a new episode aired, but then “Citizen Fang” (the WORST episode this season) and “Torn and Frayed” had to ruin everything.
    The writers keep shoving down our throats this only-Sam-and-Dean and I am so tired. We know Dean would die for Sam (he did). We know Sam would die for Dean (he did). So WHY are we stuck on season 2 all over again?
    And, there are so many ways the writers could make a less powerful Castiel instead of only using him as a plot device.
    They should just find some courage to let the show GROW.

  • Iamnotamoosed

     I think that if they killed Castiel off at this point it would be terrible for the ratings, whether or not the people who don’t like Cas want to admit it, he has brought a lot of fans to the show. He’s been in Supernatural longer than he hasnt at this point and I think the writers know how important his character is. I think Cas will be alright :)

  • Laura Sproge

    I really like the idea of a new kind of family built around Sam and Dean, with Cas, of course, as the closest. :) I love all the minor characters appearing and returning, as people they can rely on.

  • MarissaAO

    I found it odd to talk about Crowley being “one of the oldest villains on the show” when Meg beats him out by four seasons. And where is Meg this season? 

  • Laura Sproge

    @Claramarie Agreed. I would watch it for as long as they would show it! ;)

  • Violeta_Lange

    omg! “the brothers only fans” are so annoying! always bashing other characters and fans! STOP WITH THE HATE! 

  • Reyhan

    This season I really enjoyed the Benny storyline, I want more of that. And more Castiel. Misha Collins is an amazing actor and Castiel is one the best characters ever written.

  • Heather Vincent

     It’s unnecessary to use slandering terms and mock a character just because you dislike him. It does not make for a good, logical argument and waters down what you were even trying to say. I completely disagree with this perspective, but you are welcome to your opinion and I respect it, so please choose your words more carefully.

  • defector

    Did I read that correctly, they are bringing Jody Mills back?! Yay to that!

  • Heather Vincent

    These responses are insulting. It is a show for everyone, fans will be fans of Supernatural for whatever they choose – everyone will have their different preference and perspective. If the show does not go the way you have laid it out, please go back and read your responses to others. You don’t like the character, fine – don’t attack other fans. We are passionate about the show because we love it, please don’t turn the passion into a bashing party.

  • Sarah83

    Very excited for a ninth season. I hope we get to see more of all our favourite characters (Castiel and Charlie especially!).

  • Violeta_Lange

    By the way I’m loving season gr8, and of course I hope spn writers continue developing Sam and Dean characters, and exploring their relationship with other characters, like Castiel, Kevin, Benny, Garth, Amelia (please don’t get rid of her just for the haters), etc 
    The Supernatural world you created have so much potential, don’t limit the show.
    keep going with the good work!

  • Alexis

    I’d like to see an ensemble cast in season 9, the show is not just about Sam and Dean anymore (if it ever was), it’s time for SPN to grow and let other characters shine. Hoping for more Team Free Will in season 9. Cas and his relationship with the boys (especially with Dean) have so much potential, there is still so much to be explored, please don’t let it go to waste.

  • Anjali Alahakoon

    Castiel as back up..seriously is that all castiel is to supernatural? And you don’t know how to use him# because he’s so powerful# winchester bros can’t be heroes with him around. You gotta be kidding with me. There are plenty of ways to solve this & to keep every fan happy. There are lots of people who adore castiel. Who consider Cas as the third main character. Who watch the show only because of him. All I’m saying we want more Cas. The things he added to the show are amazing. If you guys really don’t know how to use him, read some fan fictions.Get some ideas. Some of them are awesome. We love supernatural writers. u guys are really cool & u are doing a great job. But guys there are ways u can give us castiel and make Dean and Sam heroes at the end of the day.  It’s a win win situation. Every fan will go to sleep with a happy mood.  
    And to all the Castiel haters. I really have no clue why u guys hate him. And I don’t give a cr*p  about it either.. But you do know that Sam & Dean can’t be forever alone right. They are normal human beings. They need friends and relationships. And a friendly reminder, Dean and Cas have a PROFOUND BOND. So no matter how much u haters hate it, the writers aren’t silly enough to write Cas off. So s*ck it up loosers. Cas will be there. May be not as much as I want him to be. But he’ll be there.

