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Fantastic Four Casting Rumors: Human Torch & Invisible Woman?

michael b jordan

While Chronicle director Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four has yet to begin production, rumors surrounding the new cast of the Fox franchise reboot have already begun to surface.

According to Deadline, Girls star Allison Williams is on the short list for the film, presumably as the Invisible Woman, while The Wrap states Chronicle and Friday Night Lights actor Michael B. Jordan is in contention for the role of the Human Torch.

While the rumors of Williams’ involvement come as somewhat of a surprise, it’s Jordan’s possible casting that will likely cause more discussion. The African-American actor would deviate from the comic book version of the character, who’s white. (The Human Torch was played by Chris Evans in the original film.) However, his consideration doesn’t come as too much of a surprise, as Jordan appeared in Chronicle and has impressed critics with his performances on The Wire and in the recent Sundance film Fruitvale Station. According to The Wrap, Jordan has had “multiple meetings at Fox within the last week” and his chances depend largely on his chemistry with the other actors up for the film.

Produced by Matthew Vaughn with a script by Jeremy Slater and Seth Grahame-Smith, Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot is set for release March 6, 2015.


  • Matt Goodwin

    Both Storms should really be black if they’re gonna go that way. I love the thought of an interracial Fantastic Four; they are the premiere super hero family, after all, and the face of the American family is changing! But, please, just go all the way and cast a black woman as Susan. Going halfway would be weird as hell, and it’d be nice to see a major role for a black woman in a comic book movie. They are few and far between.

  • J

    Horribly stupid. You can’t make Human Torch black as then Sue Storm will be black unless the story is changed out of convenience and say they are say, step brother and sister. Just completely stupid. Lets make The Black Panther a white or mexican guy right? Why not? As stupid a casting choice as a black kingpin in the crappy Daredevil movie.

  • Bass Guitar Hero

    I think it would be cool if Johnny was Sue’s adopted brother and Sue won’t let anyone talk bad about him–except herself.

  • legionquest

    If they aren’t going to make a ‘Fantastic Four’ movie just hand the rights back and let Trank do his own super team film

  • Adam Walters

    What was wrong with a black Kingpin? The movie wasn’t good, but I didn’t mind that casting.

  • Alex W

    Get ready to find out comic book Johnny Storm has a black child who will soon replace him.

  • Jason Brown

    If there was more than like…three black characters in comics that weren’t crap, then the movies wouldn’t ave to change races. Mainstream movies are more diverse than comics, and the only way to maintain that is to edit the races of some of them. But it doesn’t matter because there’s still 102341452 more prominent white characters.

  • Max

    Given that Jordan’s character in chronicle had a very Johnny Storm esque charisma I am entirely okay with this. No I’m actually kind of excited to see him take a shot at the role.

  • Joseph

    I agree, Michael Clarke Duncan was great as Kingpin. There is nothing inherently “white” about the character that is changed by making him black. It always cracks me up when people respond to potential casting news like this by saying it’s the same as making Black Panther white. That character’s ethnicity/nationality is central to the character, so making him anything other than African doesn’t work.
    That being said, I agree Sue and Johnny Storm should be the same ethnicity, whatever that eventually is. A big part of their relationship is the close-sibling dynamic; easier to just say “siblings” then go through some tortuous explanation to explain it.

  • Crunch

    Now this film will really bomb! Why does Hollywood feel the need to mess with over 50 years of history? Why don’t we make the Hulk yellow or the Thing blue? How about Man-thing becoming pink? You know why ? Because they weren’t original conceived that way! The race of a character will not make a movie any more relevant. A great story is all it takes!

  • Mecha_the_Hedgehog

    You know I find it funny that everyone goes crazy when in series like Avatar the Last Airbender and Prince of Persia and others have race swaping like getting White people to play Asians and so forth yet a white character gets race swapped and people are not only OK with it but start throwing your racist if aren’t in love with this idea. Not saying that done hear but I have been seeing it other comment sections and fourms and it disgusts me.

    I’m not a fan of this idea I wont lie I didn’t see it ok during the Last Airbender and I dont see ok now.

  • Joseph

    Hysterics aside, you kind of make the point for color-blind casting. A yellow Hulk would not have made that movie any less awesome, nor would a black Bruce Banner. And I think the race of a character can actually make the film more relevant, in that any movie with nothing but a sea of white faces is kind of irrelevant in today’s multi-cultural society. If everything else about the character screams “Johnny Storm”, does it matter what color skin he has?

  • Paul Penna

    Michael Clarke Duncan was great as the Kingpin and Idris Elba is a fantastic Heimdall, however…

    I don’t think this casting would work. Sue and Johnny are brother and sister. The Fantastic Four is all about family. You can’t have one being white while the other is black.

    Changing the nature of that relationship doesn’t sit right with me.

    The dude is an impressive actor, it’d be great to have him in the film, but not in this role.

  • Max

    how does making their races different change their relationship. As long as they were still raised together removing the blood relation wouldn’t necessarily change much.

    Plus FF was always about non-traditional family elements as much as traditional (see Ben Grimm).

    I don’t see how making Johnny Sue’s half/adopted/or even step-brother alters their relationship unless they met in adolesence rather than childhood.

  • TheGavGav

    Nobody I know was cool with The Last Airbender casting choices. To my knowledge everyone was annoyed at the asian-to-white racial swapping in the film.

  • mel

    They cast a hispanic woman as Sue last time.

  • Lucas

    Black Panther is different. His origins is deeply rooted in Africa. Really wouldn’t work for anyone else. This on the other hand, yeah maybe adopted brother or something.

  • P

    Yup… and why would it be wrong for a black actor to take the role of Johnny Storm? How is Johnny’s “whiteness” an integral part of the character?

    He’s male, comes from an educated family, is a lady’s man, is impulsive and immature. Those are his key qualities. He’s also American. And last I checked, American’s come in a lot of different colors. Check out the NBA, NFL or MLB for examples of this.

  • Michael Fitz-Gibbon

    So… the Storms adopted him?

  • uatu13

    This is quite possibly the stupidest damn thing I’ve ever heard! Why don’t we just make Mr. Fantastic a woman with Down’s Syndrome, the thing a parapalegic asian, and the invisible woman a hermaphroditic eskimo and we can just rename the whole team The Diversity Bunch!

    I hope that this movie tanks to hell if they go ahead with this decision; then maybe Marvel could get back the rights and actually make a FF movie that wasn’t a steaming pile.

