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Kristen Wiig and Seth Rogen Join Arrested Development

kristen wiigArrested Development is only months away from its Neflix premiere, but the beloved comedy is still adding actors to its roster. It’s been confirmed that both Kristen Wiig and Seth Rogen will appear in the upcoming fourth season.

More details on Wiig’s involvement are available than Rogen’s, with Vulture reporting the Saturday Night Live alum will play a younger version of Jessica Walter’s Lucille Bluth. It really is fantastic casting, although we wish she would have the chance to work opposite her Paul and Extract co-star Jason Bateman.

Little is known about who Rogen will play, but at least he’s joining a long line of other exciting new cast members: Conan O’Brien, Terry Crews, Isla Fisher and John Slattery also have unknown roles in the series. Returning guest actors include everyone from Andy Richter from Liza Minelli.

Each of Arrested Development Season 4’s 14 episodes will focus on a different Bluth family member and will hopefully end up culminating in a feature film. Michael Cera acted as one of the Season 4 writers. The new season is set to debut on Netflix in May.


  • Orphan

    There goes the neighborhood.The charm of this show was that it showcased relative or complete unknowns who were finally able to create something different.Now we have to sit through a bunch of low rent hacks (Rogen) among others with no prior claim to the show and watch the whole thing deteriorate into stupid.I didn’t have a lot of hope that after Cera’s recent string of garbage that this “revival”  was going to go anywhere and now I have proof of it.