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Recap | The Walking Dead: ‘Prey’


“What do you want me to do, shoot her?”Tyreese

In a rare move, the latest episode of The Walking Dead opened with a flashback, showing Andrea and Michonne on the run in the woods before they first encountered Woodbury and all the horrible things that came with that place. Andrea asks Michonne where her zombie pets came from, and Michonne seems legitimately shaken by the subject. She won’t share who they were, but simply says, “They deserved what they got. They weren’t human to begin with.”

That shot turns into one in the present day of the Governor prepping a prison cell-like room for someone, presumably Michonne. She is his “Prey,” as was revealed in last week’s “Arrow on the Doorpost,” and it would make sense that he is preparing a torture episode for her. But, as it turns out, it’s not only Michonne who gives this episode of The Walking Dead its title, but also Andrea.

She has finally come to terms with the fact the Governor is a threat that needs to be destroyed, and interestingly so has Milton. His discovery at the end of “Arrow on the Doorpost” that the Governor is planning to assault the Prison regardless of his proposal to Rick seems to have been the tipping point for him, but Milton is still not ready to give up on his leader. Even his discovery of the Governor’s torture chamber isn’t enough to make him want to depose Woodbury’s great and powerful head.

Still, Milton is willing to tell Andrea what the Governor is up to. After he finds the Governor prepping a torture “workshop” for Michonne and failing to convince him to let the grudge go, Milton turns to Andrea and tells her about the fact the Governor is after Michonne. He then shows her the secret room and reveals he knew Philip Blake before the zombie apocalypse. Despite a great opening, Milton won’t let Andrea kill the Governor because he still has hope for that man to one day return.

twd-prey1At least Andrea realizes she needs to leave Woodbury, and decides to jump ship and head off to the Prison. Milton knows of her plan and doesn’t try to stop her, but she does hit some bumps along her escape route. First Martinez takes her gun and ammo, then the Governor tells her he wants to keep her “separate” and “safe” from the fighting until the showdown with Rick, and finally Tyreese and Sasha, both of whom are standing watch at Woodbury’s walls, try to prevent her from leaving. Andrea tries to trick them into leaving their post, but they don’t believe her and she attempts to force her way over the wall. Although Tyreese moves to stop her, Andrea tells them she can’t stay around the Governor any longer and that he’s far worse than they realize. Tyreese eventually lets her go, and when Sasha reprimands him, he says, “What did you want me to do, shoot her?”

Of course, this sparks a backlash from the Governor, but because he’s still playing it cool around Tyreese & Co., he lets it slide. The Governor tells them Andrea is unstable, lying and claiming she had been on her own before arriving at Woodbury. It’s unclear if they believe him, but Tyreese reaffirms his group’s interest in wanting to stay. After that confrontation, the Governor finds Milton and confirms that he’s going after Andrea. Milton reveals too much during this conversation, saying that he knew Andrea was leaving and that he told her about the Governor’s plans for Michonne. His pleas to let Andrea return to her people fall on the Governor’s deaf, angry ears, unfortunately.

As Andrea runs the long distance back to the Prison, Tyreese and Sasha are asked to make up for letting her escape by helping Martinez with a mission. Allen confronts him and tells him not to mess up the Woodbury situation for their group, and the dissent that has been building since their foursome was first introduced bubbles over once the Governor’s secret walker-gathering camp is revealed. Tyreese says he won’t be a part of this portion of the Governor’s assault on the Prison, and Allen attacks him, resulting in Tyreese nearly throwing him into the pit of walkers. Allen begs Tyreese to do it, but he ultimately releases him.

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Back with Andrea, her escape plan certainly has its share of flaws. She only has her knife as a weapon and is running on foot, but she still manages to fend off attacking walkers with little difficulty. Her big problem arises when the Governor, in a truck, finds her in an open field and follows after her. Despite her best evasion tactics, he manages to corner her in an abandoned building and it’s here that she becomes his prey. He taunts Andrea as he tracks her through its hallways, telling her Woodbury is her home and her people now and hitting all the buttons that used to work for her. He also whistles the same tune it had previously been revealed he was going to use during his torture of Michonne.

This taut sequence goes on for a good while as the Governor almost discovers Andrea’s hiding place and then gets drawn away by a sound that ends up being biters. He then seemingly traps Andrea, but she sets a big group of walkers on him and manages to escape. Not for long, though, as the Governor finally nabs Andrea just as she stumbles across the Prison and waves to Rick. Unfortunately, Rick can’t see any of the assault, and the Governor takes Andrea captive.

While the Governor was out tracking Andrea, someone had gone to the zombie pits and set them on fire. Martinez seems to think it was Tyreese and Sasha, but the Governor realizes it was likely Milton. The Governor returns to Woodbury after allegedly failing to find Andrea and realizes Tyreese wasn’t the one to burn the walkers. When he sees Milton soon after, the Governor claims he’s already discovered who the one at fault was. Hopefully Milton realizes he’s been found out and runs far, far away, despite whatever lingering affection he has for the Governor.