  • Anjali Alahakoon

    Castiel as back up..seriously is that all castiel is to supernatural? And you don’t know how to use him# because he’s so powerful# winchester bros can’t be heroes with him around. You gotta be kidding with me. There are plenty of ways to solve this & to keep every fan happy. There are lots of people who adore castiel. Who consider Cas as the third main character. Who watch the show only because of him. All I’m saying we want more Cas. The things he added to the show are amazing. If you guys really don’t know how to use him, read some fan fictions.Get some ideas. Some of them are awesome. We love supernatural writers. u guys are really cool & u are doing a great job. But guys there are ways u can give us castiel and make Dean and Sam heroes at the end of the day.  It’s a win win situation. Every fan will go to sleep with a happy mood.  
    And to all the Castiel haters. I really have no clue why u guys hate him. And I don’t give a cr*p  about it either.. But you do know that Sam & Dean can’t be forever alone right. They are normal human beings. They need friends and relationships. And a friendly reminder, Dean and Cas have a PROFOUND BOND. So no matter how much u haters hate it, the writers aren’t silly enough to write Cas off. So s*ck it up loosers. Cas will be there. May be not as much as I want him to be. But he’ll be there.

  • Violeta_Lange

    I agree with you!
    My favourite character is Dean but I´m always worried about Cas, and his storyline makes me really sad… it’s so unfair how the show has treated this beloved character last seasons. 

  • mom4supes

    I agree with Violeta.  No limits, if you feel a limit then something needs to be pushed.  I love all the “third wheels” as Mr. Singer so eloquently described the supporting cast of characters.   

    I want Sam and Dean to interact with characters. Heck, twitter was a flurry with talks of keeping the Golem around, a brand new creation.  I think many fans are desperate to see the brothers interact with anyone or anything.  Yes, the brothers are core but their interplay is only truly seen with their interaction with other established characters.

    Honestly, I don’t idenitify with Dean and Sam, they are too smart, too strong and too good looking. I identify with the trench coat wearing tossled hair accountant and the LARPING computer nerd.  ANd Becky!  And Kevin!  And Mrs. Tran, especially Mrs. Tran as I have two boys.

    Use this rich tapestry of characters that have threads running long and short and continue to weave amazing stories.  Push the limits.  Change things up, but keep those third wheels around. And take the challenge.  Whedon did and, heaven help us, we got Spike.  He still wins many of the polls out there as most popular vampire ever.  (I love you too Angel. I do!) 


  • Violeta_Lange


  • Sara

    I don’t remember that happening.

  • Samantha Smith

    Saying Cas should be off the show because he is overpowered is like saying Spock shouldn’t be on Star Trek because he is too smart and powerful and can just Vulcan pinch every threat. Or that Hermione was too powerful a witch and took away from Harry’s storyline. It’s ridiculous.

    That being said, I LOOOVE this season. I’m looking forward to Cas’s return but I’m also enjoying the brother relationship, which feels much more genuine to me now after being dulled in season 7. Good work writers! Also love Charlie, Kevin, and Jody Mills (who I hope makes a return). And Bobby. And Gabriel.

  • Sara

    Castiel’s fanbase is huge. Like, scary huge. I should know, I consider myself part of it. I think I speak for all fans of Castiel when I say that we want more of him, in any way we can get it. 

  • Amber

    I agree with all of this to an epic extent.

    Except the part about Garth. Garth needs more love.

  • Amber


  • Guest

    The show is one of the best things i have ever seen! thank you to all involved, for putting together such a wonderful creation

  • Amber

    Well, then what do you suggest? Killing him? The show would lose at least a third of its fanbase, if not more.

  • Tyler

    So much good stuff in this article. I love Sam and Dean more than words can say, they have such a beautiful relationship and I’m so happy that you great writers love those two bros as much as we the fans do. :)

    Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts and can’t wait to see what happens next in this epic love story of Sam and Deans’. ;D

  • Dina

    It’s been proven time and time again that Cas being around doesn’t affect the ratings at all. How about you stop trying to use that uninformed and untrue line?  

  • Nina

    So far I haven’t seen any comments hating on Cas, only endless of comments screaming about how they love him, want more of him and Destiel etc. You guys really are incredible one-note and annoying.

  • Nina

    Dean broke by losing Cas and Benny?? 

    …Okay dude, you are clearly not watching the same Supernatural as me. 

  • Tuesdayawest

    I like what they had to say about Cas, Dean, and Sam’s relationship.  ALL FOR TEAM FREE WILL! 

  • Kristýna Vinklerová

    Sam and Dean are great. I love them, they’re the reason I fell in love with Supernatural in the first place but I’m so glad, they’re keeping the side characters and making SPN universe grow! In S7 they killed nearly everyone and it were just the brothers being miserable, driving around in the Impala and then not even the Impala but some different cars every ep. So many characters I love were gone and the boys were so sad, broken and miserable…. I didn’t even enjoy watching it. So I’m glad that the boys now have other persons they care about (it doesn’t cheapen they bortherly bond at all!) and can be happy.
    I hope the writers will brainstorm a bit and solve how to keep Cas in more episodes, without him solving (killing, healing,…) practically everything in matter of minutes. I miss him and Team Free Will so much.

