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Bryan Singer Hopes to ‘Fix’ Series With X-Men: Days of Future Past

bryan singer Bryan Singer has quite a challenge in front of him. Not only is he returning to the X-Men movie universe he helped to create, but he’s also dealing with a franchise that’s been damaged in the eyes of many by films like X-Men Origins: Wolverine and X-Men: The Last Strand. As he’s said plenty of time before, though, he’s not going to sweep anything under the rug, but instead use the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past to help clean up the mess.

When asked in a new interview with whether the 2014 sequel would give him “the opportunity to revisit things that happened in the third film in terms of characters and endings that you might like to see changed,” Singer interpreted that as “fix shit,” explaining, “There’s going to be a little of that, a few things I can repair.”

He was tight-lipped about what those things might be, and about the potential return of James Marsden as Cyclops and Famke Janssen as Jean Grey, but he did shoot down rumors that Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage would be using motion-capture in his mysterious, and presumably villainous, role.

“He’s not going to be a CGI character,” he said. “He’ll be himself. Not that he’ll be playing Peter Dinklage, he’ll be playing this character. It’s not a shy character. He’s just such a phenomenal actor; I’m a huge fan of Peter’s and Game of Thrones. He was my first choice and I was really happy [about the casting]. It’s so funny to talk to him because he does that impeccable accent [on Game of Thrones] and then you talk to him and he’s this guy from New Jersey.”

X-Men: Days of Future Past also stars James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Nicholas Holt, Jennifer Lawrence, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page and Shawn Ashmore. It opens July 18, 2014.


  • 0bsessions

    I’d say that pretty much guarantees he’ll wind up as one of Trask/Lang/Hodge.

  • CitizenEgg

    I think Dinklage would make an awesome Arcade.  Wasn’t even aware that this movie was in the works, but I hope the suckage factor is low. Singer screwed both franchises by abandoning Xmen and taking on Superman.  I’m rooting for him to redeem himself here.  Also, can’t wait to see Sentinels.  Will Nimrod be in this film?

  • Mark Gibson

    I was hoping he would be Puck.

  • Papercut_fun

    Just go in looking to make a good movie Mr. Singer. We can all just forget X-men 3 ever happened. No need to go in with a different agenda. X-Men was put back on track with First Class. Just build on that momentum and tell a good story.

  • Matt Goodwin

    “Impeccable accent.”

    You really just said that didn’t you Singer

  • Sean Brennan
  • Hypestyles

    There needs to be a diverse cast- bring in Firestar, Sunspot, Thunderbird 1, Dazzler, and Bishop.
    Bishop= Morris Chestnut.

  • Craig

    Singer destroyed the X-Franchise with the first X-Men film. I wish they would just reboot the whole thing and ignore all of the X-movies and recast everything (with maybe the exception of Ellen Page)

  • bfg666

    Puck’s not a mutant.

  • Brad Smithee

    pretty sure he is.

  • Brad Smithee

    forget it, I’m wrong:)

  • bfg666

    Umm, no. He was originally a dwarf without any superhuman power. He was later retconned into a magical origin.

  • Jon Schmidt

    No he isn’t.

  • Rahadyan

    Didn’t Bill Duke play Bolivar Trask? That would seem to preclude Dinklage’s playing him.

  • DrunkDude

    ACTUALLY Puck started off a normal sized dude, then shrank over time and has a longevity. 

  • Diarra Harris

    Puck isn’t a mutant a curse made him short. That said I believe Puck was in the original Days of a future past.

  • Fanteezy

    Puck… Dinklage will be Puck

  • Guest123

     Craig, you’re an idiot

  • Brian

    X-men the last Strand?? I know it was bad but not that bad.

  • Hypestyles

    Arcade hasn’t been dealt with as a villain. Hmm..

  • Muinsaneluv

    Pretty sure he’s not.  Do your research.

  • mobbdeep

    Dinklage as Forge!

  • Gido

     No, Puck was an adventurer who was cursed, shrinking down to the size of a dwarf and gaining immortality (the DBZ version where you don’t age, but can still die). He’s totally human otherwise.

  • Mastadge

    I think he should be Sebastian Shaw.

  • bfg666

    Dude, sober up and get your facts straight, ’cause right now you’re talking nonsense. His normal size origin IS the retcon I was talking about.

