Sam Raimi Explains Why Spider-Man 4 Didn’t Happen


It’s been a long time since Spider-Man 4 fell apart, and Sam Raimi is still upset about it. But he’s finally ready to talk about it.

The director tells Vulture he was a bit exhausted with the “tremendous amount of delegation” needed to make “gigantic” movies like the Spider-Man films. However, it ultimately came down to an inability to get together a suitable story that led him to pass on a fourth installment of the blockbuster franchise.

“It really was the most amicable and undramatic of breakups: It was simply that we had a deadline and I couldn’t get the story to work on a level that I wanted it to work,” he said of his split with Sony Pictures. “I was very unhappy with Spider-Man 3, and I wanted to make Spider-Man 4 to end on a very high note, the best Spider-Man of them all. But I couldn’t get the script together in time, due to my own failings, and I said to Sony, ‘I don’t want to make a movie that is less than great, so I think we shouldn’t make this picture. Go ahead with your reboot, which you’ve been planning anyway.’”

He continued, “[Sony co-chairman] Amy Pascal said, “Thank you. Thank you for not wasting the studio’s money, and I appreciate your candor.” So we left on the best of terms, both of us trying to do the best thing for fans, the good name of Spider-Man, and Sony Studios.”

Raimi still hasn’t seen Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man or Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, but he did say he has nothing but love for both projects. In fact, he had originally looked at Anne Hathaway to play Felicia Hardy, character Webb is rumored to be incorporating into The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and an actress that Nolan used in The Dark Knight Rises.

“I’m not surprised [Hathaway did great in TDKR], because I loved what she was doing with the auditions for Spider-Man 4,” Raimi said.

One movie he has seen is Joss Whedon’s The Avengers, and he “loved it.” It turns out that he has a bit of a history with Joss Whedon, who Raimi finds an “extraordinarily talented filmmaker.”

“In 1994, I was making a western called The Quick and the Dead and having a script problem, and I came to the studio and said, ‘Can you find me a writer? I’ve shot this movie, and the end isn’t quite working,’” Raimi recalled. “Ultimately, the movie didn’t quite work. But they suggested Joss Whedon, who was doing Buffy, so I met Joss and he saw the movie, and he helped me solve this ending in one afternoon. I thought, ‘Damn, you’re a good writer! I wish I could have had you rewrite the whole movie and save this picture!’”

He continued, “I’ll never forget how good he was, and how precise, so when I saw The Avengers, I was not surprised that his name was on it. It’s a very hard job to take all those heroes and all those stories and know exactly what bits the audience needs and what they don’t need.”

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  • chozo_ninpo

    Now if only someone could talk some sense into Michael Bay and stop him from destroying TMNT.

    Chozo Ninpo
    Channel Zero

  • Jarrod

    Brilliant stuff.  CHEERS to the greatest superhero movie director of them all, the director who made “Spider-Man,” Sam Raimi!

  • Alex

     I think Michael Bay is unfamiliar with the concept of “sense.”

  • Travis Kyle Fischer

    I loved The Amazing Spider-Man and the sooner Raimi’s trilogy is lost to history the better.

  • PietroMaximoff

    he was very unhappy with Spider-Man 3???
    he?? ask fans everywhere!! you’ll learn what “unhappy” means!
    anyway you could have done a good movie since the start 

  • BradRz

    Give some respect where it’s due. The Garfield film wouldn’t exist if Raimi’s take hadn’t come first. In fact, the whole superhero movie boom came only after Raimi’s first Spidey film (and, to a lesser extent, Singer’s X-Men) was a huge mega-success that really suprised the whole industry. That’s when the current superhero film gold rush that led to things like Nolan’s Batman, Whedon’s Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man began. Raimi is the one who got the film off the ground after twenty years of false starts and industry uncertainty about the genre. You don’t have to like Raimi’s films, but don’t dismiss the sincerity with which they were made, or their importance to the genre.

  • Jesse Chagnon

    Sam Raimi is one of the best directors/creators in the biz!! Next up why Evil Dead 4 hasn’t happend yet?

  • Myfutprint

    YIKES! Greatest superhero movie director of them all??? I think Nolan’s Dark Knight series (especially the second), Tim Burton’s original Batman and Donner’s original Superman and Whedon’s Avengers would (not to mention the collective fan/ critcal acclaim and creative impact of those films) would vastly disagree!


  • Dick Grayson

    I am really happy that Spider-Man 4 didn’t happen, especially because (as Raimi failed to mention) he was going to make Felicia Hardy the Vulturess instead of the Black Cat.  Still glad he gave us Spider-Man 1 and 2, though.  Those both are far superior than ASM.

  • Ramone

    Ah, it’s an early spring for the trolls. No one is allowed to love anything!

  • Travis Fischer

    I would give X-Men far more credit to the comic movie boom than Spider-Man.

  • Dan C.

    In my eyes, Spider-Man 2 still sets the bar for modern super-hero movies. It tackles the material with such disarming sincerity that the genre’s usual problems evaporate. The jokes don’t undercut the fantasy the way they do in Thor or Iron Man, and the tone never succumbs to the twin dangers of weightless camp  and leaden self-seriousness (which are ultimately the same thing if everyone is wearing tights). And Sam Raimi’s swooping camera movements capture the fantasy of Spider-Man in a way that instantly explains why the story has to be on film.