  • Nina

    Word. Holy crap. o.O

  • Violeta_Lange

    Bobby’s death was terrible and completely unnecessary. Season7 was the worst season, I almost stop watching when they killed Cas so absurdly (godstiel and leviathanCas plot what a wasted potential omg) then we had a lot of boring episodes with just Sam and Dean, they felt like filler, and then they fucking killed Bobby… lol
    If Cas had not returned in the last episodes I would not be watching season 8.
    I hope they don’t repeat the same mistake :S

  • Nina

    I really really don’t get this either. I like the Cas dude enough, like I enjoy Kevin, Charlie, Jody and Bobby. The completely single minded and aggressive way that massive Cas fans behave is really really off putting. They should chill down.

  • M.

    I’d like to know what your point actually is? I’ve read back a lot and it’s not just here either. But either way we’re entitled to show our love of a character, and if we agree with that and want to put it in our own words, then I don’t see what the problem is. Cas and many other side characters are both popular and important to us and since pretty much everyone who ever gets too close to the brothers gets killed off in this show (be fair), it’s just a collective and harmless attempt to show that that’s not what we want.

  • Zora

    Castiel is awesome, he deserves respect, a better, steadier, role on the show, and for haters to stop harping on him like it’s your sole life duty. 

    Sam and Dean aren’t the core of the show, family is, and family don’t end with blood. Also pls, humanity is hardly a model of perfection. Besides, it’s not what you are that counts, it’s what you do. And so both Benny and Cas deserve to be a part of the family, they’ve done enough to warrant it, and don’t forget, the bros made mistakes too, nobody is perfect here, but they all have a potential for greatness, if only they’re allowed to grow. 

    And finally, de-powering Cas is not that hard at all, if that’s the problem (season five had a good thing going and then they powered him up again, so please don’t even with that). Making the monsters stronger isn’t that hard either, if Cas were to remain an angel. Just because they don’t want to try now, doesn’t mean I’ll stop supporting Cas and letting them know that if they did try to bring him in more, it would be very appreciated. It’s too great a potential to be wasted. 

  • Gjjjjhh

    I love Castiel, I want him to appear more frequently in the show

  • Nina

    Holy Christ, dude, I couldn’t disagree with you more. 

    “One side brotherly bond”??? What the hell and Sam and Dean are characters every bit as compelling together as Scully and Mulder. Sam and Dean Winchesters relationship will never ever be boring. Man. I’m so happy that I actually love to watch spn, love it’s premise and these two incredible brothers who fight, love and go to hell and back for each other. 

  • Brenna

    I see the batsignal has gone out to all the rabid Cas fans again. sigh

    Sorry about that guys, just ignore the crazies. They do this on every Supernatural article know no matter the subject.

    I love what you had to say about the different characters and of course Sam and Dean. Will look forward to watching your episode in the future. 

  • Cas!girl

    I love Sam and Dean, and I also love Castiel as well as Kevin, Benny, Charlie, Amelia, Crowley, Linda, Aaron and all of the other characters!! They are near and dear to my heart, and I hope they get to stick around.

  • leo

    Thanks for the great interview! :) I just want the writers to know they still have a lot of fans that love what they are doing and respect their opinions. I love hearing what they had to say on the different characters and they come off as a cool bunch of people with plenty of insight. Please ignore the haters :)

  • Paige Cicione

     I love Cas, I love what he adds to the show, and I hope he’s around much more in the future.

  • Lauren

    I love Castiel, wouldn’t still be watching the show without him, after 8 seasons if it were just Sam and Dean all the time I couldn’t keep watching, it would be too repetitive with the same old story line of them fighting, making up, saving each other then fighting again.

  • Nina

    My point is that you are talking about all this Cas hate, but there is none on here. You are only coming off as a liar and a really one-note one as well. 

  • justin

    I love Sam, he’s my favorite and I love that he’s getting to do the trial. He felt so weirdly OOC for the first half of the season and he hasn’t gotten to relate or spend that much time with the side characters like Cas and Charlie and Henry. Reading through the article though it seems like the writers have a good grasp of their characters so I’m hoping the second half of Season 8 will showcase a little more of Sam’s emotional POV. It looks like they all love the show as much as I do! Great article :)

  • Carter

    Supernatural is by far one of my favorite shows. I don’t connect with any of show so much as I do SPN, and I couldn’t be more pleased with it coming back for a 9th season. I just hope that they keep the unhealthy codependent brother stuff in the past and keep other characters around (especially Castiel!) Castiel, to me, is part of the family. Team Free Will should stick together until the end. 

  • Trickytrickster49

    I really like Supernatural and dean and sam Cas.

  • casgirl

    LOVE the show! I miss Cas a lot!!! Cas belongs with the boys, he’s part of the family. I really hope to see him more!!! Sure as hell the show wouldn’t be the same without him.

  • Peter Jor

    That’s just the way the fandom is. You have the same with fans who believe that Cas shouldn’t exist and they love to tell the show this in any article, over and over again. They care about the character, and they care about the people he interacts with. They don’t go on about running off other characters to make him more special.