  • Bonofansareidiots

    because he’s a dwarf, you can only imagine he could play Puck? Idiot.

  • Lead Sharp

    Do you think he could go back and “fix” Superman Returns while he’s at it?

  • Orphan

    Why bother? The franchise started with a bang and ended with a wimper and became nothing more than a product placement ad for the wretched Wolverine character.First Class should never have gotten involved with the first trilogy at all .As it is film makers keep screwing with the X-Continuity and we never have the special effects budget to do any of the interesting characters on screen long enough for it too matter.Instead we get endless yards of Claremont era blather instead of fight scenes.

  • gigantor81

    One why to fix the xmen franchise would be to go about it the way the avengers did but instead of getting super hero’s coming together it should be villains getting together, four of them each one in different movies after credits scenes, by a guy in the shadows which later turns out to be apocalypse (gathering his four horse men). and with that it can lean into a three part apocalypse movie.

  • Laughed

    Is Singer going to fix all the mistakes he made as well? Every X-men movie has more than its fair share of mistakes and issues. Especially the ones he made.

  • Onslaught94

    Why are people so down on X-Men 3 and X-Men: Wolverine – Origins? I mean, ok, Cyclops died, the filmmakers could have explained the Phoenix a little better, and Sabretooth ended up being Wolverine’s brother. Legit gripes, I know. And I agree. But other’n all that, I thought they were good movies. And to go and change what happened in those movies, even a little, in the X-Men: Days of Future Past movie is stupid because that crap happened. Get over it and move on. And Bryan Singer did NOT screw up the X-Men or Superman franchises. I mean, what was he supposed to do with Superman? Reboot it? That’s also stupid, and that’s why I think the Man of Steel movie is gonna fail. Leave this poor guy alone….

  • Operaider

    He’s not going to play Puck. Even if Puck was an X man (which he’s not), and even if Puck was a mutant (which he’s not),  and even if Puck was part of the days of future past story line (which he wasn’t). Puck would still be a retarded addition to the movie. The only reason people keep thinking he’s Puck is because no one can imagine a dwarf actor playing any character who isn’t a dwarf in the comics.

  • Laughed

    Actually, most people speculate that he will be playing Trask or Hodge.

  • Frau Blucher

    No, but YOU are.

  • Eustace Cromartie

    How can he hope to fix a series that he himself ruined from the beginning?   

  • Hector

    Why does everyone hate X-Men Origins: Wolverine again?

  • James Vetzal

    i was so looking forward to an Alpha Flight appearence…

  • James Vetzal

    you might be thinking age of apocalypse, i haven’t read it but i did play the gba game and i remember alpha flight being in it because that was the very first time i saw them, thought that was like a decade ago i could be mis-remembering everything bu the title
    edit: shit, thought you were the other person that commented on him being in days of future past

  • James Vetzal

    it was alright immediately until they ‘re-invented’ deadpool, that actually did ruin a fine job of shitting all over my favourite comic series :(

  • James Vetzal

    i suppose with his height he could also play wolverine actually

  • James Vetzal

    keep in mind transferring from comic to film can be extremely difficult, film is usually only around 2 hours and just about all of that could be filled by a few comic issues, comics are serialized and in the case of marvel highly intricate characters and plot lines that can largely be created because they get a monthly release. in film you only have a couple hours and everything that makes it on screen has to have a reason for being there, for instance what seems like a random line to create dialogue about a random object in the room is really there to establish that in 2 hours that’s what is going to end up saving the protagonist.

    marvel comics is a very full and rich universe, it’s just not possible to fit it all onto the movies but by far the worst x-men movie is number 3 and bryan singer walked on that one….for a somehow even shittier superhero movie and killed cyclops in the process of leaving…

  • Chris Leske

    Originally Days of Future Past started out with the X-Men and passed on to the New Mutants, X-Factor and Fantastic Four. Some may say it started before that even with the coming of Rachel Summers to the main time line. The “all” powerful Franklin Richards comes to this timeline after he was “killed” in his own timeline looking for Rachel Summers. The Mutant hunter Ahab was sent/placed into a null time zone and activated to stop any Time travel occurances and attempts to capture the adult Franklin and Rachel with the fore mentioned teams circling the wagons and protecting them. During all this the kid Franklin Richards and adult Franklin Richards together set up mental blocks on the younger one’s powers so they are never realized. Scott Summers and Sue Richards are captured by Ahab and turned into mutant hunting Hounds for a short time and a then child Storm points out that in the Future Franklin was killed by the sentinels and should/could not be there. There’s a bit more to the story but not feeling like typing it all down. And no, Puck is NOT a mutant, just a rather tall guy who was cursed with Immortality and got shrunk down. He was also afflicted with something that causes him pain when the “curse” is lifted.