  • Tim Terrell

     Why is it trolling to disagree? Jarrod’s hyperbole sucks. He’s not writing an article for Rolling Stone, he’s posting a comment. He needs to take it down three notches, and so do you.

  • October Daniels

    I was the biggest fan of the Raimi Spider-man movies–I must’ve watched them hundreds of times. That got me into reading the actual Spider-man comics, which made me realize how “off” they were from the source material. I enjoyed all of them, but as time went on and I become familiar with the original Spider-man stories, I became more and more disappointed about the opportunities that were missed to portray Peter Parker as something more than the stuttering, incoherent crybaby the films made him out to be.

    I’ll always remember the Raimi era fondly, but the new franchise does a suitably “amazing” job at being faithful to the comics while making Spidey more realistic. I think a lot of fans are so upset at the speed of the reboot that they miss that. I couldn’t be happier with the new direction, and if the second movie’s suit is any indication, Marc Webb seems committed to doing longtime fans justice.

    So, hats off to Raimi for passing the torch on for the betterment of the series!

  • ghost

    what i got from the transformers films is he likes explosions 

  • Gregdae

    Blade is the correct answer.

  • Razvigor

    Actually, according to the recent interview, Sam Raimi has SEEN The Amazing Spider-Man, and said he liked it.
    Here’s a link:

  • skunkybeaumont

    I agree with Burton’s Batmans being the best.  Nolan’s Batman movies were great films that happened to feature characters and themes from a DC Comics series called Batman.  They would have been just as great had they been about the many adventures of me and my friends trying to get alcohol before we were 21.  I think its time for people to start realizing that Nolan’s trilogy was overrated.  Raimi’s Spider-man trilogy was the 2nd best service done to super heroes, followed by the greatest marketing scheme ever constructed, The Avengers.  

  • Tito

    How come no one ever mentions blade as being a good marvel movie. That movie is awesome!

  • Bijinius

    i’ve got to say… i love his honesty here. both spider man 3 and quick and the dead really didn’t work (i think, anyway) and he’s happy to admit their shortcomings. it makes me sad though, what he was saying about the fourth spiderman movie; it sounds pretty damn obvious that he really wanted to smash that one out of the park, and im bummed we couldn’t have that series, with that great cast and established world end on a triumphant note. it’ll never happen now obviously, and we’ll just have to live with the muted and boring andrew garfield series for a while. (imagine the confusion if they made a “spider man 4″ after second “amazing” one came out? it’d be ####ing bedlam at the theatres!!)

  • trailerslego


  • superheroaxionguy

    if i were sam i won’t quite appreciate the studio’s ‘thank’s for not WASTING our money’ comment. i mean, for pete’s sake…after ALL that money his 3 spidey flicks had made for those executive jerks…how dare they for saying THAT!!!
    i’m glad his new movie, the wizard of OZ prequel kicks at the box office… it should REMIND those talent-less suits who he IS and how little THEY actually matter in the movie biz.

  • AtomicEvent

    Agreed, Blade started it all.

  • orphan

    How could you possibly put Burtons Batman( and I like Burton most of the time) and Donners Superman on the same page as Raimi and Nolan?At best the first two Batman films were sputtering starts that later directors squandered and all the original Superman films were infantile at best.Despite Spiderman 3 Raimi was also responsible for Darkman the best of them all.

  • Orphan

    And ths analysis makes no sense what so ever and is so WRONG!!!

  • Orphan

    And the credit you are giving would be WRONG!!!

  • Justin Leone

    Raimi invested not only his professional reputation, but also a couple years of his life on it, amid constant frustrations of being second guessed and overruled by studio execs, and trying to wrangle and delegate tasks to hundreds of people who all had different opinions of how the movie should be made. By contrast, fans had the price of an $8 movie ticket and a couple hours of time invested in the movie. When the movie turned out to be a mess, do you really think a Spider Man fan was more disappointed than Sam Raimi?

    You are exactly the sort of person who The Simpsons’ “Comic Book Guy” is a parody of.

  • Tuscani

    So Raimi didn’t do SM4 because he couldn’t think of anything?! There’s like a billion Marvel comics that are titled “The Amazing Spiderman”. I liked the original “Spiderman” movies. Andrew Garfield was okay but I prefer the original cast!

  • Kevin

    I thought Anne Hathaway did an amazing job as Catwoman. Hell the movie should’ve been just about her. Forget that half-assed 2004 Hallie Berry Bomb.

    Also i’m surprised that she’s gonna be in Amazing SpiderMan 2. Well, seeing how the Dark Knight trilogy ended, this wouldn’t conflict with her roles so we won’t have another Ryan Reynolds/Green Lantern/Deadpool incident.

