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Weisman Leaves Young Justice Threads Dangling, Hopes For Return

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Although the fate of Cartoon Network’s Young Justice is pretty clear, producer Greg Weisman doesn’t appear to be closing the door to the possibility of more episodes, even after the show’s second, and presumably last, season comes to a close this spring.

Talking to The World’s Finest fan site about the final issue of his Young Justice comic series, which arrives Wednesday, Weisman said, “I’m not writing an epitaph here. But the nature of the business is that you never know if you’re going to be picked up for more episodes or issues. So whether it’s Captain Atom, Gargoyles, W.I.T.C.H., The Spectacular Spider-Man or Young Justice, I always try to end each season or run at a good place to stop, with what I like to call open-ended closure. So with the Young Justice book and show, Brandon [Vietti] and I tied up enough threads that the audience/reader can feel satisfied, but we’ve left some questions unanswered, some threads dangling intentionally, so that we have the chance to come back. And I would love to come back to this world, these characters. Believe me.”

That may come as some comfort to fans, who learned late last month that Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series won’t be returning in the fall to DC Nation. Instead the Cartoon Network programming block will debut Teen Titans Go! in April and Beware the Batman in the summer.

DC Nation airs Saturdays at 10 a.m. ET/PT on Cartoon Network.


  • Paul Moses

    It’s really a well done show.  BUY THE DVD SETS.  Give them as gifts.  Strong sales might resurrect the show.  It’s happened before.

  • Guest

    The way I read this, this will be one of those shows that never get resolved. Sad…

  • Mississippi Gary

    Paul Moses is right. Buy the dvd sets and the numbers will tell Cartoon Network what-for.

    If they don’t bring it back, I’d love it if they did DC Animated features to continue on with the property.

  • James Hannan

    If it can not be renewed for another season, then they should make TV movie specials of it, or at least DVD movies just as long we get to see more of Young Justice.

  • Saladin212

    Weisman did the same thing with Gargoyles… and we were stuck with a REALLY crappy third season, and no Season 2 DVD as a result.  Good strategy, just hope it works this time.

  • Chris Beveridge

    I’ve been watching it in high definition. why would I buy DVDs? I’d love to own both seasons of young justice and the GLTAS series as well. But I have no interest in paying for a standard definition release of something I saw in high definition.

  • Jesse321

    Good luck to the new DC Nation block, because I SURE AS HELL won’t be watching it!! 

  • Gospel X

    You make a good point. Where are the Blu-rays? However, if you want to support the HD version of the show, you can buy the episodes individually from Amazon and probably iTunes.

  • ComicGeek

    I removed it from my DVR and stopped watching it as soon as I heard it was cancelled. If CN can abandon it so can I.

  • Mabasploom

    Greg Weisman is surely becoming the Joss Whedon of Cartoons. Great shows well ahead of their time, with really engaging characters, that Network Executives just can’t grasp until it is way too late.

  • James Bellanca

     If you want the in 1080p HD, just buy them from iTunes.  They’re up there – I’m subscribed.

  • ATK

     The only real crappy thing about Gargoyles Season 3 was the opening credits.

  • Evan Meadow

    I hate when people do this the “We’re purposely leaving things unanswered because we essentially want to blackmail the studios into finding a way for us to continue due to hopeful fan demand”. It rarely works. And it just feels like an ugly move from the EP, especially it being Weisman who’s seen this happen time and time again especially on his shows so he should know better.

    Granted WB Animation could do the smart thing and let Young Justice continue as part of their Direct to DVD/Blu series and have a new movie maybe once a year/2 years but that requires them to realize we’re very angry about this. And online petitions and presumably a somewhat testy mob at SDCC I don’t think they’re going to take into consideration.Like said above, buy the DVD sets.

  • Joseph

    It’s not going to come back; Cartoon Network doesn’t give a damn whether or not all the plotlines are resolved.  Also, while I loved the first season, I have to say I have grown tired of the Invasion storyline.  It’s gone on way too long for my tastes, and the Reach are not interesting enough as villains to hold my interest. 

  • syvyn11

    CN should give Young Justice a third 13 episode season of stand-alone episodes.  If they were smart.  But since CN is owned by WB, and they are the same idiots who made Dan DiDio DC Prez, it’s a lost cause.