  • Red/Grey Hulk

    Um, Marvel has changed the Hulk’s color several times…

  • JK

    Comics do have a large ratio of white heroes over heroes of color, so I can understand the desire to make movies relevant to a larger audience by including people of all ethnic backgrounds. That being the case, then lets get a movie off the ground starring a hero of color, like Luke Cage or a John Stewart. This to me is only weird because now they have to alter history to explain why Sue Storm is white and her brother is black (rather than just making both black). Or better yet making Sue and Johnny white and Reed black so there’s no need for altered family history… but God forbid movies show an interracial couple! That’s another barrier that needs to fall.

  • uatu13

    Yeah, the NBA and the NFL as real examples of diversity in America! LOL

    Like it or not, a person’s race is actually a quality they possess. Everyone would throw a hissy fit if they made black panther white, had an asian guy play Luke Cage, or had a black guy play Shang Chi, but for some reason everyone defends screwing up established white characters as “a good idea”. It’s backfired in almost every instance!

  • Joe

    that was his point, people go crazy over white people being characters of other ethnicities, yet it’s ok for other ethnicities to be white characters?

  • uatu13

    Actually the Kingpin’s past as being a fat Italian that built himself up into a real threat is integral to the character. Changing him into a built black guy is a massive change to who the Kingpin is!

  • uatu13

    And Africa doesn’t have white people? If someone supports a black Human Torch then it’s absolutely hypocritical to deny making the Black Panther or Luke Cage white or any other race.

  • uatu13

    What the hell have you been smoking Joseph? Yeah, a Yellow Hulk would have been just fine. Maybe you should actually care about the history of the source material a tiny bit!

  • Lawful Good

    Here in lies the main problem with making an all black fantastic four is that the thing is hismself a minority (he’s jewish). and Reed Richards would have to jump through some pretty big plot holes to have the same interactions with the people around him (specifically Black Panther and Dr. Doom). In the storm siblings turn out to be black, then at least that makes more sense (in that there are less plot holes they have to jump through to make the characters fit) for them to both be the same ethnicity.

  • Baia RJ

    I’m not white and I don’t mind that all the superheroes that I like are white. I’m not american and I don’t mind that most superheroes that I like are american. But I get pissed everytime they change their etnicities to try to please someone who’s not even a fan o the characters.

  • P

    A person’s race is a quality they posses but you still haven’t described how Johnny’s “whiteness” is an important part of his character. You haven’t described how skin color gets in the way of Johnny’s other more important character traits. So please explain it, how does having a dark complexion get in the way of Johnny’s personality and history?

    The examples you give are with characters who’s background, personal motivations and personalities are all heavily tied in some fashion to their ethnicity. Their ethnicity is much more important to their characterization then Johnny’s. If you disagree with this statement, then prove your point. How is being “white” such an important factor for Johnny? Is it truly unbelievable to think real life black people could not have lived the life Johnny lived prior to joining the FF? C’mon now, really.

    I think this would be an exciting change if it were to happen. I think it would add something new to the formulate. I already know what happens to white dudes when they get super powers. Its a story that’s been told a thousand times.

  • Lawful Good

    there is a difference with changing a characters ethnicity/color and changing the character. both black and white Nick fury both have the same attitude, but different back stories and that does not mean either is worse at face value. its when the change results in a difference set of circumstances that the original story suffers, take for instance the two main color hulks (since you mentioned them), if you put the red hulk in the same set of conditions the logical move would be that it acts different because they are different characters (I always hated those what ifs where Ross became the hulk and they tried to cram the set of circumstances that Banner faced). but regardless changing the ethnicity of the two storm siblings has way less impact as changing Reed’s or Ben’s (due to shared past with Doom and interactions with Black Panter and alot more things that are more minor but add up to cause larger leaps).

  • tenshi yuki

    Not the same, what you are referring to is literally the entire cast including the main character being white, that’s what people seem to forget. Now if the entire cast of the fantastic four was made different ethnicity, than you would have a point. In Avatar, the only Asian they had was Zuko, and if I remember correctly, he may have been middle eastern. Now say if Aang was asian at least, the pissed off nature wouldn’t have been anywhere near the same, because at least one of the main characters is actually asian (well essentially the main character) And that’s the difference between the white washing of full shows and these instances. Prince of Persia and Avatar had it’s entire cast white wash, had it just been diverse where actual minority characters were featured as well, much less people would have had a problem.

  • Derek Metaltron

    Oh boy. I’m starting to wonder if there’s an exact point where changing the race or gender of a character is acceptable or not without it seeming two faced. Some characters like Jimmy/Jenny Olsen, Kingpin (I loved Clarke’s take on the character) or Electro it doesn’t really seem to be too big an issue, yet when it’s a main character I feel uncertain about it. Predominantly it’s the question of whether the casting would end up affecting the status of the comic Johnny for fear of not confusing any new readers. Personally I would think it unlikely but it’s something to think about. I just think developers need to be cautious of how far the PC train can go. Certainly it’s fair to say that that FF is a very old-school all white group compared to today but… hmmmm. I’m all for Black and Female Heroes to take the spotlight like Black Panther, Cyborg, She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, Miles’ Spidey and such. But playing with core characters is a bit of a judgement call and could easily reek of developers saying ‘WOHHHHHH! LOOK WHAT WE’RE DOING FAN BOYS, WE’RE CHANGING YOUR SHIT, COMPLAIN TO MAKE US LOOK GOOD!’ Now whilst I suspect that’s probably not the case and that this guy is one of a few people up for the role, it’s something to bear in mind.

  • Craig Miller

    this thing is going to be impossibly bad, save this guy for a better character an go with the way the FF should be cast , as they appear in the comics! stop racially diversifying everything, it’s getting annoying with how the source gets ruptured so everyone is pleased. Johnny Storm is white, his sister is white (Jessica alba maybe Hispanic, but with her looks she fit in well), Mr. Fantastic is White, Ben Grimm is white, this is how it was written, this is how it is! There are plenty of good African American charectors out there…but nobody can translate them to the movies well. Luke Cage, Black lightning, Black Panther, Goliath (not Hank Pym) , War Machine, The Falcon, Storm, Bishop, Static, etc….All good charectors, while some may not be able to carry movies on their own others will, why tinker with history to satisfy the public’s obscene need to be over-Diversified!

