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21 Jump Street Writer to Pen Weird Science Remake

weird-science-poster “It’s weird, Chet. It’s really weird, Chet.”

That quote from Weird Science not only sums up the movie pretty well, but also certainly encapsulates many fans’ feelings about the recent news that Universal Pictures and original producer Joel Silver have plans to remake the 1985 John Hughes sci-fi/fantasy comedy. According to Deadline, the studio tapped Michael Bacall to write the film.

Bacall co-wrote Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World with Edgar Wright and Bryan Lee O’Malley, but also penned the found-footage teenage party film Project X and, more recently, the Jonah Hill/Channing Tatum comedy 21 Jump Street.

The original Weird Science follows the adventures of Gary (Anthony Michael Hall) and Wyatt (Ilan Mitchell-Smith) as they use Wyatt’s computer to create the perfect woman (Kelly LeBrock) who helps break them out of their geeky shells. Bacall’s credits reflect an ability to work with many of the elements seen in the original film: teenage drama, strong friendships, longing for the girl and crazy parties. Plus he has a knack for taking older properties and injecting new life into them, reflected in Jump Street‘s $201 million worldwide gross.

It’s unclear what rating the studio has in mind for the film, although there is talk of it being “edgier” than the original. Weird Science, considered a classic by many, was Hughes’ third film, and  spawned a TV series that aired for 88 episodes on USA Network.


  • Acer

    Oh no….John Hughes must be rolling in his grave.

  • SteveZ

    I watched five minutes of 21 Jump Street the movie. I hope it got better after that. I just can’t see how it made that much cash.

  • lewis4510

    I’d rather see a remake of My Science Project. It was a fun little film that came out about the same time Weird Science did.

    And with this news you know a remake of The Last Starfighter can’t be far behind.

  • mel

    My science project was a awesome. I miss when movies used to be creative.

  • batGRRRl4ever

    Well if they want edgier they should go the Dr. Frank-N-Furter route as the “lady”, lol.

  • Tim Weston

    Please stop!

  • Faust

    I loved this movie!! :-P
    Based on the people included I wouldn’t mind a remake. 21 Jump Street was really funny, and I thought it would suck. Although really, it was jump street in name only.
    And Scott Pilgrim was another fun movie.

  • Faust

    Although lets hope they don’t get some skinny little rake to play Lisa :)