  • Chris Leske

    Sorry, but without a total rewrite of the entire story line is Mr. Singer going to be able to repair the damage that the other movies have done. I wish him luck though and beg please do not destroy this story line.

  • Chris Leske

    On another note, ignore Day’s of Future past Weapon X as it totally sucked and made no sense whatever.

  • bfg666

    Hector, are you serious? Did you watch the movie?

  • bfg666

    Because they sucked. Without even mentioning the bad script, X3 featured too many characters, therefore everyone suffered from lack of exposition. Also, Brett Ratner helmed it – that alone should be enough to persuade you it was a crap movie.
    For Wolverine, it’s a different story. The film itself wasn’t so bad. It even had some enjoyable moments, but the writers screwed the characters up and had absolutely no concern about continuity. As you know, it is supposed to happen before X1. Sabretooth is (as stupid as it is) Logan’s brother and they’re able to recognize each other by scent. Then in X1, When Logan saves Rogue from a much more hairy Sabretooth, they obviously are strangers to each other. Care to explain? But whatever. Personally, my major complaint about Wolverine Origins is that they made it a PG-13 sanitized pop-corn flick whereas it should’ve been a hardboiled messy blood fest.

  • bfg666

    Since when Superman is Marvel, exactly?

  • bfg666

    Why, because he wants it to finally be done right? The first two movies were somewhat entertaining but they completely jumbled the X-Men timeline and portrayed a watered down Wolverine. Singer should go back to filming clever thrillers instead of insisting on screwing superhero franchises up.

  • bfg666

    Looks like someone hasn’t seen X-Men First Class…

  • Hector

    Yeah, I did. I believe it is mainly because it “didnt stay true to the comics”. Whenever I see a film, I criticize it as a film itself and see if they include the basic ideals of the character if its a comic book movie. The plot was solid, the characters were great (especially Liev Schrieb), and the ending was genius. I dont care about what they did with Deadpool, because all he really was, was a supporting role, nothing more. And if you hate Deadpool so much just because of what they did with his mouth, didnt his teeth show when he said “shhh” at the after-credit scene? I think they set out a Deadpool movie fine with this.

  • bfg666

    I understand where you’re coming from but without being bad per se, it was not as great as you make it out to be, and I especially didn’t find anything genius in it. Though it’s true that the pair of Hugh Jackman and Liev Schreiber worked really good together, there were some things that left a bad taste in the mouth. Among these was what I believe was the first retcon ever in cinema. People hate retcons in comics, why should they swallow them in a movie? For more detailed reasons to dislike this film, you should read my reply to Onslaught94 just above.

  • Hector

    But as a stand-alone film, I believe it is great. But if you count it as a prequel, then I see your hatred towards it. And on your comment about retcons, I believe this upcoming X-Men film will involve some sort of a retcon to clean up the mess X-Men: Last Stand did (it was a good film, but it sadly didnt tap the vast potential the film could’ve been). Maybe after X-Men: DoFP, they can change the space-time continuity, forget that TLS ever happended and just re-do its story on the next film after this one.

  • Lee Miller

    The dude got shot in the head at the end of Origins, remember? So in X1, they didn’t know each other.

  • bfg666

    Please make sense if you want to argue. If one gets amnesia from being shot, it doesn’t affect the other.

  • bfg666

    If you think X3 was a good movie, it’s no surprise you find XO:W great. I don’t find satisfaction in sub-par standards.

  • DireLeon2010

    Please fix Rogue!

  • DireLeon2010

    And, thanks a lot Singer! For bailing out to do your Superman movie instead of making X3. Good-bye any chance of seeing a decent Phoenix Saga type film.