  • Nicole Harris

    This is a great season- I love how Dean has been developed this season, and that the brothers have, since season 7, become more independent. I love them together- but I also love that they are becoming their own people and allowing each other that freedom. 

    I also find Castiel’s plot interesting- although I’d love a season where I don’t have to hope and pray he makes it to the next. He’s my favorite character, along with Sam and Dean of course. 

    I’m really looking forward to the next season!

  • Peter Jor

     Agreed. I’d like to see more Meg.

  • Peter Jor

     There’s no “proof” one way or another, other than the CW running a promo with “Welcome Back Cass,” which would suggest they thought he did impact ratings. All I know is that writing the character out so that Sam and Dean could have such amazing stories as Amy Pond, and “Sam’s head hurts, it hurts really bad, Lucifer is a meanie,” did not do much for ratings.

  • Peter Jor

     I was watching the Supernatural that had Dean looking distraught when Cas disappeared and when he told Benny they were done. And the one where Charlie was concerned about Dean’s demeanor and asked if he’d “broken up with” anyone. I took that to mean he was very upset about losing Cas and Benny. Those scenes had no other reason for existing.

  • Cammie

    I love Castiel
    He is so important to the show, more important than he gets credit for.
    Absolutely my favorite.

  • RJ

    Hoping to see more Castiel this and next season.  I will never understand why he isn’t a regular yet, he is my favorite character out of anything ever!  Hope you guys put him in a lot more next, and the remainder of this season.

    Also, me and many others are seeing a lot of solid hints at Dean’s bisexuality, and Dean and Castiel possibly being in a relationship.  I hope they are leading somewhere, and not just making someones sexuality the butt of a joke :)

  • justin

    You’re not really helping your argument that there is Cas hate if you keep on insisting on hating on Sam. There are far, far more comments here in this article that are pro-Cas than there is any criticism of him. Your overdefensiveness is really telling and your Sam-hate is disgusting. Sam and Dean can still have amazing stories with Cas in the story. None of the writers are saying they are going to write him out, in fact they ALL say they love him over and over again in twitter and in articles and yet you extreme fans keep harping on them about him. 

  • Brenna

    I haven’t seen anyone hating on Cas here? Neither in the article or in the comments? What are you even talking about?

  • HK

    Very interesting interview, thanks everyone.
    I’m always really glad to see how much the people involved in this show love to work on it, and especially the writers who definitely have one of the best playground ever, exactly because of all the potential – quasi infinite – of the universe of this story (yes I’m totally jealous let’s be honest hahaha).

    I’m a bit weirded out though on how everyone seem to still see Dean and Sam as “boys” (for instence, still boys in need of mentoring even if it’s not from Bobby anymore). What I especially love about this season is how it feels more mature, Dean’s characterization and development are really awesome especially, really happy about it. So I was hoping now they would be more often seen as the grouwn up men they are, and that they would finally be the one mentoring – or at least beginning – rather than the contrary. And what perfect occasion it is with Kevin Tran (who sure is awesome by himself but the big brother talks they had with him were great moments), but also maybe Charlie, and at least Castiel ! Because YES for a hunter (maybe almost human) Cas. He is now fully part of Dean’s familly, and having him still put aside is kind of astonishing.

    And let’s talk about it, how put aside he is, not only in the story but also by the medias. As I see that there is just one question about him here o_o Why is it still almost taboo to talk about him as the Third Man ? Isn’t it obvious that what mister Loflin was talking about, having feared to not find new things to write about in season 4 with only two main characters, had been avoided thanks to the wonderful addition of the angels and especially Castiel ? Isn’t it obvious that if this show is still going so strongly even in it’s 8th season (such an extra rare thing !) is thanks to the secondary characters that save the boredom that would be if it was all the time ONLY about Dean and Sam ? It is their relationship with other people (and what, not one comment about Amelia Richardson ? Is that how much she is cared about ? Maybe it is no wonder then that many fans have a hard time about her if they sensed even the writers didn’t believe in her… still it is a weird fact that there is no question about her in here, no time ?) and those people’s own stories too that make the story live. And you all said it Benny’s interactions with Dean were really great, refreshing, as well as Charlie’s story, and both Tran’s apparitions etc. REFRESHING so that we can endure the endless issues between the brothers, because even if it is normal for siblings to finght and have trusts and understanding issues, after a while it’s what we had in season 7 : a sort of hollow, a heavy and not that fun mood. And Supernatural even with it’s drama and gore and all, is also FUN show, and thank god we have this again this year.
    So I see that the writers do agree on the fact that it needed to be repopulated so they can play with new characters…. and then have people to kill. I’d just wish they don’t get all killed again because an other reset would be a big mistake in my opinion. Sure it’s SpN sure peopel die in itI’m okay with it, it wouldn’t be the show I love if it hasn’t it’s fair share of drama. But heroes without hope and without people to care about don’t exist. I really appreciated that it was said in the 8×14, they do have friends and families so : please stop forgetting that all of you writers but also journalists ? In any other show we would all bask in the glory of the diversity that offers an ensemble cast, and here we seem to be stagning, and even interviews that should be even more interesting – because direct questions to a group of writers, come on – will eventually get boring, because the essence of the informations we are getting is not that different from the other seasons after all.

