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Supernatural Makes Misha Collins Series Regular For Season 9

supernatural-misha collins

In news that may divide Supernatural fandom, or at least the commenters on our recent roundtable with the drama’s writers, The Live Feed reports Misha Collins will return as a series regular in the recently announced ninth season. He’ll also direct one episode.

Collins was introduced as the angel Castiel in the Season 4 premiere, and proved so popular that he was promoted to series regular for the fifth and sixth seasons. For seasons 7 and 8, however, he became a special guest star; he was last seen on the Jan. 16 episode. Since 2008, Collins has appeared in 50 episodes of The CW drama.

Fans of Collins, and his character, launched a “Feathers for Castiel” campaign last month, sending feathers to the production offices of Supernatural in an effort to convince the producers to give the angel a larger role in the series. “I don’t think the feathers to the offices campaign was what saved the angel, but it does look like I’m going to be a regular for Season 9,” Collins wrote this afternoon on Twitter.

Supernatural airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.


  • matt

    It would be cool if the bad guy of the ninth season is the third winchester brother that has been locked away in hell since season 5, but i doubt we will ever see him again being he’s becoming a bigger actor. He’s one of the male leads in Stephanie Meyers Host I think. More likely the bad guy will be something lame that the show hasn’t done yet (what is left?!) like aliens or more likely is the bad guys will be this counsel of angels that are controller castiel in season 8…The show NEEDS more memorable reoccurring characters

  • Katarzyna Skop

    I, for one, are very happy with this development. The show needs more characters; besides, being a series regular still doesn’t mean he’s gonna appear in every episode of the season.

  • mel


  • demoncat_4

    guess the supernatural execs could not let  dean and sam have any piece going on given how castiel has his own agenda and should not be trusted. nice to see him sticking around more.maybe he will be the big bad or be helping the big bad like try and over throw heaven since they have already messed with hell.

  • Postcarder

    Not good news. Castiel represents everything that’s been wrong with Supernatural since Season 4 when the angels hijacked the show. Seasons 7 and 8 have been awesome because of the lack of Castiel. Ugh.

  • Rosa Ona

    Excellent news!!! The best ever! I love Cas :)