  • robert

    all x-men/wolverine movies so far have been completely inaccurate to comics and no continuity to their own script……and yet bryan singer is still here fml

  • robert

    bryan singer do us all a favor and leave our comic book movies the hell alone

  • William K Wallace

    How can you include that many stars, contracts and egos demanding X amount of screen time tell and story tell a story that doesn’t leave you feeling cheated like the last damn movie. Harry Potter had loads of talent, mostly the teachers, and it all went near to waste limited to a few brief scenes like Alan Rickman’s stirring performance over the death of Lily Potter. X-3 we barely got to see Angel, while Halle and Hugh clamored for more screen time to the detriment of the franchise, and the killing of or power loss of major characters. Way to shoot yourself in the foot not to mention the irritating departure from convention with team line up starting with the first movie.

  • Nathaniel Essex

    No it wasn’t. X-men was derailed even further by First Class. None of the X-men movies have been up to par with what any comic fan would expect from an X-men movie, especially not First Class. I want to forget that any of the X-men movies were made b/c from my perspective, I’ve yet to see an actual X-men movie. All that’s been delivered so far is X-meh.

  • Dwayne Butcher

    hope they replace that smob halle berry with a more component actress

  • Nathaniel Essex

    You obviously have no clue what you’re talking about when you say Singer didn’t screw up the X-men or Superman franchises. Even if you neglect the lack of respect for the source material for either franchise, he turned what should have been action-packed sci-fi/fantasy epics into dramas that just so happen to have superheroes involved, but weaker versions of the characters in poorly designed costumes in the case of X-men to somehow make them more realistic and “believable” (it’s supposed to be fantasy not duck dynasty) and a guy that ultimately fights a really big rock in the case of Superman. Basically, he took two of the most exciting and amazing properties DC or Marvel have to offer and made them both boring. And to make matters worse I will never get to see/enjoy an X-men film as long as Fox owns it b/c they have no idea wtf they are doing with it. I want to forgive Singer but there’s no way in hell I’m going to give him or Fox any more of my money for this movie or any other movie either party is involved in as long as X-men is owned by Fox.

  • Nathaniel Essex

    Not buying it and not buying a ticket to this piece of sh!t. He needs to fix the whole damned thing not just a few parts here and there. Everything in the X-men movies (besides maybe the mansion and correctly spelling the names of characters in the X-men universe) has been so far off that it’s insulting to even call it X-men.

  • BakerMan6

    Right, Storm was a dark skinned African woman, not a biracial woman like Halle Berry… They should cast Taral Hicks, who starred in “A Bronx Tale” to play Storm, she’d be a lot better. Or even Serena Williams… Either one of them would play the character of Storm better than Halle would

  • DireLeon2010

    Please….just leave it alone guys. Or get someone like Josh Whedon, who actually CARES about the continuity of a franchise to do the reboot!

  • jgyap68

    x men first class is great! better than bryan singers x men. why replace matthew vaughn who did a better job than b.singer? didn’t like superman returns, jack the giant killer.

  • Hmm

    The X-Men movies were damaged from the start. The only good thing about the movies were Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, Kelsey Grammar & Ian McKellan.

    They butchered Sabretooth, Pyro, Blob, Rogue, Ice-Man, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Storm, basically the entire list of characters were a joke.

    X-Men: First Class was a good re-boot, it seems like they’re headed in the right direction. But Bryan Singer coming back to ‘Fix’ things is laughable at best.

  • Dicksaplenty Smith

    Don’t trust him!!!! He’s Mr. Sinister!

  • Drew G.

    The story you’re describing is Days of Future Present. Days of Future Past occurred about ten years earlier when an older version of Kitty Pryde traded bodies with her younger self in the past to save the life of Senator Kelly and change the future.

  • Jehuty Grandius Ender

    I have money riding on this Singer!, you better deliver.

  • Mysterwright

    Ha! I was thinking the same thing! :D Arcade rules!

  • Gabriel Ramnarine

    He should’ve introduced cable in X-men first class at the end going back in time to give professor Xavier something . that way his disappearance ( untimely death) can be written back in , but they didn’t and doing it now may be a far reach .

  • fuckbsinger

    fuck bryan singer

  • Kenneth Cotton

    Did you really just call superman one of the most exciting and amazing properties dc owns???? if so please shoot yourself in the head superman’s always been boring by himself he has no real character or weaknesses and lex luthor is his number 1 villain explain why one of the top 3 strongest characters in superhero history can’t beat a skinny white guy????