  • Roark73

    best written, most tightly composed and intricate dc show to date. SO SAD to see it go.

  • Brian from Canada

    Cartoon Network is just idiotic. Young Justice should be kept as a filler for when Titans Go! and Beware The Batman go into the inevitable months of reruns… something that is the REAL cause of low ratings, not toy sales.

  • GC001


    There’s little point in getting most TV animation on Blu ray.
    The detail in most TV animation doesn’t warrant it and progression scan/scale should be fine for most period TV animation.

    Blu ray will help with finer detail in animated features and anime which tends to be more detail oriented (at the cost of actual motion) than most American-designed TV animation.  However, just about any source material done for HD will look better because of the higher-bandwidth of Blu ray — in other words, colors will look better even on standard-def TV sets.  SD-quality video is not going to benefit from BD other than the fact that you pack more SD on a Blu ray disc than DVD.  Upscales of SD-video are generally not as good as native-HD video.

    I don’t think sales on previous Blu ray releases of Justice League have been great which makes the releases long between.  I think it was around 4 years between Season 1 and Season 2 of JL on Blu ray?  Most of us have this stuff already on DVD and it’s hard to justify buying it again so soon. 

    There’s also the fact that WB treats animated product often like stepchildren.  For instance, I love Looney Tunes and the original Tom & Jerry shorts but I have to admit I’m ticked at WB for the way they’ve handled their classic feature animation and the Golden Age shorts in the past.  The DVD releases were flawed and too often you had to go back and talk to WB reps to get corrected discs.  I just don’t feel like “rewarding” such a company by buying a product (again!) that they never bothered to do right in the first place!

    Before all the Looney Tunes and MGM shorts were brought under the WB home video umbrella, Turner Entertainment (of all companies!) did a smashing job releasing much of the classic animation it owned on home video in spectacular laserdisc sets — without purposely editing any shorts OR doing the usual PC “prep talk” intros that WB forced onto a few DVD releases of some the same material.  We also got ALL the Tex Avery MGM shorts unedited on laserdisc.  WB has YET to touch those shorts and release them in a quality collection and they’ll probably be too chicken-hearted to release them all on disc.

    P.S. — I’m amazing Batman: Mask of the Phantasm hasn’t been remastered for Blu ray release.  It’s still by far better than most of the more recent DC direct-to-video films and still ranks as one of the better Batman animated films if not among the best film adaptations of Batman, period.  Instead, we get releases of Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker and Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman on BD first????

  • the Dagman

    And we lose this gem for yet another Batman cartoon and the creepy Teen Titians GO? Can’t we have something other than Batman? Why not a Flash cartoon for a change? Or Wonder Woman? Or go out of the box, like maybe Metal Men or a time traveling Booster Gold? But Batman again? This is what, the fourth(?) Batman centric series of the past 20 years? Give him a rest!

  • clockstomper

    It’s not getting a resurrection, Cartoon Network treats their licensed shows like crap. I’m not really a fan of the way Weisman leaves threads dangling, so many of his shows are left unresolved and he never seems to have an end in sight for them.

  • Luedvic

    Why does Cartoon Network prematurely end all of my favorite shows?

  •!/ David R. Schmitt

    Young Justice, Green Lantern, Thundercats, Avengers, Tron:Uprising. How quickly we were in a new golden age of superhero (or like) animation only to have doors repeatedly close in our faces.
     I ask Warner Bros. Why? Why should I invest in the Teen Titans and new Batman show when you could very well pull the plug on them next year? Sorry. Finish what you started then I’ll try your new shows. 

  • Braaainz

    and Tron Uprising is most likely cancelled too. Damn, it is so frustrating to have shows pulled out from under you before they have a chance to finish their story arcs.

  • Cortney Akana

     That’s something I’ve been saying lately, especially when you consider how this current comic book/superhero craze is the best time for them to introduce or spotlight some of their lesser famous maybe even minority heroes.

  • Cortney Akana

    From what I heard besides their obsession with how much they can make off of merchandising, Cartoon Network has a tendency to pay for a certain amount of episodes of a show just to be able to run it in syndication without not have to pay for anymore new episodes.