  • nadeen

    nice talking ilove very much i love the new spiderman movie your movie was okay but the new one is better

  • nadeen

    becouse your movie was boring

  • nadeen

    and lime

  • Mark Ellzey

    Couldn’t agree more. I enjoyed Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, but Rises was utter crap to me. Batman hobbling around on a cane, hiding in his mansion, and Bane(not really Bane at all, just some guy who they gave the name Bane to). I got the DVD as a christmas gift and didn’t finish watching it. It’s crap.

  • Harold Hall

    You need to mind your own business.

  • Harold Hall

    Better to err on the side of hyperbole than to be argumentitive, pessimistic, whiny-ass bastards. You guys are the ones who should dial it down.

  • Guest

    Arrogant jackass.

  • Motoflou

    Wow, bunch of children up in these comments.

  • Scott Shepherd

    i think the 2nd batman film in nolans trilogy is the weakest.the 1st batman begins is head and shoulders above the 2nd offering imho

  • Circus

    No, he’s right.
    The further we get from “Rises” the more the glaring holes in it become obvious, and the less I can herald it as a quality film. Not to say there weren’t good elements and good ideas that COULD have been great… just that Nolan failed at realizing them in his finale.

  • Steven Little

    It’s perhaps not because he couldn’t think of anything, in a bad way. As you said, there are a lot of Spiderman comics out there, and a lot of villians to choose from. The question pretty much came down to finding a couple and making a story people would enjoy. Besides, deadlines… they ruin all the fun

  • BiggerBoat

    You guys are all trippin’! ‘Green Lantern’ is best superhero movie ever! ;)

  • TotesMagotes

    You’re getting into other people’s business and yet you’re telling them to mind their own business lol you’re a dumbass. They should make people create an account before posting comments on this site, it would stop a bunch of idiots from posting their meaningless trash.

  • Simey

    Sounds like a lame excuse from Raimi, who knows the Spidey character inside out. I don’t believe it. There was a conflict there that he’s not talking about.

  • Josh Mitchell

    The best thing about Spider-Man movies is that they could do Spider-man 4 still because of the many different comics. The Amazing spiderman, Spider-man, The spectacular spiderman, Ultimate Spiderman and so on.

  • Wiley Coyote

    Sorrry you are all infantile idiots, SpaceJams was by far the best combining live action heroes of the hardwood with cartoon heroes that we all grew up with fighting dastardly villians and suffering succotash! Get it right peoples!!

  • mobilemann

    nor is anyone allowed to not like it either apparently. Thanks for letting us know troll cop!

  • Ramone

    No problem!

  • tman418

    Unlike Raimi’s series, most of the web-swinging in the reboot was real!


    nope…METEOR MAN


    I forgot about Blankman

  • super guest

    you guys are really angry… seems as if you had a good amount of money invested in the success of these movies! its almost like….you guys are still waiting for your royalty checks!

  • jobe

    nope, i agree with him, spiderman was the better movie of all the superhero films so far, sure the batman films are great, but they never had the same impact spiderman did when it came out, it was literally perfect down to a T and couldnt have been a better comic book movie, dark knight is an adaptation of batman really, and as much as it is amazing, it has ALOT of flaws in it, spiderman didnt.

  • shaun

    Needs to take it down three notches? for such a short post… ok then, definately are a troll it seems

  • Leetality

    Ryan took two roles in different universes.. what conflict was there? Same concept with Batman (DC) vs Spider-man (Marvel). A better comparison would be the recent Captain America being the same guy who played the Human Torch.

  • MJ Butler

    You need to re-read the paragraph. Hathaway isn’t going to be in Amazing Spider-Man 2. The character Felicia Hardy might, played by a different actress.

  • Tonus

    The newest Bay flick, “Pain & Gain” is the type of movie that he was born to make. I really don’t like the guy, but give this movie a chance. Yeah, there’s shit blowing up, everywhere in it, but at least in this movie, it makes sense.

  • Tyler

    Im sorry I disagree with that. I take nothing away from Raimi but dude seriously Tobey Maguire, you don’t come back from that end of conversation. Marc Webb did ok, but I feel even he ruined the Lizard character but again not an easy character to do, but Raimi did a horrible casting of his films and Andrew Garfield was a great choice. The next Amazing Spiderman will be much better with having Chronicle main star Dane DeHaan to be Harry Osborn, Shailene Woodley as Mary-Jane Watson the idea of the web shooting directly from his arms was a ridiculous concept and should have been scrapped after the first one. Also the villian choices weren’t that strong either I mean Green Goblin 1 was good, and Dafoe did it justice, but Doc Oct was a bad fit, and Sandman was just Blah! and Topher Grace as Venom WTF! so all around bad moves on Raimi’s part and its good to know he left with “good graces” ….lol….

  • jwilson1717

    Well Reynolds did also play Hannibal King in a Marvel Universe film. But, the Human Torch is the same guy as Captain America, and nobody seems to care, so what difference does it make?

  • Leetality

    To be fair he was a supporting character in the worst of the Blade films and it was a good while ago. There’s talk of a Fantastic Four reboot as well to recast someone else as Torch anyway. Heh.

