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Unused DC Movie Scripts Could Live on as Animated Features

superman unbound

Like any studio, Warner Bros. has hundreds of unused scripts lying around, many of which revolve around the DC Comics superheroes. Take your pick of any hero and there’s probably at least one unused screenplay, possibly dozens. Batman and Superman alone must have enough to fill a small warehouse. But according to DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, there’s a chance some of those scripts could find new life.

Asked recently by Collider whether an unmade movie script like J.J. Abrams’ Superman: Flyby could be adapted as an animated feature, Johns replied, “There’s always a possibility. That’s not the first time that’s come up. There’s always discussions about what would be really cool to do.”

The most recent DC Universe Animated Original Movie, Superman: Unbound — based on the Action Comics story arc by Johns and artist Gary Frank — arrived in stores today.


  • Alfred Day

    Joss Whedon’s Wonder Woman script seems like a perfect project to hit the zeitgeist and get some love for Wonder Woman!

  • V

    There was also another great Wonder Woman script set during WW2 which never saw the light of day! That would make a great animated movie too!.

    Also, Green Arrow: Supermax. Remember that?!? With the success of the Arrow tv show, they could make a DCAU film on the abandoned script of that project.

  • Michael Fitz-Gibbon

    The animated movies tend to be better than the live-action ones.

  • MailOrderClone

    Superman Lives. The Kevin Smith script with the fights with the polar bears and the giant robot spider. Make it happen, and make it the most so-bad-it’s-awesome film ever made.

  • speedforce1983

    Crisis on infinite earths please i don’t care if it came out on a double dvd.
    And bring back young justice!!!

  • Joshua Robinson

    If they’re clean enough they could even air them on Cartoon Network’s DC Nation block. With what’s on there nowadays, they could use the help.

  • Mecha_the_Hedgehog

    I would love for Supermax but I think it would be better maybe worked into the show as an actual episode or story arc for the show. Hell maybe give the show its own movie that would be awesome.

  • TheXenos

    Blech. Why would yo adapt some horrible hacked up Hollywood version of Superman or DC heroes when there are dozens of fantastic books and story arcs from the comics just screaming to be animated? I like JJ Abrams, but that story he tossed together at the beck and call of idiot producers was horrible. Even for an Elseworlds it would be dumb and totally didn’t get Superman.

  • TheXenos

    I don’t see CoIE working even on a six disc set. Plus what made that so epic was all the history behind it and there’s no way to capture that in one film or trilogy or even two hour films.