  • Matthew Lane

    Nothing will save this series, unfortunately.

    As muc as i wish it wasn’t so, it is. I love Young Justice, but i refuse to be like those City of Heroes players who after the cancellation of there game were still talking about how it could be saved.

  • saya4haji

    they are replacing this amazing series with a pointless and narrow audience focused, child driven ‘chibi’ teen titan show. What in under god are they thinking. I won’t be watching bobble headed teen titans rampage through weightless episodes and I am already on the fence about beware the batman. it looks like a very poor computer game for xbox. *sigh* bring back the justice league and young justice I say.

  • ChrisC

    It’s hands down the best superhero animation ever done.  Fantastic characters, plotline and art.  Not only that but it’s original storyline using many characters we were familiar with but with a slight twist.  The entire DC Nation set was actually quite excellent and CN is throwing away having legacy programming that will be remembered for many years in order to deliver forgettable drivel.  

  • Zerosisscar


  • just a hopeful teen titans fan

    please don’t show teen titans go. i have seen some of the episodes and I was disappointed because i’ve seen the original and they should finish that before they post anything any new teen titans stuff. That way the show can rest in peace and the fans can be satisfied

  • JohnCuriel

    I sure hope Superboy evolves (in other gets stronger)! at the very last epsode of the series and also Darkseid needs to appear!!

  • GamerSlyRatchet

    They had a kickass comic book continuation. Definitely recommend it.

  • GamerSlyRatchet

    Nah, season three was pretty terrible all around.

  • GamerSlyRatchet

    Except YJ didn’t even have low ratings. It was the toys that didn’t sell.

  • TINY

    Best damn cartoon on TV! BRING IT BACK! I cant stand that goofy TeenTitans crap!

  • 2 shockey

    i wouldn’t say best but it is in the top five without a doubt (Batman tas,Justice league,Dbz,Avatar,YJ) but I agree with you 100 percent and each character  had there own story and actually play a key role or had there own uniqueness to them even side characters Cartoon network makeing a big mistake

  • Yjfan819

    Best cartoon since Avatar really. It sucks that even though I loved Teen Titans I can’t even be excited for the reboot with it being all comedy.

  • Erinnabila

    I just finished watching to the latest one and I’m like this show cannot end this way its to cruel T.T

  • Tophman

    Leaves threads dangling on purpose to get a renewal… yeesh. Like folks have pointed out… when has that ever worked for cancelled series? –okay maybe one in twenty (Farscape, Jericho –and these where mftv movies or short-lived resurrections at best).

    *sigh* … to think that I thought CN was taking DC Nation to new heights… at least it was great while it lasted.

    As for the poor showing on the merchandising end? They could’ve made YJ maquettes or mini statues…. I’d definitely pick them up.

  • Joshua Robinson

    I just saw the last episode of Young Justice: Invasion. Unexpected awesomeness. Because of the series ending, I became a believer of the “Weisman curse.” After reading this, I had hope! Hopefully, Greg and Brandon will come back to Young Justice. With the aforementioned “unanswered questions and dangling threads” that were left behind, I would love to see the show airing new episodes again; just to see what they would do with the series. I hope they come back and find a way to bring back Wally. It’s also about time Black Lightning and Static Shock teamed-up.

  • Joshua Robinson

    Young Justice was literally my only reason for even watching Cartoon Network. I marked off “Beware The Batman” just because they substituted Robin with Katana, and gave Alfred guns. That, and I had a distaste for the shows animation. I might give it a chance. Hopefully it’s better than Green Lantern. I personally think the new Teen Titans Go! series is a mockery of the original 2002 series. At least let it be funny enough..

  • John Oliva

    What we need to do is what fans did for family guy to come back with more episodes is to buy there stuff like dvds, blu-rays, and Etc. We need to get more people into it

  • ri24

    im not going to watch titans or batman although, a huge comic fan but seriously ..make an offical statement as to why Young Justice is scrapped..gradually DC Nation will lose fans like all of us here and well im speechless… :-(

  • Jason Mace

    I know what you mean Joshua ever since they cancelled Teen Titans I haven’t cared for much of their shows then Young Justice came along and I thought yes finally a show I can get into with great characters a great story and it blends seamlessly into the DC Universe it dos not feel wrong at all. If they cancel this one I am done with Cartoon Network to me it shows they do not respect the fan base nor do they realize a good thing it just seems to run some idiot executives who are out of touch. And yeah I hate they turned Teen Titans into a Comedy Series I am glad its back but at the same time I kinda want the pure beautiful version I have always thought of it as from the old days im scared they will taint it with the new direction but I guess time will tell.

