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AMC’s Low Winter Sun Trailer Has Promise (Plus Lennie James)

AMC may have frustrated viewers with The Killing, bored them with The Prisoner and disappointed them with the sadly canceled Rubicon, but if the first trailer for Low Winter Sun is any indication, the cable channel may have discovered its next great drama. It’s far too soon speculate whether it will be a worthy successor to Breaking Bad, which ends this summer, but still … Watch for yourself.

Based on the 2006 BBC miniseries of the same name, Low Winter Sun is a 10-episode tale of murder, deception, revenge and corruption. Mark Strong reprises his role as a police detective who murders a fellow officer, a crime that draws him into the heart of the Detroit underworld. Lennie James (The Walking Dead, Jericho) also stars.

Premiering sometime this summer, presumably following the conclusion of Breaking Bad, is written by Chris Mundy (Criminal Minds, Cold Case), who will also serve as showrunner. The pilot is based on the original two-part miniseries.


  • John Lees

    The original British miniseries was excellent, though I’m not sure if I can see it being extended into a full-blown ongoing TV series. I’m glad they got Mark Strong back, though, as he was stellar in the original. One of the first things I can remember seeing him in.