  • Joseph

    I can’t tell if you’re joking. I’ve been reading Marvel on and off since the mid 70s and I never knew nor cared that Kingpin was Italian. Regardless it certainly doesn’t make one bit of difference as far as the movie was concerned, since the movie was about DD and not Kingpin’s origin.

  • Craig Miller

    yeah…let’s not!

  • tenshi yuki

    As someone whose part of a white family being black (adopted), I find your comment rude and insulting. I hate to break it to you, but you can have a brother and sisters being completely different ethnicities, this isn’t the 1800’s

  • Joseph

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say that there are no African nations that have a white person for a King.

  • Craig Miller

    I wasn’t comfortable with it until I saw it in action. Michael Clarke Duncan was a fine actor, he did well…I actually hated the casting of bullseye and Elektra more

  • Joseph

    You know what, you’re right!! What if they made the Hulk grey, or red? IT WOULD BE HERESY!

  • Craig Miller

    You are retarded, edit the races? really? it ruins it for the fans of the comic!

  • tenshi yuki

    I personally would find this awesome, as part of an adopted family (I’m black and my family is white), there isn’t many shows that showcase this type of relationship (the only two I can think of is the blindside and 90210) Add the fact that black children into a white family is the largest interracial adoption pool and it would be absolutely fantastic to see that in a superhero form. It would be awesome. But I won’t keep my hopes up as something like this is still to modern for america and way too many people still have problems with it so. Hell, many people don’t even consider transracial adoption members family essentially.

  • Joseph

    Wasn’t Airbender a case of white people playing Asians, though? Regardless, the reason usually given for that is that 99% of movies have a white lead, when they actually have a character that was created as a minority, it’s a little insulting to change him/her into a white person.

  • Lawful Good

    it changes because Reed and Ben share a kind of “we are brothers even though we are not related based on our shared past” and if Sue and Johnny also have that then one of those two relationships gets down played.

  • kneelBFzod

    Every time a white comic character gets played by a black actor or actress in a movie, all I can think is “what would happen if Storm or the Falcon or Black Panther was played by a white actor?” Christ, people would be sharpening their pick forks then. The whining would go on for years. Just cast the damn character as he/she appears in the books. It’s not difficult. By all means, create new characters if you want to have strong minority characters in your movie; nothing wrong with that at all. But don’t change someone else’s vision for a character for your own needs.

  • Shokdiesel

    You don’t get it. Black Panther is a character created as an African, his skin color is part of the character’s identity in a world of white superheroes. Your analogy fails, unless you were to cast a dark-skinned actor as Red Skull, Zola or any Nazi character….

  • Shokdiesel

    Because Nick Fury was rooooned. You fail.

  • Joseph

    I agree with everything you said, except that “it would add something new to the formula”. If the character is Johnny Storm in every way except skin color, then that is the only thing that would be added – a superficial change. Which I’m fine with, but you can’t say on one hand that skin color is irrelevant and then say that changing his/her color would be adding anything substantially exciting.

  • MC Clap Yo Handz

    I like this kid, he’s a good actor.

  • Kyle Rayner

    If they cast Jordan as Johnny Storm, then they have to cast an African American woman for Sue Storm.

  • Joseph

    Right – because the first two were so AWESOME with their all-white cast! I’d rather watch the film you suggested than another one with Tim Story directing.
    Equating the possible casting of a black actor to play Human Torch to casting a “hermaphroditic eskimo” in a role is probably the stupidest thing you’ve said so far. Keep going though, I have a feeling you’re getting dangerously closer to saying what you really want to say!
    Also, since your name is “uatu”, shouldn’t you just be watching this discussion instead of participating in it?

  • Joseph

    The only way they will make a FF movie with an all black cast is if they can get Tyler Perry to do it on a $10 million budget.

  • Gavin Michelli

    His name is Wilson Fisk. He’s not Italian at all.

  • Nic J. Shaw

    That would be an awsome twist!
    Red Skull is about to put the smack down on Cap and he rips off his mask. Cap stares back at the figure before, Red Skull catches a glimpse of himself in the reflection on the missile control panel “oh shit…I’m black!”

  • Jake

    And gave her blonde hair. Anyone who is natural blonde isn’t suppose to be Latina.

  • Erik

    …Because the Kingpin is actually Irish…

  • Jake

    Can we all agree that iconic characters should stay the same as much as possible? You know why changing his race is wrong? Because its racist… against black people. You seriously cannot find or even make an interesting black character? So you just replace a white one? Please. There are plenty of interesting black characters in Marvel. No reason to do this.

  • Max

    Ben and Reed are often given a we are brothers relationship, but their past usually only extends as far back as young adulthood. If Sue and Johnny’s shared history still begins in their childhood their relationship experiences next to no change if any at all.

  • Lee Michael Burns

    like there aren’t enough talented white actor’s out there to be the storm siblings!!! fuck this movie is doomed already

  • Nic J. Shaw

    Race doesn’t matter. It’s attitude and charisma that make Johnny Storm. As long as his dynamic with Sue, Reed, and.Ben doesn’t change you could make him green and I wouldn’t care.

  • DrNope

    I’ve got an even better idea. Galactus can be a big dust cloud! I mean it doesn’t matter, right? Chill our nerds, like OMG.

    But seriously, what a shameless attempt to make the FF4 more ethnic and PC. If you want to make a movie with a black superhero, make a movie about a black superhero. There are plenty.

  • DrNope

    And it was a disaster.

  • DrNope

    These characters are fifty-two years old. I agree that we should leave them how they are.

  • Max

    Or you know it’s a director offering a role to an actor he has had a positive work experience with because he feels the actor could be well suited to the role.
    It might be an Affirmative Action sorta thing, and that would suck as a primary motivation for the casting.
    But the fact is that the actor and director have a recent work history on a film that pretty much got Trank the director chair on FF could also be the major reason.

  • Lorrie

    I love Michael B. Jordan! First saw him on All My Children and you could tell right away he was destined for stardom. And there is nothing about Johnny’s character that requires he be played by a white actor.

  • PortCreditAl

    Sorry, but I feel this is a big mistake. Comic fans for one I don’t believe will go for this. Hell they fight over the blue in Superman’s costume, let alone a black man playing the Human Torch. There’s already complaints on a black Perry White.

