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WC13 | Will Evil Dead Cross Over With Army Of Darkness 2? Alvarez Wants It, Campbell Says No


Photo by Caitlin Holland


The biggest horror news to come out of SXSW was the fact that Sam Raimi’s planned Evil Dead 4 will actually be Army of Darkness 2. When Bruce Campbell came to WonderCon Anaheim to promote the upcoming Evil Dead, he wouldn’t confirm that Army of Darkness 2 will actually get made.

“Sam’s always talked about it, every six months. He’s a bold talker. Most of it’s a pack of lies,” Campbell told Spinoff Online. When asked if Army of Darkness 2 is one of the packs of lies, he said, “It’s everything. It’s a lie and it’s a threat and it’s coming and it’s not. No one knows anything.”

When Spinoff spoke to Evil Dead director Fede Alvarez at WonderCon, he said he’d like to team with Raimi on a future film where his movie’s storyline will crossover with the planned Army of Darkness 2.

“Right now I’m writing a sequel to [Evil Dead], and [Raimi’s] going to make that one. He wants to really continue the story of Army of Darkness with the character of Ash, and ideally in my mind as a fan what I want is we make the sequel to this film and Sam makes that one and then we make a third film and we unite the whole universe,” Alvarez said. “I would love to see Ash and [Jane Levy’s Evil Dead character] Mia fighting demons together. That would be kickass. The kind of Bonnie and Clyde of the demon world.”

Campbell shot down that idea when he heard it, though. “Separation. Ash will only be in these movies,” he said. “[Alvarez is] a bold talker too. There’s a lot of bold talk today.”

Evil Dead is due in theaters on April 5, and Campbell said he’s extremely happy with how it’s turned out. “It’s coming like a freight train. I’m a proud uncle. I think it’s awesome. I think Fede did a great job,” he said. “[Fans] were pissed at the beginning. I think they’re turning now, and I accept their apologies all in advance for when they see it and they come groveling back to me so I can kick them in the face for being mean to us.”

This reboot of the Evil Dead series will be set in the same sort of world as the earlier films, Campbell confirmed. “Same mythology,” he said. “Same book that you shouldn’t touch but they do anyways, these stupid kids. Same isolated cabin, so it’s hard to get away. But we also wanted it to be timeless. There’s no cell phones. There’s nothing that tells you what year it is, and that’s how we wanted it.”

Campbell also teased that there’s a post-credits scene for those patient enough to wait for it.

“It’s for the person who stays through the bitter end of the credits,” he said. “And if they don’t, they don’t get to see it. It’s that simple.”

Evil Dead hits theaters April 5.


  • George Mitchell

    Bruce is about 15 shades of awesome.

  • George Mitchell

    I just realized I have no clue what that really means.

  • demoncat_4

    bruce may be saying no right now to something like that happening till all the things are lined up and it really happens. for think it would be cool ash and mia comparing notes on screen like ash mentoring her of how to deal with the evil dead. and the necronomicon power

  • Kurtis Smejkal

    *SPOILERS (Possibly)*

    Still with me? I heard that there’s possibly two versions to this scene. One where Ash drives up in an S-Mart truck and the protagonist from the remake becomes a deadite, closes in on Ash’s face and he says ‘Groovy’. I saw a version where all it was, was a side shot of Ash and he says ‘Groovy’. Not sure which version we’ll see, but it most certainly will involve Ash.

  • John Connor

    The version of Ash driving up in an S-Mart truck is just rumor.

    There was an alternate ending shot where a farmer, Billy-Bob, drives up with his wife and MIa gets in. They are driving her to a hospital and he tells her everything will be alright. Then we see Mia turn into a deadite in the backseat, cut to black.

    That ending is in the script and was shot; will be on Blu-ray.

  • Kurtis Smejkal

    Awesome! Yeah I saw the one of Ash just saying Groovy. Another great reason to get the Blu-Ray!