    Anyway, yes I am glad with what is going on in the show, really. I think it’s honestly already my favorite season. I’m glad to hear about such passionate monster-and-myth lovers having fun writing on the show. I just would like to see more REAL interest to the rest of the cast by the medias (and publicists too by te way) and some respect towards the fans of those secondary characters, as well as the definite recognition of Castiel’s importance. 
    Sam and Dean aren’t kids anymore, they are not all alone since a long time, and everybody – medias included – would beneficiate on the existance of an ensemble cast. More imorptant characters means more stories to tell, a cast composed by women and people of colour and youngers actors around the THREE main guys will just bring more viewers, more interest in internet articles too even. The Winchesters brothers and friends encountering more shapeshifters, dragons, ghosts, demons and angels, gods, vamps etc… and THEN why would this show even ends ? Yes to the infinite and beyond, but we all have to get now that the show can’t stay the same anymore. The Batcave is huge, use it ! ;)

  • Sierra Crane

    Bring Cas back for more episodes in Season 9! I love the brothers, but I also love Cas and the show is richer when he’s around and is given a story to tell, and the chance to interact with the brothers.

  • Juli

    Well you should check the last episode then, since Sam basically spelled it for Dean after all. Or some of the older ones in wich Dean outright tells Cas that he is like his family, even in this season every time he’s got the chance. 

    He, Bobby and Sam are the only ones he ever cares to talk about *feelings* and not onlyu on his end but theirs too. He has been obviously worried about him this season. But he is not the only one, only the closest to him. Sam too always belived in Cas even after the whole deal with Crowley was revealed.

    And Cas cares about both ofthen in return. He wouldn’t have bothered risking his lifethreatening Lucifer away from Sam, binging him back from the cage, nor taking up his madness otherwise. And we all know all he does for Dean so why bother spelling it like I’m Sam myself.

  • Holly Candler

    The show is primarily about the brothers, but it wouldn’t still be around without the amazing cast of supporting characters we’ve had. Don’t continue to dangle the fates of characters like Castiel, Kevin, etc. over our heads for ratings. My favorite characters are always in jeopardy of never being heard from again, and it gets irritating. “Family don’t end with blood.”

  • Hermits4wmen

    I’m so glad they brought Castiel back. He certainly brings color and weight to the show. Misha Collins is a great actor. The character brings the focus off the brothers being so co-dependent. I would love some more happiness for those two, though!

  • Shiizuko

     Let me kiss you.

  • Mari

    They might be the main characters but do you think the show would have survived this long with them as the only focus and no further exploration of their world myths??

    As someone already pointed out this show is about family blood related or otherwise. I doubt anyone here has anything to say against Bobby being a parent figure for the boys and even he recognized Cas importance in their group and worried when Dean lost the best friend he ever had (hey, his words not mine).

  • caleb

    What hints?

  • Juli

    “He is just kept for fan service and that’s sad, in my opinion.” … I don’t even know how to star describe all that’s bad about that frase. Yes, he started as an terrifed force of heaven and along the way he changed as is bound to happen due character growth. And despite being saldy mistreated by the writers over and over he never stopped being an awesome character.

  • Gina

    I don’t get the fuss about Cas. For me he’s boring but if he has to be there then give him some scenes with Sam too. It doesn’t make sense that they don’t speak and it just seems to be unbalanced. Cas broke his wall and nearly killled him, and he barely gives a damn about Sam or show any concern for him. It makes him look like a horrible “supposed” friend. If Cas is going to act like Sam doesn’t exist then he needs to be the one to disappear and let the brothers be. Sam needs someone to care about him, he has hardly any one outside of Dean and way too isolated.

  • Serenity

    Thank you for the article. It’s great to get some perspective from the writers. I would like to see the writers come up with some interesting and creative story lines for Castiel instead of just not writing him into the show because it is a little more challenging. He is an integral part of SPN. Please don’t discount his importance.

  • LeahRose

    So excited!  You know what would make a LOT of fans happy?  Destiel happening.  Just saying…

  • serpentsheart

    Cas is not more integral than other secondary characters.  The rising ratings and good reviews these past few episodes without him prove it. Cas is not needed. The focus on SamnDean worked for the first three years before Cas ever appeared and it works now. Many fans were so happy about the writers returning to the core of the show. I hope it stays that way.