  • Eric Anthony Saba

    sorry i think this is stupid, you want to put in ethnic characters but i think it is stupid to accommodate it by changing pre made and loved character . it was ok when it was nick furry because there already a alternate universe version of the character that was based on a available actor. but i think it is racist to think that people will find a character apeiling if he is black, asian, middle eastern or any other race .this is stupid take the time to find or write a ethnic character but don’t butcher continuity.

  • Londeaux

    Actually there’s two Nick Furys in the Marvel World, there’s the mainstream one, who’s white, and there’s the ultimate one who’s African-American. The Avengers was based more upon the Ultimate version than the mainstream one.

    Now as for changing the races, if doesn’t interfere with the character, it shouldn’t matter. But it’s harder with main characters than it is with miscellaneous ones.

  • Londeaux

    Make it funnier if he’s Jewish.

  • Londeaux

    Actually using white people to play non-white people have been going since the beginning of the film industry. They’ve played African-Americans, Asians, Native Americans, Hispanics, Indians, a multitude of races. So I guess you can say a delayed revenge in turning the tables around, so to speak.

  • Londeaux

    That had more to do with the script and acting than anything.

  • nerdsofmassdistraction

    The real question is… Michael B. Jordan be able to bring the character to life as an actor…if he can do that successfully then all other points are moot. If the story is solid and the acting and directing are good, then we should put everything else to the wayside and enjoy the damn movie. Daredevil did suck, but it wasn’t Michael Clarke Duncan’s fault. He gave a great screen presence as Wilson Fisk. No other actor could have pulled it off. It’s the characters who count, not who plays them or what race the actor is.

  • PietroMaximoff

    stupidest idea ever….

  • uatu13

    “whiteness” as you put it is only seen as a non-quality because white people are in the majority. Somehow being a black guy, an asian guy, or a hispanic guy has all these qualities associated with it in people’s minds. If people weren’t hypocrites than a white Luke Cage wouldn’t matter just as much as a black Human Torch – he could still be a guy that grew up in harlem, went to jail on false charges, etc. It’s just that for some reason people see the fact that Luke Cage or Black Panther being black as part of who they are, but being white is a non-characteristic in those same people’s minds. It’s completely hypocritical.

  • Asher Elbein

    No! Let’s. Sounds cool.

  • uatu13

    I stand corrected on that regards. He’s always associated with italian mobsters in the books, so I was wrong there. But the fact still stands that his being white is actually a characteristic of the character. Ignoring that is just asinine.

  • uatu13

    Yeah, but if they made the actual Hulk fuckin’ yellow for his primary movie appearance without any explanation it wouldn’t make a shred of sense! You can’t tell me that people wouldn’t see that has lame as hell?

  • Joseph

    “White” is not an ethnicity, it’s a color. As you even mentioned, you didn’t even know what ethnicity he was – if Irish American and Italian American are interchangable in your mind, why is African American so different it becomes assinine? No wait, that’s OK I already know the answer.

  • uatu13

    Yeah, but when the Watcher sees epic stupidity he has to break his vow of noninterference sometimes!

    The only people that profess to say that a person’s race doesn’t matter are PC freaks, who are also the first people in line to then say how changing someone’s race is such a “brave move” and “refreshing”. How the hell can changing something that is a non-issue have some much power behind it?

    You have to face facts, a person’s race is an attribute, that can, and often times does effect who they are. Peter Parker being a nerdy white kid is as important as Black Panther being a black African, as it is important that Shang Chi is Chinese.

    Playing around with all this crap is just PC pandering to idiots that only see race in the first place. In case you couldn’t realize it, I was just trying to point out an extreme example of how playing around with all these things that “don’t matter” could devolve into utter stupidity.

  • Alex W

    Since your name is Joseph, shouldn’t you be doing something about god banging your wife? (sorry, had to say it)

  • uatu13

    Actually, as I pointed out, Italian and Irish are different characteristics, and both are usually classified as white in America. We don’t need to know the ancestral lineage of Luke Cage to know he’s a black guy, do we? Does it matter if his family was from Uganda?

    Good to know you’re a mind reader as well!

  • Kyle William Silk

    Because never in the history of the world have two people of visually distinct ethnicities been siblings, whether biological or otherwise?

  • lewis4510

    If they do this I suppose since an NBA player just came out as gay they’ll make Reed and Ben gay too. And Sue will be a lesbian.

  • Stormtrooper Thurmond

    I don’t have a problem with this at all. Jordan was one of the best parts of Chronicle. If they do pursue this, however, I’d rather see a black Sue Storm as well rather than make her and Johnny step-siblings or Johnny an adopted sibling. Joy Bryant would be a good choice for the role, I think.

  • mel

    Latina’s can have blond hair, dude. They’re a culture not a race.

  • mel

    lol That was great

  • Alfredo Wilson

    Nice alba reference. lol

  • HypGHs

    Fuck NO! make Ben and Reed hispanic!

  • Alfredo Wilson

    Yea, you clearly don’t know anything about Latino culture.

  • Brian Miller

    The creators of airbender have said that the cartoon characters are racially ambiguous on purpose in order to allow children of all ethnicities to identify with them. I agree that having 3 of the main characters fair skinned white people was off but I dont think the casting of Aang was bad, that kid didnt look just white.

  • matt

    um, no. I hate when they change a character like this. Respect the source material or don’t make the damn movie at all.

  • Commodore_Schmidlapp

    Ashamed that there are this many clueless ignorant racists in comics fandom.

  • R. Kevin Morris

    What the #$%#? Make up your own heroes if you want to be more diverse and stop effing up the source material.

  • R. Kevin Morris

    In other news Wyatt Wingfoot will now be played by an Asian-American.

  • Frank

    I don’t know about Johnny Storm but I think it would be absolutely fantastic, no pun intended, to have him as Black Panther.

  • Kadderly

    It’s a lazy way to offer ethnicity in a realm (both DC and Marvel) that has struggled with offering minorities in their comics. Instead of bigwigs taking a chance at an actual African American superhero like Black Panther and making a movie, they rather just lazily make a traditionally white superhero black.

  • Olaorun

    Jessica Alba is Latino and Chris Evans is white. I didn’t hear to many people crying about that. Ummm….The Mandarin is Chinese but Ben Kingsley is an Englishman, he also played Gandhi. Prince of Persia starred Jake Gyllenhaal, and the whole The Last Airbender was messed by non-Asian actors replaced with white and others ethnics. So I don’t see the issue a lot of racist people have on this thread. Get over yourself because it will most likely happen and since the population of whites is dwindling then the industry needs to appeal to greater diversified population if it plans to survive.

