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Continuum Stars Look Ahead to Season 2 of Sci-Fi Series

Rachel Nichols on "Continuum"

Rachel Nichols on “Continuum”

When Rachel Nichols showed up for last year’s Fan Expo Vancouver to promote Continuum, she and the rest of the cast didn’t know how the packed room of fans would receive the Canadian sci-fi series.

The crowd ate up the twisty time-travel premise, as well as the promise of lots of action and moral ambiguity, with Nichols starring as Kiera Cameron, a police officer from 2077 who’s sent back in time to present-day Vancouver, along with the terrorist group Liber8. It didn’t hurt the chances of winning over the hometown crowd that Continuum is the only current (of many) genre series filming in Vancouver that lets the city play itself..

The local response was encouraging, and the rest of the world has followed suit, with Continuum being picked up by networks around the globe, including Syfy, which in will debut Season 2 in June.

Nichols and crew returned to Vancouver’s Fan Expo over the weekend to tease what happens on the heels of the first season’s explosive finale that saw Kiera survive a collapsing building but potentially blowing her cover in the process. She told Spinoff Online she was anticipating not only the fan turnout but also the questions that will be asked.

If Continuum fans didn’t have questions before, the teaser shown before the panel certainly had them looking forward to figuring out the reappearances of some Season 1 favorites, the addition of new faces, prison-yard shenanigans and unexpected alliances, as well as the potential implications of time travel.

Nichols acknowledged there’s some pressure now that Continuum has attracted a dedicated fanbase. “It’s definitely a double-edged sword because you’re happy when you get [the attention], but you’re so scared to let fans down,” she said. “But we’re on Episode 10 of Season 2, and I got to say, it’s pretty awesome.”

At the center of Continuum’s second season will be the relationship between Nichols’ Kiera Cameron and brilliant hacker Alec Sadler (played by Erik Knudsen), who received a mysterious message from his future self in the Season 1 finale. Alec has discovered he was the one who sent Kiera back in time, and it’s a plot point that’s sure to complicate their dynamic.

“He’s responsible for her coming back in time, so the relationship will change a bit, from what I’ve done to her, taking her away from her family. But I’m not the person that she can blame,” Knudsen said, referring to his future self, a powerful tech giant played by The X-Files veteran William B. Davis.

Kiera and Alec’s friendship will be tested early on in the second season, but Knudsen explained, “He helps her and she help him. And he’s the only person she has. It’s a friendship that’s very strong.”

While Kiera Cameron has taken more than a season to adjust to life in modern Vancouver, Nichols, who had previously worked primarily on American productions, revealed the quickest way to adjust being surrounded by Canadians.

“The first thing I did was become a diehard Canucks fan,” she said. “That was really important.”

Continuum Season 2 airs Sunday nights on Showcase in Canada, and will return to Syfy on June 7.


  • Cap’n Saiko

    This show is getting renewed? Who watches it?

  • Bass Guitar Hero

    Quite a few people do (I’ve heard mostly positive things about it on various sites). I also think it did pretty good ratings-wise on the SyFy Channel. It’s got the time traveler and future politics aspects, but also crime-drama and character-driven things going on too.

  • Starleafgirl

    I do! And wow, that trailer makes Season 2 look about ten times better than Season 1! Some of the episodes of Season 1 weren’t very interesting, but Season 2 looks like it’s really going to hit the ground running, in a good way.

  • Pip

    @CapnSaiko:disqus you are not obviously into the scifi genre. S1 laid the groundwork and S2 certainly looks to go far beyond it!

    I can see it becoming a classic of scifi along with StarTrek!

  • CMM

    Very few watched it here on SyFy. it’s first-run ratings were low. However, I do not know how many unique viewers they get with later encore airings, which may help. That said, I think it’s more of a cult hit here than a massive one. I do not know anything about its Canadian ratings, but obviously must be good enough for renewal. SyFy does not produce the show. They pay to get TV rights to it, so despite low ratings, it’s still apparently cost effective for them to carry it and give them something original to fill air time plus make U.S. fans happy.

  • skjc

    This is a great show. I like watching it and I hope it continues

  • Edward Haynes

    Oh My Goodness spoilers, I haven’t seen all of season 1 yet.

  • darby

    I hope it isn’t quite like Star Trek..they had to cancel it before there was a cult following.

    I thought season 1 was great, but I’m gathering there will be a shift in philosophy for Kiera. I have a feeling this show is going to turn into a Canadian dumping ground against the big, bad corporations. I hope the writers even out the rhetoric by showing that the bankruptcy of the Government was due to overcompensation of entitlement spending. I can’t stand shows that use their public access to further their persona, political agendas. I don’t mind a bit of politics, but I want to be entertained, not lectured.

  • mel

    Rachel Nichols looks smoking hot in that pic

  • JimS

    I watch it on SyFy, and I enjoy it immensely. Even have my 80 year-old mother watching it too, and she loves it.

  • jhunwong

    I don’t think we’ve been watching the same thing, “one-sided lecture” could not be further fromt Continuum. What i love most about it is it’s amoral ambiguous theories. It just provides examples not opinions. It’s your own scewed perception that see only one possibility.

  • Junkie M.

    It is the villains in Continuum who are against the corporations, not the heroes.

  • Junkie M.

    I missed it on Syfy, but I recently saw season one on Netflix streaming, and I cannot wait for season two!

  • hedonikos

    Actually that is how I watched it all. I am not one to wait week to week to see how a program is. I watched all ten episodes in a week. To be honest i loved it. But again I won’t be watching Season 2 on Syfy because I pay less to watch Netflix than to buy cable. I think this venue could awaken the Sleepers of network television. I saw all 5 seasons of Eureka this way and it is a 5 star sleeper.

  • Jennifer Ann Dixon Eisnaugle

    I love it. Its really good, you should give it a shot.

  • AB

    Yeah I do the same. Just found the show on Netflix and I’m hooked. But getting a cable package that includes SyFy… gets expensive.

  • thezio

    Just watched Season 2 episodes 1,2,3. Wow, great story lines. When will this air on SyFy?

  • alsandor

    “It didn’t hurt the chances of winning over the hometown crowd that Continuum is the only current (of many) genre series filming in Vancouver that lets the city play itself.”

    Not entirely true. Motive also takes place in Vancouver AS Vancouver.

  • SciFiNOT

    I don’t watch anything on Syfy anymore. They keep cancelling great/good shows and renew trash. Netflix or downloaded torrents for me.

  • j

    That’s what Youtube is for. Can watch all the new ones as they come out.

  • Lorenzo

    If you watch it via Netflix you only hurt the series as they air renews based on viewership if that declines they cancel or scrap a show off a network like SG:Universe was. Plz if u can tune in and support this it is a hidden gem that is 10x-20x better than shows that are on Fox or primetime channels

  • darby

    Right now it is, but I’m seeing the setup for kiera becoming “aware” that her perfect future world wasn’t so perfect.