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Will Justin Theroux Write and Star in Marvel’s Doctor Strange?

justin theroux

Although there have been no official announcements, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige confirmed three months about that the long-rumored Doctor Strange movie is part of the studio’s Phase Three plans, alongside Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man. With a draft reportedly turned in more than a year and a half ago, it seems reasonable that Marvel might begin to zero in on a director to oversee development, even if the film won’t be released until at least 2016.

That’s why this latest rumor from CHUD doesn’t come completely out of left field. The outlet claims writer/actor Justin Theroux (Tropic Thunder, Iron Man 2) is being considered to play Stephen Strange, and possibly even pen the script. The report is sure to emphasize that Theroux could be one of many actors Marvel is considering for the role — if the studio is even considering him at all — and there’s no guarantee he’s the man who will write Doctor Strange‘s script.

That said, Theroux does have a history with Marvel, even if it’s arguably the weakest of the Phase One films. Still, he has the look of Strange and, with the fact he’s tapped to direct the upcoming Zoolander 2, could be a triple threat for the studio.


  • dekko

    I don’t know about his writing abilities, but I like the idea of him as the star – especially since this is presumably an origin where we see Dr. S as a hot-shot arrogant surgeon. Yeah, I could definitely see that.

  • Michael Jeter

    I would rather see Patrick Dempsey, who is, evidently, a Doctor Strange fan.

  • Jack

    “I don’t know about his writing abilities”

    Yeah you do. He wrote a movie called “Iron Man 2.”

  • walt kovacs


  • Don Strutz

    2 was barely good.

  • Trent Steele

    Iron Man 2 is a terribly written movie, salvaged by RDJ’s charisma and Sam Rockwell. Tropic Thunder is nearly unwatchable. As a Marvel fan, I hope to god they don’t go with Theroux for Dr. Strange.

  • Matt.S

    Anyone know why they didn’t rehire Mark Fergus to write Iron Man 2?

  • dekko

    I wouldn’t judge him based solely on “Iron Man 2.” When you’re thrown into a mutli-million dollar franchise flick, SO many other people end up sticking their dicks in it, with corporate concerns, marketing tie-ins etc. being dictated on the production that the writer is frequently just playing catch-up. Writers for film tend to be marginalized by the director in normal films, but for something as big as IM2 was, ten thousand times so.

  • Jimmy

    You’re clueless – Tropic Thunder is an excellent film. Get some taste.