  • axehorn

    Depends on what universe you look at, ultimate has them bonding back in middle school. Either way if you keep sue white then at least their kids stay white as well to avoid another arguement.

  • R. Kevin Morris

    You’re wrong. We complained about those too. Now justify this mistake some more. It’s not racist to stick to the source material. That’s just a response that’s easier than thinking.

  • Olaorun

    Yeah there were complaints about the The Last Airbender but not with the other films. It still stands as an example of films that get made were people of color are written out and by an large the mainstream doesn’t care.

  • Olaorun

    You make yours so they stay lily white!

  • R. Kevin Morris

    That’s so weird, cause I’m “red”.

  • Kanati

    Sigh. I thought Marvel had figured out that the closer you stay to the books the better the movie is going to do. Sue and Johnny are white. Keep it that way. Luke Cage is black… Make a Power Man and Iron Fist movie and I’ll be first in line to see that. Falcon in the Winter Soldier has to be black too… FFS just leave the characters the way they were meant to be.

    Few ethnic changes to a character work. I thought Kingpin was fine, but still irksome. Sam Jackson as Nick Fury… Gotta admit. I like him as Nick Fury better than any white guy I can think of. That’s one that works. But they are few and far between.

  • Olaorun

    I agree in theory that both DC/Marvel should have made more characters of color than the handful of characters they have. When you think about the X-Men should have been heavily black because most of the pollution in the country occurs in urban areas whether it is air, noise, water, or other. And pollution in the original story is the catalyst for mutant x gene being born. Also you can stray from the source and make a good film. For me I felt the original X-men films were not great and they remained trued ethnically but strayed too far from the source material and the films were not that great at all.

  • papo

    Listen I have been collecting comics since i was 8 yrs old I`m 45 now and I am Puerto Rican ,I don`t want the Fantastic Four to be anything else but who they are in their comics .Having Black actors portray them would be wrong Marvel and Dc have many strong Black heroes that deserve to be in the movies .The Fantastic Four are White leave them be.Too many times Hollywood Movies have failed with “revamping ” the heroes we have grown up with .Why make the FF black ?Leave this alone ,after writing this people will probably say I`m a racist .No I`m not, I just love comics and wish that the “Directors ” would just make the movie about the heroes that we all grew up with ,that insipred us when we were children .Stop trying to make the buck and care about the History of the character and I know Michael B. Jordan is a great actor .I loved Chronicle and Friday Night Lights ,but that doesn`t mean I want him playing Johnny.Sue or Reed .Honestly there are so many Black heroes he could be (Static,Black Lighting,Patriot of the Young Avengers,John Stewart …etc ) just to name a few.Leave the heroes alone it`s bad enough that we have to put up with “Revamped” Costumes (Halle Berry as Storm in the Days of Future Past …YUCK),Can`t we have some kind of continuity !

  • Gerble


  • axehorn

    The minority legacy characters are pretty good though and some times out shine the original (i.e. mr. Terrific, blue beetle, etc). Or become important characters in relation to the original (war machine, batwing, john steward, etc). It only because people are unable to wait it out that reboots and race changes need to be put in place in the first.

  • Diego Arvet

    If Michael get to be the Human Torch and Allison as Invisible Woman, then the only explanation for them to be brothers is that Michael is adopted, or the other way arond?

  • R. Kevin Morris

    Bravo. Does Hollywood really think that the presence of a black man will convince everyone who saw a Medea movie to show up for the FF?

    “You goin’ to see that FF movie?”
    “The Torch is black now.”
    “Oh hells yeah! I’m there!”

  • DrNope

    I wasn’t thinking affirmative action, just the studio (yet again) caring more about focus groups than their pre-installed fanbase of comic fans. This sounds like a bunch of polling churned out info that the public doesn’t think the FF are “multi-cultural” enough, or that they could be more “hip”. I’m tired of studios thinking that they know how to fix comics.

    Perhaps it is just the director, but it’s still a dumb decision.

  • DrNope

    A lot of what was wrong with that movie involved the script, but regardless Jessica Alba was a poor choice for Sue Storm.

  • kram

    I find it amazing in
    this day and age this is even an issue, I mean take every book or play
    that has been adapted to film it has been changed in some way for it to be more
    relevant to audience of the day. And before you start saying that it’s messing
    with a fundamental aspect of the Fantastic Four, I don’t remember that everyone has to be white for cosmic
    rays to give you powers.

  • Edward Walton

    Marvel has a number of characters of different backgrounds and ethic groups. Unless you’re an avid comic reader, it is something you wouldn’t even realize. The problem is that they are trying to market characters that are largely established and we know who these characters are. What about the other lesser known characters? X-Men has plenty of different characters. I suggest that we stop these damn reboots and jump into the current Marvel timeline (or in that ballpark). Stop treating viewers like they don’t know who characters are and do something with the characters from Avenger’s Academy for example.

  • Rich Yan

    FU Hollywood. If you don’t like the characters you are licensing then go create your own. Oh what am I saying? Hollywood create something original? That hasn’t happened in like 75 years.

  • Matt McIntyre

    WTF!? Hell no, such a stupid idea and I would not see it if they go that way. Had a hard enough time accepting Alba and Evans as siblings.

  • 010011010110101

    The reality is, I highly doubt either of these casting rumours are true. It might be some spitbally thoughts somone threw out, but the studio just isn’t dim enough, given how successful others been when they did adhear to a semblance of comic tradition to violate it so egregously here. Incidentally, they can make the whole team black for all I care, but Johnny and Sue need to be siblings, otherwise you a lose large part of the family dynamic that makes the story work. There are bits you can messs with to make your story broader, but to make it broad at the cost of depth is a huge mistake, and one that current business models in the genre would suggest would be a mistake.

  • PinnyPed

    Yup. And, how about if we cast a really fat actress as Sue Storm? I mean, she should be able to bring the character to life. If she can do that what matter if she weighs 360 all other points are moot.

  • Johannes Booker

    This sucks. Johnny’s whiteness DOES matter for a few reasons.

    1)It’s important that he and Sue are BIOLOGICAL siblings. FF are a family because Johnny and Sue, for the most part, had a conventional, nuclear family and that is what drives them to replicate the “Family” in FF. This isn’t to say that a nonconvential family wouldn’t develop strong bonds, but it’s specifically the “everydayness” of the Storm siblings upbringing that makes them different from the tragic or odd circumstances of most heroes.

