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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Ending, New Series in Development

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Fans wondering what the future would hold for Stars Wars: The Clone Wars following Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm received an answer this morning — although it likely wasn’t the one they were expecting.

Lucasfilm has announced that, after five seasons and more than 100 episodes, “the time has come to wind down the series.” No additional episodes will be produced for Cartoon Network, but new Clone Wars arcs are being developed. Although the studio says to “Stay tuned for more information on where fans can soon find this bonus content,” presumably the episodes will air on Disney XD, although probably not as part of a full season.

In place of The Clone Wars, Lucasfilm is working on a new Star Wars series “set in a time period previously untouched in Star Wars films or television programming.”

In addition, Star Wars: Detours, the comedy from Robot Chicken creators Seth Green and Matt Senreich and their collaborator Todd Grimes, is being shelved.

“Detours was conceived and produced before we decided to move forward with the new Star Wars trilogy, and in the wake of that decision, Lucasfilm has reconsidered whether launching an animated comedy prior to the launch of Episode VII makes sense,” Lucasfilm said in a statement. “As a result, we’ve decided to postpone the release of Detours until a later date.”


  • Bass Guitar Hero

    I could see The Clone Wars finishing its run as two or three two-hour movies on Disney XD. Each movie will be the equivalent of four half-hour episodes.

    As far as the new series–post-Episode VI/pre-Episode VII featuring Luke, Leia, & Han still in their prime, IMO.  

  • Fry Cook on Venus

    Knights of the Old Republic.

    Fresh enough to mine, obscure enough to (sadly) keep on TV and out of theaters.

  • demoncat_4

    figured clone wars would die sooner or later. for something new as is the way with cartoons. though sad that detours is now delayed for a a bit longer for was looking forward to see what the robot chicken genius did more in the star wars universe 

  • Chadhulhu

    You know, CW ended on a great note at the end of season 5. Honestly to see a elder Akosha in 7 might be cool. 

  • Guydc3

    “In place of The Clone Wars, Lucasfilm is working on a new Star Wars series “set in a time period previously untouched in Star Wars films or television programming.”  Well there goes my hope for a series based on KOTOR (the games). Still though, I am looking forward to seeing what they come up with for this new series.

  • Guydc3

     Ugh, RIF on my part. I guess this could be something KOTOR related. (I wish disqus had an edit function.

  • Lewis4510

    Considering the popularity of KOTOR games an animated series set in that era would make the most sense.

  • George Lukass

    As great as this series still is…. you cant tell 5- 10 seasons of a show that is supposed to take place between a less than 3 yr time period.

    I hope they end it so it matches up PERFECTLY with Revenge of the Sith.

  • Y: The Last Nerd

    Glad CN lost this series. After cancelling Young Justice and GL, they DESERVED to lose their biggest show

  • Brandon

    A game isn’t film or television.

  • KeanuD

    Would this have anything to do with the upcoming live action series, or would this be a new animated one?

  • Guest

    No surprise here. CN is owned by Time/Warner, Disney’s biggest rivals. While Lucasfilm was a neutral party, they had no problem with the show. Willing to bet the new Star Wars series ends up on Disney XD instead.

  • MyFutprint

    Totally agree!!!!!

    I am still waiting to hear a CN executive speak up to why the show was cancelled. Young Justice has to be one of the most mature, intelligently thought out animated shows (definitely for superheroes) in American TV history and its’ doing a good job keeping DC’s heroes in the public eye–why kill it?? Sam Register really needs to answer it considering that it’s being replaced by Teen Titans (a version he personally was responsible for back when the original show aired). 

    In an age where Marvel is killing Warner Bros in film the wise money would be to keep a quality show on (same with GL)–so I’m glad to hear Clone Wars is gone but I’m sure it wasn’t cuz of ratings…

  • Mohmohamed01

    What about the jedi purge after ep.3 before ep. 4 darth vader still getting used to life in the suit

  • WeaponX

    This blows just when I was looking forward to some episodes with Obi-wan and Anakin instead of episode after episode forcing Asoka Tano down our throats. Bet they regret wasting 4 episodes this season on D-squad. I just hope we get a few clone wars tv movies to tie up the loose end. Faloni confirmed more content was coming from clone wars just not how or when.

  • Greg Sanders

    I’ll bet it covers the period between VI and VII. Since every era has technically been touched (oooh, naughty), I’ll bet they mean in the realm of television, or film, whatever. And then I know you’ll see we don’t have alot of eras covered in that media, yeah, but this is Disney, they want to build anticipation for Episode VII. They’ll create a series that covers that period, and officially erase the Post-ROTJ continuity.

  • Mobey_wee

     Why are you hopes for a KOTOR series gone? It said no films or television programming, and there have been only games, comics, and novels for KOTOR.

  • STY

    Disney is protecting their newest investment.  They don’t want to make a mockery of the characters and want to preserve their integrity for the big screen.  I don’t blame them.