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Goyer to Turn Count of Monte Cristo into ’19th Century Dark Knight’

count1David S. Goyer is heading back behind the camera. The Man of Steel scribe and Da Vinci’s Demons creator will reportedly direct an adaptation of The Count of Monte Cristo that is being set up as a “19th century Dark Knight.”

As both the historical and comic book worlds seem to intrigue Goyer, this take on the classic Alexandre Dumas novel makes sense. The Hollywood Reporter has the news about Goyer’s directing gig, adding that Constantin Films is making the movie, and Impact Pictures’ Jeremy Bolt — of Resident Evil fame — is producing it. Michael Robert Johnson wrote the script.

THR writes that Goyer’s take on Monte Cristo will be similar to what Warner Bros. did with Sherlock Holmes. Goyer has primarily directed and been involved with projects set in the modern day, but has some experience with historical time periods thanks to his work on Da Vinci’s Demons. That series premieres April 12 on Starz.

“During my career I’ve enjoyed re-invigorating and contextualizing classic characters that are relatable to contemporary audiences,” Goyer said of Monte Cristo. “Michael has written an excellent script, and I’m going to enjoy bringing our take of the rich and textured world of Monte Cristo to the big screen.”

Completed in 1844, The Count of Monte Cristo tells the revenge tale of the wrongly imprisoned Edmond Dantes. There have been a number of film adaptations of the story, the most recent ones being 2002’s Jim Caviezel-starring picture and the ABC drama Revenge.


  • Mike

    Great news! I am looking forward to this. Hopefully Goyer has improved as a director. Blade 3 was not too good. I remain hopeful though!

  • Johnny.Blaze

    I’m sorry but the 2002 Count of Monte Cristo with Guy Pierce and Jim Cavizel still holds up extremely well.

  • lewis4510

    I’m always up for a new take on a classic character.

  • mdk

    The Count of Monte Cristo: Steampunk-Robot Fighter!

  • MD Williams

    the 2002 version is a favorite, an instant classic

  •!/ David R. Schmitt

    Agreed. I still really enjoy that film.

  • Doug Smith

    I also really enjoy the 2002 version. I like how Goyer is finishing Man of Steel and doing Count and the 2002 version of Count had Henry Cavill in it who went on to do Man of Steel. :)