  • serpentsheart

    Keep Destiel to fanfic, like Wincest is kept to fanfic. Making them canon would ruin the show. It’s not a soap opera.

  • C.

    I think I’m one of the few people who posted about not liking Amelia. Most people didn’t mention her at all. Just wanted to clarify that I didn’t say I hated Amelia (and I like the actress), but the character annoys me. They managed to show her being bitchy to Sam (forcing him to take the dog, telling him he was a creeper because he buys his clothes at Good Will, etc.) but showed little that was redeeming. I think the strongest thing she said, prior to Torn and Frayed (when she said that against everything she believed in, she’d be with him – and isn’t that the basis for a healthy relationship?) was that she liked him. Oh boy! Couldn’t figure out what he saw in her, didn’t see any chemistry, and I think he deserves better. That’s where the annoyance comes from. I’d prefer a new, more supportive character as a love interest. Hope that helps, and apologies if you sincerely like the character. People like different things.

  • NoThisIsMyHappyDance

    I *love* Supernatural, love Season 8, love the brothers, and I love Castiel, too. In fact, Cas is my favorite character. I really hope the second half of the season and Season 9 features more Cas (looking at you, contracts department!). The TeamFreeWill dynamic is so entertaining, and Cas’s relationship with both brothers holds great potential for character development for all three. And, yeah, I’d like to see the show go there romantically btw Dean-Cas b/c it would be really unique in television and so gutsy. Not too mention rich for maturing the brothers. And there’s many, many, many of us out there who feel this way.  :-) 

  • Majulietaduarte

    I wanted to reply to your comment and ended up likim it by mistake :/ 

    Don’t get me wrong, we all have our favourites but from where do you get that Peter Jor is a Sam hater? That
    comment was only a complain on how some fans treat the writers when they don’t
    get what they want and then tell every other fans there are mistreating them
    when their opinions differ.

  • Shaylaaguila

    I lovSupernatural with a passion. The plots so far have been amazing and its crazy how they still make up new types of monsters after so many years. The only thg i dont like is that in season 8 Castiel really isnt in it as much as people want him to be. You cant just make him one of the major characters and then push him off to the side for almost 10 episodes..

  • Victoria

    Hoping to see a stronger Castiel presence next season. I really want to see him cemented as a main character, because that’s what he is, he’s family, he’s a friend, the brothers have said so themselves. I love Misha and Cas and need to see more of them. :)

  • Alexis

    I’m sorry, I seem to recall there being romance on Supernatural before, but I don’t remember it ever turning into a soap opera. And why is it a soap only when it’s Dean and Cas, not Dean or Sam with a woman? And why compare Destiel to Wincest?

  • Alexis

    Loving the Cas support, I realize he’s a challenge to write, but he’s worth it!

  • Alexis

    Sam chose not to have anyone outside of Dean (he left Amelia and ordered Dean to let Benny go after all) and all Dean does is care about him anyway. And Cas apologized, if Sam and Dean forgave him, why can’t you?
    How is Cas acting like Sam doesn’t exist?
    Anyway I agree that Sam and Cas should have more scenes together.

  • Alexis

    @HK *standing ovation*

  • Alexis

    @ Peter Jor re: ratings
    I’m not sure if that counts as proof, but maybe the fact that Cas often comes back in the episode after a long hiatus (8×10 and in March 8×17) might suggest the crew/writers think he has a positive impact on ratings?

  • Peter Jor

     The last episode has pretty much been panned, although I want the ratings to stay good, so I hope that won’t show in the numbers. But episodes like last night remind me of just how much I miss Cas. They even used some of the core of the Dean and Cas relationship (“unbreakable bond”).

  • Peter Jor

    Cas sacrificed himself to make up for what he did to Sam. Cas also nearly killed himself in season 5 to stop Anna from preventing Sam’s birth. They don’t have a lot of scenes together but Cas barely has scenes with anyone, as he’s barely on the show.

  • Peter Jor

     I’m not hating on Sam. I’m hating on his stories. His stories often suck. That’s not Sam’s fault. I love what Sam could be. I loved Sam in the first few seasons. In episodes like the golem episode, I loved him. But what I’m saying is there is this idea that if you take Cas away, then everything for Dean and Sam magically goes back to the fantasy land of seasons 1-3, and it’s all brother bond perfection. I don’t believe that’s true. It won’t be true until Sam’s stories improve. If I hated Sam I’d say PLEASE keep writing stories where he is sick and has head pains and Dean apologizes to him…everyone loves those!

    The writers barely mention Cas in any interviews. When they do, it’s about what a burden he is to write.

  • Peter Jor

    Very possibly, yes. If they work harder on the quality of those episodes this will also help ratings. 

  • heidi

    my favourite TV show
    thanks for the article

  • Kristýna Vinklerová

     Wow, perfect comment is perfect.

