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MSN Looking to Revive Heroes


The buzz surrounding the return of Arrested Development to Netflix has gotten everyone talking about other television series they’d like to see revived. To that end, TVLine reports MSN is eyeing a resurrection of the superpower drama Heroes as part of its move into original programming on Xbox.

Created by Tim Kring, Heroes aired on NBC from 2006 to 2010, and revolved around a group of people discovering they have super powers and the trials and tribulations that spawn from that.

Sources contend the show would feature new stories and new heroes, with original cast members returning depending on their availability and interest; early talks are going on right now to see who might reprise their roles.


  • lewis4510

    Most of the main actors have steady gigs now so I doubt that any of them will be returning. With the way the series ended with Claire regenerating on national TV the only way a new series would work is if the Specials are publicly known and what the world would look like in the aftermath of her actions.

  • matt

    I have never seen a show with such a drastic dive in quality as Heroes from the 1st to the last season. Such a shame because I remember LOVING the 1st season and forcing myself to watch the last…