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First Look at Ben Kingsley as Mazer Rackham in Ender’s Game

Mazer Rackham might be something of an enigma to the characters in Ender’s Game, but fans can have a first look at the character now. Entertainment Weekly has premiered an image of Ben Kingsley as Mazer, and it shows  a very different character than the one Kingsley is playing in this weekend’s Iron Man 3.

“In the script, which I think is beautifully written, what come across is the authority and mystery,” Kingsley told the magazine. “There’s quite a lot said about him in the story before you see him — by the recruits and by his fellow officers — and that’s useful as far as preparations.”

Mazer Rackham is a war hero who already saved the world once in the history of Ender’s Game and may be called on to do so again. Because of his legacy, he is frequently referenced before he is finally introduced later in the story. Kingsley opened up about how he had to learn the history of his character and what his face markings mean.

“Every gesture in the tattoo carries family history, family struggles — it’s your past,” Kingsley said. “I was so enthralled. He’s in quite a contained, stylized uniform but then this wonderful face tells his warrior history.”

Several months back we also got the first look at Asa Butterfield and Harrison Ford in the new movie. The film follows Ender Wiggin (played by Butterfield), a prodigy in military tactics, heads to space school to learn how to fight alien invaders dubbed “buggers.” There he not only acquires important alien-fighting skills thanks to Ford’s Col. Graff but also befriends a girl named Petra Arkanian (True Grit’s Hailee Steinfeld).

Jimmy “Jax” Pinchak, Aramis Knight, Moises Arias, Suraj Parthasarathy, Khylin Rhambo and Conor Carroll also star. Directed by Gavin Hood, Ender’s Game premieres from Summit Entertainment on Nov. 1.


  • Michael Fitz-Gibbon

    I love the book but the author is an asshole. Do I hope this movie is good or bad?

  • Chris Miller

    Nice moko, white guy.

  • Chris Miller

    Okay, apparently he’s half Indian. Retract and replace with “non-Maori guy”.

  • chien_clean

    Kinsley must need the money

  • Joshua Howard

    While the moko may be right the skin colour an nose definitely ar not

  • brownbear34

    good otherwise kids forget his books or associate them with idiocy. Plenty of great writers were morons, that doesn’t mean that their works shouldn’t be read or admired. did u see the sneak peak trailer? It sucks cause it makes up scene where he reveals a major plot point. Also not sure about those face tats.