    2) If they are to be blood related, they have to be white for Sues sake. Sue is regarderded as the hottest non-redhead in Marvel. Not only that, but she’s a hot, blonde/blue woman who is also smart and strong and powerful. She was designed in this way specifically to counter the “dumb blonde” stereotype. That IS integral to Sue’s character- she has to be blonde/blue. If she is white, by necessity her brother should be white to keep the family conventional

    3) There’s something to be said for whiteness and privilege. Even before becoming the Human Torch, Johnny did some stupid stuff that he likely would not have gotten away with if he were black. He’s also meant to be someone that the majority of women swoon over which -sadly- is less likely to be believable for SOME people if he’s not white. And making him black suddenly inserts the politics of Race and “otherness” into the FF which….

    4) frankly, the idea of “otherness” is a defining characterstic of The Thing. Dealing with “one of these things is (no longer) like the others is so central to his change and how the team deals with something being DIFFERENT, that adding an inherent difference from the beginning in the form of a black Johnny undermines that. All of their powers kind of make them freaks and monsters, that’s not really the issue with Ben. It’s the issue that suddenly he’s not what most people (even in a universe of Watchers and Norse Gods and Celestials) would consider mainstream. That won’t be difficult and jarring for Sue if she grew up with a black brother as she’s just USED to the difference and it would slow Reeds search for a cure as his brother -in-law would be a living example that “different ain’t all that bad”

    5) Its just stupid pandering to get balck people in the seats. Toss in that random black guy that they saw in Red Tails and the Wire to get butts in the seat and if anything, that’s insulting. NEWSFLASH HOLLYWOOD: We show up for good movies regardless of the color, but don’t shoehorn us into a bad adaptation and tell us you are doing us a favor

    I’m generally OK with chanigning races and ethnicities when it doesn’t affect the character (i..e. Heimdall and Perry White are secondary characters who’s races largely don’t affect how they interact with the world). But I am vehemently against changing it just to pander… ESPECIALLY when it changes a main character and adds nothing or takes from the character.

    This is stupid. Leave the Storm Siblings white

  • brendan

    sue is also white, and is his sister. they gonna make them foster siblings or half-siblings? i dont care if he’s purple, the story has to make sense.

  • Abdiel Garcia

    I am seriously getting tired of all this black-washing in all these recent super hero movies. There is no reason why all these super hero characters need their ethnicity changed just please a certain demographic. The characters are set as they are for a reason! The creator intended Johnny Storm to be a WHITE MAN not black. That is how they story works that is how it was written. Are they going to make Susan Storm black too? THEY ARE SIBLINGS!! NOT STEP-SIBLINGS or any dumb ass reason people might try to argue. This is not a shot against black actors or black people in general. I am not saying Michael B. Jordan is a bad actor, he should just not be playing the role of a character that is clearly white.

  • Abdiel Garcia

    The characters are still white.

  • Abdiel Garcia

    Idris Elba’s ability as an actor is not in question.
    FYI Hiemdall is Lady Sif’s brother. Not to mention a Norse deity which are all depicted as “white”

  • Gpack3

    It would be kind of weird given their relationship in Friday Night Lights, but Jurnee Smollett would be a great Sue Storm.

  • notagain

    Just create new african-american hero’s and stop changing old and classic ones. Nick Fury, now this?

  • ??????

    How can someone be african-american when they have never stepped foot in africa?

  • Gpack3

    I would oppose making Magneto another race because being Jewish is an important part of his identity. If you want an example of a non-white character whose race is not particularly central to their identity, I’d throw Jubilee or Rhodey out there.

  • chien_clean

    Why don’t these fools just hire the other guy that was in Chronicles? The one that lives at the end? He’s a good actor too.

  • chien_clean

    you’re a fool if you think that, buddy. I’m black and this change sucks big time. stop trying to screw up with our damn characters, Hollywood!

  • Kenny Bailey

    … Let’s just not have Invisible Woman and Human Torch hook up, okay? :|

  • Kenny Bailey

    At least, they should keep Human Torch and Invisible Woman as proper siblings. :

  • Kenny Bailey

    I agree. It’s a massive double-standard. I think they seriously copped out by going so offskew on Avatar, which had Asian and Inuit characters to my understanding.

    Also, do not like the idea that Human Torch and Invisible Woman might not be completely blood related, or even potentially just step-siblings. What exactly is the direction of the movie? Does this feel like a polarized decision for the sake of discussion and to ramp up sensationalism?

  • Kenny Bailey

    That is Joe’s point, as well.

  • Kenny Bailey

    I agree. It’s not about race. It’s about sticking to the source content. Hollywood just changes stuff so they can appear witty, but really all they do is rinse and repeat. If that doesn’t seem different enough, pull a gigantic publicity stunt like this one to get people arguing about a non-issue. ._.

  • Kenny Bailey

    Yeah… I’m just gonna assume that The Mandarin is in a disguise the whole time and is really Chinese. ;-;

    Also, the cast of Avatar was stupid and should have been more accurate. Prince of Persia…Well, all I can say is “dat movie.” and shake my head.

  • Alloyius McIlwaine

    For me personally, I don’t think that this is the right move. I’m definitely a fan of Jordan, and I’m African-American, so I love seeing young Black actors land big movie roles like this. If he does land the role, I will certainly go and check out the movie to show support. However, when they change the ethnicity of a major character for a movie it just takes me out of the story. When I go to a superhero movie, I want to feel like I’m inside of the comic book world that I’ve been reading about all of my life. That’s what I want to experience. Sometimes these changes are just jarring for me, and it takes the focus off of the story and puts it on the actors. For example, “The Last Airbender” pissed me off. I don’t want to be saying “that’s not this superhero, that’s this actor” in my head for an entire movie. It’s different if we’re talking about supporting characters. The changes to Heimdall and Perry White weren’t jarring to me at all…but it would be hard for me to get over the fact that the Human Torch doesn’t look like the character I’ve been reading about for 27 years. The only way that it doesn’t take me out of the movie is if there is a change in the comics first…like with Ultimate Nick Fury. When they announced Sam Jackson as Nick Fury, I said to myself “Oh they’re using Ultimate Nick Fury…dope I love Sam Jackson”. If they decided to use Donald Glover for Spider-Man I’d say “Oh dope it’s an older Miles Morales”.