  • Alaa

    this is nonsense yj was the only reason i watch cartoon

    WHY tell me WHY ON EARTH are they stopping IT

  • Matt

    Somebody should start a Kickstarter campaign to save the show. I think there are enough people who like the show to get something started.

  • Robert Young

    Cartoon Network has definitely cancelled their last great series & I’m sure many fans will likely stop supporting the network after this as well but before its gone I would like to know why they always wait until the series finales of these shows to finally show the speedsters true potential but make them foolish comic relief in every episode leading up to the finale?!

  • Michael

    I saw a commercial for “Teen Titans Go!” and well…. I WANT ANOTHER SEASON OF GREEN LANTERN!

  • Michael

    I saw a commercial for “Teen Titans Go!” and well…. I WANT ANOTHER SEASON OF GREEN LANTERN!


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  • Daniel

    Well at least they will be able to sell more products to kids that start to buy into the new shows, only to find that one day they decide to produce Superman – The Perils of Kindergarten, and Green Arrow – PTSD, Nursing Home Edition, and send those old shows they love that lasted one and a quarter season to early retirement. As long as people continue to buy into the new crap they air, which they will, the network will continue to end what they want, whenever they want to, and not give one crap about viewer loyalty. Unfortunately, there is just no way (yet) as the community of viewers, to band together and actually affect anything that the network does. With that being said, until and unless they bring back Young Justice, which I am fairly certain they will not, I and my kids are forever done with Cartoon Network programming (not that the network will care, but hell I’ll feel better).

  • Erin Halpin

    Young Justice is the only show that I love to really watch! If it doesn’t have a third season I’ll DIE with sadness! :'( As for Teen Titans Go! I also think it’s a mock of the 2003 show. And it was quite good.

  • joshua jasons

    I’m just replying cause my name is an amalgamation of the both of you

  • Katie Anderson

    Gargh! I just finished watching the final episode, and I went looking for news of the 3rd season, and I find out that YJ have been cancelled WHAT?! Young Justice got me into the DC universe, plus the finale was emotional and just plain left threads hanging with Savage and Darkseid. How can they cancle it!? It was the so awesome!

  • silverwolf7

    What the fuck another fucking Batman series & it doesn’t even look that good. It’s more like a joke. Speaking of jokes what the hell is this teen titans go shit? Really they don’t finish the previous series of teen titans but there going to make a dumbed down idiotic version of it. And are they really canceling young justice. I mean if they didn’t and the last part with Darkside on apocalypse then it might make not want to punch the director that canceled the show. …. Na I would still kick his ass if I saw him. Not just because of that. But because he does this to all of his other animations to. It like that stupid joke your friend tells you. Friend: you know how to keep a person in suspense. You: how. Friend: all tell you later. The you question your friendship. :-)

  • silverwolf7

    Add the last part with darkside sorry stupid phones spell check is really annoying

  • Balik Hassan

    With out young justice, what else can I watch from cartoon network? It was the only animation with a story line…the rest are for toddlers. PUNKS!!

  • Jay Nasty

    I sure as hell wont be watching it either, This show was fantastic, and if you want to throw it all away just because of some mockery of the teen titans 03 series and ruin batman go right ahead But I can assure you I won’t watch or support any DC animated films or series. Warner Bros need to get their shit straight and stop catering to all these newer ideas to try and impress upcoming audiences when they know their fan base for comics is meant for a teenage and older audience that knows what comics really are. I might even go as far as not watching the actual justice league movie assuming they can even get their shit together for that.


    Yea Good luck with that. cause I won’t be watching cartoon network again. If they have no interest in what the fans want then, whatever. They really think their programming is that good? we will see. i mean those DUMB shows like annoying orange, or incredible something, is what they have to offer then carry on. They have totally forgotten that we the fans pay their bills. They jerked us around TWICE during the YOUNG JUSTICE RUN with no explanation, and now cancel it. Forget them, DC should have switched networks a long time ago.