  • Karolina Jones

    There was never any indication that Sabretooth didn’t know Wolverine in X1. Did he ever say that he didn’t know him? He had obviously already been through Magneto’s super mutant machine by then which advanced his mutation. But I don’t remember Sabretooth ever behaving like he didn’t know Wolverine. If anything, he had a (then unexplained) infatuation with him — toting around his dog tags, etc.

  • Glen

    Wasn’t one of Stryfe’s henchmen a Little person? I can see him being Puck, tied to wolverine but I can’t see them creating a known role for him an just having him be a little person in that role. I totally agree that X-men was ruined from the first movie. Rogue has none of Ms. Marvel’s powers and no connection to Mystique (who, god love Rebecca Romain but she is not a good enough actress to play Mystique.). The should have just reworked the orgiinal x-men into a modern day tale and had the new x-men in the second movie.

  • Deacon Hagan

    well if Dc keeps losing the Lawsuits…..

  • bfg666

    Infatuation?! Wanting to kill someone is a strange way of being infatuated! Anyway, it’s pretty obvious that these two are total strangers when they meet in X1. Since Logan’s memory was wiped, it’s no surprise on his part, but Victor should at least have some spark of recognition for his long-lost brother. And “Magneto’s super mutant machine” is a mutation-inducer for normal people. I don’t reckon it being ever said that it enhances already existing mutations. Believing it does is quite a stretch.

  • bfg666

    Umm, because he’s a goody-two-shoes who couldn’t resort to seriously injuring anyone and Lex is an absurdly rich criminal mastermind?

  • bfg666

    Jeez… Are we to expect Days of Future Future sometime?

  • bfg666

    Huh? Serena Williams does some acting now?

  • bfg666

    Umm, because Matthew Vaughn went to do a little something called Kick-Ass 2?

  • AL

    It’s brains VS Brawn. Superman is physically better and could drop Lex in a heartbeat in an actual fight. But superman also refuses to use his powers in full do to fear of accidentally hurting or killing someone. And Lex being a million times smarter than superman knows this.

  • SimpsonsGoldenAge

    As long as he’s not doing any shitty English accents

  • DP

    Darkseid? Doomsday killed superman. Lex is not his main villain. And against those villains he definitely has weaknesses and that is what the Superman fans are waiting for. Not Supe vs a Rock

  • K

    I really like this idea, not least for the fact that is it something DIFFERENT. We have Batman, Superman, The Avengers lets try the opposite for once.

  • DaveMittner

    As much as I liked a lot of the actors and elements involved in the X movies, they really just need to ditch the whole thing and start fresh with the kind of attention given to continuity that the Marvel movies are being given.

    There are so many inconsistencies in the timeline now; so many bad decisions… even if they “fix” some of them, the storyline is tainted and that taint will never go away.

    Singer- sorry man, but X-Men’s problems started with the casting of the first one. Halle Berry was way too unassuming, Cyclops was a pansy, and Jackman was *too* good as Wolverine, compared to the other lackluster castings. Even Janssen didn’t seem to fit right as Jean Grey.

    X2 got the new castings better and was a much better film overall, but the baggage was already added.

  • Jason Karr

    The whole movies need to be rebooted imo. Bryan singer and Brett Ratner fubared the movie continuum too much. Unfortunately, this would only happen if marvel owned the rights to X-men. As it is, 20th century fox will continue to spew out mindless crap with no regard to comic origins to attract audiences and generated revenue.

  • Jason Karr

    And another thing, can someone please explain to me how Moria Mactaggert was the same age in X-men first class and X-men the last stand? And how Emma Frost was a adult in First Class but she was a juvenile in X-men Origins when both movies are set decades apart?

  • Mike Desilva

    Just saw Days of Future Past…GREAT!!! If you hated X3, trust me…everything bad was fixed.

    Now if they could just fix the Star Wars prequels the same way.

  • Man_of_Sin

    You’re idiot. Look at all the reviews.

  • Man_of_Sin

    The first film revived the superhero genre. So yes, he’s an idiot.

  • bfg666

    Ooh, it was the film that started the trend SO it is good? Wow, congrats pal, if that ain’t faulty logic I don’t know what is… Also, X2 sure is the best X movie hands down but please! “Considered one of the greatest superhero movies ever”? What are you on?