  • Sasha Soetoro

    Oh c’mon.. I expect slightly more outrage from comic fans.. people were tired of these crappy, comic-based movies, before they even started making them.. They talked about making X-Men and Spiderman movies for about 30 years before they finally did- and look at what we got.. laughable garbage. All of these movies stink. They’re admittedly made for movie addicts, not fans of the actual product. Same goes for the Star Trek movies (especially the new ones)..

    Stop supporting heartless movie producers. The word ‘reboot’ doesn’t give them a free pass to repeatedly defecate on once-entertaining ideas. Also, how about some real, working actors, who actually resemble the characters, instead of the same old Hollyweird faces. Next to Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Halle Barry as Storm, I’d have to say that Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane was just about the stupidest casting decision I’ve ever seen.

  • John Wl

    The last spider-man movie was just plain god awful

  • Ian Nash

    still find it amazing that even after a 100 years of Hollywood that they still cannot write a story and then a script. I know I am not in the industry but surely you sit down look at the ceiling and imagine stuff then write it down then discuss. I get the feeling that the process is actually more closer to “I have a great idea for a set piece which brings nothing to the film but would look good in 3D”. I really do not understand how the creative process can be so difficult but I accept it as they screw up my own favourite TV shows or Film brands etc. Something needs to change as I have only watched a couple of films this year compared to a few dozen in previous years. Thanks for listening

  • Pants

    I thought that The Quick and the Dead was great! Top 100 on my Flikchart.

  • christina

    tobey mcguire by far was the best spider man because if u read the comics, the original comics ,peter parker was a quirky nerd .not a discusting beaver looking jock like garfield i sat through 5 minutes of the amazing spiderman and threw up because they ruined an american classic now with the nolan batman movies the last one completly sucked except for maybe 5 scenes the dark knight by far was the best of the series due to ledgers performance as the joker he carried it nicely scarecrow in batman begins was fan fucking tastic michelle phiffer in the burton bat man film was a far better cat woman than anne anne is a great actress but is no cat woman no one mentioned electra daredevil as good comic movies and i cant say this enough they need to make a WONDER WOMAN MOVIE she deserves one and i think in the wonder woman movie if anyone saw the tv show from back inthe day i forget her name but she should play wonder womans amazonian guide i forgot one of the main characters in her comic but all i remember is she was a high preistess or a ms marvel movie any of the ladies would be a nice change of pace and the real challenge is for hollywood not to over sexualize them like the pigs they are i feel girls deserve good role models and wonderwoman is one of those role models

  • christina

    most of this was by the look and perfromance of the characters resembling there comic character as closely to how it was portrayed in the comic itself and what does anyone think of ian mccellan and patrick stewart in xmen personally i loved them both was just wondering

  • Olga Alexeyevna Petrova

    I’m gonna have to disagree with all of you!! I love The Avengers because it had all the amazing superheroes except for spider-man :( but all the superheroes have their own journey and each of them have special powers and are all amazing!!

  • picnicfun

    I would have liked to hear him say Tobey McGuire would have been Spiderman in the 4th installment.

  • HouseGang22

    i grew up watching spiderman and all of thm I like, not saying number three was good, but hey its spiderman.. i think marc webb is doing ok with the franchise so far, the amazing spiderman was good in my eyes.. i do wish sam Raimi could have done a fourth so that maybe it can be ” the best spiderman” of them all..

  • HouseGang22

    i agree with u 100% i didnt like anything about “rises”.. it just sucked

  • Cata Ra

    i think mr. raimi should keep searching for scriptwriter to finish spiderman 4 with tobey maguire.

  • pickME

    You should have known that when “The Evil Dead” was being made and released close to your comment date. Raimi said he would not do another because the unknown video games took the story over, but he find good hands to place The Evil Dead into, and I would say his production company and the director chosen did a great job.

  • hi

    I would give Wall-E far more credits than both…

  • opinionated_chica

    the reboot was horrible, and I’m not even sorry for saying that

  • Trent Cannon

    I can point out one giant flaw. Tobey Maguire.

  • WINChesterz

    Blade built the ground work, X-men built up on it, Blade II was a masterpeice and spider-man 2 just kicked it out of the water.

  • WINChesterz

    No its because if you ever read the Spider-m4n outline you can tell he was tired, the studio pretty much had him strong arm and spider-man films take a lot out of you. TASM film is crap. Garfield is a good actor jsut a terrible peter parker and an okay spider-man.

  • Lance

    I could say the more we see from Tim Burton though the more Batman and Batman Returns were just Tim Burton movies that happened to center around a DC Comics series called Batman and be just as accurate as you are. Batman has gone through to many changes and iterations to claim there’s one definitive version of Batman so it’s hard for me to say Nolan’s movies are a separate entity mildly associated with the character. I would argue that Nolan’s series was much closer to classic Batman stories like The Long Halloween and The Dark Knight Returns than anything Burton did with the series, but I give credit to Burton for rescuing the Batman brand in the general populace from the campy incarnations of Adam West and Super Friends albeit with a huge assist from Frank Miller.