As for Andrea, she is in some pretty dire straights. The final shot of “Prey” travels through an abandoned building and ends on Andrea handcuffed and gagged in the room the Governor prepared for Michonne. With no warning sent to the Prison, and Rick still mulling the Governor’s proposal about trading Michonne for their safety, life isn’t looking too great for either Andrea or her sword-wielding former companion.

Grade: A-


  • Dave

    The governor has no ammo . Andrea has a knife. So how does he sneak up on her, drag her all the way back to the truck, immobilize her and take her all the way back to Woodbury?

  • Masked Man Issue 1

    Because very little about last night’s episode made any sense, beginning with its existence in any form or shape. That was a bad hour of TV, not an episode deserving an A-

  • Aaron

    Pretty sure Milton is the gov’s brother.

  • Joe

    Here is my thought of who put out the gasoline on the walkers and set them on fire in the pit. I know it’s a stretch but i can’t help but feel that it was Morgan that did it. He was CLEARING!! I know everybody says it’s Milton but why hide his face when pouring gasoline on the walkers. We know that Milton is starting to stand up to The Governor. So why hide his face, no need to make it a mystery. Look closely on how the walkers were piled up in the pit. It looked just like the way Morgan piles them up in the Clear episode. Furthermore, Rick told him that he was in trouble and the walkers in the pit were meant to go and eat Rick and his group. Morgan’s job is CLEAR and prevent that. This is just my opinion, i don’t read the comics, just the show.

  • nerdface

    I love zombies, not in a weird romantic/sexual way, still. LOVE. However I hate The Walking Dead, I want to like it but it’s so bad. The zombies are not a threat, at all, which makes a zombie apocalypse show pointless. Andrea with a tiny knife can easily kill three or four zombies without breaking into a sweat.

    Last night’s episode. After escaping from The Governor wouldn’t Andrea have stole his truck, it seemed like the obvious move, instead she wanders through hostile territory at night risking a zombie attack.

    It’s a terrible show. Badly written. There’s no thought, I should stop watching it.

  • nameless

    Several people have been commenting on how unbelievable it was for the governor to take andrea so easily but for me the director made it pretty clear that she was completely exhausted by the time he caught up with her.

  • Christopher Hundley

    But wouldn’t he be exhausted as well?

  • Christopher Hundley

    Because if one of the Governor’s men caught Milton, he might be killed summarily?

  • Rochelle

    I feel the zombies are a threat but not like “Dawn of the Dead” type of a threat. It would make it too hard to sustain a show if the zombies were the main focal point of the show. Just like wild animals (lions, tigers, bears, sharks) that can easily kill us if given the chance, it makes sense that it is easy after being in the apocalypse for about a year for you to kill off a few of the undead with ease. You were on the run for the whole year fending for yourself. It is not supposed to be overly hard.

    And don’t you think the Governor would have thought about the possibility of her stealing the truck? There is no way he had the keys in there. And even if he did, it would be stupid for Andrea to check and possibly risk being caught by him or being caught by the zombies. Also she went out the back way so how do we know she could have gotten back around to the front.

    I don’t understand why you continue to watch the show (I mean come on now, we are at season 3) and continue to read articles about the show, and waste your time writing comments about the show if you didn’t like it at all. Seems counterproductive and pointless. Just give it up.

  • Lisa

    He had a truck. He didn’t have to walk/run most of the way like Andrea. He drove most of the way (like when he chased her down in the field with the truck as she ran)

  • Sarah

    I feel like people want to be slapped in the face with something and not use their brain. Andrea was exhausted from running and fighting. The Governor had a vehicle which cut his travel time to get to and from Woodbury in half. He is definitely a lot stronger than her as opposed to the walkers which can be bend and have broken limbs, he is a human being putting up a fight.

    Also we do not know how he immobilized her but if you think about it would it be that far fetched (based on what Milton said in the beginning of the episode) that the Governor has had experience in the past with immobilizing females? It is possible he knocked her out or caused her to pass out.

    I think given the scope of the show, what you are asking is not that improbable as you make it seem.

    And Masked Man Issue 1….why did you watch the whole hour if it was bad? And then why did you proceed to read the whole article and comment if it was so bad?

    I feel like you are one of those hipster people who like to find fault in everything for no reason just to be cool and hip.

  • nerdface

    I didn’t hate seasons one and two, nor season three, to begin with, it’s been since the show returned after the mid-season break.

    You’re right I should stop watching.

  • Masked Man Issue 1

    Meh, as a fan of the show, you kind of wait and hope that it will get better and that’s why we stick around for the whole hour. But c’mon, you can’t seriously tell me that you were enjoying the dragged-out cat-and-mouse game, with as many logical pluses you claim you can attribute to their situation.

    At this point, it is clear that the bulk of the last 4 episodes has been plagued with lousy and lazy writing (with the exception of the Michonne/Rick/Carl episode) to fill up hours of television and extend this until we finally get to the season finale. I want this show to rock the way it was rocking earlier in the season, but I’m not going to call anything they put on the screen glorious or believable if it’s not.

    TWD can do better. And Sunday’s epsiode was the worst in a long time.