    Diversity is a big issue in the comic book world…but I think that they need to start building up their existing minority characters & they need to create cool new ones instead of race-swapping characters just for movies. How about doing something with the Blue Marvel…who is currently just collecting dust on the shelves inexplicably (really don’t understand this). How about giving Night Thrasher a boost? How about doing something with American Eagle?!? Warren Ellis made him a bad ass and then Marvel just let him fall by the way-side. Let’s do more with Deathlok, Brother Voodoo, Cardiac, Falcon, Blade, Luke Cage, Cloak, Nightmask, War Machine and Sunfire. Let’s put Monica Rambeau in a book. Let’s give 3-D Man and Goliath roles in Marvel Now. If you start to do this, then you could actually have Black actors portray Black heroes in the movies instead of race-swapping to create diversity. That’s just my two cents.

  • Dennis Neal Day

    I agree with largely all that you said except for the Heimdall comparison. By making Heimdall black, they did affect the way he interacts with his world. Heimdall and Lady Sif are siblings. This was completely overlooked in the Thor film, but it did have consequences. Heimdall and Sif did not interact like siblings in the film, or interact very much at all. So that depth to their characters was lost. Once they made Heimdall black, they had to ignore it. Otherwise, how would they explain their relationship? It was callous, pure and simple. Race-swapping always affects the character. Just don’t do it. Leave them be. Leave white characters white, leave black characters black, leave asians asian, and so forth. Enough of this.

  • fearitself

    This is gonna be hilarious. A black Johnny Storm. Will they make Sue Storm black too? Will they be siblings at all?

  • Xarias

    I couldn’t stand his whiny ass in Friday Night Lights.
    So sick of the source material being bastardized in the name of “diversity”.
    Good luck to you, I won’t see it.

  • Nick

    So Johnny Storm is going to be some ghetto THUG from the hood. Good work, Fox. #keepwhitecharacterswhite

  • Adam Weissman

    Y’know, last I checked Sue Storm is called The Invisible Woman, not the White Woman and Johnny is The Human Torch, not the Whiteguy Torch. Your analogy with the Black Panther fails. Being a black African is an essential component of the Panther’s character. Being white isn’t fundamental to the Storms. Make the Storm’s black and there’s not a single story written about them since 1961 that doesn’t work as a result. Make T’Challa white and you’ve thrown out the entire premise of the character. The reason all superheroes until the Panther were white wasn’t a reflection of the creator’s view that white characters were important to the stories they were telling – those characters were white because of the racism of the times they were created in. The producers shouldn’t be bound by the racism of 1961 in producing a film in the 2010s.

  • Adam Weissman

    Uh, no, Africa does not have white people carrying on a legacy of kings spanning generations in a fictional nation noted for never being conquered and for maintaining its autonomy and system of government while the nations around it were being conquered and colonized. T’Challa’s blackness is fundamental to the character. The name BLACK Panther is a bit of a giveaway there, no?

  • Adam Weissman

    Um, the Hulk was originally conceived to be grey. What was your point again?

  • Todd

    I was just about to say something like that. If this movie is a huge success, which I hope it is because I love the Fantastic Four, expect to see The Human Torch to be black in the comics that are released after the movie.

  • Todd

    As much as I don’t like this idea because I like what I see on the screen to match the comics I will be ok if he does a good job at portraying the character. My biggest problem is that the same idiots who, after seeing the Green Lantern trailer, went onto twitter and such and started throwing a major bitch fit because they were confused by Hal and probably a good number didnt even see the movie are not going to complain one bit about this even though they know Johhny Storm is white.

  • magegg

    They should be Indian, end of discussion!

  • magegg

    My guess is the cosmic beams turned him black

  • Joseph

    No one disagrees with that. The point you can’t seem to comprehend, or if you can have not made any attempt to actually counter, is that Johnny Storm’s “whiteness” has NOTHING to do with who he is as a fictional character. He can be black and still be Johnny Storm in every way. I thought Chris EVans did a great job and was the best thing about both of the first two FF films, but there was nothing about that character or performance that could not have been accomplished by an equally talented young black actor. Other than “BUT HE WAS CREATED WHITE” no one has offered any reason why a black man shouldn’t play him.

  • Joseph

    Based on your own comment it actually works 100% of the time. You cited the only two examples I can think of (in film) and were OK with both.

  • Joseph

    Actually, when created, Sue Storm was neither particularly smart, strong, nor powerful. So if we are going to respect the creation, she should actually be played as a boring, frightened, mostly useless white housewife.

  • brownbear34

    It’s not hypocritical. I wouldn’t care if Luke Cage was white, but I would care if Black Panther was white. The key difference between the two cases is that black panther’s ethnicity is built into his mythology, while as luke cage’s ethnicity isn’t.If a certain characteristic is key to the mythology, then to change is silly, But if it is not central then it is all right. Its the same reason why I would be mad if they changed wonder woman to be a man and not be mad if they made a green lantern movie where the gl was female. Or why I would be okay with falcon’s costume colors not being all red but would be mad if Cap america or Superman’s costume wasn’t red and blue.

  • Dirk Agia

    OMG. When will it end? Why must they always do stupid sh*t like this? Why not just focus on existing Marvel characters like Blade, War Machine or the Black Panther if they wanted to focus on existing Black characters.
    I do not care for minor alterations but this is ridiculous…

  • chien_clean

    Just make Black Panther a tenth pole character or create an interesting new black character that black people can be proud of, Turning white people into black people is not gonna make me- who’s black- like these characters more. Why not have the real Nick Fury in Avengers and have Sam Jackson be Shield Agent Gabe Jones? You still have Sam as the cool brotha being a Shield Agent.

  • chien_clean

    Other actors could have played Kingpin easily. Just have to look for them. And I don’T think Duncan was that good as Kingpin. He was a big bully but that’s it. Nothing interesting about him.

  • Asher Elbein

    Are there, though? Black Panther, Luke Cage, Steel, Mr. Terrific and Static if you’re feeling really generous. Look at every other major super hero release: they’ve all been white. And it’s not really necessary for someone like Tony Stark or Bruce Banner to be white, anymore then Reed Richards and Sue Storm necessarily need to be white.

  • Dashiell, esq.

    Because all black people are thugs, amirite? #racism

  • Dashiell, esq.