  • tigerianwinter

    Spiderman 4 couldn’t be made because of how poorly spiderman 3 was done. Waaay too much was done in S3 and we saw yet another green goblin. Because of that repeat, both Sandman AND Venom were both brought in. The biggest battle of a heroes life should always take more from him than he has to give. And that simply wasn’t the case with S3 with the green goblin 2 switching teams. It was a mess, and although dramatic, only so in a spectacular sense, not an emotional one.

  • Superheroes are fags

    Bunch of faggots, arguing over gay

  • I Love Red

    I disagree. He is one of the things that made it so good. Parker is supposed to be a dorky wise-ass and he played him perfectly. Kirsten Dunst is another story. I loved the first Spiderman movie but 2 wasn’t very good and 3 was somewhere in between.

  • jkredwine

    Blade? Blade was not a phenomenon at the same level as the Spider-Man films by any stretch of the imagination. The first Blade film made, what, like $70 million domestically? Spider Man (2002) pulled in like $400 million domestically. The blade films were no more successful or influential than Burton’s Batman films. The only credit they deserve is in showing that adaptations can work even with comicbook characters that aren’t super popular.

    It was the combined success of Raimi’s Spider-Man and Singer’s X-Men in the early aughts that launched the new generation of superhero films. Norrington’s Blade showed that comic book movies weren’t completely dead after Batman and Robin, but it still took 5 years to see them take off again. And that was ONLY thanks to Raimi’s film.

  • jkredwine

    Great reply! Thanks for this!

    It’s one thing when a director/screenwriter/actor has an obvious apathy for the franchise or characters. Or when their personal egos get in the way of telling a good story. But I think it’s always been clear that Raimi’s vision simply never made it to the screen and that he was as unhappy with the film as the fans, if not much more so as you say.

  • jkredwine

    Not saying the Blade films weren’t good or crucial to the development of a Marvel film universe, but they certainly don’t deserve any credit for building any kind of mainstream fan base or proving viability. Those films never broke $100 million domestically.

  • Trent Cannon

    The thing is, he didn’t play the wise ass very well at all. The new Amazing Spiderman much more accurately displayed Spiderman in my opinion. He made jokes, made fun of people and was the epitome of dorky wiseass. The only thing Tobey Maguire got right was dorky. He did that to an overabundance. To the point where I couldn’t even stand him, and I’m a dork.

  • shaun

    really hate when they reboot a franchise,such a shame that spiderman 4 never happened..

  • bfg666

    Uh, Garfield’s Peter Parker is a stu-stu-stuttering douchebag. Definitely not Peter. Granted, Spider-Man is better rendered in the reboot but Peter was much more accurately portrayed by Maguire.

  • bfg666

    Not with the studio enforcing the Venom character, you couldn’t.

  • bfg666

    The “Vulturess”?! Where the hell did you get that? Considering Raimi’s respect of the original material, allow me to doubt it until you document your assertion.

  • bfg666

    You can’t be serious! You blame Raimi’s Peter Parker for being a “stuttering, incoherent crybaby” and then you praise Webb’s? When has the world turned upside down?

  • bfg666

    I care. It’s one of the many reasons why I didn’t like this movie.

  • bfg666


  • bfg666

    No-one mentioned Elektra and Daredevil as good comic movies because they sucked ass full force, on par with Ghost Rider, Fantastic Four and the Punisher movies.

  • bfg666

    They should pair up, so that Raimi could take care of Peter Parker and Webb could handle the Spider-Man scenes. The result would be the definitive fangasm.

  • Slick

    why am i even on this site the comments are so childish and all people on here wasted their time

    pack of idiots to be sure

  • John Inscore

    That movie was horrible. I mean its a true story about three men who kidnapped and tortured and stole everything one man owns and then they continue to try to rob another person but end up killing two people. They mutilated the bodies and then hid them.

  • Chethan

    u showed the taste of real spider man now i cant accept spider man using gadgets to fly . . those three were more than best . . i m really waiting for him to return . .

  • Reno Raines

    ok all all those maquire spideys were at least good.

  • Reno Raines

    and i watch and rate movies good and bad granted the 1st was the best of the 3!!

  • Tonus

    I think “horrible” is kind of subjective, in this case, because we’re talking about Michael Bay. Was is “great,” or anything like that? Heck no, but it WAS entertaining (and for what has come to be expected from a Michael Bay flick, it was surprisingly good). He actually executed a storyline without having to rely so heavily on all the gimmickry he’s been hammered to Hell and back for.
    I stand by my statement. Give it a chance. It won’t be up for any awards or anything, but it was entertaining… which is why I watch movies.

  • Tonus

    I’m quite relieved that they wrote the Mary Jane character out of the Amazing Spider-Man 2.

    Something that a lot of the comic book movies are guilty of, nowadays, is trying to tell too much story (see flicks such as “Spider-Man 3″ and “The Dark Knight Rises”). I tend not to mind so much because I am usually somewhat familiar with aspects of the stories beforehand, but they’d serve themselves well to stop trying to make things so convoluted, because that’s where you lose the average viewers.