  • Chiron00

    Why should Destiel be kept to fanfic?

    Please, give me one **legitimate** reason why the idea that 2 EXTREMELY close friends whose relationship already has many romantic overtones should not potentially progress to a more overtly romantic one. I’ll wait.

    Unlike Sam and Dean, who are brothers, Dean and Cas are just 2 guys (sort of). There is no reason that the possibility of them becoming more than friends should be shunned and banished to annals of the taboo. Unless of course…

    Basically, I’m saying, stow your poorly masquerading BS. Dean/Lisa and Sam/Amelia were both romantic story lines – not to mention many other romances that happened on the show and NEVER has the show become a soap opera.

  • Alexis

    Agreed, hopefully 8×17 will be superior to 8×10. And hopefully, Cas won’t be MIA by the end of the episode.

  • casgirlalltheway

    I love Supernatural! I love the dynamics of Team Free Will, and how Dean has accepted Cas into their dysfunctional little family! I can’t wait ’till he comes back in the episodes! Season GR8 indeed! 

  • poptart_of_doom

    i think it has more to do with how castiel is used. castiel is generally only used to move plot/story/arcs/etc forward. meaning he isn’t brought out unless stuff is happening, going to happen, needs to be set up to happen in the future.

    castiel comes back after long hiatuses because castiel isn’t used in filler episodes and post hiatus episodes are usually conclusions to cliffhangers, which generally also include his character in some capacity. 

    unlike say, bobby for example, his character isn’t spread out across the season in “casual” situations that allow for him to be used in non-high tension episodes. the closest we’ve seen of something like that was in season 5. 

    so personally i don’t think it has to do with ratings. no character, be it castiel or charlie or garth or whomever, really affects spn’s ratings either way since spn’s ratings are less affected by casual views than most other shows. spn is held up by the same basic number of folks that have been around for years, be it from the pilot or whenever they started. arrow has allowed for a slight increase in viewers but the overall rise and fall of ratings per episode is negligible.

    a .09 gain or loss can’t really be attributed to castiel any more than it can be attributed to a “focus on the brothers~”. it could be anything from progression of story, what wasn’t on on other channels (reruns across the board lead to more channel surfing), a strong lead in episode, to a increase in views due to a well publicized article.

  • CasFan

    I’m sorry, but I think this comment is just extremely rude. “Just ignore the crazies”  Really? So we’re crazy because we care about a fictional character that these awesome writers have all helped to bring to life through their scripts? We’re crazy and should be ignored and apologized for because we dare to say that we’re disappointed by something or that we want to see more of Castiel or expressing our appreciation for the character? 

    I have seen very few comments here that were rude or disparaging towards the writers or about any other characters. I’ve seen very few comments that could be considered hateful or mean at all. So I’m just trying to understand why the ‘batsignal’ going out to the ‘rabid’ Cas fans merits this kind of rude response from you. I’m sorry if the amount of fans that love Castiel bothers you, but there is nothing wrong with having a favorite character and there is nothing wrong with us showing up to express our appreciation for that character and our hope that we’ll see more of him, not as long as those comments are presented in a polite and civilized manner, which as I stated the majority of the comments are. 
    If the writers were to ‘ignore’ anyone (which I know they don’t ignore any of the fans and are as kind and considerate to all SPN fans as they can be because they are just amazing people that way) but if they were to ‘ignore’ anyone then I would hope it would be the fans that are rude or disparaging to not only the writers, characters, actors, but also the ones that take that attitude towards other fans. 

  • Guest

    Perfect Response is Perfect. :) 

  • Catey Patterson

    I love the progression of the show this year an support and live everything you guys do. Your all amazing wonderful people and you give me something to look forward too every week. I love Dean (Jensen ackles) Sam (Jared Padaleki) and of course you can’t leave out Cass (Misha Collins). I don’t even know if you will read this but I want you to know that you should worry yourself with angry comments made towards your previous decisions or future ones for that matter. You are all wonderfully talented people and have millions and millions of fans. So dont let the opinions of a few affect you all. Thank you all for writing a great show and thank you Jensen, Jared, and most of all thank you Misha for being fantastic actors and wonderfully genuine people towards the fan base. We love you all and I look forward to what the future holds for Dean Cas and Sam.