    Sue Storm could be ‘white’ and still biologically Johnny’s sister.

  • Dashiell, esq.

    Mixed race families exist, and yes that means one sibling can look “black” while the other looks “white.”

  • Dashiell, esq.

    or they are a mixed race family?

  • DrNope

    It only takes one superhero to make a movie, and there’s more than one black superhero. Fans really want a Black Panther movie, and Blade was a huge success for Marvel. Luke Cage could be too. And yes, we should have more non-white superhero movies. There just isn’t any reason to change any pre-existing characters to make that happen. We’re going to be seeing Falcon, Bishop, Storm, War Machine, and Nick Fury over the next year or two. The reason for Johnny Storm to be white is that, gasp, he is white.

  • Nick

    This is a brilliant idea. The fastest way for FF rights to go back to Marvel!!!!!!!

  • Josh

    Africa does have white people. Greeks and Romans both had colonies there. The Ptolemys who ruled egypt were direct decendants of one of Alexander the Great’s generals. South Africa is like 20% white. I do agree with you that T’Challa being black is an important part of his character though.

  • Josh

    The Hulk wasn’t originally conceived as grey. It was a printing error due to the quality of ink they used. They’ve wrote it in to the story since though.

  • CustomLego

    There you go Marvel does Different Strokes…..What’ch you talkin’ ’bout Reed?

  • CustomLego

    The Fresh Prince of Mar-Vel….

  • fsdfsda

    Make Sue muslim complete with hijab or burqa, Johnny can be nigga, Ben chinese and Reed south american indian.

  • fsdfsda

    you fucking idiot, these characters have been decades in the making, their skin and hair color are part of their identity just as your beloved tchalla’s skin color is part of his. Human torch can’t be black, period.

  • Tovonne Lucas


  • Carter Nixon

    Where was all this “RESPECT THE SOURCE MATERIAL!!!” outrage when Nolan was changing shit left right and centre?

  • Kenny Bailey

    Lulzy enough. This comment was plucked from between your comments and in turn said to be a racist comment. How fun.

  • Not OK

    Yeah, but we’ve already established said supporters of this move are not only bigots but hypocrites. And your example of the Last Airbender just shows them up in their two-faced glory.

  • NOT OK

    Hey, what was in the comics for generations is unimportant. Making sure a bunch of PC goons aren’t butt-hurt matters, not keeping the comics accurate.

  • NOT OK

    So you’re a racist. There’s no white working-class people in jail unjustly ala Luke Cage for example?

    What if War Machine was white instead of black? Plenty of air force colonels out there are white?

    In other words, being white is unimportant to someone’s character, but every other colour is important to someone’s character. In other words, whiteness doesn’t matter, but every colour does?

    Thank you for playing. You bigoted, racist hypocrite.

  • NOT OK

    Yep, putting out a Luke Cage or Blade film makes FAR MORE SENSE than retroactively changing 50 years of canon history.

    Plus Cage & Blade rock da house.
    Most sensible post of the thread.

  • NOT OK

    That’s too smart for these folks I’m afraid. Too dumb to see their own rampant double-standard and bigotry.

  • NOT OK

    Yep, it’s embarrassing all these bigots who feel you can change a white character no problem, but it’s racist to change a black character.

    They’re hypocrites as well as racists. Or retarded if they can’t see what a bunch of two-faced tools they are.

  • NOT OK

    Nah, that’s racist, he’s not white. Have to keep him as he was in the comics.

  • NOT OK

    To be fair those trying to support this stunt casting aren’t too good at using the old grey matter.

  • MasonTGanes

    If they go black for FF, i understand it from a reboot perspective…. but I would love to see the black reaction to a pale white blonde LUKE CAGE in a film.

  • patrick

    bennedict cumberbatch would be great as reed richards

  • Simply Depressed !

    Let Sue Storm Be Black! also, so in the future when Namor steals her, She’s afraid of water, and then when she gets out, the water can bead off of her hair, And Johnny, hell he be the man, why he can roast a chicken in under a minute ! And Dr Doom falling for Susan, heck why not make him a Pimp, So he can kidnap baby’s mama and hook her on drugs or something Super evil like that. And where do I get such thoughts….from the blacks, and news. And “The White Panther” now there’s a ring to it if I ever heard one !

  • Nait

    just want to point out that the hulk was originally grey

  • Caz

    I dunno I think that it would fit better to a modern family. “Johnny and Sue are step-siblings.” Make it a little mixed up and different this time.

  • Caz

    Don’t forget about his great role in Parenthood! :D

  • Kenny Bailey

    Why not? Might as well if we’re gonna mix it up anyway.

  • Kenny Bailey

    Since that’s what everyone really wants. A little mixed up. I really don’t care. The movie will probably tank either way so any creative liberties will not mean anything.

  • inshadowsunseen

    Stupid idea. But this actor would make a great Black Panther, a epic character from the Fantastic Four’s past.

  • Coalman

    What about his nose and lips?

  • magegg


  • magegg

    He comes from an ancient dynasty of African kings. And there are no white ancient dynasties of African kings.

  • Guest

    Today’s news suggests you won’t be able to get human torch toys… Or costumes, or even see him in comics anymore… looks like Disney are going to be blocking Fox at every turn.

    Which is a shame, but I guess they will be wanting you to buy Avengers and Star Wars figures, so who can honestly blame them?

  • RLPC67

    well i guess now white people know how it feels at least fantastic four isnt based of history AKA Gods and Kings white actors playing egyptians so now annie and the torch are black you complaining really?might see mass suicide if they make the miles morales spiderman lmao

  • Wolfe41

    Are you going to be good if they hire Channing Tatum to play the Black Panther, and Mark Wahlberg to play Luke Cage?

  • RLPC67

    wouldnt care because its fiction and the difference is that most superheros are white i mean really you named like 85 percent of black super heros in marvel your serious i mean when you think about it they got a white actor to play Tarzan so it woudnt suprise me if Black pathere was white lmao just admit it man its the reallity explain WHY IS JESUS WHITE ???????????????????????????????????????????????????hair of wool skin of bronze

  • RLPC67

    and i dont agree with them maling the torch black kust so you know because of the brothere and sister thing i dont even agree with black annie i want our own stories dont like bitting but its when white people get mad like we havent seen this type of thing happen over and over in hollywood tis just now you no what we mean

  • RLPC67

    and if Black Panther was white he would need a sun proof body suit and mask