  • Tonus

    I’m not really sure what “box office sales” has to do with much, honestly (~$160 million in two weeks (dropping about 2/3 of its opening week revenue, even), thus far, for “Man of Steel” and it’s absolutely horrible)… and I’m not saying that to be a doucher, or anything, either… but Blade, like many films of its type, gained a lot of their appreciation through the home video market. I mean, I owned a comic book store in the ’90s and was quite a fan of the Blade character, but never bothered to see any of the Blade movies at the theater. I did see them several times on home video/cable, though. Just sayin’…

  • Emily Kimble emorelee admire l

    The amazing spider man sucked which is a fact ass holes Sony suck all the retarded losers who like the amazing spider and defend it get and a LIFE

  • Emily Kimble emorelee admire l


  • 94MICK19

    Why do people think that Darker = better? The original Superman movies were excellent, as were the Burton Batman movies. And say what you want about “Batman Forever” but personally I think that Val Kilmer is the best live action actor to portray Batman, he just had the misfortune of not being in a better Batman film. I’m not alone here, Bob Kane himself said that he was. Overall I’d say the only adaptions that have really done Batman justice are the DCAU of the early 90s and early 00s.

  • jorge

    But that’s how they are, he uses them, he does not have them integrated at least not for a long while, Amazing suffered from being reiterative yes, but as for the shooters and the high school mood it was doing all right.

  • leanton31

    Spider man 3 sucked, so there was no 4rth one easy to comprehend really

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  • Jdalsim

    I was mainly disappointed with Venom in 3, who was not even referred to as Venom. Granted, they named them self that, but, to focus on the Venom aspect and get rid of Sandman could have been a good way to open up for 4 as Maximum Carnage.

  • exoticdoc2

    Any one of Raimi’s Spider Man movies were far better than the reboot, and the actors were better as well. He should have taken his time and stuck with trying to come up with the 4th installment.

  • chozo__ninpo

    why anyway?

  • banans

    wats wrong with him they need a happy ever after and stupid blondie had ruined the film due to jer actions. wat a total brat.
    sick of people like her.
    wat was wrong with m.j huh?
    she understood peter perfectly butthen blondie here has to ruin it. cow.

  • Kaitain

    I know I’m in a minority, but I think that S-M 3 is very underrated. Sure, it has a lot of problems, but it has several outstanding sequences.

    I think what one has to bear in mind is that the nominal villains are not really the focal points of the story at all; they’re just plot-drivers, and the real story is about Peter, Harry and MJ.

    I guess it also comes down to whether or not you like the arrogant-emo Peter Parker strutting sequence in the middle. Personally I love it; it makes me laugh every time, especially the moments in the Bugle offices.

  • Kaitain

    TDKR was boring and pointless.

  • Kaitain

    I’ve always found S-M 2 strangely dull. I’ve watched all three at least five times. S-M 2 leaves me feeling disconnected. I think part of the problem is that they make Octavius far too sympathetic. I just feel sorry for him, which leaves the movie without a genuine villain. All you have left is a story about Peter running away from responsibility.

  • Kaitain

    The Quick and The Dead would have worked brilliantly if Sharon Stone’s character had actually lost.

  • Kaitain

    Because Raimi himself was predicting that S-M 4 wouldn’t work as scripted, and would lose money for the studio.

  • Kaitain

    Are you not even joking?

  • J.A.C.

    Raimi kick’s ass.

  • Askani

    Robot Chicken destroyed Michael Bay’s secret attempt to seduce us with an excess of EXPLOSIONS, MICHAEL BAY SPLOSION!

  • Zayne Simard-Moore

    i think that Bay did do a good job i thought all three f the transformers were good and had plenty of action.

  • Zayne Simard-Moore

    like you could do any better.

  • Tonus

    Meh… perhaps…
    I’d have to want to, though.
    I’ve taken craps that had more behind them than some Bay movies, though. “Bad Boys?” Love it… “The Rock?” Love it… the first Transformers was probably the best thought-out of the bunch… will be anxious to see if he’s put it back together for the Marky Mark ones coming up.

  • Christopher Rice

    Yes because it had nothing to do with how terrible Spiderman 3 was in every sense.

  • Squid

    while i agree that the spider-man movies were good, i despised the third, and even the first wasnt perfect, i just couldnt get over the fact that he shot web straight from his wrist at least the new one had web shooters

  • Tyler

    I still feel that he should’ve continued with his Spider-Man, Marc Webb’s Spider-Man is less than stellar.

  • Marshon Alston-Hardnick

    Instead of ending the Spider-man franchise without making a fourtrh one, they could’ve let Peter and Mary Jane get mariied; and then they could’ve showed that the Symbiote survive the explosion and hid until it could’ve fully formed. Or they could’ve showed Peter and Mary Jane married and had a Sixteen year old daughter that inheirited her fathers spider powers and fought the Venom Symbiote. Or what about Sandman where did he go in New York City. Sony could’ve done many things to make a great movie that probbably could have made billions or maybe even more.

  • naiem

    The reason Spider man 4 fell apart was the first 3 were SHIT! They should have been called ‘the growing pains of peter parker’ . With Spider man cartoon you saw the introduction of the bad guy who would be born out of good intentions but be overcome by his alter ego, Parker would become detective an while the bad guy would somehow kidnap ant may and Mary Jane, Parker would then donn his suit and kick the bad guys arse physically but become trapped then use his interlect to defeat the bad guy. Rescue ant may and mary jane, then disapaer only to have Peter parker show up.

