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Ninja Turtles Moves to June 2014

teenage mutant ninja turtles Do you think the Heroes in a Half Shell could take on Godzilla? We may never know for certain now, as Heat Vision reports Paramount Pictures has shuffled the Michael May-produced Ninja Turtles from May 16, 2014 — the same date as Legendary Pictures’ giant-monster reboot — to June 6.

Based on Kevin Eastman-Peter Laird ’80s comic turned pop-culture juggernaut, Ninja Turtles has already experienced its share of problems, from fan ridicule over changes to the characters’ origins to a production shutdown in June that led to the opening being moved from December 2013 to the previous date of May 2014.

Directed by Jonathan Liebesman (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, Wrath of the Titans), the CG/live-action hybrid appears to be back on track, with Transformers star Megan Fox cast just last week as April O’Neil.

Filming is expected to begin in April.

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  • Joseph Murphy

    so many things wrong with this— CGI turtles? DTV chainsaw movie director? Megan Fox? Michael Bay? At this rate- I’d prefer a movie version of the 2012 series over a live action movie (cuz at least that would be good)

  • Alex

    Too bad. I was waiting for the chance to not and go see it. :)

  • David Strohmenger

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning was actually a theatrical release. It may have been DTV quality, but it wasn’t DTV.

  • Michael May

    “Paramount Pictures has shuffled the Michael May-produced Ninja Turtles

    A Michael May-produced Ninja Turtles sounds good to me!