  • Kidflash fan

    so is there gonna be a 3rd seson or not?????

  • Evan Merrill Christoff

    Me too i really hope they come back with young justice that was my favorite show atm and i dont think wally is really gone because in justice league hes alive as flash not kid flash like in young justice i think they might have been leading to the speed force? just maybe haha

  • ToBs

    why end the best show ever

  • Mara

    I think there may be a chance of Young Justice comming back.After all it’s a small chance but theres always hope.If Cartoonnetwork take 5 minutes to look at their fan base maybe they will see that people want YJ to continue and they shouldn not make mistakes again.

  • Joshua Robinson

    Justice League/Justice League: Unlimited are in the DCAU. They’re not in the same Earth as Young Justice, which is in Earth-16.

  • Ryan Herbert

    After Teen Titans (a popular DC comics show in its time) was cancelled, the creators released a one hour TV movie that gave the show a more satisfying ending. The creators of Young Justice should do the same. Cartoon Network doesn’t even have to air it, it could be a straight to DVD/Itunes/Amazon movie. It’s pretty clear based on the way Young Justice closed out that it wasn’t meant to end after just 2 seasons.

  • Lili

    I hate how people are just like ” oh its not coming back boohoo blahblahblah ” Some attitude you guys got, Huh ? At least, give yourselves some confidence and fight to bring back Young Justice . It’s bull how Cartoon Network uses DC and leaves their shows dangling down slowly and let them fall later on . The show didn’t fail, Cartoon Network failed the show . And, It doesn’t have to be on Cartoon Network . Have you know that Totally Spies has been renewed by Nickelodeon for a Sixth Season ? Guess what ? Their ” last ” season was 09 – 2010 thought that ” Totally Dunzo ” was their series finale . Young Justice has been cancelled, and actually even though most episodes ends with ” Endgame “, It’s not over and also not completed, Because Cartoon Network decided on just making it look like their series finale, Not the producers plans as it says right here ” producer Greg Weisman doesn’t appear to be closing the door to the possibility of more episodes ” .

    You cannot just end a great show without a great explanation instead of the stupid excuses of low toy selling’s . 100% Cartoon Network does not care about fans or viewers, It matters of how much money THEY GET . Shitty Johnny Test is still on with no toy sales . They also have a great petition of

    So far, As you can see it does say here as well there is more proof for a possibility for both Young Justice and maybe Green Lantern

    ” Please note that while Cartoon Network has listed both Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series as not returning to the network for the 2013-2014 season, the network has not yet confirmed the end of either animated shows. ”

    As in, Yes it ” did ended ” on March 16, 2013 saying it’s the ” series finale ” of Young Justice . Can it be ? Negative, Unless you guys do something about it since most of you guys are complaining . I’ve been highly desperate to bring this show back alive, and I’m not giving up until it’s permanently confirmed from Greg Weisman’s ideas . So far, It looks like he hasn’t given up . Does that makes us give up ? Not for me . I’ll stand by his side until it’s proven for a Season 3, or not .

    The show was cancelled on March 16, 2013 . That was four months ago, and Young Justice can continue on 2014 – 2015 on Cartoon Network or another program, Possibly, Toonami on Adult Swim .

    It takes time for Young Justice to be released, And I we can say it’s on Hiatus, Even though it has been cancelled . According to here, Yes . Young Justice might have a big pick up with a new start and a revival from this information I’ve found: ” According to Cartoon Network’s press release, Young Justice is not slated to comeback up until 2014. However, no production information or confirmation on status from the network on the series has been released. “.

    Anyways, I’m glad to inform I do have great information for Young Justice, As of now, This is also great information and I love it ~ Thanks for understanding !


    young justice was easily the best dc animated universe to date and I know for me any many fans its incredibly frustrating that it has been replaced by teen titans go (which is just a joke of a series) cartoon network has made a giant mistake and needs to reevaluate their decision, do they even care about their viewers and fans?!

  • ked zz

    aww man I want Young Justice back!

  • louie

    I love young justice its my life please make a 3rd season or a 2 hour movie PLEASE