    This is almost what happens in ‘the amazing spiderman’ which made it a cool movie

    The previous spderman movies should never have been made!!!

  • naiem

    What I got from the transformer movies was kip

  • naiem

    given the half the money and resources i could make a far better movie!

  • naiem

    better still 10% of the money and no resources i could do better!!!

  • naiem

    first one was okay, second one was crap and third one I have fallen asleep 10 mins into it 8 times!!!

  • naiem

    dont you mean ‘the growing pains of peter parker’?

  • naiem

    Batman begins was good and I can watch over and over again, the dark knight you mean have an early night was shit! and the third one i was wishing it to end and consider asking for a refund!!

  • naiem

    I thnk there should be a campaign to ask for a refund as it was shit!

  • naiem

    dont you mean the most camp superhero movie ever?

  • naiem

    totally agree the second 2 should never have been made!

  • naiem

    now your showing your age!!!

  • naiem

    Ironman was the best 1 and 2 third one was only in it for the money and did not make any sence to me anyway

  • naiem

    Tobey Maguire in ‘the growing pains of peter parker’ and ‘more growing pains of peter parker’ and finally thank god ‘ peter parker gets a girlfriend’ no wait ‘peter parker almost gets laid’

  • naiem

    name one wise arse remark he made in all 3 movies, i’d help but fell asleep through all 3, I use them when I can sleep 2 mins into them and im gone works every time without fail!

  • naiem

    ‘the amazing spiderman was 10/10 Ive watched it every time its on sky it has its boring bits aswell but if it wee on now id stay up and watch it! the guy playing spiderman was just like the guy from the cartoons I loved and watched, cant wait for the sequel

  • naiem

    yea heartburn from stomach acid did come first then there were antacid tablet which are a relief !!

  • naiem

    blade 1

  • naiem

    most people didnt know blade was a superhero! every one knows batman and spider man and superman, alot of people didnt know about X-men. now its all about wolverine who is the best one played brilliantly by hugh jackman….

    I want them to do a banana man movie for kicks!! a bit like kick ass!

  • fuzzball7

    Except, of course they set box office records and made billions even after expenses.

  • Ísak

    How dare you?! Tobey was better than Andrew in every way.

  • Ísak

    Tobey’s Spidey also made jokes, was much more realistic, and was very similar to the comics (especially from the Stan Lee era). Andrew’s Spidey was more like a jock, , was not very realistic at all (most of the characters were not very realistic at all either) and the only similarities to the comics was the movie’s title, web-shooters and some of the taunting. Stan Lee himself has said that Tobey’s spidey was in touch with reality and the comics.

  • Peter Parker

    I hope Sam gets a chance to redeem himself with another superhero and it gets to be really good.

  • RUDU

    The Avengers sucked…
    but I love Sam Raimi.

  • dac

    Especially sight and sound.

  • billyguile

    Sam Raimi is always the coolest of dudes.

  • melodi

    spider man 1, 2 and 3 were all fantastic!

  • Myla

    Do you understand how much that doesn’t make sense?

  • Myla

    Joss Whedon is the best thing that ever happened to the world. For one he created Buffy, which got good only after the first season. Which is completely fine with me! (Dollhouse is my bigger favorite though) The problem with huge creators such as Whedon and Raimi is that things get too imaginative. Things are set so far into the future and so much in depth put together that fans aren’t going to understand. Which favored Joss in The Avengers and Raimi in the Spiderman movies. Which is why all of their work is favoritely and poked fun at in shows like The Big Bang Theory.

  • thetank13

    tobey was a better spiderman then that british twat, as i understand he kept taking his mask off every ten seconds also they killed the reason he became spiderman and wtf is this shit about hes spiderman because his dad tested shit on him

  • Vyco

    What I got from the transformer movies was cancer.

  • Javier

    Thanks God, Spiderman 3 almost made me kill myself.

  • Colin


  • Private_Eyescream

    And as a result of MARVEL’s gross executive incompetence, we got the shitty “SPIDER-MAN 3″, and the even worse lousy knock-offs “The Amazing Spider-Man” & “The Amazing Spider-Man 2″.

    I don’t blame Sam Raimi, I blame MARVEL.


    you people all need to chill

  • Adam L.

    That new Spider-Man movie is awful.

  • freaked

    Marvel Studios who did Iron Man is not responsible for Spider-man. They can have their logo attached, but the decision making was from the production/distribution company-Sony Pictures. Avi Arad, one of the producers of Spider-Man franchise worked with Marvel to shepherd their characters into films produced by various other companies, prior to Marvel creating their own production company (Marvel Studios) where they can control the making of their own movies.

    Fox does not have rights to Spider-man at all -so they have absolutely nothing to do with it, but in regards to X-Men related franchise-that is their own doing.

