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Whedon Suggests Avengers 2 Will Feature Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch

quicksilver-scarlet witchAlthough The Avengers 2 won’t arrive in theaters for another two years, writer/director Joss Whedon may have just delivered the first big spoiler for the hotly anticipated Marvel sequel.

Appearing last night at the Hollywood premiere of Iron Man 3, Whedon was asked by Yahoo! Movies whether he feels any pressure to top the original film, which grossed more than $1.5 billion worldwide.

“I try not to think of it as topping it. I try to think of this as its own movie,” he replied. “Sometimes, yeah, I feel pressure […] But when you’re in the story and you’re dealing with these characters that you love, that everybody loves, when you’ve got the new characters sliding in next to them it’s very exciting. Then I don’t feel pressure, it’s like I’m reading my favorite comic.”

He continued, “I’ve got these two characters … two of my favorite characters from the comic book … a brother-sister act … they’re in the movie …”

The only “brother-sister act” with a connection to the Avengers is, of course, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, the mutant children of X-Men arch-nemesis Magneto. Their history with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes dates back nearly five decades: Although they were introduced in May 1964 as members of their father’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, they joined the ranks of he Avengers within a year.

The apparent inclusion of the duo in The Avengers 2 may not come as a complete surprise, as Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige revealed in April 2012 that although the rights to the X-Men franchise is held by Fox, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver could also be used by Marvel.

“It’s a little complicated,” he said, “but if they [Fox] want to use them in the X-Men movie they could, [but] if we want to use them in The Avengers movie, we could.”

The Avengers 2 opens May 1, 2015.


  • Alex W

    Really hoping this is true (and that if they get any “ultimate” influences, it’ll only be the costumes).

  • Rollo Tomassi

    Cap’s Kooky Quartet for the win!!

  • earzmundo

    No Pyms? gtfo

  • Alex W

    Pretty sure they’re saving them for Ant-Man.

  • ultras28

    What I don’t understand is whether or not marvel can even reference the idea of mutants?

  • Travis Fischer

    From what I understand, they can’t. So they can have Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, but would have to either change or ignore the source of their powers.

  • Hypestyles

    If it ends up being Wanda & Pietro, then their powers need to be fully showcased. Show some different things that can be done with speed. Also show some really cool combat effects of the hex blasts.

  • lewis4510

    I guessing that that the origin of their abilities will either be down played or not mentioned at all. Just as Hawkeye’s and BW’s origins were down played.

  • Haily

    Please please please make it so!! I hope someday the rights revert and/or they do a Magneto-centered X-Men crossover…. but until then this is more than enough and more than I hoped for…

    I hope he doesn’t end up using some other pair, though brother-sister sounds pretty conclusive…

  • PietroMaximoff

    lol how appropriate they show the Ultimates’ version of the characters…

    it implies there will be some incest??? lol not the best choice of pic

  • Abhishek Jha

    I really don’t think that it is going to be Scarlet witch or Quicksilver . That will be a lot of Legal mess to sort out . I seriously do not think that FOX would want to let go of any X Men Character . What I personally believe is that the She Hulk / Jennifer Walters will be added to the ensemble to boost female presence and since she is the Cousin of Dr. Bruce Banner and Thus , his sister , that will be good enough for Bruce to get some Emotional Support . I definitely think it is going to Bruce Banner / The Hulk & Jennifer Walters / She Hulk as the Brother Sister act .

  • demoncat_4

    good for next to the team used in the first film. will not consider the avengers or the marvel movie universe complete to me till scarlet witch and quicksilver finaly have some actors bring them to life on the big screen. which means caps kooky quartet in live action. and maybe throw in the vision too

  • lewis4510

    He specifically said a brother/sister act. And that they were favorite characters of his from the comic. She Hulk and Hulk have never been on the team at the same time.

