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Lara Pulver Says Irene Adler Will ‘Definitely’ Be Back on Sherlock


It’s been made pretty clear that Lara Pulver won’t reprise her role as Irene Adler in Sherlock’s third season, but what about Season 4 and beyond? Pulver, who appears on Starz’s new drama Da Vinci’s Demons, revealed during a recent interview with Spinoff Online that she believes the character has more to do on the hit BBC series.

“She’s definitely not dead, which is always a good start,” Pulver said. “I think there are some other integral key characters they want to introduce into Season 3, which is kind of going to be their focus, and some new stories to tell.”

She continued, “However, I have no doubt at some point Irene Adler will be back in that BBC show. It was such a wonderful piece of writing on Steven Moffat’s part, and it’s become a very kind of iconic relationship between Holmes and Adler. There’s definitely more to be explored, but it might not be in the immediate future.”

CBS’s take on Sherlock Holmes, Elementary, recently announced it also will introduce Irene Adler to its canon. Game of Thrones actress Natalie Dormer will play a version of the character in a three-episode arc that leads up to the season finale, and Pulver said there’s plenty of room for more than one take on Holmes’ love interest.

“That’s the wonderful thing about Conan Doyle: It’s open for complete new interpretation,” she said. “I think that’s what Steven Moffat and Mark [Gatiss] were so wonderful at — making their world based on the Conan Doyle books. I’ve not seen Elementary in order to comment, but hopefully they’re putting their own spout on that show and I’m sure they’ll create, just like with the Sherlock Holmes movies, their own world and their own Irene Adler. There’s definitely room for more than one.”

Sherlock began filming the first two episodes of Season 3 on March 18. The third episode is planned to shoot at the end of the summer. No air date has been announced.


  • Luciana Taveira

    No please. Theres no need for her to be back. Its so not canon it hurts….her character was explored once, just like in the books and thats it. Holmes never had a love interest in canon also, please leave it like that. There are many other characters and stories to explore, no need to make this great show a joke, like the movies are. Follow canon just like theyve been doing for now…with acceptable adaptions. There is no need for this character to be back…move on!

  • James O’Leary

    Of course, BBC Sherlock’s Irene Adler was not Canon in the first place; Doyle wrote about an opera singer not a lesbian dominatrix. And while she only appeared in the Sherlock Holmes stories once “A Scandal in Bohemia”, she was referred to in three other stories. It appears she was on the mind of Conan Doyle (or Sherlock Holmes, if you prefer). If Moffat and Co. think they have a good idea on how to bring her back in a “non-joke” way, that’s fine. If they don’t bring her back, that’s fine, too.

  • Anika

    Irene is awesome.

  • jules

    Please leave Pulver out of season 4. She is tiresome and her boobs are not as interesting as she seems to think they are.

  • Gamewrex

    Bringing Irene back wouldn’t make the show a joke at all just because you say so. That is your opinion. They’ve already changed a LOT of canon. While I do adore how closely they stick to canon with the core principles of the characters and plots, there’s no reason not to branch out. If I just wanted to see the books, I can read the books. Artistic license and interpretation exist for a reason and Irene is an iconic character to the lore because of what she represented, especially during the Victorian Age. She was the original femme fatale and one of the first representations of women as being comparable and on-par intellectually with men.

    So if they bring her back, I have enough confidence in this show that they’ll do it in a way that is respectable. The series is damn near flawless as it is. If they don’t, they don’t. But let’s not get all doom and gloom yet. It’s really without justification given the quality of the show’s stories.

  • Gamewrex

    Typical ass-like response. Her acting is astounding, regardless of what you think of her physical properties and it’s a good thing more talented people than you are in charge of where this show goes.

  • russophile

    You’re an asshole, Jules. Lara gave an astonishingly wonderful, multi-layered performance and her chemistry with Benedict was off the charts. It would be a misstep to NOT bring her back, as far as I’m concerned. She’s lovely.

  • ChillFreaks

    Stop whining. Yes, it’s not cannon just like Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.


    There was no sexual chemistry between her and Sherlock and it was not Benedict Cumberbatch´s fault. Even naked she could not exude sensuality! She played the part too hard, too thin lipped! I do hope she does not appear in the 4th series as she degrades Sherlock playing the part that way. This actress did not do it justice at all. He has more chemistry with Mrs Hudson, Molly, Janine and John Watson! Wish she had had her head chopped off!!!!