  • Mike Spiers

    Understandably he was unhappy with SpiderMan3. As much as I love Toby Maguire, I don’t think any of us could take him seriously in that film. Thankfully I’m a big fan of the new generation SpiderMan, though will always bve a little upset we will not see Maguire and Dunst swinging from Manhattan again …

  • Craig Mack

    Not a good joke, some of us are cancer patients, with our lives left to treatment, statistics, and hope… Much Love, Mack

  • Jester1137

    I have the perfect TMNT movie in my head. It’s direct by Guillermo Del Toro, btw.

  • Jester1137

    Burton single handedly saved Batman from 60′s camp obscurity, at least outside of Comics.

    The property was considered completely toxic for 20 years after the end of the TV show. Batman was basically a walking “gay joke”.

    Burton couldn’t possibly have even gotten the approval for the Nolan films. He had to bring the audience that liked the cheese (boomers who grew up on Comics Code Batman&Robin) together with the audience that actually liked the 40′s and 80′s comics.

    And he *did* it. No one at the time thought “Comic book movies” could be anything better than the Superman flicks, and he proved they could.

    You can’t judge those two films by todays standards. They had to appeal to a very different, and broader, audience.

  • Daniel Christopher Holt

    Sam Raimi didn’t properly build things up for Spiderman’s movie sagas. The first movie did a good job at this but the sequels didn’t. The what the new Spiderman series might have over it but we’ll have to see when Spiderman 2 comes out. They barely got anywhere with the new Spiderman revamp.

  • the_bananaboat

    I wish you all the luck in the world with that fight. Just lost my wife to cancer after an 8 1/2 year battle. Keep your head up Mack. :-)

  • Getoverit

    My sympathies to you and anyone you know that has cancer. But it is just a joke and it is funny, it was not directed at you so get over yourself and don’t try and make it about you.

  • Craig Mack

    How about its not something to joke about and its not funny. It wasn’t directed at me I know, it was directed at a disease, in a nonsensical comment. I’m not making it about me, Its about millions upon millions of people frightened, dying, and suffering worse than you could ever imagine. So just back off. Its such a funny subject, that’s why you hear no stand up comedians, or sitcoms joking about it. I wish people who treated it so nonchalantly could just taste it for a day. No reply needed or wanted.

  • Craig Mack

    I am so, so sorry sir. Truly if there is anything I can do, please reply to this message, you may think I am just saying it, but I mean it sincerely. My door is open. Much Love and God Bless you this Holiday Season.
    Not to bring up a bad subject, but take a look at the comment below this one that I had to respond to. People just do not understand, that we have to battle this thing together and that it affects everybody more than they could imagine. I have literally lost half my family to this monster. That is why my life is devoted to whole heartedly to the fight against this cruel disease. Once again Much Love and you are in my prayers. Stay strong.

  • the morgue

    there’s absolutely nothing game changing about nolans batman films. they were average at best. i still giggle about heath ledger getting an oscar for basically doing an imitation of dana carvey’s church lady. richard donners superman is a tough cookie to beat after all these years but spidey 2 is still much better than any of the batman films. nuff said

  • the morgue

    one of many guilty pleasures

  • Al Briggs

    Oh cry me a river. Without humor, what’s life anyway? His joke wasn’t directed at anyone in a serious manner.

  • Al Briggs

    I thought it was funny.

  • Patrick Longworth

    I doubt that each person has the same sense of humour and I doubt that each person finds similar things to be funny though there are exceptions. I doubt that the original writer intended offense to others, they just didn’t think about how others might respond to what they wrote.

    When a person is insensitive to the feelings of others, then those who are more sensitive sometimes either have to “let them be” or carefully educate them on how they were insulting or insensitive. Their insensitivity may prevent them from accepting the advice though.

  • Patrick Longworth

    Why bother? Let Michael Bay do what he wants and maybe his next films will sink like a stone. I’ve seen about three of his films that I know of and really they add very little humanity to the movie going experience but then, of course, he isn’t a Woody Allen!?!

    Of the films of his that I’ve seen, perhaps The Island was the best but not necessarily because of anything Michael did…then the Transformers films I did see are next in line…

  • RJ

    I agree with BradRx. Raimi’s First Spiderman started the comic book boom. As X-Men was a great film for the fans of comics. Spiderman reached the entire level of movie goers, not just comic fans. When a film can break the box office record opening weekend. Then the following week break it’s own record. You’ve got something there.

  • Robyn

    why arn’t you doing spider-man 4. that is the biggest mastake ever i have been waiting for this movie i literaly watch those movies were i can say every line can you please start on spider-man 4 again i will pay bigggggg bucks to see spider-man 4 and even more

  • argus

    did not happen because it would be shit like the above.

  • The Man181

    What I got from the Transformers movies is the destruction- not of buildings but my childhood.

  • Don

    He couldn’t possibly do worse than TMNT 3!

  • Koneko

    But I love The Quick and the Dead….

  • Brandon Roberts

    look he’s a hero who decided not to destroy your childhood memories any further

  • Zack

    Lol, I can answer that question. The reason Spiderman 4 was never made: Spiderman 3.

  • Tim Church

    Forget 4! 2 was a HUGE improvement on the first one! It all went wrong when you had 2 villains in 3! The new one’s no better, because Peter’s not British!!