  • mel

    Those Lannisters :/



  • Beefy Jones

    No, Joss Whedon please keep Mutants out of the Avengers Movie Universe, its so much better that the X-men and Avengers have there own universe. Joss Whedon can do so much with not having any mutants in the Avengers movies

  • Sultec

    I just fail to see how you could do them justice without addressing Magneto. Their daddy issues are a huge part of their personalities.

  • Christian Fuentes

    You anti-Mutite!

    Actually, I agree with you. Filthy muties.

  • Orphan

    Scarlet Witch is a lame character.My bet is that it will be Colossus and Majik if they aren’t tied up by Fox.Hex blasts are so stupid and make no sense as a mutation.If you’re going to screw up sci-fi concepts with magic powers then use Majik who is way cooler.Be easy enough to movie retcon Quicksilver and Majik as brother /sister.

  • Jon

    Why wouldn’t they show the ultimate versions of them? Pretty much everyone from Fury to Hawkeye is the Ultimate version. In fact, I suspect the Ultimate line to have been created as a blueprint for eventual movies.

  • Jon

    Like that stopped Iron Man, Thor and Cap from appearing in Avengers. Of course Ant-Man will have his own movie. The whole point of this exercise is to pump up his profile so that it means something when he stands side by side with the other Avengers. Just like they did with the other three.

  • Jon

    No offense, but that’s a silly idea. Colossus is an X-Man. He’s never been an Avenger. And no one besides X-Men fans knows who Majik is. She’s completely irrelevant to the Avengers universe. I understand that you went to great lengths to think of a bro-sis pairing no one has suggested yet, but there’s a reason no one suggested them.

    Not everything is a conspiracy. Sometimes, the obvious is the answer. They’re introducing Wanda and Pietro to the franchise, and it won’t be as villains because Fox has the rights to Magneto.

  • Jon

    That’s some weird logic there. “She is the cousin of Dr. Bruce Banner; and thus, his sister.” Umm.. no. And thus, his cousin.

  • Jon

    As happy as I was the read this, the more I think about it, the more I feel it’s a bad idea. Like people have mentioned, the heart of the Wanda/Pietro relationship is rooted in 1) Their father, and 2) Their mutant heritage. Marvel wouldn’t be allowed to mention either one, which would reduce the pair to characters no one could possibly care about (or characters that are NOTHING like their comic book counterparts, like Hawkeye).

    Adding Wanda/Pietro without referencing mutants or Magneto would be like adding Northstar and his sister from Alpha Flight. That’s how much the casual fan will care about these characters without everything that makes them those characters.

    Unless Whedon just has sister fantasies he needs to exorcise, not unlike Tarantino using his movies to satisfy his foot fetish. Anyone know if Whedon has a hot sister he may or may not have fantasized about? ;)

  • Orphan

    The bottom line here is AS A MOVIE directors can crossover characters from book to book without following comic continuity.The mass audience who pay the real bills in terms of ticket sales don’t know or care who is an X-Man or who is an Avenger.If Quicksilver,Witch and now the Beast can be part of the Avengers then why not Colossus and Majik? Scarlet Witch is a lame character but continuity anal Whedon will probably pick her and Quicksilver anyway.Just to jazz things up how about Johnny and Sue? It would be a better reintroduction of part of the FF than those first 2 movies if Fox would allow it.

  • Sugargl1der

    If they can’t have the “real” SW and Quickie, forget it. Their origins and backstory are a big part of their appeal. And PLEASE stop using the depressing and repugnant “Ultimate” universe as the template for everything. I want heroes; conflicted, sure, but most of the Ultimate folks are barely better than the villains they fight. No thanks!

  • RRF

    This is good. Does it leave the door open in Avengers 3 for Vision and/or Black Panther? With Ultron?

  • Ken

    I’m looking forward to the ending .. when Wanda says “no more Thanos”
    .. :-)

  • Rochedalaix

    If they are adding Scarlet Witch in Age of Ultron please add the scene in the Ultimate comic where Ultron shoots a gun at the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver runs to catch it, but the bullet goes through his hand and kills her anyway that scene was powerful.