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Bad News, Everyone! Futurama is Getting the Ax … Again


A decade after Fox originally canceled the series, the ax is being dropped on Futurama again.

Comedy Central announced today that the upcoming 13-episode eighth season will be the show’s last, with the crew of Planet Express bidding its final farewell Sept. 4. That will bring the total number of episodes to 140.

“I’m very proud of the upcoming season. If this is indeed the end of Futurama, it’s a fantastic finish to a good, long run,” creator Matt Groening said in a statement.

Initially airing on Fox from 1999 to 2003, Futurama returned in 2007 with four direct-to-DVD movies that were then shown as 30-minute episodes on Comedy Central. Audience response led the cable network to order new seasons of the series, which made their premiere in June 2010.The final season of Futurama begins June 19.


  • Mr M

    Ooohh…if anyone needs me, I’ll be in the Angry Dome!

    Seriously, although I haven’t seen most of the recent episodes, congratulations on a good run. Based on the FOX eps that I watched over and over, I consider Futurama one of the 10 funniest tv comedies of the last 25 years.

  • james russell

    considering memearama has been garbage for a while now I doubt anyone will mind

  • SmokeStack Lightning

    Wonder how much a set of the ORIGINAL action figures will bring now????

  • Rod Gonzalez

    I never liked Bender and Fry is an utter moron.

    Good riddance.

    Now, if they’d cancel Robot Chicken as well, I’d be happy.

  • Paul Moses

    I feel sorry for the people trapped in 2003 who refuse to admit anything after that date was any good on Futurama. The show is still funny and the characters are still likeable. I am not sure whether I want more after this season, ie a pickup by another network or programming source, but I am glad it got a second chance and I enjoyed the hell out of it.

  • Sam Robards, Comic Fan

    I love this show and will miss it dearly. I’ll admit that while Season 5 was a good bit of hit or miss episodes, they steadily got back to the quality of the earlier seasons with Seasons 6 and 7.

    I’d rather have the show have a well-regarded shorter run that go on seemingly forever and become totally useless like The Simpsons.

  • Sam Robards, Comic Fan

    *good bit of hit or miss…

  • Immanuel

    Love the show myself but I mainly keep up with it via Netflix and occasionally watching episodes if they are on. I sort of feel it is probably time to let it go so it ends still funny then become a zombie like The Simpsons, King of the Hill and Family Guy became after a while.

  • pat kenn

    Should do that show Futurella, set in the year 4000.

  • Futuramafan

    im 10 and im the biggest futurama freak in THIS UNIVERSE and any other universe there might be