    Yours Truely,
    Catherine Patterson

  • Catey Patterson

    I just wanted to add that I have read the previous comments and am saddened that people are using this opportunity to express anger and hatred. This isn’t why the writers did this. I’m sure they don’t want to hear about how you hate the characters that they have painstakingly created together. And Im sure they don’t appreciate the fact that some of you are harshly scrutinizing their decisions and the direction in which they are taking the show. It’s there baby dont tell them how much you hate anything about it. We should trust what they are doing is right and enjoy it. And well, if you don’t then keep it to yourself and just don’t watch. But please I beg of you stop berating the writers and especially stop berating other fans. We all have, and entitled to our opinions. The least you can do as an equal human being is respect that.
    Thank you all
    Catherine Patterson

  • Also sad

    You lost me when you said that people should trust the writers or keep it to themselves. You’re right that some comments were hateful, and that’s unnecessary and hurtful, but you went beyond that and said we all should just enjoy the show or be quiet. Most comments were not hateful, even if they weren’t 100% positive. They just expressed opinions, such as wanting more of or less of Cas, liking or not liking the brother bond as the main focus, or expressing feelings about various characters such as Garth. I would hate to see those opinions shut out.
    I agree that the show belongs to the show’s creators and writers, and it’s their story to tell. At the same time, they don’t exist in a vacuum. They are creating something for us. Hopefully we like it, but maybe we won’t. Shows come and go on that basis. Supernatural writers are obviously doing something right, since this is its eighth season!

    They don’t exist in a vacuum, though, as I said, and the comment section is an opening for discussion among the fans of the show. It was great for the writers to tell us about how they think, about the fun they have together, and about things like the writers’ rotation that show how they get the job done. If the writers read responses to that information, some of the more thoughtful comments – even if they say something other than ‘I love Supernatural  completely and without reservation’ – could interest them. I know I picked up some new perspectives from the not-hateful discussions. Assuming opinions are expressed politely, and without a sense of entitlement (as if the person expressing an opinion is owed obedience by the writers), then I disagree that people should limit themselves to obsequiousness.

  • Amy Janes

    OMG, OK, that bit about the heart/body?  BEST RESPONSE EVER.  Thank you.  :D

  • Sandra

    Dean/Cas is not gonna happen. Nah, Dean loves women. Period.

  • Sandra

    I love Cas, I loved Chuck and the Angels and prophets. Kevin is good too. I want to see more of Naomi. But the Bunker of Men of Letters is freaking AWESOME! so I want to see more of that, and see Sam move more toward being a Man of Letters and Dean more Director of Hunting. Supernatural is crazy good this season and teetering on the edge of super awesome. 

    Supernatural has opened so many doors and so much good writing, I just hope they can keep the fresh angles on supernatural events coming. 

    There are whole pantheon of gods from many native people, like the Orishas of the Yoruba people in Nigeria, and many others. They can go more international, opening up the whole Men of Letters phenomenon along the way. The Thule Society is sure to offer a good deal of villany for the Winchesters to go against. Lots of good material for more Supernatural episodes. 

  • Leslie

    Thank you writers for bringing back the brotherly love that lies at the heart and soul of this series.  I’m a huge fan of Dean, Sam and Castiel and I’m open to any and all ships that fans want to have but taking a break from all of the Sam and Dean angst is a welcome relief to a majority of fans and while I’m eagerly anticipating Castiel’s return, this show is about the Winchesters and I want their bond restored to it’s early season glory.  Their love story is what drives this show and it’s what keeps me tuning in.  

  • RaygunnerDown

    Wait–Sam as a girl?–say again? Did I hear that right?

  • K.W.

    “He should have been gone a long time ago like other supporting characters.”
    What other characters should go? The writers can’t just kill every character besides Sam and Dean. I know a lot of people who are thrilled with the supporting cast and feel that it really adds to the show, rather than just going through the same motions between the brothers. And keeping Castiel just for fan service? I highly doubt that’s the reason. The writers have killed off many well-loved long-standing characters (see: Bobby), I don’t think they’d have a problem killing off Castiel if they truly wanted to. Besides, Jeremy Carver is a huge fan of Castiel, and they’ve introduced a new and compelling plotline for him this season. Even if he’s only a supporting character, Castiel drives a lot of the drama in Supernatural and he’s a truly complex, interesting character, even if (or maybe especially because) he’s different than he was in season 4 and 5. His character was not handled especially well in season 6 and 7, in my opinion, but I don’t think that he’s exhausted or disinteresting; they’re finally doing some justice to him. The show needs supporting characters like Castiel to play with new dynamics.

  • Aozora

    ” As writers we want to know more. We just love writing for those two guys and seeing where they’re going to end up”

    Yep, we want that too, THOSE TWO GUYS please.

  • womenontheceiling

    I’m really glad to hear that the show’s strength from previous seasons is going to continue but it would be great if the creators could address the problem of a lack of female representation in the show. With the departure of characters like Bobby, there was room for more female presence besides just Charlie and yet the show has consistently back-seated any female characters. From season one on, most any interesting or capable females have either disappeared, been written into ‘girlfriend’ roles, or killed off. Supernatural creators may have a tried and true method for their show, but the show could only benefit from the inclusion of a reoccurring female character that ISN’T just a girlfriend – preferably one that could survive more than a single season.