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Rumor: Nolan and Bale Could Reunite for Justice League?


Time to put your skepticism glasses on: Although most reports point to Justice League struggling at Warner Bros., a new rumor claims the film is not only very much alive, but that Christopher Nolan is developing it.

“But wait!” you might say. “Hasn’t Nolan repeatedly shot down Justice League rumors?” Yes, but Latino Review is still asserting that Warner Bros. is talking to the Interstellar director about taking over all things DC — similar to what Marvel did with Joss Whedon. That means, yes, Nolan will be involved in the development and production of all DC Comics materials at the studio. What’s more, Man of Steel director Zack Snyder allegedly is being pegged to help produce, and possibly helm, Justice League.

Considering he already directed the three Batman films and produced the upcoming Man of Steel, that news is not too shocking. Still, Nolan has repeatedly said he won’t be involved in any future DC movies. This wouldn’t be the first time someone in Hollywood has changed their mind about a project (just look at J.J. Abrams), but we’ll continue to doubt this news until it’s confirmed.

Even more unlikely is Latino Review’s claims that Warner Bros.  is trying to get Christian Bale to reprise his role as Bruce Wayne in the ensemble film. We doubt that’s something Nolan and Bale would ever let happen, and the actor has made it very clear that he’s moved on from the Dark Knight. But Henry Cavill being involved in the new movie? That we can believe.

Justice League is slated for a summer 2015 release.


  • Rollo Tomassi

    If Warner Bros threw enough money at Nolan and Bale, they’d change their minds.

  • Shallbecomeabat

    Well…Bale said in his interview with Empire that he would love to return for a fourth movie as Batman, if Nolan would come to him with another story worth telling. So he is actually on record saying he would be up for more Batman.

    And, as mayimbe says… WB has not much choice than at least to try go this way, if they want to compete with Disneys mega franchises. I think its a great idea, if the story of the movie would be well written. I really hope this gets confirmed soon.

  • Sterling Rod

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  • Carloshll726

    This is SO weird…

  • Greg Sanders

    This irks me. It doesn’t seem approriate. Not only does Bale not work as Batman to begin with, his isolated films left little imagination in the realm of what was possible. Plus, he just doesn’t feel like a part of an ensemble. And Nolan, he’s not creative or imaginative enough. His crap is barely coherent, this is not the man to juggle seven heroes!

  • 2013filmfan

    Assuming this true, here’s some other aspects of the
    DC/Marvel war you might want to consider….

  • ElFuego

     yes because inception was so unimaginative

  • MyFutprint

    I think this is brilliant. I’ve argued that WB needs to stop trying to compete with Marvel and go their own route. Stop the silly end credit moments–and go for the EPIC, character-laden experience. A Nolan style booming soundtrack, grand Oscar worthy cinematography, Academy worthy actors and mind-bending story would be far bigger than a slam bang laugh and add special FX type Marvel film. Not to mention you do not need a full Justice League roster.

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  • Jon

    Why are people pimping their own articles in the comment section of this one? C’mon, guys… how would you like it if people did that to you? Stay classy.

  • Ed

    Seriously?!?! Memento, The Prestige, and Inception weren’t creative or imaginative movies?  OK, I get it you were being sarcastic right.  You had to be.

  • Greg Hyatt

     To be fair, The Prestige was adapted from a novel by Christopher Priest (not that one, though), so Nolan hardly deserves credit for that story.

  • Savonti

     I somewhat agree with you. The world Nolan created doesn’t have room in it for the likes of Superman, The Flash or Green Lantern, at least not without explaining it away until the wonder is gone.

    Nolan’s Batman was miles beyond the previous two films but while “cool” I can’t say that Nolan and Bale’s Batman completely felt like Batman to me. Bale never played methodical or really dangerous to me and he most assuredly was not the world’s greatest detective. 

    I think it’s best to leave to Nolan universe alone and go a different way for this if they’re going to do it.

    That said I’m not going to attack the man’s (Nolan) talent, I just don’t agree with his Batman, especially in terms of the Justice League.

  • Mark

    Nolan’s Batman really proved that Batman needs to work with others, especially in The Dark Knight Rises. He cannot do it all alone. With the threat being far greater, I can see him working in a Justice League setting, but a major roster is not required, though if the League are all present in the film, it is still possible to make a very good film. Batman knows how to call the shots. He is not infallible, but he is a decision maker. He also learns from his mistakes. He more than anyone, can pull the JL together, and USE them for perhaps even a greater goal, for the greater good. So much potential here for great storytelling, and for building a new mythos and language for the Justice League realm. Look closely at what they did with The Dark Knight Trilogy, in terms of teamwork and making every performance move towards the story’s goal. The team dynamic has not truly been explored on film in the superteam capacity. Avengers was fun, but doesn’t cut it as far as great credible storytelling is concerned. Very excited at the possibilities.

  • Mark Wahlberg

    How can you think so much with your head so far up your arse?

  • Mark Wahlberg

    Bale is the 2.5 billion dollar Batman. Of course they’re trying to convince him and Nolan to reunite to start the Justice League franchise. They’d be stupid not to. And Nolan’s Batman could easily fit into a “superhero universe.” The inclusion of the Batwing in the third movie jumped the shark enough to introduce more fantastical elements. The Batman in DC comics is the same one who’s appeared in the gritty “Year One” and the Justice League. Both elements can work well together. Having Bale’s Batman at the birth of the “New Frontier” wouldn’t invalidate the previous three films at all. It would just begin a new chapter.

    Personally I’m not against this move. But I think having the character Batman and Superman on film will be a huge event, whether Bale is beneath the cowl or not.

  • Mark Wahlberg

    Ever hear the expression, “not seeing the forest for the trees?”

  • The Cuban

    A Justice League movie now is ill conceived and would just be too rushed at this point.  I don’t care who is attached to directing or starring there’s been no build up to a JL movie or anything bad bad idea….